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Alvin's gift of wisdom and insight...

December 18, 2014

We all have road's that we should follow and we all need guide's to help us along the way. Alvin, was one of my guide's, his natural instinct to encourage and unreletting love of education. He was brilliant this gift allowed him to see qualities in people that they could not see.

Through, his wisdom and insight I was able to study a master class/directing at Yale University School YSD. Also Graduated 2014 SCCC Phi Theta Kappa 4.0GPA. He used to say your really smart, you really are:) He was also one of my son's guide's. Many years ago he ask me if my son could compose music for a client of he's who was writing a musical....
Again, his insight and instict was on target, although my son was a musician he had never composed music for a play. Today he is a Broadway Musical Director/conductor his first show won 4 Tony Awards. A few months ago he just finished orchesting a full score for a new Broadway Show...

Alvin had a profoud postive effect on my family, he was a brother, father, friend. I feel so Blessed that he was a part of my life. We miss him Dearly...The Love he gave will always be with us...

With Love and a Full Heart
Mary Seymour  

March 29, 2011

I don'y know where or when these were taken, nor do I know anyone in these shots except Alvin.  Perhaps visitors can fill in the blanks... 

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