Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
To A Dear Mom
From the day I started dating your baby daughter Adeola in 1993, Mom took me as her own son. She showed unconditional motherly love and always treats me as one of her own. You were the only one that calls me Ayodele.
She was always there to take care of all her grandchildren from the day they were given birth to.
You were an elegant, fashionable, beautiful and strong woman. You were fearless and said what was on your mind unapologetic but with love.
It was indeed a pleasure being one of your children. You loved to have people around you and talked about anything including politics, of which you were an authority.
You lived a prayerful life and showed us all to trust God.
Mom you will be greatly missed by all of us and we will always keep you in our minds, where your fond memory will live with us all.

Rest in perfect peace dear Mom.

Deji Ayodele Ogunyemi
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
When I think of my grandmother, the first thing that comes to mind is the caring nature that she had. She took care of me and my brothers with so much love when we were younger. She would cook up whatever we wanted, and spoil us with treats. I remember spending time with her, watching tv, talking, and laughing.

I remember that when Grandma lost her sight, she was still in good spirits every time that I saw her. She was still smiling, still positive. She didn't let it break her spirit - or at least she didn't let it show when she was with us. I'll always remember her courage.

Grandma, you're not with us anymore, but i know that you're finding rest. Thank you for being you. I will miss you, and love you always.

Ayomide Kalejaiye
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Grandma was always very sweet and compassionate. She was always happy when I saw her and I'll miss her a lot. I wish I had more time to spend with her but she is in a better place now and can finally rest. I'll always love her and cherish the time that we spent together.

Femi Kalejaiye
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
When I think of Grandma, I only ever have fond memories and I believe that is a reflection of who she was as a person. She was always energetic and engaging.

Growing up, she played an active role in supporting my parents in taking care of my sisters and I. It was a relationship we maintained throughout her life.

Even though she’s no longer here, it brings me great comfort knowing she saw her children grow up and have children of their own.

She left a lasting impact on those around her.

Grandma you will always remain in my heart and prayers.

Robert Edwards
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Grandma, or "Grandma Surulere", as we used to call her, was never anything but sweet and kind to me. In some of my earliest memories, I can recall her taking care of my brothers and I as children. She would tell us stories, play our silly made up games, and make us treats. Whenever we'd come crying with our newest injury from a bout of roughhousing she wouldn't scold us, but simply bandage it up. From childhood to adulthood, she was always there, an ever-present part of our lives.

The last time I saw her was two years ago, and even then, with me as an adult, she would give me money to go to the supermarket for snacks. I'd sit with her sometimes in the evenings and just chat, catching her up on what was going on in my life. They were brief conversations but they are so valuable to me now. I wish I could have had more of them.

I wish I could have been there for her these past few months, and I wish I could be there now. However, I know she is now with God, and I am glad to have at least this opportunity to memorialize her. I love you and miss you dearly Grandma.

Oluwatofunmi Kalejaiye
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
When describing my grandma the first words that come to mind are caring loving and giving.
She loved all of her grandchildren and she made sure we knew it every time we spoke and saw her. I remember my phone conversation with her, she always wanted to know how I was doing and always made sure to tell me how proud she was of me. I could always feel her love even though we weren’t in the same room. My early memories of grandma is her coming to visit us in Warri and making sure she brought all our favourite food, I remember she’d spend hours making it but she wouldn’t mind cause we were her grandchildren;that’s just the kind of grandma she was. I’m going to miss grandma, I’m going to miss hearing her laugh and her singing, she would always sing my name when I called her. She was a light in this world!

Michelle Edwards
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
My Grandma meant a lot to me. I wish I had been able to see her one more time. She was so loving and so caring and when I think back to my childhood we were just so blessed to have her. I am so grateful for her and I am going to miss everything about her. I love you so much Grandma.

Nicole Edwards
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
My grandma was and still is one of my best friends. She was often the first person that I would go to if I had a problem or needed to talk to someone because she always had a kind and caring shoulder to lean on. When I was younger we would hang out for hours at a time. Sometimes we would just chat, other times we would watch tv or listen to sermons. I thank God for the times he allowed us to share and the fond memories we have. Even though she may no longer be with me physically, i can feel her in my spirit and know that she will always be there for me.

Ayomikun Ogunyemi
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Grandma grandma, my favourite grandma. Thank you for always being there for me. Even when i was in the wrong you always stood by me and protected me. Thank you for allowing me be your husband, it made me really happy that we had that special bond. Thank you for always being there for me and allowing me spend the night in your room; your bed was really comfy. Thank you for being my grandma and loving me as much as i love you. Its sad that you wont be able to see me growing up but i know you're in the best place you can be and that you're watching me from above in a front row seat.

Fikun Ogunyemi
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Grandma you are such an amazing person I love you so much you always used to pray with me and we would always sing together you would tell me not to stay too close to the fan and when I was upset with someone or some thing you would make me feel better grandma I love you so much and I know you love me too and it makes me happier to know you are now with God in heaven even though it makes me sad to know you’re not here with me I know you’re happy in heaven.

Kayla Edwards
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Grandma you are an amazing person. I love when we sing, laugh and chat together. When I'm sad you comfort me. I value every moment I had with you, You are one of the most important people In my life. I love you so much I'm happy that you're in heaven and that you can see. You will forever be in my heart.

Bukunmi Ogunyemi
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
Mama!!!! You know I love you always

Mama!!! I took it for granted that you would always be here, to talk with, laugh with, fight with, make up with, and all the other things that we do together that make our shared history so rich and unforgettable. Words just seem so inadequate right now. You play so many roles , I will write about just a few;

Mother: I do not know if there was ever a child more loved than I have been. I have always been able to count on your presence, support, sacrifices, and advice. You believed the best of me always and so I took it as a duty to make you proud of me and never have you worry about me. I remember every time I said I wanted to lose weight; you would just tell me to pray over the food and trust God. I would laugh and tell you that I didn’t think that would work and I actually need to do my part by eating right and exercising. I have often said that I could not have pursued a career in banking, especially with the intensity that I did without your constant presence and support. Every one of my three children grew up in your arms. I could leave them and sleep and you would stay up all night if necessary, just so that I was comfortable. I never had to worry about leaving them with a nanny alone because you were there and brooded over them like the mother hen that you are.

Growing up with you was fun. You have been my only parent since I was nine years old and you did an excellent job even if I say so myself. Despite your limited resources, we lacked for nothing and you always put us first. I remembered how you took me to school in Ikot-Ekpene when I started secondary school, that was my first time of being away from you for such long periods. I can confirm that you are still the best cook that I know. As for your sense of style, totally classic, you could make the most ordinary outfit look beautiful just because of your elegance.

Friend: I could tell you more things than even my friends. You never judged me but believed the best and offered wise counsel. All my close friends felt comfortable in your presence and I often had to remind them that you were my mother and not theirs, but you had enough love for everyone. I have had the pleasure of listening to my friends’ recollections of their relationships with you. There have even been arguments about how many “Children” we should list as everyone feels somehow like your child.

Grandma: After some time, we all called you grandma. I know that your grandchildren – Ayomikun, Fikun, and Bukunmi will miss you dearly. Who will save them from me when they have been naughty? Bukunmi would always sneak to sleep in your room when you came over to visit because she loved to snuggle up and gist about everything and nothing. I really don’t know how you listened with such patience. Your toaster- Fikun, what will he do without you? Fortunately he has stopped being naughty so all is good. As for Ayomikun, he was always so protective of you, he’s had the benefit of your presence the longest. He would threaten to report me to you whenever we disagreed on something

Child of God: I think of you skipping along happily in heaven and I smile. I know Abba is happy to welcome you home. You had enduring faith and believed that nothing was impossible. In recognition of what Abba has done for you and in you, you re-named yourself “favour”. I can confirm that you were indeed favored. As a young woman of 39, you lost your husband and yet you brought up 3 daughters incident free. You prayed tirelessly and would watch so many pastors preach on TV asides from regular church services. Perhaps the best testament to your enduring faith was how much of yourself you put into helping others. I have heard so many stories these last two weeks from family and friends of how much impact you made in their lives. I hope you know how special you were to so many people and that you made a difference.

Someone told me to comfort myself with the knowledge that I will see you in Heaven. I wish you had stayed to celebrate my 50th birthday, your 80th birthday, Bukunmi’s wedding too- you promised!!! I am glad that you were there to see me grow up, get married, have children, and attend even my graduation in February for my doctorate. If there was another life, I would ask for you as my mother again and again.

I love you so very much and will miss you. I thank God for all the years that we spent together.

Your loving daughter, Adeolaolamiposi Ogunyemi
Posted by Tolu Kalejaiye on June 10, 2021
I don’t know if I can adequately capture what I’m feeling. Mostly confusion, at this time. Life was quite hard on you for such a long time. And then you and I had such a turbulent relationship. I’m playing mental tennis with mixed memories of your care and our fights. Fortunately, the beautiful memories are triumphing. I found a stack of the letters I wrote to you as a “crazy” teenager (you kept them all). It was bittersweet reading them. It was so easy to see how much I loved you. I saw a post card I sent you where I addressed you as “My Darling, and signed off “Your only love”. I wonder where I filed my sisters, haha.
You were so trendy, beautiful and maintained that lovely figure all your life. I was in my early teens when I started wearing your clothes. We looked like sisters, with you being the gorgeous version.
You were so welcoming and sweet to my friends. A truly generous soul you were with your time, cooking and laughter.
I can’t imagine what being a mom would have been like without you. You gave 110% in caring for us when I went through the early years of being a mother. You cooked, bathed my babies, cleaned and fed us all. And your cooking! Priceless.
I could go on...
The final years were tough, but you fought with such strength. Your final months brought us both healing in many ways. And now you’ve finally gone to a place where Jesus will wipe all tears from your eyes. It is finished mom. No more pain. Rest well.

Omobolanle, your “loving-hood” and “angel”.

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