Aarav Sharma
  • 7 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 11, 2008
  • Place of birth:
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Date of passing: Dec 28, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Faridabad, India
You fell asleep to fly up high, But memories of you will never die.

This memorial website is created in celebration of Aarav’s life
- a short, meaningful and beautiful life. A life that spread joy, happiness and delight to all around him. A life that touched many in his own gentle caring smiling giggling ways.

We are forever changed by losing him too soon but it is only his physical being that we lay to rest. He will be with us.....forever!

I Only Wanted You
They say memories are golden, well, maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.

A million times I cried. 
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. 
In life I loved you dearly,in death I love you still. 
In my heart you hold a place no one else could fill. 
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane. 
I'd walk the path to Heaven and bring you back again. 
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. 
But as God calls us back one by one, the chain will link again. 
-Vicky Holder

If you have thoughts, stories, memories for Aarav, that you would like to share, please leave them here.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 6th January 2018

"Miss you my ladoo. It really hurts :(. I so want to hug you."

This tribute was added by Alka Sandhu on 28th December 2017

"Hello our sweetest Ladoo! First of all wishing you a very merry Christmas! Missed you during this Xmas too and your LEGO sessions with the kids! It’s been two years since you are gone physically but never from our minds and hearts. You are always in our thoughts and memories. Xmas has never been the same since. Sending you lots of love and hugs from all of us! We miss you and love you soooo much! You were always a part of our family and always will! Till we meet again! Xoxoxo Chachu, Chachu, Noni Bhaiya, Jacqui Bhabhi and your favorite Shivani Didi!❤️"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 28th December 2017

"try to make a heart full of love  for you my kiddo. u r always der in my heart n in my memories Aarav.  try to find you in d sweet smile of jai n cuteness of neal. They a adorable  Aarav. bade achche lagte hai naughty jai.. bhola bhala neal.. loving mom... awsm dad.. above all Tummmmmmm"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 28th December 2017


This tribute was added by Kamal Cheema on 28th December 2017

"Hey kiddo,

I've been missing you so much lately. I know we didn't know each other for that long, but you made such a huge impact on my life. There hasn't been a single day that I don't think of that beautiful smile. I miss you so much, and thank you for everything

Love you"

This tribute was added by Rajiv Bahl on 27th December 2017

"My dear little baby, monsieur,
Each day without you is a reminder of how fickle life is. Love is a strange thing: it is as much pain as it is joy. You were such a loving person that no one can forget you - ever. Love you, always. Mamu and Mami"

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 27th December 2017

"Darling smarty, farty, burpy pants!!!!Love you sweetheart. We miss you every day. Your smile is deeply engraved in our hearts.

P.S. You might meet my dad this time...sending you both tight hugs!!

Love- Niharika Massi
Amit, Arjun and Ishan."

This tribute was added by zaheen mohammed on 25th December 2017

"Merry Christmas Aarav, Shaheed Uncle, Isaac, Amal and me are sending you a very big hug. We love you ❤️"

This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 25th December 2017

"Merry Christmas my Ladoo. Everyday is so hard without you. Mama and daddy try to be as strong as we can be. Today we feel week and broken, trying hard to celebrate Christmas for you and your brothers as I know that is what you would have asked for. Mama got you a Christmas  present and it is under the Christmas trees. By the way, just like you, your brothers got sick before Christmas and spent the Christmas Eve with the doctors:). They are ok buddy, just flu. Love you my ladoo. See you soon. Lots of hugs my baby. Love you!"

This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 13th May 2017

"Happy mother day to your mom Aarav. I heard you my baby and gave what you wanted to give to your mama. We miss you everyday. I know your mama misses you the most today and every day. I miss you my laddu and can't wait to see you real soon. Love you and miss you. I can feel your arms around me and see you giggling. Lots of love."

This tribute was added by Raj Sandhu on 12th March 2017

"Happy Birthday Aarav! Sure love ya and have been thinking of you all day. A photo of you showed up on my social media and it was back when I was introducing you to Jacqui and all you kept saying was, "oh she is so pretty! You are so funny! Oh she's so nice" and then you had a laugh attack in my room for probably 10 minutes straight.

I know you are solving all sorts of things up there and I can't wait to hear all about it one day.

Love ya!

This tribute was added by Heather Moore on 11th March 2017

"Hello my Birthday Buddy.  I am wishing you were here so we could celebrate our day.  I am thinking of you all day and your Mom and Dad.  I am blessed to have known you and will always remember you!"

This tribute was added by Sonali Sharma on 11th March 2017

"Happy Birthday my kaddu......you are 9 years old today!!I love you my baby.......infinity and beyond and more than never ending beyond. This is the happiest and luckiest day of my life as this was the day you came in our lives and filled it with love laughter and pure joy. You said that for your 9th birthday you wanted a star wars theme party.....and that is what I see - you running around with your lightsaber toy celebrating and enjoying. How I long for you to be here to celebrate with us. The heart aches for you and the pain of you gone is so deep that no one can ever know but you. It is said that time heals everything and I strongly say that it is completely wrong. With each passing day it becomes more and more difficult. I want to see you growing up, touch you, hug you, know how you look like today, next month, next year and every year after that.....but knowing that will not happen kills me. With you the best of my life is taken away. I am not the same and will never be. All I wish for is to be up there with you!"

This tribute was added by zaheen mohammed on 11th March 2017

"Happy Birthday sweet Aarav, we miss you so much your laughter and smile  fills our thoughts.  Isaac shared one of your guy's many fun  memories which made him laugh  of when you both squeezed your juice boxes in the garbage. Lots of love sweetheart ❤"

This tribute was added by Rajiv Bahl on 11th March 2017

"Our little baby, monsieur, Aarav: This is your second birthday without you, and each thing you said to us is as fresh in the memories as if it was yesterday. We will never forget the day you came running back to hug us on LA airport, after being upset that we were not going with you to Edmonton. Or when you said, bade mamu and bade mami never come together to Canada. Life is not the same without you, there is a void that not even the cute little suuars can even begin to fill. We will always love you, cherish each of your memories, cry each time we long for meeting you. Wherever you are, be at peace, and under the blessings of God. Love you one, two, three, four, ...., infinity, and beyond. Tarun and Rajiv"

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 11th March 2017

"Our darling smarty, farty burpy pants ! Happy birthday !! Today we miss you even more and your cutest smile. I am sure there must be a big party to celebrate this day wherever you here... and we will celebrate today your small ( in years) but grand life in which you shared so much love with everyone you touched.

Love ❤️ you lots!!!
Niharika massi, Amit uncle, Arjun and Ishan ( they miss you a lot!)"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 11th March 2017

"Happy birthday.....my superman"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 10th March 2017

"Hello angel

Couple of days before I dreamt abt u but did not share it wd anyone. I want to keep dt feeling deep down in my heart. Aarav my sweet little kiddo i never forgot ur knock knock riddles n ur laugh when i did not crack them ..ur song.badde achche lagte hai. U touched d heart of every one who came in ur life. Today u r far away from us in ur new world. Stay happy where ever u r beta n fill everyone's life wd happiness as u fill ours.

Happy birthday Beta
Lots of love ,hugs n kisses"

This tribute was added by Rajiv Bahl on 4th March 2017

"My dear Aarav, you are so much in my thoughts today. It seems you woke me up with your sweet voice saying "Mamu.......". I miss you so much - your love was so strong, so pure, so innocent. I wish could trade places with you!"

This tribute was added by Raj Sandhu on 25th January 2017

"Hey Aarav,

You have been on my mind as of late to start off this new year, so I thought i'd send you a little message of how much I miss you. Your friend Elliot always asks about you and misses you too. We sure love you and know we will meet you again and see you playing with all your awesome Lightning McQueen Cars and probably eating some banana's too, haha. Sure love ya and excited to one day, see you soon! You've probably already figured out many things that we are still trying to figure out here on earth. Stay smart! Love you."

This tribute was added by Rajan Mann on 31st December 2016

"You're probably out there somewhere laughing way too hard at your own jokes, as usual. And that's a comforting thought.

Miss you, little guy :)"

This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 30th December 2016

"I still feel your hand touching my face. I can still feel your warmth. I can still feel your hugs, your arms wrapped around me. I can still hear you singing your favourite songs. I can still hear your lively laughter. I still feel your breath on my neck as I pick you up in my arms. I can still feel you all around us. You are in every moment, in every tear, in every smile no matter what we do and where we are. It has been one year since I touched you, hugged you, kissed you. Today or yesterday or tomorrow is same without you - very hard but your beautiful memories makes it a little easier. We still ask questions- why did you have to go, why did have to suffer, why we will never see you again, and lots of whys. We will never find answers but we will never stop asking because we miss you very much - every day every minute. Tight hug (I can actually feel you hugging me). Love you infinity and beyond minus one. Good night my son."

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 29th December 2016

"My darling smarty/farty/burpy pants......love you lots!! and not a single day goes by when I do not remember your smiling face and sweet voice. Miss you baby!"

This tribute was added by Kamal Cheema on 28th December 2016

"Hey Kaddu,
I can't believe it's been a year since you've been gone. We all miss you so much everyday. I can't ever tell you how much I love you and how much I've missed you this past year. I can't wait until the day that we meet again. Love you to infinity and beyond"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 28th December 2016

"My shona baby.... missing uh so much. All ur memories are still engraved in my mind . The essence of your smile and laughter always surround me and creates an aura of happiness. But today I have no words to express much of my feelings. I love you so much meri jaan and will always love you."

This tribute was added by Vandana Sharma on 28th December 2016

"I miss you Google!  I can hear you say, I know, Siri! :-) Love ❤️"

This tribute was added by Rajiv Bahl on 27th December 2016

"Our dear little baby, Monsieur, there has hardly been a moment in the last year when you have not been in our thoughts. Today exactly one year since you left us, the heart is just too heavy to bear. Writing these words may help at least a bit. You may be closer than we think, or too far for us to imagine. But we miss you a lot and love you, and you will always remain our little baby, Monsieur. Mamu and Mami"

This tribute was added by zaheen mohammed on 26th December 2016

"Merry Christmas sweet Aarav, Christmas memories of you and Isaac exchanging gifts, playing, laughing fills our hearts. Thankful for those moments, while at the same time heartbroken.  Love you and miss you.  ❤️"

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 25th December 2016

"Merry Xmas my angel
Always missing u,
big bro of jai n Neal.
Love u beta."

This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 25th December 2016

"Wish you a Merry Christmas my baby. This Christmas is like a Christmas tree without ornaments and decorations. It is just there with no beauty and no feeling. Miss you my laddu. Can't wait to hug you again one day. Love you infinity minus one. Lots of kisses."

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 4th November 2016

"Hi meri jaan
Waiting for dis day desperately. Wlcm home Son wd a cute little buddy.waiting for d day when I hold both of u in my arms. Hug both of u tenderly my bundles of joy. Bless u"

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 27th October 2016

"Darling Superman...today I miss u more than infinity and beyond . Wish you were here... ❤️❤️. You smarty, farty, burpy....pants!! I miss you."

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 1st October 2016

"Hi Aarav..
U know I want to talk to you on most of issue..but language was a big problem between us. I remember u each n every day. Never slept wdt thinking abt u. Waiting for u. Today is mama's b'day n I know she is missing u very much. So on ur behalf I wish mom 'Happy Bday' n want to say mama I too love u n dad infinity n beyond. U r d bestest of the best..no no u are d only best parents in dis world n I m n I will always be lucky to have u as my parents.
Love u maa. Love u Dad...
N yes once again Happy B'day Mom.
I m always wd u. Deep in ur heart."

This tribute was added by Sonali Sharma on 28th September 2016

"Hi Baby. For nine months you were inside me and I felt you every moment of that time.......enjoying it, talking to you, feeling you flip inside me........so close to me. Since you came into this world Daddy and I never let you go out of our sight and today its nine months since we have seen you. We miss you so much......it gets too painful to bear.

But I feel you in me, around me every second of the day and you live in me and Daddy and will always do till we are alive. Love you sooooo much my kaddu, my chanda, my tara, my superhero, my everything.............love you infinity and beyond and more than never ending beyond!"

This tribute was added by Jaspreet Rehill on 11th March 2016

"Today my heart aches ...u would've been 8!..happy birthday our angel ..we love you and miss you...U R IN MY HEART. .n FOREVER WILL BE. I hope you r looking down n feeling the love n wishes coming ur way from all of us...
Enjoy ur bd with rest of the angels above...love you! Oxox"

This tribute was added by Alka Sandhu on 11th March 2016

"Happy 8th Birthday our Little Angel. Though you are not with us today to celebrate but we all are thinking about you on this day. We miss you a lot but we know that you are in eternal bliss. Love you lots!

A big tight hug to you till we meet again!

Chachu, Chachi, Noni Bhaiya, Jacqui Bhabhi & your favorite of all Shivani Didi!"

This tribute was added by zaheen mohammed on 11th March 2016

"Happy Birthday sweet Aarav, this day is so special filled with so many wonderful memories. We love you."

This tribute was added by Shikhar Bahl on 11th March 2016

"Happy Birthday Aarav! I remember celebrating your 6th birthday in Geneva! It was so much fun. I miss you very much, lots of love

-Shikhar Bhaiya"

This tribute was added by Shikhar Bahl on 11th March 2016

"One of my favorite memories with Aarav was from our road trip in Canada. I had so much fun, laughing and crying with him. Only a few months old at the time, he  probably didn’t remember it, but for me it was very special. Aarav was my brother. I loved our road trips and watching the Cars movie with him. It was very difficult for me to see him like that. I wish we had more time to bond and do so many more fun things. He played with everyone and everything, always with a smile on his face. He was always joyous and bought joy to those around him. I loved my brother and will truly miss him. "

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 11th March 2016

"Happy Birthday....my darling angel! smarty/farty/burpy....pants!miss you."

This tribute was added by Sonali Sharma on 10th March 2016

"Eight years ago on this day you made me a very special person - MOM. It seems like yesterday when I held you in my arms for the first time. Your bright twinkling eyes and long shiny black hair with the nurse saying "he is perfect!". From that special moment you filled our lives with joy, love and happiness. Today for the first time we are celebrating this special day without you physically being here but my little angel ,as Daddy said, you are with us and I see you as excited for your birthday as you always are. Wish you very happy birthday my son! This day has been and always will be the most special day for us. Love you infinity and beyond beyond beyond and more than never ending beyond........."

This tribute was added by Rajiv Tarun on 10th March 2016

"Our dear Aarav, on your 8th birthday you are in our memories. We celebrated your 6th birthday together and every moment of that day is etched on our hearts. We will always cherish that day and all the days that we spent with you. We are missing you on this birthday but am sure you are in eternal bliss. Love you our little baby, our monsieur. Bade Maamu and Maami"

This tribute was added by vikas sharma on 10th March 2016

"Lots of love my son. Its your 8th birthday today and the first one without you being physically with us. I feel you in me and around me, everywhere, smiling and running around. We might not blow candles this year but I am singing all your favorite songs and can hear you singing them to me. I love you infinity minus one....always and forever. Wish you a very happy birthday Aarav. Lots of hugs and kisses."

This tribute was added by Alka Sandhu on 8th February 2016

"I have been thinking how to write about you our little angel and have been struggling...

You were part of our family and you always will be. The love & affection you have given us will stay forever in our hearts!

We have too many fond memories & stories to remember.

The numerous road trips that we took together and songs we sang together;  

our beach holidays & camping trips together will stay as a fond memory forever in our hearts.

The 'love fights' you used to have with your ‘Chachu’ but in the end he still was your favorite one!

The smile & excitement on your face on every Christmas morning was to die for.

The 'Lego Sessions' all the kids used to have with you every Christmas morning became a new tradition!

You were the most well behaved, patient & super intelligent kid I have met in my life.

The courage you showed during the worst times, you taught us all what life is all about!

I loved being your 'Sally' last year every time we played your favorite game 'Waking up cars'

We know you are the shiniest star in the sky and always will be!

Love you lots! Big tight hug to you!

Till we meet again……

Chachu & Chachi xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Rajiv Tarun on 7th February 2016

"Aarav, you are an exceptional, extraordinarily brave, intelligent and extremely loving child.

Our little baby and monsieur, we miss you but you live forever in our memories...

Love, Bade Mamu and Bade Mami"

This tribute was added by Heather Moore on 4th February 2016

"I loved looking through the pictures here.  What a handsome boy and your great big smile - that I remember well!  I am sorry I did not know you longer, Aarav.  You touched my heart and I will never forget you, my Birthday Buddy."

This tribute was added by Jaspreet Rehill on 26th January 2016

"I came thru these poems ..."Last Wave" and "Hush my mom"  -- it would be from Aarav to Sonali n Vikas babu

" I know you love me
But I've gone where
Rose Petals are my pillow.

I know you cared for me as I got weak
I've gone where I can run again.

I know you hoped my pain would ease
So I've gone where I can smile again.

As I wave goodbye for the last time..

I leave you with
My words of encouragement...
My memories.

I leave you with
My dreams
My warmth.

Smile with me..
As I go home to rest."

"Hush my momma, hush be still
I had to leave you, it was God's will
Hush my momma do not cry
For I am standing here, right by.

I have not gone for good you see
I am always right here and join you
But atlas, you cannot see me and all that I give
Hush my sweet mum, I am not dead, I still live.

When you feel down or very low
I will pick you up, as I did below
There will be joy and laughter in your heart
when you realise we are never apart
I am everywhere you go and everything you see
I am always with you.

You will sing and dance once more again
Bright sunshine will fill you, instead of rain
I live! I live~ I live I tell thee
Just a thought you need, to remember me.

In each flower, plant or bird you see
we are all part of this, you and me
So look at all things with gentle love and care
We'll meet again I am just over here.

Remember the good times never the bad
We loved and laughed together and shared the sad.
Remember how precious and dear you are to me
Remember I'm right here with you, if only you could see.

I love you and "I'll always be near"
Just whisper my name and I'll be right there...""

This tribute was added by Jaspreet Rehill on 26th January 2016

"Aarav...(my balugard forever)...uhhh where do I start...from day one when I first held you at the hospital...u created a very special place in my heart..the way you looked at me with tiny eyes, ur contagious smile ...uhhh --memories of you will keep on living in my heart. I still don't want to believe--that you left this world..why did you have to go? you were only 7yrs..to this day, my heart does not want to accept the fact you are not coming back. I have soo many regrets...I did not get to see you as much I wanted too..I did not tell you often enough..how special you were to us...how much I love you....I think of you everyday..
If you get one thing out of this msg, get this-- if you care about somebody, tell them! you never know if you will have the chance to do so again. Aarav, you're an angel. I will never forget you, ever!! love you my balugard oxoxox ...I will see you again!!"

This tribute was added by Stuti Bahl on 26th January 2016

"I miss the tickling,giggling, cars monopoly,wings around the globe,Mac and McQueen, car repair station and most importantly I MISS YOU!How can someone be so perfect at the age of 7 ...how? You know I love you infinity and beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond... Never ending beyond! That love has reached a whole new level after seeing you be so brave and strong! Earlier you were just mumma's superhero now you're mine too! If I was the best part of India then you are the best part of my life! I love you my smarty farty burpy speedy smiley tricky chocochip cookie lightening McQueeny chocopie chocochip muffiny pants(more than you love me)!❤️
I know you are with me everyday every moment!

-Stuti didi"

This tribute was added by Niharika Sharma on 24th January 2016

"Our most brave superhero ever!!! Our hearts will always have a special place for you. Miss your infectious smile ...love you always!

Niharika massi, Amit uncle, Arjun and Ishan."

This tribute was added by Kamal Cheema on 23rd January 2016

"Miss you kiddo, I'll never forget how beautiful your smile is. The best part of my day was coming to see you and seeing you so happy that you would almost slide out of your chair.
You were our superhero, you were so strong and so brave every single day.
Even when I look at our pictures or videos I still keep smiling, and I know you are too. Love you forever and always"

This tribute was added by zaheen mohammed on 23rd January 2016

"We miss you Aarav, your beautiful smile, your kind heart, your wonderful imagination. We cherish the precious memories we have. You will always be in  our hearts."

This tribute was added by Benazir Rajabi on 23rd January 2016

"I just got to meet Aarav now. He has a beautiful smile. I am sure he is in a better place now :) Remember him in your smiles."

This tribute was added by Rajan Mann on 22nd January 2016

"I'll miss you, little buddy. Looking at that picture, I can still hear your voice. Probably complaining about food, as usual.  You lit up every room you were in. I wish we had more of you but thanks for the 7 years.  I'll see you later, little brother :)"

This tribute was added by Jatinder Machhiana on 22nd January 2016

"Aarav, you will always remain in our hearts and we will cherish the times spent with you. Last time I saw you, we were playing hangman and you were being mischievous:), I will never forget this last memory of you. Love you always."

This tribute was added by Seema Sahni on 22nd January 2016

"Aarav, you will be forever missed sweetheart.
Mihir still remembers the time he spent with you playing at home and on your birthday. You were a very dear friend.
We love you beta and will always keep your fond memories cherished in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Seema Sobti on 22nd January 2016

"Love u son. U will always be wd us."

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