Aaron has traded the perishable for the imperishable. He has traded mortality for immortality. Death is swallowed up in victory, for the Lord Jesus Christ is risen. Aaron lives and he resides with Christ.
  • 24 years old
  • Born on March 21, 1987 .
  • Passed away on June 29, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Aaron Beard who was born on March 21, 1987 and passed away on June 29, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Aaron's memorial service will be at 4pm next Sat, 7/09 @ Desert Son Community Church, 5250 W. Cortaro Farms Rd. Tucson, Arizona. All who knew/loved Aaron are welcome.

In lieu of flowers, Aaron's family is asking that donations be sent, in his name, to the Gospel Rescue Mission in Tucson: You can send your check to 707 W. Miracle Mile, Tucson, AZ 85705 or Call Danny Hansen at 740-1501 ext. 7001 to set up an automatic contribution if you prefer.

Posted by Lillian Lester on June 29, 2016
Aaron, we love and miss you. Such a sad day.
Posted by Josiah Budd on June 29, 2016
You were a rare person with a special gift. You made those around you smile and your spirit lifted others spirits as well. God take the good ones young and though we miss you here. We know you're bringing joy to those you're with now. They say theirs no tears in heaven but I know when I see you again tears of joy will flood my face and all of those who miss you.
Posted by Lisa Powell on May 7, 2016
Tomorrow is Mother's Day - always a hard day for me. I'm so glad Rachel is close, but it's not the same with you gone. I miss you so much. You didn't remember Mothers Day the last year you were here - made me so sad. That was a hard time for you. I like to think you remember it now & are sending your love until we're together again. I love you!
Posted by Lisa Powell on March 21, 2016
Happy 29th birthday, Aaron! 5 birthdays have passed without you - it's hard to believe you've been gone so long. Zoe is sweet & beautiful & we're making sure she remembers her Daddy. Miss you so much!
Posted by Lillian Lester on March 21, 2016
Aaron, you are missed everyday. Happy Birthday . We love you and wish you were here to celebrate with. I can still see your smile and it brightens my day. Zoe is beautiful and being taken care of very gently and lovingly by her grandparents. See you someday.
Posted by Lillian Lester on March 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Aaron. I miss you very much. I think about you often and love you. We will laugh together again someday. Your daughter is beautiful and Zach has a handsome son. We all miss you.
Posted by Lisa Powell on March 21, 2014
Happy 27th birthday, Aaron! I find myself wondering who you would be today if you hadn't left us. Would you have matured; made better choices in life? I like to think you would have. Wish we could have seen you become the man you were meant to be. Wish Zoe would grow up with her Daddy here. Wish my heart wasn't broken. I miss you every second of every day. Hope you're celebrating with the angels today! Love you!
Posted by Brandi Emerson on March 21, 2013
I miss you so much Aaron!! It has been way to log since I have seen or been able to talk with you. I know one day we will be able to see each and hang out like in baumholder. Everyday is a struggle knowing you are no longer with us
Posted by Lisa Powell on December 26, 2012
Sure did miss you this Christmas! Wish you could have seen how excited Zoe was! She is so much like you-she looks like you & has such similar personality traits. She makes me laugh! She talks about you often & misses you, too. I hope you're watching over her every day!
Love & miss you so much!
Posted by Josiah Budd on December 19, 2012
Its been far too long man. Il see u again down the road. Save me a spot brother.
Posted by Amy Powell on June 30, 2012
A year has gone by... In some ways it doesn't seem possible... and in others it seems much longer. You will truly be forever missed. Love you. Aunt Amy
Posted by Lisa Powell on June 30, 2012
Aaron-I can hardly believe a year has gone by since you left us. I've been reliving your traumatic death all day & am heartbroken. There is still love, joy & beauty in this life, but it will never be the same. You were a part of me, but now you're gone & have left a hole in my heart. I can only take comfort in knowing you're at peace & we will see you again some sweet day! I love you
Posted by Lillian Lester on June 29, 2012
Aaron, I still can't believe you are not here. Seems like so many times when I think of Zach growing up, I think of you also. There are so many memories of you. I remember one Easter after you two were grown and you had spent the night and I bought you both Easter baskets with candy and such in each with a cheap watch for each of you and had them sitting by each of your beds,the smiles.
Posted by Lillian Lester on June 29, 2012
I love and miss you so much.
Posted by Lillian Lester on March 21, 2012
Aaron I love and miss you. Happy 25th Birthday. You left too soon and too young. When I see you again I am giving you the biggest hug ever. Life isn't fair, I shouldn't have to be writing on your memorial site wishing you a happy birthday, I should be able to see you and hear how your day was. I sure do miss you.
Posted by Sarah Faith on September 17, 2011
I miss you and I love you and I wish you were here to see how much Zoe has grown the past 3 months. You are always in our hearts. I love you.
Posted by Shayne Wallace on August 24, 2011
Aaron.I don't even know what to say. You were one of a kind.Despite all that happened your my best friend bro.My brother.I will keep going for you.I will wave a flag for you. I will always have a place in my heart for you.I'm playing barroom hero or you just like i promised bro
Posted by Andrew Chock on August 9, 2011
Aaron I miss you.u were a brother and close friend to me as I stand outside where we had most of our memories. I think about how unfair your passing was I hope you know how much u meant to us all. I am happy I got to see you one last time forever in our memories. Au aloha oe
Posted by David Emerson on July 16, 2011
I have no words to describe how I feel. We didnt always get along but you were always my boy. You use to come over and read to my kids. Lol who does that? I can just imagine how much Zoe meant too you. I will never forget you bro. I hope you are at peace. Love you man.
Posted by Brandi Emerson on July 5, 2011
Aaron, better known as Beard in the army-was one of the best friends david and I had made over here in Germany. He was a good guy and loved my family as if it were his own, thank you for the kindness and love u showed me and my family. I love u, R.I.P
Posted by Amy Powell on July 1, 2011
Aaron, There are no words to express the sadness I feel at the loss of your life. You were taken from us much too soon and you have left a void in our lives... in my life. I love you, my sweet nephew, with all my heart. We miss you, Aunt Amy
Posted by Lisa Powell on July 1, 2011
Oh, Aaron-I am heartbroken. My hands brought you into this world, loved & cared for you for 24 years and held your sweet face as you left us. My sweet boy- I'll love you forever & like you for always. I'll see you soon-save me a place at the table. Love, Mom
Posted by Joe Beard on July 1, 2011
There were so many things I wanted to share with you, so many things to do together...but God had other plans for you. I am blessed to have been your dad here on earth, I love you more than you will ever know. It's God's turn to enjoy you now. I will see you soon. Love, Dad
Posted by Zach Lester on July 1, 2011
My best friend and someone I looked up to. Aaron taught me how to be a friend, how to laugh and cry, how to let go. He taught me how to press on, and he taught me the value and need for family. Any good I do will be due to God putting Aaron in my life. Ill miss you man. Love you.
Posted by Rachel Rice on July 1, 2011
You own part of my heart. You're the one that no matter what was going on knew how to make me smile and laugh and I will forever love you. Your time with us was cut short but we have an eternity to make each other laugh again. See you soon baby brother.
Posted by Lillian Lester on July 1, 2011
Aaron, I love you and miss you so much. You always were kind, thoughtful and polite to me. You were a bit picky about what you ate :) but you would always sleep wherever I had a place and never complained about anything. I am going to miss you "Little Aaron". My heart feels heavy

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