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A Bushel of Thanks to All Who Offered Wishes and Prayers!

November 2, 2010

This is a note of THANKS to all who comforted us and continue to keep us in their prayers.

Especially, the Westminster Family and Pastor Bradshaw, Ms. Adeline's family at DHSS St. Louis County Page Office (Family Support Division) and Mrs. Susie Ward, Copy Print Design and Wale Ogunrinde, World Wide International Markets, Sheperd's Funeral Home, My "African Family" in St. Louis (you know who you are), my friends at SLUH, ....etc.

--My family and I remain in awe of your kindness and warm embraces. God Bless You All and Best Wishes,

Letter from Dear Friend Anna Louise Fisher

November 2, 2010

August 28th, 2010

(transcribed from a note sent to the family)


“A Journey Interrupted” is so appropriate for your mother and grandmother, and friend to many and to me!

She continued being a blessing to each and every one whose lives she touched! I am blessed to have had her in my life!

It was almost every week that I received an e-mail or telephone call, and often a note of faith and encouragement and friendship. And how special was your bringing her to see me at the hospital with those beautiful pink roses as well.

Our work together in preparing the elements over the last five years were so special. She made the process a spiritual happening reminding me, as the juice leaked, etc. that it was all for the Lord. And we had some laughs together also. What a lovely lady and dear friend!

One time, when it was our turn to prepare the elements, I was again home from the hospital. Here she came bringing the grape juice and the loaf of bread to my house so we could prepare it there together. We put the bread into the freezer for easier cutting and ate together the Michealenas dinner that she also bought. What a special time together and as always, her thoughtfulness and kindness were ever present.

How very glad I am that we chose Adeline to be our Westminster Honoree for the Presbytery’s Celebration of Aging. She certainly was a worthy recipient and I think she was pleased about this honor. I was privileged to be one of her guests at the luncheon following the service.

In our last telephone conversation, she expressed such deep wishes to return to Ghana. I am afraid I was a lecturer, reminding her of her good life here, having you here who were so dear to her, and how all of us would miss her! This way was surely not the way she would have wanted to return to Ghana, nor would we. But she is surely in God’s Heaven and knows she is going back to Ghana.

The garment you had for her for the memorial service was gorgeous. She would have loved it.

Her life was surely interrupted too soon! I shall continue wishing we would have more times together. Her loss is a void in my life!

Her faith was so strong, and though her loss brings dark days for us, I am sure Heaven is shining rainbows welcoming her!

--Anna Louise Fisher

Tribute from Westminster Presbyterian Church

October 18, 2010

Tribute from Westminster Presbyterian Church

If you are fortunate enough to sit near Adeline Dedo Mate at a Westminster worship service, you will hear her singing beautifully. Adeline seems an appropriate name for her, for she was so named from her father’s singing group.

The Presbyterian Church of Krobo was established by the German Mission through a missionary, Johannes Zimmerman, from Gerlingen, Germany. Since then, the church in Gerlingen has adopted the church of Odumase-Krobo, and every four years, the mayor of Gerlingen visits the church in Ghana. Another important occasion occurs every five years when a delegation from the church in Ghana visits Gerlingen. In 1995, Adeline, was the leader of the delegation to Gerlingen from the Presbyterian Church of Odumase-Krobo.

How were we so lucky to have Adeline in our midst? She came to the USA for a six-month visit with her daughter, Greta after a 13 year absence, and realized that she needed her to linger. And, while “lingering” here, she was driving down Union Avenue, and spotted Westminster on the corner of Union and Delmar. What a good “spotting” for us, for Adeline joined our family. She served as an Elder on Westminster’s Session, and was chairperson of the nominating committee in 2006. She also served as a member of the Nurture Committee, the Worship Communion, the Committee for Worship, Music and Arts. On the Presbytery level, she was a member of the Committee on the Self-Development of People. A recent joy of hers was being the namesake of the great-granddaugther of Dorothy and Bob Harper, Adeline Harper Dabler, daughter of Greg and Tara Dabler. She will be sorely missed and our congregation is grateful to have had the honor of the presence of this angel in our midst.


Tribute from Daughter

October 18, 2010



My mother, Ms. Adeline or”Young Lady” as I called her, was the busiest person I knew. She always worked, attended church, had a myriad of friends and found time to still counsel her church members and friends in their time of need.  I called her Young Lady because I could not do half of what she was able to do in a day.  At her service in St. Louis, there were a number of friends and comrades who recounted what Momma had done for them and they all echoed a similar theme through their testimonials—she was always there when I needed her. She never met a stranger in her life and at an age when most people retire and depend on others to take care of their needs, my mother was not ready to slow down or take a break, and she was still a beacon for all!

I remember always having a full house while growing up. Even though Momma had only two children of her own , she raised many, many others and her home was always a gathering place and safe haven for everyone—family and neighbors alike. My mother was the kindest, most generous person I have ever had the honor of meeting and her legacy will continue to live on as long as I live. She always taught me to make a difference where ever I go and to make sure that I leave the earth a better place than I found it.

My sister Golda and I are the luckiest children for having the privilege of calling this beautiful, wonderful angel our mother.  If I am able to accomplish even half of what my mother did in her short lifetime, I would be grateful. I know she is heaven right now, busy taking care of all and organizing all their gatherings, making people laugh and offering words of wisdom to a captivating crowd. Her life was truly a life interrupted but I know her legacy will keep on forever!

Tribute from Mrs. C. Ify Nwoka-Sansbury

October 18, 2010

One of the Beauties of Ghana is Gone,

But not forgotten:

You never say “Goodbye” to a Sister, Friend, Confidant, States, and Honorable Woman.  Sister Adie, thanks for your leadership, guidance and contributions to Ghanaians, West Africans, and African Women in general. Because of women like you “Women Education did not End in the Kitchen”. You gave women the voice to speak in public, run and hold Government positions in Africa. Your light will never be extinguished amongst people who knew you, especially, myself. I miss you already, each time I pass through your office it saddens me to know that my time with you on earth is no longer possible. It’s hard to take, but I’ll live by your philosophy, “Don’t Worry, you’ll be Okay”. Lord it is hard, but I’ll hold dear many of our innumerable chats and advices you gave me. Most importantly, I’ll hold onto my sweet memories of you. Thanks sister Adie for who you were, the lessons you taught us. Your elegance and beauty that radiated the paths you walked, and all the  memories you left us to cherish.

My dear sister is gone but will never be forgotten. May the Angels of Heaven Bless and Guide you. May Our Lord in Heaven stretch out His Arms to receive you. We will morn no more because we know that you are in Heaven. “You are a Saint, go and rest from your labor”.  Sister Adieu, Rest in Perfect Peace.          


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