Let the memory of Africa be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on February 7, 1956 in Mamfe, Ndekwai Villiag, South West Region,, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on April 23, 2016 in Camden, New Jersey, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Africa Tanyi Enow, 60, born on February 7, 1956 and passed away on April 23, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Valentine Bate on 23rd April 2019
Dear Uncle Tanyi, Continue to rest in peace with the Lord.
Posted by Nso Pascal Etchu on 7th February 2017
I never had any teacher with Pa Tanyi’s kind of stage presence. He could project his voice all the way to the back of 10-250 (but I was not sitting in the back). He could explain organic chemistry in a logical fashion that I still appreciate and utilize. I still have my 5.12 bible (notes) at work. Answers to the questions on the test were generally obvious to me after his clear explanations during lecture. Organic chemistry made sense from the start.
Posted by Valentine Bate on 7th February 2017
Continue to Rest in Peace Uncle Tanyi. We continue to miss you. God Bless the family you left behind.
Posted by Diane Besong on 21st May 2016
My own man Uncle Afrique- the miracle man, the chemist; these are the names I called you. It has actually taken forever (the very last minute) to be courageous enough to write a tribute for you. I am still in denial even though I had not talked to or heard from you for over a month now. The thought of never seeing you again increases my pain and frustration. The emptiness in me when I think of not having anybody again in Mamfe really kills me. Life can actually be unfair and Cruel. However, we have to be grateful to God for fulfilling your dreams, making it possible for you to see your son Patrice and finally passing away in the land flowing with 'milk and honey' as you called it. Although you never experienced it, we still give God all the glory because you had been declared dead last year. The wonders and miracles of God gave you the opportunity to stand on your feet again, relate and reconcile with people, give a big Thanksgiving in your Baptist Church in Mamfe and many other things you were able to do. This is how you earned the name 'Miracle Man'. I am going to miss our wonderful and close discussion about our families, professions and you name it.Rest in perfect peace my man Uncle Afrique 'Miracle Man' till we meet and part no more! Your dear Sister Di/mamma
Posted by Vida Awasom on 20th May 2016
To my Uncle Africa, this is a tough one for me. I go back to December 2009 where we spent a few days with you while visiting Mamfe. You put aside your own needs and activities to ensure we had a pleasant trip. You truly cared, you gave your all and were always present when we needed you. Yes , you cared ! and we thank you . I remember when my Mom called me when she found out about your illness, oh did we weep because she said you were in so much pain. I prayed for God to lift the burden and restore your health. I trusted that He alone could help us. We had faith; and when you bounced back, we were delighted. Like the hymn goes " He knows it all". God knows it all. Our life on earth,Jesus knows it all. If we should leave this earthly home, He got a place for us . So we are rest assured that you are in the arms of our almighty, that place he has prepared for you where pain cannot reside.In Him do we live , move and have our being, we are nothing without Him and i know how much you love God, so i am at peace. Till we meet again. May God almighty grant Patrice,Tanyi, and your other children and family members comfort like none other. May your teachings never depart from them, may peace and love reign and in everything, may God get the Glory
Posted by Ben Arrey on 8th May 2016
Late Mr. Tanyi, A man full of hope, inspiration and and gifted with benevolence and intelligence. Your short stay in the US did not even give us a chance to meet you, even though we were so willing. You touched many lifes at home and abroad and the Lord decided to put you on a journey to this end. May the almighty divine receive you with compassion till we see again. Ben Arrey; PhD Virginia, USA
Posted by Rayban Poubom on 6th May 2016
Oh!! Mr Tanyi,I can't begin to express the pain of your passing ,your lively gait and energy .. You loved without any restraint! Simple and open hearted man.. I can still hear your voice telling me ,you are extraordinary and very talented just focus and bring out your qualities .. We would sit and solve chemical equations ,laughing and arguing in our own chemistry world ,so unlike teacher and student . You made me become the Pharmacist I am today .. I will forever be grateful . You will be deeply missed by us all. We love you but we also know you suffered in extreme pain .so we say go and rest where pain and sickness is such a far fetched reality.. We love you lots Dr Poubom Rayban
Posted by Patrice Tanyi on 4th May 2016
Dad im writing this , same time tears running down my eyes.....If only you could get up alive to see the pain youve left on my shoulder, i know you will jion me to cry profusely.....Daddy, you know ive never had anyone in my whole life as caring and loving like you.....You were not rich, you didnt come from a rich family, but you had a gift and a charm the world admired.....You shared the last penny you had in your pocket to make sure your children get the best education in the world.....Daddy, you even transfered that love to even the students you thaught.....Growing up was hard and harsh, especially days when the government refused to pay your salaries.....You had no money to send us to school, but that never stoped you from fighting to make sure your children get education and a better future.....Day after day, after teaching from school, all tired, you will nap for 3hrs only, then pick up your cutlass into the farms to look for food for the family to eat.....Daddy youve suffered...All i wanted was for God to bring you to America to met your baby boy that you raised to be an ambitious youngman, to take good care of you and keep you around peace, calm and rest.....Daddy i always remembered calling you for 10yrs on the phone that ivent seen you since i travelled to America in 2006.....I can hear you always laughing , so excited to hear my vioce and telling everyone ***thats my american boy****.Daddy, your greatest joy was to met me ones again after all these years....Just when you were ready to met me, thats when the devil struck you with terminal illness, somthing that kept you in the hospital for 7months.....Just when everyone thaught you will die, God raised you up on your feet.....God finally presented you in my arms in america on April 1.....I could see the excitement when i saw you on that wheelchair at the airport....You almost got off your chair on those paralysed feet to grap me.....*****my son***dad burst into tears of joy.....10yrs is a long time missing a son in a fathers arms......I also remember vividly you staring at this new evolution of life, this new found place, country full with golden lights at night and tall towers, the lights that was dazzling as we drove over the JFK bridge in New York city....Daddy was so excited to see America hes always been told.....Daddy called America ***paradise on earth****.Daddy will call everyone in Cameroon to tell them of the glamour in america......Eventhough dad was in pain from his illness, he never felt it cox he was so caught up in the beauty scenery of America.......At home, me and dad had the best time ever.....His back pain was killing him, i will carry him on my back to the bathroom were he gets his bath.....In the bathroom, dad said somthing that i will forever keep in my heart.....dad said....""""O God, thank you for giving me a son"""""he even said,""""If i die today, Patrice, i will be happy because youve showed me paradise""""::****Youve done it""::were his last words on his dying bed......April 4 i took daddy to the hospital were he was given the best treatment for his illness ever......unfortunately, the illness had taken a hold on dad, and Doctors told me he was getting worst......We prayed with pastors, my pastor Rev.Ruzor George, we prayed with family members, i even asked daddy to pray with me....I told him to be strong, that God will never let him die.....Daddy will respond in a hidden tone "amen"""......Nothing could lift dads spirit or energy at this time that his been confined on his bed for over 2weeks, eating nothing, looking frail and weak, except for one thing......his favorite music....****dark city sisters****Everyday, at home, in the car or on his hospital bed, daddy will ask me to play that albulm.....This epic south african song will lift dads spirit as i watch him nodding and clapping his hands while he was waiting for dead to come......Dads favorite scripture before he passed was ****John 3:16......This is the scripture he last quoted when Rev Rizor asked him what his favorite scripture was......His best baptist song was*****Abraham blessings are mine*****At exactly 6:20 on April 23, dad passed away, somthing thats been a big scare on the hearts of his family, friends and children who still dont know why God should take dad just that moment when his just getting to enjoy life with a son his not set eyes on for 10yrs.....Daddy im so depressed each day, we had dreams, so much to accomplish together....now ive to do it without you.. Werever you are, may your spirit be with me so i can finish what you left uncompleted, especially unite your family and take good care of the family... I love you so much, and you know that.... R.I.P my hero.. Your son, Patrice...
Posted by Valentine Bate on 1st May 2016
Oh! Uncle Tanyi! I do not know where to start. From the days you started holding me in your high esteem and entrusted most of your business in my hands; all the time we spent together seeing you through your illness; the wonderful company traveling with you to the USA; just to recount a few. Little did I know that you won't return with me to Cameroon as a companion. God bless you in the world beyond. Please prepare a good place for us all that you left in pains. RIP Uncle Tanyi
Posted by Mary Bates-Eyong on 1st May 2016
You are and will indeed be deeply missed. The times we sat, shared a meal and talked about your passions-your children and you pursuit of higher knowledge wherever the path led, will be treasured forever. In your usual soft spoken and humble manner, you reminded me your dreams were not just about you but the pride and ambition you so wanted to instill in the children you so dearly loved. Rest assured you did. In this time of grief and sorrow I find comfort that you gave us the opportunity to observe those last moments of the peace and rest you sort granted by our compassionate Lord and God. Rest in Perfect Peace

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