Posted by Ruth Manolis on December 22, 2021
Miss you Alex & Kris everyday. Please pray for us from heaven's light.
Posted by Ruth Manolis on September 8, 2017
Missing you today on your Earth Birthday!!! You're in my heart and thoughts everyday!!!  Please send some of your SUNSHINE love to me. Our family needs your prayers! Trying everyday to look for a little simple kindness. Please pray with Grandpa and Joshua And Aunt Tania and Kris!!! Petition Lord to have Mercy on our family to heal. Praying for God's TRUTH to outshine the sad lies. Until I see you in HEAVEN'S Light!!! I love you!! Auntie Ruthi and all your cousin's you sent from Heaven
Posted by Ruth Manolis on September 8, 2016
Sending our prayers to the Lord!!! Happy BIRTHDAY to heaven! Your memory is ETERNAL as you wait for me in heaven. We miss you EVERYDAY! Your Spirit is with me at the times I need to know the goodness in this world. You loved everyone and your strength is still my inspiration! Pray for us all sweet Alex!!
Posted by Ruth Manolis on December 24, 2014
Hi Alex! I have had you in my thoughts everyday but especially today! Life here is so very difficult without you and Kris & Grandpa. You are in my heart forever and I know you are with us all because I feel your love through God's spirit. Your Godsister, Lexi talks to you all the time. I know you visit her in her dreams. I only wish that we could have you visit us and see you. But then we would never be able to lose you again. Just know you & Kris and Grandpa and all our loved ones, live on in ours hearts! Memory Eternal my sweet boys! Give hugs to Grandpa Workman. Until the Lord reunites us I will hold your treasured memories! XXXOOOXX Aunt Ruthi
Posted by Ruth Manolis on December 24, 2012
Remembering your courageous spirit, beautiful smile and most of all your living heart!! As you dance with the angels I carry your heart in my heart!! I can almost hear your laughter as you play with Kris! If you can shine a bit of heavens light down to Mom.The memory of your courage gives us strength! Until we are together again give hugs to Kris, Grandpa & everyone! <3 Aunt Ruthi

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