On Behalf of Eric and Siblings: Adieu Mum

Shared by Elias Enci on February 17, 2012

Adieu Mother until we meet to part no more

 Mum, you lived your whole life to give us the best of  love , care and protection that we deserved. You made all the sacrifices to make people out of us. You always reminded us each moment that we should stay away from trouble. You faced the weight of the heat from the sun and fire from frying puff-puff for years because you wanted to give us a better life.  You suffered all your life because of the challenges that life had installed for you just because you had just the best in mind for us, your children. Now the lord has called you to His side, a situation we, the children still are unable to believe because we wanted to still have you by our side a little longer. Unfortunately, fate has its own way which we cannot change but accept especially in this situation. All we can do is to say thank you for all the troubles you went through to make us the people we are today.  We pray to the Almighty God to keep you on the right side in His bosom. Adieu Mum until we meet to part no more.

 Eric, Magdalene and Marvis.


A Soul (Abot) has entered Heaven

Shared by Elias Enci on February 16, 2012

A new soul has entered Heaven
that is why the Angels sing
To escort Abot to the throne
to bow before the King of Glory.

In heaven there's a party
a great big celebration
Welcoming Abot, the new resident
as the Angels gather in jubilation

When the gates are opened
the choirs of Angels sing
Joy has filled the Heavens
as Abot is presented before the King of Kings
The Might One, The Alpha and Omega, the Divine Creator, the giver and the taker.
The all knowing and all seeing.
May His name be glorified for ever. Amen.

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