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Her Life

A Life Interrupted...

October 18, 2010

 Ms. Mate led an impressive career working to better the health and well-being of the people of Ghana.  After receiving a scholarship to study in Bordeaux, France and Frilsham in the United Kingdom, she moved to Dusseldorf, Germany with her husband Dr. Kwesi Dugbatey, while he finished his studies in Medicine. They were blessed with a daughter Greta while in Germany. Ms. Mate dedicated her life to ensuring that the people of Ghana were kept abreast of both domestic and international happenings.  She served as the program broadcaster for several broadcast stations including Deutsche Welle, West Germany’s Radio and TV network, as well as Radio Ghana.

 She began her lifetime of service by working towards the eradication of River Blindness along the Volta River, with the World Health Organization’s Onchocerciasis Program in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  She also worked with the United Nations where she served as a consultant and translator.  Ms. Mate later was the Deputy Minister of Health for Ghana where she unselfishly worked to improve the welfare of all Ghanaians by advocating for and implementing research-based solutions to overcome some of the world’s most troubling health-related diseases.

 Always a pioneer, Ms. Mate was the first woman to run for the office of Vice President in sub-Saharan Africa where she became a candidate alongside Dr. Edward Mahama in 1995. Her abilities to speak four languages including French, English, German, as well as her own native tongue, made her an adept translator of the Ghana Food and Agriculture Organization. Later, Ms. Mate established the public relations department of four state offices in Ghana, which led to her appointment as Deputy Minister of State and Local Government and Cooperative. 

 Thirteen years ago, Adeline moved to the United States to be with her daughter and granddaughter where she continued her work towards bettering the community.  Ms. Mate was employed by the Family Services Division of the State of Missouri until her passing. She also found a home at Westminster Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, where she was an active participant in a myriad of programs and activities.

 Adeline, our beloved mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and friend, is survived by her children, Golda Dugbatey and Greta Davis (nee Dugbatey); son-in-law Shaun Davis; brothers Jacob Mate-Wayo, Robert Mate-Wayo,  John Nate Mate-Wayo; sisters Margaret (Baby) Mate-Wayo; many nephews and nieces  including, Edwin Bannerman-Menson, Maurice Ayidiya, Emmanuel Mate-Wayo, Bridgette Mate-Wayo, Dela Vormawor, Sybil Dobbs, Adeline Dedo Mate Wayo (Jr); and one grandchild, her beloved Jahni Love. She also left behind a myriad of friends and family to carry on her dream and goodwill.

Her memorial services were held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, August 21, 2010.  Ms. Mate was laid to rest in her hometown in Agomanya, Ghana  (West Africa) on Saturday, September 11th, 2010.