Say not in grief: "She is no more," but live in thankfulness that she was.
  • 42 years old
  • Born on August 12, 1970 .
  • Passed away on June 20, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Alice Price, who was born on
August 12, 1970 and passed away on June 20, 2013.

We will always miss her and remember her forever.

Please consider donating to the trust established for Alice's children, 
Liam, Adelaide and Franklin. 

The Paterson Family Trust
646 West Ellet Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119
For those of you who missed the memorial on Saturday, July 13, 2013, a video of the service will be uploaded soon. The program and photos of the memorial boards can be seen here: 

Posted by Joyce Wind on 24th June 2018
Another June...little Oxford street has less light since Alice no longer walks down this street.
Posted by Gigi Solis on 21st June 2018
I still can't believe it's been five years. Five years feels so long but I remember your laugh and your smile like it was yesterday. I always ask myself "what would Alice think?" The other day I found a letter from you in your very distinct handwriting. You were so insightful and empathic at the same time Your guidance is always with me as are you.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 20th June 2018
I thought of you the other day, and all of the nicknames you had for me. I will never forget you. I am very grateful for all of the inside jokes and moments I shared with you. Seeing your children allows me to see you❤
Posted by Mary Graham on 20th June 2018
Five years ago today...right around this time in the left us. Yet you are remembered every day. And your children are a shining example of the joy, love and beauty you created in this world. The loss is still as great, but we know you still live on in our memories and hearts.
Posted by Claire Huff on 12th August 2017
We celebrate the day Alice came into this world. All who knew her could never forget her. A bundle of energy, beauty, intelligence, wit and warmth. The warmth part was often disguised under the strength of her opinions and objectives. But you felt it all the same. I do recall she was not a big casual "hugger". Hugs were reserved for later, when you became friends. I remember all our laughs and troubles shared at CV. Our "fights" were fleeting. Our shared cares and concerns were deep and lasting. Her first priority at work and in her life were the kids. When she became a mother, she shone with love and pride...despite the challenges. Our good times together were the best times. She was generous to a fault: always remembering birthdays and holidays with cards and gifts. She could have been a scientist, archaeologist, or world explorer...but she chose to share her insatiable curiosity and knowledge as a teacher. As a second career she would have made a great personal shopper.....she had such a keen eye and good taste in all things. She endured unbearable betrayal and suffering in her last years on this fragile planet. I've tried to put that out of my mind. We will all return to the universe and mingle our atoms with Alice and all whom we love. Until then, our beating hearts still hold her close. Remember her children and family who are all so special.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 12th August 2017
Happy Birthday Ms. Alice❤. I will remember you...
Posted by Gigi Solis on 20th June 2017
The other day I was feeling pretty emotional and it occurred to me that I may have forgotten this date. I was wrong but it scared me to think I forgot. I was reminded that I think about you every day and that this was the most horrible of days and is not the one to remember. The one to remember is all of the wonderful and light filled days with you and there were many. I miss you so very much but you are always with me.
Posted by Suanne Price on 14th August 2016
In honor of Alice, I would like to offer my appreciation to Gigi and Mary for their ongoing care and clearly true friendship to towards Ali..Your support was perhaps so much more bolstering than you both might realize..So, please accept my heartfelt thanks.. Sincerely, Suanne
Posted by Suanne Price on 14th August 2016
August 12, 2016 We celebrated 6 Birthdays in our house..Today Ali is on all our minds & in our hearts..Peace to you dear girl..Sending love... and Hope for your kiddos..Gratefulness to Uncle Robert, Franklin,Lowell & Daniel..
Posted by Gigi Solis on 12th August 2016
Thinking about you often today and I don't think it's a coincidence that your birthday falls on or near the Perseid meteor shower every year. Always radiant.
Posted by Cyndi Gutierrez on 21st June 2016
We will miss you always
Posted by Mary Graham on 20th June 2016
One would think that three years after you died the sadness wouldn't be so overwhelming. Yet it is. But there are also feelings of comfort, knowing that you are no longer in pain, no longer suffering, no longer worried about your children. I love that they talk about you and remember fun times they had with going for walks at Hopkins Pond, like seeing Disney World, like having you read them books. They have your strength and your resilience....and your love for others. So even though you are physically gone, your spirit continues to live on through Liam, Addie and Frankie. You are so missed by so many.
Posted by Gigi Solis on 20th June 2016
Three years ago, I experienced the most horrible pain when I learned you were gone, but I am at peace knowing you are with me always.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 20th June 2016
You will always be missed❤
Posted by Joyce Wind on 1st January 2016
On this New Years Day, I am remembering my friend and her children. I pray that you are at rest.
Posted by Celeste Finn on 23rd September 2015
Alice, reading about your work since college make me wish I had known you better. You're far too young and beautiful to be gone already.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 20th June 2015
I miss you. I think of you. And I will never forget you. Rest in Peace Ms. Alice❤
Posted by Gigi Solis on 20th June 2015
Thinking about my friend on this rainy day. I miss her always.
Posted by Susan Paterson on 12th August 2014
Thinking of you today, and wishing we were celebrating your life instead of missing you.
Posted by Suanne Price on 12th August 2014
Alice :: Thinking of you today with good memories...Peace and Love, Suanne
Posted by Gigi Solis on 20th June 2014
We lost your light a year ago today, but you are always in my thoughts. I see your light in "The Kiddos" when they smile, I hear it when they laugh and I feel it in their hugs. I'll look up at the stars tonight and think of you.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 20th June 2014
Thinking of you today. Hope you are at peace. We love and miss you.
Posted by Gigi Solis on 11th May 2014
Thinking about my friend this Mother's Day. Alice was a wonderful mother and so, so loved by the kiddos. Missing her much and thinking of her often.
Posted by Kimberley Landsman on 12th April 2014
Alice is a childhood friend. We went to school together.She lived with her older brother, Al, 2 feet from my grandmothers house. Her sister-in-law still lives there so I get to have those memories flood back each time I visit my grandmother. Today, very randomly, I had several quick thoughts of Alice and her children and I had to wonder how they were all doing without their mama. I hope Alice found the peace she needed and I so hope her babies and her beloved brothers grow and live and love until the end of time... I am so sure she is missed and I'm so pleased to have known her. a beautiful woman.
Posted by Martha Masiello on 2nd March 2014
Thinking of you and those beautiful kids. I know how much love you had for the three of them. I'm still so very sad you're gone but I hope you are at peace.
Posted by Christina Salvey Scharadi... on 17th February 2014
Thinking of you. I can't believe in 4 months it will be a year since your passing. I think of you lots and pray for your children when ever I think of you. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Edith Whitmore on 30th November 2013
Thinking of you
Posted by Joyce Wind on 28th November 2013
Since Alice left this world, the world seems less bright. I will sending another donation to the kids--a gift from a Santa’s helper. Remembering Alice on this Thanksgiving Day.
Posted by Patricia Green on 8th August 2013
Alice hailed from my hometown, Tuckahoe. Regrettably, she moved away, but clearly, was never forgotten. We consider her one of our own, and share the loss of her life with family and friends. Ironically, we both eventually moved to Philadelphia, but that remained unknown to me until I found this lovely memorial. Thank you, Gigi, for creating this beautiful remembrance page.
Posted by Nereida Zayas on 8th August 2013
Alice and I worked together at Children's Village for many years. Also sadly I move on but was able to see her sometime. Unhappily to hear about her passing. My prayer go's to the family and friends, she will be missed.
Posted by Sierra Johnson on 16th July 2013
Alice and I spent a lot of time together in elementary school. We loved our favorite group at the time Duran Duran. I spent a lot of time at Alice's house with her brothers and family. She was such a smart caring friend to me . We shared a lot those days. Although high school took us in different directions, I always felt that she was a very special part of my childhood. My heart goes out
Posted by David Pomroy on 15th July 2013
Alice and I were in the same home room and a number of classes in high school. She always lit up the room when she entered it and I loved hearing all her stories. Alice, you will be missed.
Posted by Nancy Regimbal on 15th July 2013
You touched many people and your laughter is so contagious. May our paths cross again in our next journey.
Posted by Betty Boghosian on 15th July 2013
I knew Alice from high school, even though she was very popular and I was not she was always nice to me, which is very rare in high school. She was always a very caring and loving person. This world is a sadder place without her. Until we meet again Alice.
Posted by Deb Lichon on 14th July 2013
I met Alice in 1994 at CV and together with two other remarkable women we had the time of our lives working in a new toddler room on the first floor. We went on to become fast friends and Alice was in my wedding. Sadly we lost touch when I left the center but my memories are filled with laughter and thought provoking conversations. I wish you eternal peace Alice. You left a legacy for all.

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