Posted by Rose Cutic on April 26, 2021
Alex was a very kind and generous person and would do anything he could for you. He loved treating us to Slyman's corn beef sandwiches. He loved his children and would do anything within his means to help them in any way he could. We look forward to seeing him soon in the coming resurrection. We love you, Alex. Love, Rose and Frank
Posted by Ilya Tsokur on April 24, 2021
Just looked at pictures and read the stories and I was struck by the sadness of his baby picture... His parents yet did not know his life would change with their passing, yet he not only survived, he grew to be curious, courageous and loving. As seen by his life course and his desire to build a family and care for them the best he could. There is truly no place better to be than in the memory of our Creator who saw each one of your father's steps, each one of his hopes and knows the cause of each one of his tears. How profoundly wonderous is the promise that all of us will be given a fair chance to live again and be nothing less than the best version of ourselves.
Posted by Melody McDaniel on April 24, 2021
Alex, Amir, and family my deepest sympathy in the passing of your dear father. May your faith and love for each other give you solace during this time. I met Mr. Bucewicz several times and he was always so nice and gentlemanly. My fondest memory of him is when he and Alex met me at the beach near my home and we had an ice cream. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time was had by all!
Posted by Devona Miyoshi on April 24, 2021
Alexandra & Amir,
May Jehovah our loving God give your hearts peace and comfort, as you await the day Jesus calls him from the memorial tomb, to feel your families warm embrace!
-John 5:28,29
Posted by Steven Barille on April 24, 2021
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Alexandrea, and all family and friends.
Posted by Dionette Jabo on April 24, 2021
Sorry for your lose if you need me I'm here for you
Posted by Madis Gonzalez Perez on April 21, 2021
I will always remember Alexander as a very nice gentleman. I had the pleasure to host him at my home in Margarita Island, Venezuela. He was a sweet person. He came to see Alexandria and my sister Aleida, who were there on vacation on my sunny tropical island. We spent time together, he liked to go to restaurants and fell in love with Venezuelan cuisine and drinks. It was my pleasure to have them stay with me, May he rest in peace in Jehovah's memory.
Posted by joni giterman on April 21, 2021
alex, amir and dan ...

i have so enjoyed reading about your father’s life ... it sounds as though he lived a full and adventurous one (alex, you must get that from him!!!).  please know you are all in my thoughts ❤️
Posted by Andrea Clay on April 21, 2021
I did not know Alexander personally, but I have the privilege of knowing Alex. She made him real to me by the comments she made about her dad. She loved him and enjoyed the time she was able to spend with him. Alex and I also share something similar. We both lost our dads within a week of each other. We have many shared feelings.
Posted by Miguel Perez on April 21, 2021
I remember uncle Alex was very nice and he loved the natural beauty of Venezuela and especially the beach at Margarita Island. I remember he was very curious about all the animals, plants, and event the insects. He loved to explore outside. I was like 8 year's old at the time. He liked to play tennis and it was so fun to spend time with him.
Posted by Ramiro Perez on April 21, 2021
After Alex married my aunt Aleidys, I met him a few times when he went down to Margarita Island in Venezuela in the 80's. He was a nice person. We hung out a couple of time for some beers and had some pizza. I have good memories of him.
Posted by Jae Brunetti on April 19, 2021
To Alexandra, To Amir, and all family and friends
Please allow me to send my deepest sympathy in the loss of Mr. Bucewicz.
He was much too young.
“They know each one his own plague and his own pain . . . You [Jehovah] must forgive and give to each one according to all his ways.”​
2 Chron. 6:29, 30.
None of us can know what the 5 year old child felt at the loss of his parents, living in a world that had gone mad.
Somehow he grew strong and carried on.
We can hope that he went on to have many beautiful memories with his own family and his true friends.
You, Alexandrea and Amir, are the result of his hard work. I am sure that he was very proud of you both.
You owe it to him to be strong and carry on.

Posted by Glenn Schafer on April 18, 2021
I only met Alexander in a very passive manner when his daughter brought him to the Target we both worked at. Alexandra introduced me as her co-worker Glenn. He was always very friendly and beamed a great smile

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