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Memorial Websites

Increasingly, people are looking to online technologies to cope with the loss of a loved one and connect with their grieving community.

Now you can empower your customers to celebrate their loved ones life and create lasting tributes with a memorial website from

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Feature Highlights:
Create unlimited Memorial Websites for your customers. This service is FREE to you.
Reach new customers with your logo, business information and a website link on every memorial associated with your account.
Receive up to 40% cash back from customer upgrades.
Differentiate yourself from competition by offering this unique service.
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Increase your marketing exposure.

You have the option of advertising your business on every memorial page your customers create. This gives you an opportunity to put your brand in front of the people most likely to use your services - people who live right in your community. Every time they visit the permanent memorial page, your company information and URL will be discreetly displayed.

Introduce your customers
to a service they'll treasure. offers a service that your customers will truly appreciate. We have already received hundreds of emails from current users who are delighted to be able to create a permanent tribute to their loved ones. You can read some of our glowing customer testimonials here.

Apply for a funeral service provider account with ForeverMissed today. We look forward to helping you introduce a new and valuable service to your customers.

Worry-free from the start.

We make creating a memorial website as easy as possible. When you sign up for a special account as a funeral services provider, we will send you a starter package of 50 helpful and tasteful brochures that you can distribute to your customers. This gives them all the information they need to build a memorial website.