My First Love

Shared by Katherine Fernandez on 20th October 2012

Everyday spent with you was beautiful. Words cannot even begin to explain how much I'm going to miss you. You've been a part of my life as long as I can think back to. I remember growing up playing outside with you and you taking my bike around the block. Or walking home from the high school together talking about how we really needed cars. Or when you would come over and make me feel better. The last months I had with you were so amazing, I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend or best friend. You taught me what it's like to be in love and completely happy and comfortable in your arms. I'm going to miss our weekends at the beach and your contagious smile that had a magic way of making me feel reassured. I'll never forget how handsome you looked on prom night and how nervous we both were dancing with one another. I loved hearing your laugh, it brought so much happiness to my every day. It's so hard without you but I just have to thank God for giving you to me no matter how short it was. I'll never let the memories we shared stray from my heart. You were the first boy to completely hold my heart in your hands. I love you so much baby and I promise never to forget what it was like to have you. 


Shared by Juana Lubian on 5th September 2012

Would be so happy to know we were all together. Celebrating your life and memory. We all love you. — with Alex Lubian
Grethel Villalobo

The legacy of a young man.

Shared by Tania Gonzalez on 30th August 2012

Why life was cut so short for you, I will probably never know.  But you left behind an amazing legacy that will live on forever.  It is our desire to always leave something behind where people that we have touched will remember us by.  Alex you put a smile on so many people's faces and impacted so many in such an amazing way.  It gives us all so much comfort and joy to read the stories told about you.  I know that your life continues on in Heaven surrounded by those that you love.  You are our angel and precious boy.  Though we may have not said it enough, know that you were loved by all of us.  We and many others are better people because of you.  One day we will all be reunited again as a family.  Live strong my boy and enjoy your new life in Heaven.

We love you very much and will miss you at every moment of everyday.  

His first shaving. :-)

Shared by Alexis Martin on 29th August 2012
<p>Alex was like 5 years old when we were surprised by him running with blood on his face coming from the bathroom. We were all scare for him but soon realized he was "just shaving" he manage to get my shaving razor and I guess tried to "shave" , we were soon relieved when we discovered just a tiny cut on his face. Alex was a very active and curious child, one more thing! he never got to bed before telling you good night.</p>

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