Adeline Loh
  • 43 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 20, 1972
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Oct 29, 2015
  • Place of passing:
"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10)
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Adeline Loh, 43, born on October 20, 1972 and passed away on October 29, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Merlynn Koh on 19th January 2017

"Hi Ms Loh do you still remember me? My name is Merlynn you taught me and my class when I was in Sec 2 year 2014 how to play the angklung. Learning the angklung was never easy but I only managed to preserve and not to give up because you taught me and my classmates to keep trying. I remember how my classmates gave you a hard time trying to teach them because they were all so noisy. I felt sorry that you had to go through that. But what touched me was that you still managed to be patient and eventually got the class to work together whenever me or my classmates had disagreements. I am indeed truly grateful to you for letting me play a instrument on stage. Though I am saddened by your death and I still miss your music lessons I take comfort knowing that we would still see each other again when I go up to heaven. Rest in peace Ms Loh I will remember your songs and memories of you. I have now graduated from PLMGS I am Sec 4 class of 2016. You will be dearly missed. Missing your presence Ms Loh.
- Merlynn Koh"

This tribute was added by Eudora Chuah on 29th October 2016

"Dear Miss Loh,

How has it already been a year? & yet, I can still remember how it was when I got the news over Facebook - the disbelief when I was at dinner with a friend, that translated into too much tears for a weekend haha. Time is a strange thing :p

Sometimes it's still hard to believe you are permanently missing on this side .. it helps to know we'll meet again :-) Not much more to say that I haven't already said in previous tributes, but oh, it brings me such great comfort & joy to know that you will get to meet some very precious people I've had the privilege of knowing (like J, my virtual friend; T, from church; & most recently Grandpa ..) and them - you. :-) Yay :')

Keep playing that harp in Heaven (& impress all of them lol.) !! xx

Much love,
Eudora :-)"

This tribute was added by Clarice Luo on 29th October 2016

"Dear Ms Loh,

How does time go by so quickly?
I suppose there is comfort in knowing that we will meet soon. I hope you are doing well and composing/singing lots of new songs... I want to hear them all! :)"

This tribute was added by Yeo Lee on 29th October 2016

"Miss you Ad. Your PL100 musical was a blast!

WL and YF"

This tribute was added by Eunice Loh on 29th October 2016

"Dear Miss Loh
Thank you for being such a loving and caring teacher.
i miss you
Love Eunice"

This tribute was added by Vivien Chee on 20th October 2016

Memories so deep
Thoughts linger on
Fleeting moments
Of one so dear...

Suppressed tears
Inward flow
No one knows
How much I miss

Let time lapse
And healing begins
Happy for you
For in Christ
You rest."

This tribute was added by Raymond Chow on 20th October 2016

"Happy Birthday Ad. Wherever you are, hope you are doing well."

This tribute was added by Chak Punn Lee on 20th October 2016

"Dear Adeline, See you in heaven in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ!"

This tribute was added by Elspeth Logsdon on 20th October 2016

"I missed you at the 100th anniversary Adeline
Mrs Smith"

This tribute was added by Eudora Chuah on 20th October 2016

"It's your birthday!

It didn't click fully at first, until I received the notification. I still miss you, so very much. We celebrated Founder's Day just a week ago, I was at the dinner :-) It would have been lovely if you were there too .. I think even as a young teenager I envisioned you emceeing for the dinner, cos .. who better than you? The void that your absence left feels a little smaller now, nonetheless it is still there.

As I type this, I am at my maternal grandfather's wake - he passed away on Monday. I wonder if you've met him in Heaven already - he's the old, tubby & food-loving one ;-)

I still miss you so very much.

"Miss Loh is no longer here - but that is only because she is in Heaven with Jesus!" - & I will always hold this close to my heart. Love <3 x

Eudora, 4B2 (class of 2007)"

This tribute was added by Trudy Koey on 20th October 2016

"I miss you, Ad."

This tribute was added by Adrian McClymont on 20th October 2016

"Adeline was such a welcome expression of faith and love in our lives, our Singapore daughter. Because Jesus died for us and rose again for us, the eternal foundation for our faith, we look forward to that day when we are reunited in the Eternal Arms, Who holds us in His care. Allister, we cannot grasp what you have gone through. We praise the Lord that He brought you and Ad into our lives. Be assured of our continuing prayers. Love. Adrian & Lyn."

This tribute was added by Eudora Chuah on 4th July 2016

"Dearest Miss Loh,

I never expected to find myself back on this page - but I did, because I attended the musical this year and I was trying to explain to a non-PL friend what it meant to me. Inadequate as I was, I decided that showing her this page would be its own testimony. So I did.

I knew it would be hard going back for musical this year, but I couldn't miss something that has been such a part of my PL identity - one that I took part in as a student, & watched subsequent productions. But I also hesitated, because I knew it would be extremely bittersweet without you around. I ended up procrastinating so much, I got my tickets at the door. I'm so glad I went for it, though the bittersweetness of missing you feels so raw and fresh, again - argh.

I re-read the old tributes that streamed in shortly after your passing, and I think, half a lifetime later, I finally, finally understand - I hope it's not too late. But you see, as a student in PL I always found myself saying it's 'so easy' to appeal into PL. Many here speak of their interviews with you - I didn't even need one! All I did was submit an appeal letter, & you must have seen it, because I appealed through Choir. I had a place by Christmas Eve that year. Truly the best Christmas present, and a lifechanging one. But now I understand - it's because of your love for the school, your generosity to the girls (like me), that you would want to save them a space in a school that wasn't just 'school'. It was a place of love, refuge, warmth, music, God. This year in the midst of centennial celebrations, I affirm that it still is.

I wish you were still here, so that I could say the hello that I was too afraid to say 4 years ago, and was looking forward to paying back this time. That I could introduce my pastors' daughters in the primary section to you, when we came for Ebenezer Fair. And to proudly tell them about the amazing person you were - and that you were my teacher. It still makes me sad to realise future batches will never get to know the amazing person you were, a privilege & blessing I had had for three whole amazing years.

But for now - thank you, again. I could never say this enough, I think. For music, for all the non-academic skills & values you showed us (like, copying stuff from the whiteboard bcos handwritten stuff trains memory), but most of all, for never having favourites and truly exemplifying what it meant to see every student in God's eyes - including a wallflower like me.

The weekend after your passing, I shared about you in my church, when one of the sermons we had was about grieving with hope - from 1 Thessalonians. I thought it was so timely. Then I sang Spirit Wings, acapella, in front of the whole congregation - including the pastoral staff and elders. I wanted to request it for congregational singing, but it wasn't a familiar song, so I did the only thing I knew - I sang it! Solo, acapella & in front of what must have been two hundred people :D

I hope you were proud of me - Eudora, who couldn't even look you in the eye and was too scared of her own voice at Choir auditions in Sec 1, who hardly spoke up in class in front of her peers, grew up a little bit more that November Sunday. :')

I still miss you, so much.

Eudora (4B2, 2007) x"

This tribute was added by Clarice Luo on 2nd July 2016

"We thought of you tonight as we dedicated the musical to you. Thank you for the beautiful music - it brought tears to my eyes knowing that these songs that you composed continue to inspire generations of girls. I suppose you must be so proud of us all from where you are now... We miss you every single day.
Thanks for helping me to see my life Through His Eyes. :)"

This tribute was added by Amy Seah on 29th May 2016

"Hi Ad

You and pa must be so happy in heaven.  Pa wrote you a poem which I've just posted on his memorial site

I'm looking forward to PLMGS's musical "Created for His glory"."

This tribute was added by Janet Kwok on 25th March 2016


Sweet rose out at sea
A silent prayer sends her home
To our Lord's embrace"

This tribute was added by Sherie George on 13th March 2016

"Was thinking about you today when I felt down and felt like giving up on everything. But i remember that you believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Missing you always"

This tribute was added by Janet Kwok on 8th November 2015

"There's a quality of friendship
that's so deep and pure and strong,
It brings about the special peace
of knowing we belong,
For friends accept us as we are -
we don't have to pretend,
They see the good, ignore the bad,
and love us till the end,
They share our dreams, encourage us
until our worries lift -
And Ad is that special teasure of treasures,
and to me a special cherished gift.

Ad is an angel God sent to the world. There are so many things I want to thank her for, like when she played a Chinese soldier beside my Maoist Lady Macbeth character as part of my drama assessment at university. We went to look for costumes, practiced the lines and went for rehearsals. In drama as in life, she is the foil to my very flawed character. Ad was the sensible and patient one, and I, the off-tangent, impractical friend.

When I crashed her car in Melbourne, she told me not to worry, found the most reasonable workshop and accompanied me there. When assignments were due, she would wait patiently while my dot matrix printer coughed out my assignment and she would drive us in F1 style to make submission deadline by the skin of our teeth. In Singapore, this understanding between us carried on in how we met with marking deadlines. We messaged or called each other sometimes to ease the pain. So all our anxious moments were also always the most fun. Through all my trials and tribulations, her words have always been always encouraging, supportive and gentle.

Whenever hymns and carols are sung in harmony, Ad comes to mind also. In particular 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'. We harmonized most perfectly for it. We both agreed that the bathroom in our Australian house had the best acoustics and we spent many happy hours singing inside it together. Singing in the bathroom took on a whole new meaning. It must have been most excruciating for her when we sang 'This Little of Mine' at her bedside yet she could not harmonize along with us. She did however open her beautiful, big, bright eyes in appreciation despite her tiredness. Those large, limpid eyes stayed beautiful.

I will miss my angel, my Ad during this period of separation. In my heart, in the hymns and in the hum-drum of life, she will always be thought of and her gentle voice continues to resound clearly in my head. Words like 'umbuja', 'you owe me a Coke', etc, are all Ad-isms which my children have also started to use.

I am very clear that this separation is but a temporary inconvenience because I believe that friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them. So I look forward to seeing my dear friend once more. That is a comforting thought that I know my dear positive and patient Ad would have liked me to keep. There are no goodbyes, only, see you again, my friend!"

This tribute was added by Jamie Lai on 4th November 2015

"I have few but vivid memories of you. I remember your Literature classes that were injected with overflowing passion. I remember your chirpy voice and how you would narrate our Crick Crack, Monkey text with explosive energy. You were always happy conducting classes.

Outside of the classroom, I remember your strong and stern presence during SYF auditions. I remember how my fingers trembled and how my gaze wavered whenever you stepped into the music room. I remember the expectations you set for our ensemble, it was tough meeting them, but you meant well. I remember your harsh but comforting criticism that modeled the way for my leadership. You were always happy in the harp room too.

I remember your undivided love for music. I remember how much I anticipated praise & worship/school events because we could sing the lovely compositions you wrote each year. I remember how you made me love PL a lot more than I would. You were the happiest when you sang your heart out for God's glory.

As reticent as you were on the outside, you had one of the warmest hearts inside. You were a woman of few words, but you spoke so much more through your music.
You have been a great blessing to PL and today, we grieve together to mourn the loss of someone so dear to the family.

A lady so full of strength and vigor whom I won't forget. Take care in Heaven and rest well in God's arms. You will be dearly missed.

"We are One, we are family, bound by his spirit and anchored in His love. We can climb any mountain or face any foe. We can run the race that's already won. Let us take this road together, united in hope. To shine through the darkness and find, we are one.""

This tribute was added by Adrian McClymont on 4th November 2015

"How we will miss Adeline, yet look forward to seeing her again, whole and new beyond imagination. She touched our lives with music and laughter, a heart of gold, always giving of herself for others. The happiness of others was her happiness; their sorrows, her sorrows.

"Heavenly Father, Your ways are hard to understand, but we trust you for You always know what is best. We rest in You as Adeline does now; we by faith, she with clear sight in Your blest presence. Thank You for the glimmer of our eternal inheritance of which Adeline was a part. Thank you, heavenly Father, for Adeline.""

This tribute was added by Benedict Ang on 3rd November 2015

"A love so generous
A faith so strong
A life well lived
In God's love, belong

A talent so musical
Care so sincere
A friend so loyal
A soul so dear

Words so poetic
A spirit so fun
A teacher so devoted
A close confidante

Inspiring, creative
An infectious laugh
Selfless, witty
born to love

A void so big
Only God can fill
A grief so deep
Only He can heal

Teacher, mentor
classmate, friend
Loved by God
held to the end"

This tribute was added by See Hwei Chong on 3rd November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,

So much have I learnt from you these past few days.

How you took the time and effort to really care about people - students, ex-students, teachers, even alumni and board members - and influenced and impacted their lives.

How you wrote and created the musicals in response to what you saw was not right in the world - the self-centredness and growing materialism.

How you taught many to love Language, Lit and the Arts. How you taught many to sing - from the diaphragm and not the throat.

How you were always pointing people to God as His faithful servant.

I'm glad I had a chance to thank you during Teachers' days. But I will still miss you.

But I know you are in no pain now, singing with angels. Thank you Ms Loh for your legacy and till we meet again in heaven."

This tribute was added by Valencia Toh on 2nd November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,
Though I was never taught by you, I will always remember you at morning assemblies/in the hall singing worship songs and the songs were always so heartfelt and beautiful. Even though its been almost 3 years since I've graduated, I can still remember the theme songs you wrote, the melody and lyrics by heart and from time to time, they really bring much necessary comfort. Thank you for all your contributions to PL and playing a role in many of the PL lites lives. I am thankful that I got the chance to have been a PL lite growing up praising God with the music you wrote. Rest in peace Ms Loh. You will be dearly missed."

This tribute was added by Vivien Chee on 2nd November 2015

"Chalk and cheese
Young vs Old
Music vs Science
Right brainer vs Left Brainer
The great divide...

Yet Opposites attract
Like fuel to oxygen
The Spark of life
Explode in mutual respect
Of each other's craft

Of random understanding
In misunderstood SEM
With tails behind our backs
We smile through adversity

Of deep appreciation
In food, fun, friendship and family
With joyous madness and laughter
We sail through life

Different, different in many ways
but the same LORD we worship
Hard to let go before 10.48
Clinging onto Hope on earth

But God's ways are higher than ours
For the legacy you leave
Is the LORD's work you complete
For the healing we prayed
Is already completed in heaven.

We will meet in heaven.
Rest in peace, dear friend."

This tribute was added by Ah Yuet on 2nd November 2015

"Dear Miss Loh,
Thanks for inspiring me,
Thanks for pushing me to be a better person,
Thanks for caring and understanding,
Thanks for showing me how to appreciate life to the fullest.
Thanks for life lessons.
You are a great person, it was an honour to be part of your lit class."

This tribute was added by Y Y on 2nd November 2015

"Hi dear Ad..

God periodically brought you to my mind in the past 2 years while you were resting at home, prompting me to either msg you or pray for you.. I felt the immediate pain when your news came... This pain is still raw..

I never got around to tell you:-

Thank you for those good words put in, to my then-colleague for me, while I was at another sch. You never knew, because of what you said, I have had an easier time adjusting to the new environment.

Thank you for visiting when my mum passed away.. even though we were not particularly close,  and had not seen each other for quite some time then. I appreciated your coming and was truly touched by your concern.

Thank you for receiving me with grace and kindness, when our paths crossed once again in my return to PL.. It is my regret that we never had much chance to catch up. I have always wanted to tell you how grateful I am to God because of you.

You have impacted me in more ways than you had ever known. Through you, I have learnt what it means to love God more; and to love people more - the two greatest commandments of God.. You have certainly inspired me, to want to live a purpose-driven, godly life in my days ahead..

Farewell dear Ad, I will remember you.. Your beautiful singing, your beautiful playing of the piano, your beautiful soul. In His love, always."

This tribute was added by Chang Chuien on 2nd November 2015

"Away, far beyond Jordan,
We'll meet in that land
Oh, won't it be grand!
Away far beyond Jordan
We'll meet in that beautiful land.
If you get there before I do,
Look out for me, for I'm coming too.
Away, far beyond Jordan,
We'll meet in that beautiful land."

This tribute was added by Jolene Peh on 2nd November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,

It has been a few days since you have left us.

Thank you for being such a wonderful and inspiring teacher. You are someone that I do look up to as GOD has given you such a wonderful personality and also blessed you with many gifts.

I remembered you taught me Literature and also Music. During our Literature class, in order to help us to understand Julius Caesar, you made us read the text aloud and explain to us the meaning of the text line by line. Though we were not good with our harmonica, you encouraged us to learn and taught us the right technique in playing the harmonica. You could even tell who was playing a wrong note!

I also remembered the musical "The Great I am". As I was still young in my faith, this musical helped me to understand the bible better and encouraged me to draw closer to GOD. I could feel the love of the Father has for me through this musical.

Your passion for music, Literature and people has inspired many and some have even followed your footsteps. Thank you for all the effort you have put in in the musicals. Though the musicals will not be the same without you, I believe GOD will still give inspiration and ideas to those who are taking over.

I am saddened about your passing but I know that I will see you in heaven one day. Rest well in the arms of Jesus. May the comfort of the LORD be upon your loved ones."

This tribute was added by Joanna Ong on 1st November 2015

"A teacher that made a difference in my life and many.

She taught beyond the books
She taught me life lessons in action

She demonstrated humility and selflessness
She demonstrated to me servant leadership

She inspired me to sing
She inspired me to sing to God's glory

She reminded me what life is about
She reminded me it was all for God

She spoke words of life
She spoke words that left behind a legacy

I'm so glad to have been in PL, to have known her, to have been under her guidance to lead the Choir and to have worked with her on musicals, performances and competitions together. Am grateful for my last communication with her as we met at another musical in 2012, after many graduating years later.

I do miss her much, but the memories and lessons she taught me remains and shall continue.

She is in a better place and has finished the race well."

This tribute was added by erica y on 1st November 2015


‘Erica! Over here!’

It was May. I was the pianist for a memorial service at Mount Vernon sanctuary. Given that I usually do not know the family, I rarely pay much attention to the crowd at such services. However, on that night, a familiar face stood out to me, one that I had not seen in 12 years.

‘Ms Loh? You look the same!’ I exclaimed as I made my way over to her after the service had ended.

Ms Loh was my CCA teacher. In fact, she was the one that started the harp ensemble – the first in a Singapore secondary school. From a motley crew of awkward teenagers, she transformed us into a highly sought after performing group by sheer hard work and dedication. I recall how she would stay back with us on multiple afternoons after our instructor had left to teach us how to move to and with the music. She would illustrate musical dynamics using vivid and often hilarious imagery and give us pep talks on how much she believed in us. To say that she herself had a flair for music would be an understatement; she was immensely gifted. As a PL girl and now alumni, I have had the privilege of attending school musicals every 5 years, musicals that are of such high professional standard that one would be amazed to learn they are in-house productions. Ms Loh played a pivotal role in these musicals penning both the music and lyrics to beautiful songs, songs that I remember up till today.

It is now November. Six months have passed. And she is no longer here.

Her memorial services were held in the very same sanctuary where we met earlier this year. The poignancy of it all is far too great. And what did we talk about in that conversation? She asked what I was doing. ‘You studied science didn’t you?’ she inquired, much to my bemusement, an understandable assumption given that I was particularly close to my biology teacher. When I said I was a teacher too, of geography and literature, she commented that it is a challenging combination as it forces you to use both sides of your brain. I laughed and said I enjoyed the challenge. We talked about other mundane things, things I have now forgotten. She introduced me to her husband – incidentally part of the bereaved family that night. They thanked me for playing for the service. And I left, never imagining that that would be the last time I would see her on this earth.

Ms Loh, I don’t know how you remembered my name after 12 years. Thank you for seeking me out from the crowd and speaking to me that night. Thank you for being the teacher that went above and beyond because it was more than a job to you. The tributes here testify of your generous giving of your time, your talents, your irresistible zest for life. Your life has been a blessing to many – your students, your colleagues, your family and friends – and I am blessed to have known you. I am saddened by your passing, but I also rejoice knowing that you are now free from pain and safe in the arms of Jesus. One day, we will meet again.

When sufferings cease and sorrows die
And every longing satisfied
Then joy unspeakable will flood my soul
For I am truly home"

This tribute was added by Emilia Wong on 1st November 2015

"Adeline, I got to know of your departure from my mom yesterday morning (1 Nov'15).  I cannot believe it!  I chatted on the apps with you just last year and you're still so cheerful! When my niece joined PLMGSS in 2014, I told her she has entered an excellent school because there's this really special, inspiring and forever cheerful teacher - Ms Adeline Loh who oversees the Aesthetics.  

I recalled the days when I taught Group Violin to your students (around 2003-2004).  My first impression of you was "very friendly and cheerful."  Your students were so fortunate to have a teacher like you, so forever smiley, dedicated, humorous, talented and encouraging!  I also remembered you once said "the kids really worked hard and always looking forward to the next violin lesson...", "one of the kids actually pursued music as her career...."  I believe you're the one who inspired them on to continue to make music so to glorify His name!  Indeed, you have brought joy and hope to so many - through your mentoring, your music / musicals and memories. You're a God-sent angel.  

You're dearly missed my friend!  You have fought a good fight, but I know you're with the Lord now, enjoying every moment of heavenly peace and joyous music.  I pray that God continues to give strength and wisdom to your family, to your students and to those whom you have touched."

This tribute was added by L. Junedy on 1st November 2015

"Dear Adeline,
Rest in peace and be comforted in the arms of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Amanda Chew on 1st November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,

Hello. It's been 2 days since I've heard the news about your passing from a friend, and to be honest, I don't know how to react or what to say.

It's really beautiful to see how many lives you've touched, in your gentle manner, from the wake today. I've been back in Singapore for a year, and thought of visiting you in PL, but I would always think, "I am busy, maybe another time". To that, I do regret.

Thank you Ms Loh. I really enjoyed your Literature classes from Sec 1-Sec4, I remember you would teach Clay Marble and transform Jantu into  a very relatable character for all of us. You were the first teacher and mentor who taught me to love Literature and the joy in life, I think, because you poured your Heart into teaching and infusing each story and lesson with sincerity and authenticity that is uniquely yours. You also had that spark in your eyes that showed your incredible intelligence, yet throughout it all, you were always so humble and kind to all. You have a beautiful spirit and light that draws many to you. I remember I was in awe of you during my secondary school days and aspired to be like you.

Thank you for believing and giving firm words of encouragement to the 14 year old me back then when I didn't believe in myself. I wish I could have seen you again. Rest well in the house of our Lord, and I pray that we may meet again.

A big hug!

This tribute was added by Elaine Lee on 1st November 2015

"A new notification popped up from the PL cherubs group and I was just there thinking "oh, it must be something related to concerts again," and it led me to decide to open the message at the end of the day. When I finally opened it, it was truly a shocking statement.

As I took time to register Ms Loh's passing, she hasn't really been someone whom I had a lot of memories with except for the fact that my cousin always raves about her and Mrs Selina Lum for being such wonderful teachers, being my teacher-in-charge for Harp and that she coached us a little when it was nearing the Music O Levels period.

However, what I vaguely remembered about her was how she was super strict with us during our harp days. Though she was strict, she wasn't unreasonable and wouldn't reprimand anyone without a reason. The very last conversation I had with her was 2 years back, right after Os results. I did not why I contacted her, but at that point in time I was just sharing with her my not-so-fantastic results and how I was really vexed over it. Being the practical person she is, she gave me advice which I might not have wanted to hear at that point in time, but 2 years down the road, I finally understood her good intentions back then.

Truth to be told, I didn't know how and what to feel while I was at the wake. However as I went round to see her and as I sat down, the truth started sinking in, it was real. Tears started swelling up my eyes and I don't even know why. Perhaps it was the fact that I won't ever get to see her again, at least not in the near future.

Even so, it was definitely a privilege to be able to attend her wake and listening to all the eulogies presented by her best friends today. They showed a side of her which we, as students, could never experience unless we were her friends. They also revealed how courageous she was, to put up a good fight till the end, knowing that God is holding her hand and walking alongside with her.

Thank you Ms Loh for everything that you've done for PL and I will never forget that very last conversation I've had with you; it will be a reminder each time I want to do something. You'll be dearly missed. Rest well in the House of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Lena Ng on 1st November 2015

"Dear Adeline,

Through our very short and brief time of knowing each other, (when I taught as a part-time external vendor for your music classes), each encounter I had with you, left a very deep, indelible impression on me. You never failed to greet me warmly like an old friend each time we bumped into each other at the school carpark on my way in and even when I last attended the school musical, you could still remember me after having not met for several years. Your love for people, your dedication to your work, and your love for your students was evident especially so when we were preparing them for the competition, you never failed to encourage them and tried to find ways to help when circumstances seemed against the odds. Alas, the world and PLMGS has lost such a talented, dedicated, inspiring and caring you. But the legacy that you have left behind will be remembered for many years to come. I am blessed to have known you. Thank you for having been a blessing to us all.

Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Angela Tan on 1st November 2015

"Dearest Miss Loh

I am so blessed to have you as my English and literature teacher during my lower secondary years. Even more blessed to have you lead the choir as our choir mistress. There were so many happy memories made, from practices together for SYF competitions to the PL musical "The Great I Am" and choir camps held in school once every year.

Thank you for loving and always believing in the PL Choir - One Voice. More so, for all the time and effort in training us up single handedly as our choir mistress, on top of the other english/lit/music classes you got to teach. Thank you for reminding us to sing only our best to the Lord - or not to sing at all. Looking back, I appreciate the standard of discipline you've set for us. Indeed, it has to be our best because it is the sacrifice of praise we are bringing into the house of the Lord!

15 years on from "The Great I Am", and I still remember vividly the lyrics, the tune,  the harmonisation of parts for the different songs sang in this musical, even the lines of the cast though I'm in the choir. The participation in this musical makes up one of the most memorable time I had in PL.

No amount of words could adequately describe how much you have done for your school and impacted your students, myself inclusive. Thank you for being so brave all these while. I am comforted knowing you are now with The Great I Am.I will miss you very much and remember you fondly, till we meet again on that beautiful shore.

Thank you Ms Loh, for making a difference in my life.

With love,
Angela Tan
Class of 2002, Sec 4C"

This tribute was added by Dawn Chia on 1st November 2015

"Dearest Ms Loh,

Someone once described you as an angel to me when I first entered PL before we even met; and that imagery has always lingered on. Beyond your gentle presence and gifted voice, you also had a most beautiful heart.

Thank you for your years of service to the school, driven by your love and faithfulness to God (with the lives of many you've impacted). You will be dearly missed Ms Loh, but till we meet again in a place without suffering or tears."

This tribute was added by Shiao Hwee Ho on 1st November 2015

"Ms Loh was a beloved teacher who shared her love for music, language and literature with my friends and I in PL.

It is hard to define to extent of how Ms Loh has influenced my life, but I know that she has in multiple intangible ways. For 'A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.' - Henry Adams

I remember observing Ms Loh at work during choir sessions in Ebenezer Chapel. She would tinker on the keys on the keyboard searching for the best harmony, the best chord, in order to bring out the message of the song(s) we render to the fullest. In everything she did, she led us to strive for perfection - there was no room for half-heartedness or second bests. Now I understand this to be her commitment in working for the Lord.

My mother advised me that as a teacher, we need to recognise the potential in every child and help him or her to discover their potential as well. Because of Ms Loh's belief in me, I gained many enriching learning experiences in PL I would never exchange for anything in the world. That she saw through God's eyes the potential in every student, and loved us for who we could be, so many of us were blessed.

I truly thank God for a wonderful teacher and role model like you, Ms Loh. Till we meet again. :)"

This tribute was added by Hazel Ting on 1st November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,

Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher to not just me, but all the students in PL. You never once gave up on any student that you've taught and also helped to bring out the best in us. You will be greatly missed by all of us, but your legacy will carry on. Rest well, Ms Loh."

This tribute was added by Isabel Chew on 1st November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,

I don't think you ever knew i existed. But i knew you. You were the palest teacher in the school and always stood out to me.

I remember when you came down to the place where the Chinese Drama girls were rehearsing for our SYF performance. You gave us critique and you prayed for us. I was entirely grateful. Even when you weren't even in charge of our CCA you still came to encourage us. I never got to thank you because i was too scared to. Thank you.

I'm glad that you're in a better place now. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Mizuki Hana on 1st November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh,
          Thank you so much for encouraging me to move forward and believe in myself :) I am much more confident now thanks to you :) I am able to open up to my classmates and strike up conversations with them :) and look right now I am dancing I dont feel shy when people look at me and it is all thanks to you :) Ms Loh, thank you so much for everything :) I will never forget you :) <3

Rest in peace, Ms Loh, I love you <3 :)
Jane Ang, 3C1B 2015 1/11"

This tribute was added by Amy Seah on 1st November 2015

"Dearest Ad

The greatest joy that has arisen out of our immense loss of you is the news of your mom's (Auntie Jessie) salvation this morning at Mount Vernon, Grace Hall. The Lord be praised!

Thank God for you who had been a tremendous blessing to us. When pa suffered a massive stroke 3 years ago, you and Allister visited him almost daily, bringing me food and giving me a ride back home from hospital. Sometimes even picking me up in the morning and sending me to the hospital, not wanting me to take public transport lest I catch a virus to pass to pa. You continued to send us home-cooked food when pa was recuperating at home. Not that we live near to each other, in fact it was quite a distance and Allister had to contend with the heavy traffic along the PIE during the peak hours. You both are always so thoughtful and kind.

In our family gatherings, you were always so spontaneous in contributing the main dishes. Whenever you found a restaurant with good food you always thought of bringing pa there.

Your wonderful planning and organizational skills were put to good use when we had such a fun family holiday (our first) in Krabi 8 years ago. You planned for another one in June this year. Unfortunately you all had to go without us as pa's cardiologist didn't think it was a good idea for him to fly to Phuket. Nevertheless I can tell the rest of you had a wonderful time from the photos of the cooking class to just chatting and playing monopoly in the villa.

We are so proud of you as you were not only a talented teacher but also one who had impacted so many of your students' lives, keeping in touch with them after they graduated from PLMGS, taking interest even in their social lives. Most remarkable is the knowledge that you never failed to point them to Christ and in your most gentle ways impart biblical principles to your girls.

Ad, my only regret is not being with you when you were in hospital. But I know you were such a fighter and bore all the pain & discomfort without a murmur.

Memories of you will always be cherished in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Clarice Luo on 1st November 2015

"In Loving Memory of Ms Adeline Loh
Delivered on 31 Oct 2015

Ms. Adeline Loh was more than just a teacher to me. Not only was she my English Literature and Music teacher, she was also a mentor and a friend. She has shaped my personality and provided guidance for some of the more important choices that I have made in my life.

As an English Literature teacher, Ms Loh brought together both her love of music and literature in the classroom and it was through these lessons that I was introduced to the world of musicals. I remember when we were studying Minfong Ho’s “The Clay Marble” in Secondary 1 and we were going through the part on Jantu's lullaby - and to help us understand the different layers of the song, Ms Loh played for us the song “A Little Fall of Rain” from the soundtrack of Les Miserables where the character Eponine finally declares her love in a tragic and emotional love duet. It was the very first time I had heard of Les Miz and even then I remembered tearing up during that class and being so touched by it that I went and looked up the rest of the soundtrack that week. I’m not sure if she was aware then, but Ms Loh had managed to plant in me the love of literature, musicals and the theatre in me from that moment on.

Ms Loh was also one to challenge and inspire those around her, I still have the literature scripts where she would leave thorough comments on how she felt that I could do better in developing my answers, and when she finally wrote “This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for, Clarice” - the feeling of accomplishment I had then as a 13 year old is something I still remember to this day when I look back on her comments.

I had the opportunity of working closely with Ms Loh in Secondary 2 in the school musical “The Father’s Hand”. As a total beginner in theatre and performance, Ms Loh never gave up on me the whole time. In fact, I was originally casted as part of the Bad Crowd and it was only after our first rehearsal that Ms Loh and Mrs Tan decided to give me a chance to play the lead role, Jena. I still consider that one of the turning points of my life, so much so that I adopted the name Jena as my confirmation name when I was 16. She once said to me that she believed everyone had a Jena in them, a part of them that always feels lost, lonely and inadequate, and only through coming back home to God will we be able to fill that void.

Through the musical, I got to work with and know Ms Loh on a more personal level and I never forget our phone conversations, singing sessions in her car, the birthday lunch that she took me to and how she shared with me her past and how she saw a glimpse of her younger self through me then. She was always encouraging and optimistic, often giving her take on my teenage issues then in the simplest and most gentle way ever that it was hard for me not to see that what she said made sense.

Ms Loh was a teacher in every sense of the word, she taught me many life lessons and even in her passing, she has taught me not to underestimate the power of words and music - and I am sure that all of us gathered here today can attest to that. Let us proudly carry the torch that she first lit in us.

Ms Loh, thank you for always believing in and putting your faith in me. You helped me believe in myself, and that is perhaps one of the most important things you could have taught a 14 year old then. Even until a few weeks ago, in the midst of your suffering, you were still encouraging me and telling me that you would pray for me for my NIE interview. You have left an indelible mark on my life, just one of so many others that you have moulded. You were the main reason why I decided to teach Music and I don’t think I ever told you how much of an impact you left on me. I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done. And as I put together my school’s very first musical, I think of you often, and hear you in every song, and think about how you must have felt when you looked at our faces in class then. You have taught me how to look for the beauty in the details, to always keep faith, and that every child matters.

I love you, Ms Loh. Thank you for your passion and love for music and God. Through your brilliant musical gifts and talents, you have brought us all towards The Father's Hand.

P.S. Ms Loh, it was only through reading the mandarin paper's tribute article yesterday that I realised we share the same surname in hanyu pinyin! I never knew your full chinese name until now... Does this mean I can also call you my big sister now? :')"

This tribute was added by faith foo on 1st November 2015

"I love your songs from the PL Musical 2012, you will be missed dearly."

This tribute was added by Winnie C on 1st November 2015

"Dear Ms Loh

Thanks for being my choir teacher. Though I think you do not remember me, I remember you...I auditioned to enter choir when I was in Sec 1 and even though I know I don't sing well, you gave me the opportunity to enter the CCA. You taught us how to sing. Thanks and know you are resting well with our heavenly father now. :)"

This tribute was added by Dharani Saame on 1st November 2015

"It's sad that you've left us so early ms Loh. You'll be deeply missed by the ex PL Lite students. May your soul RIP"

This tribute was added by Anne Gurung on 1st November 2015

"Shocked to hear that she is not here anymore well thank you miss Loh for everything go and make a beautiful sound in heaven remember you used to play piano going miss that . Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Peter Gn on 1st November 2015

"You will always be missed, Adeline. Such great loss for not just PLMGS, but MOE."

This tribute was added by Nathanael Tan on 1st November 2015

"Lianhe Wanbao's Article on Adeline Loh -

Translation: Talented teacher gave her whole life to PLMGS. She wrote songs, composed music and produced 4 musicals.  

Adeline spent 29 years in PLMGS with 10 years as a student.
Every 4 years, she would produce a musical, with the next musical due next year. Unfortunately she passed on before it was completed. A memorial website has been set up by alumni for friends and students to pay tribute.

Adeline teaches English, literature and music. She has made great contributions to the aesthetics department.
Each musical would involve more than 100 students. Besides coming up with the script, Adeline would compose songs and music that leaves deep memories. Even as she battles with cancer, she was still working with other teachers on the musical due next year. Receiving text messages from her on ideas and suggestions were frequent.

Adeline has also made positive impact on the lives of many students. Many tributes paid to her expresses great loss of a friend, an inspiration, a pillar of support, an unwavering force towards the school and students and that her laughter, wit, creativity and selflessness will be greatly missed.

A student also shared on how Adeline has inspired her to be a teacher. Many students had also uploaded songs composed by Adeline onto the memorial website.
Classes by Adeline were always fun. Students would look forward to her next class.

Adeline's niece also shared that it was a dream come true to work alongside her as a teacher.
Another student gave tribute to Adeline for never giving up on her as she struggles with English. Adeline's encouragement has helped the student to improve her English."

This tribute was added by Renee Tan on 1st November 2015

"Hi Miss Loh,

It's been a really long while since I last saw you - about 7 years in fact. Although you never taught me in class, I remember you from being a part of the PL musical in my first year of school. I remember the love that poured out of you when you played the piano, and being so entranced and moved by the songs you created. I remember your encouragements with our singing, and your belief in us.

The PL musical was one of the reasons why I felt something in me moved to know God better - thank you for creating such beautiful things that moved people. I can tell that that you have done much more for many others too, and I believe God is incredibly happy to welcome you back home. Rest in peace, Miss Loh!"

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