Dear friends and family

Thank you for coming to Yemurai`s burial and memorial service.Yemurai was laid to rest on 8 September 2011
at St Mary`s church.

Your love,support and kindness is ever greatly appreciated.
Sharon Jambwa and family
  • 16 years old
  • Born on March 19, 1995 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • Passed away on July 1, 2011 in London, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Yemurai Kanyangarara, 16, born on March 19, 1995 and passed away on July 1, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Caroline Chifamba Zimano on 30th June 2013
Sleep tight Yemurai. 2 years on, seems like yesterday.
Posted by Betty Makoni on 30th June 2013
You are sadly missed Yemurai. Daily we still get inspiration.Keep your mum strong.Keep your uncles,aunts and nieces protected.Sending you love... I am so touched.Your mum and friends with you at your house of peace.You blessus daily Yemu ....Muzvare
Posted by Victor Zimano on 20th March 2013
R.I.P. Yemu. It still hurts.
Posted by Vashti Cook on 18th March 2013
Thinking of your family on what should have been a special day. RIP
Posted by Marigold Katsande on 18th March 2013
May you continue to RIP Yemurai. May your dear mother and your loved ones continue to find comfort in the Lord. We know the pain continues, time is the only healer. Your passing pained the whole world
Posted by Brenda Geilke on 5th November 2012
Life is truly but the blink of an eye, rest in peace Yemurai, may the Good Lord watch over your family and especially your dear mother xx
Posted by Vincent Vezha Jambawo on 6th October 2012
zvinorwadza ... Rest in Peace Yemurai ... Nyarara hako hanzvadzi. The Lord be with you
Posted by Betty Makoni on 6th September 2012
Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Yemurai Kanyangarara is on 8 September 2012. Friends and family welcome. Thank you for celebrating the life of Yemurai. Heroes do not die. They live in our hearts.
Posted by Vashti Cook on 7th July 2012
Gone Too Soon : This was a life that had hardly begun No time to find your place in the sun No time to do all you could have done But we loved you enough for a lifetime. No time to enjoy the world and its wealth No time to take life down from the shelf No time to sing the song of yourself Though you had enough love for a lifetime. Those who live long endure sadness and tears But you'll never s
Posted by Jake Sanders on 6th July 2012
Never met this youngster, I would have loved to, what a terrible loss. Sending you love and best wishes from another part of the Zimbabwean diaspora.
Posted by Beatrice Nyahuye on 30th June 2012
Gone too soon Yemurai.May your soul rest in peace.Dear God,please continue watching over Yemurai's mom and wipe her tears.
Posted by Blessing Posi on 30th June 2012
I might have not met or known you but when i heard the news that you had been killed, my womb churned and until now, there,s never a day that passes by and me not think of if you were my own. Rest in peace man. It's been a year since you left and you still in our memories.
Posted by Vashti Cook on 30th June 2012
. One year today - So heartbreaking so young. RIP.Yemurai
Posted by Kimberly Sibs on 30th June 2012
So heartbreaking. I cant believe it, he was so young. :-(. My prayers are with his family.
Posted by Chiedza Mhlanga on 30th June 2012
Today is your first annivesary.All we can say is continue to rest in peace and keep looking down on your mother and the rest of the family your gone but you will never be forgotten by all whose hearts you touched.Rest in enternal peace Yemu.Sharon our thoughts are with you today you are always in our prayers stay strong...
Posted by Betty Makoni on 30th June 2012
Today is your first anniversary Nyati. I am still in pain. Thank you for making your mum strong to fight for justice. I admire you daily. You left a permanent impression on me.Look after your mum and the whole family. Today I have a show in your memory and hoping to read poems I wrote for you knowing you were a great poet.Love to you Nyati. Rest in peace Ishe....Muzvare
Posted by Sharon Carmello on 26th February 2012
I was having deep thought about teens that have died in 2011 then I came across this, yemurai was a wonderful person, he died the day I came back from a weeks trip to the country side, I remember the inbox I sent to him the night I got back, not knowing he was in welling being attacked, I pass where he was murdered everyday and I feel such a pain in my heart. R.I.P my big bro yemz <3
Posted by Vashti Cook on 12th February 2012
I just googled to find out what had happened with this sad case and came across this page. I remember the day it happened and feeling so shocked and saddened by such a brutal act.Your entire family and friends must feel such a loss without you. Any murder is awful but teenager on teenager murder- WHY? I can not imagine how you feel, I didnt know you and it makes me cry such sad tears RIP
Posted by Jesse Omezi on 14th December 2011
I thank God for your life and the privilege of being your friend. I pray that your Mum can still find some strength to carry on. Never forgotten & always missed. I love you
Posted by Jaytee Sync on 13th November 2011
ur death has touched so many peoples hearts, so many who didnt know you, like i myself. just by reading about you i grew to love you. a story of a 16 year old boy has touched the heart of a 16 year old girl...i hope and pray that u look over your family my heart goes out to them <3 u are in a better place now R.I.P Yemurai
Posted by Marvin Kearns on 27th October 2011
R.I.P Yemurai, 3 months now feels like a lifetime, gone but never forgotten x
Posted by Leah Allen on 10th October 2011
Rip yemurai Sleep tight xxxxx God Bless u.
Posted by Ella Makoni on 9th September 2011
Mwari vachakupukutai misodzi Mai Yemu. I am in shock, ndashaiwa neremuromo. My first son is 16 and I can imagine the pain.
Posted by Annamore Mutasa on 8th September 2011
I say to mai yemurai god gives and god takes, yes we might say WHY but mafiro edu akasiyana mainini. I know how it feels losing such a young energetic boy but hurongwa hwa mwari we might say why me asi mwari anoziva hake chemai muine tariro ndiko kumusha and we shall meet!!!!
Posted by Bety Mavhunga on 7th September 2011
RIP Yemu.Sharon and the Kanyangarara family you are in my prayers.May you find consoling in Gods arms.Yemu keep shining .you will be grealy missed.
Posted by Jo-anne Pritchard on 7th September 2011
My very deepest sympathy to dear Sharon and all the family on this sad day. Yemu is now in Paradise, where there is no sorrow, no weeping nor pain, but the fullness of peace and joy. May he rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Nyarai Panavanhu on 7th September 2011
so sad to bid farewell to such a promising young man, i pray that the Lord counsels Sharon and gives her strength to face tomorrow without Yemu, go well young man. Gone way too soon.
Posted by Grenedy Chinhema on 6th September 2011
Yemu you were a star, a good example to those who knew you. Anyway, its God who gives and its Him who takes again.RIP Yemu. And to the family & friends I say may the Holy Spirit Comfort you in this time of sadness, we are together in spirit. Peace be with you
Posted by Cassandra Sbanda on 6th September 2011
Mwari wedenga ngavakunyaradzei. Vengence is mine says the Lord - may justice be done someday. RIP Yemurai.
Posted by Marigold Katsande on 5th September 2011
May your dear soul RIP in eternity Yemurai & may the Lord heal your family's aching hearts, indeed, our whole grieving community, particularly your beloved mother. I pray that this senseless waste of young lives stops NOW.
Posted by Gemmah Rushoko on 5th September 2011
This is supposed to be a goodbye for you But Goodbye is something we just cannot do So smile where you are Yemurai , We’ll join you someday God chose You coz you were so special not only to us but to Him also. Fly high little Angel...
Posted by Caroline Chifamba Zimano on 4th September 2011
May your young and loving soul find peace. May your passing plant love and may where you sleep be the brightest. R.I.P.
Posted by Lynn Chikosha on 4th September 2011
So sad to see the life of a promising young man with a bright future cut short. As a mother it breaks my heart and as a friend I cannot imagine what Sharon and the rest of the family are going through. May the Lord be with you at this time.
Posted by Jean Muzadzi on 3rd September 2011
My thoughts are with Yemurai's entire family. Yemurai may your soul rest in peace. You will sadly be missed. Sharon we will remember you in our prayers.
Posted by Truddie Mtsindikwa on 3rd September 2011
Even if we ask God why it has happened to you YEMURAI we will not get an answer.but only to say R.I.P and yu ur in a better place,in god's hands's really sad.
Posted by Gladys Mckenley on 3rd September 2011
as a mother of a young boy..i can`t imagine what yemurai`s mother is going through..his brutal death touched me..i pray that God will give yemu`s mom strength to go on somehow without her son..i pray that she will be comforted that she got to spent 16years with him..R.I.P.Yemu...
Posted by Porsche Nzori on 3rd September 2011
Yemu,its still so hard to accept that you're gone, but i know ur right there in Jesus arms.You were such a great child, a brother to all your friends & cousins.So dear is your memory, sweet is your name,you will forever remain close to our hearts.Sharon,Yemu is looking down on xx
Posted by Memory Jambawo Mutikani on 3rd September 2011
Love you always Yemu, your cousins miss you so much one of them asked me; "mummy can we ask God to bring Yemu back?" Sweetest dreams my child, I know you are in God's hands.
Posted by Barb Manyame on 3rd September 2011
2 months gone now and yet zvichirikurwadza, tongoti mwari vakaita kuda kwavo. RIP n watch over us 4rm e heavens
Posted by Betty Makoni on 3rd September 2011
I am so sad to know on 8 September we part with one of the most talented young man is our community.My heart goes out to Sharon and the whole family

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