• 24 years old
  • Born on June 24, 1985 .
  • Passed away on December 3, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Amanda Luanne Best 24 years old , born on June 24, 1985 and passed away on December 3, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Chanelle Best on June 24, 2019
I miss you Auntie.
On days like these I remember your laugh, I picture you smiling, and I wish I could hear your voice.
You were the one person in our family who kept us all standing strong, your Loving protection kept me from making bad choices. You lived and learned so much in your life. I looked up to you because nothing ever took your joy, no one could bring you down, you were the most beautiful soul.
I can only imagine how much my little boy would love you. I know your not here but I still sing for you, I still dream about you, and I’ll never forget all the memories I have to hold onto.
Sometimes I feel the pull from all the tornados swirling around me, I remember how much you went through and I know you made it, so I keep on picking up the pieces.
I want to live my life like you did, just 110% all the day long. I’ll never be able to have the amount of courage you had but I try.
You would have been the most beautiful woman and done so many amazing things. I look up to you even still, and I will always.
I’m going to be 24 this year, which means it’s been way too long. 10 years...long enough that everything in our life has changed. Except you. You will stay the beautiful wild flower we all wish we could hold, I could never let you go. I love you so much.
If I could see you again, and tell you as much as I remember, you would laugh, cry, smack me, and probably want to tell a few of us to smarten up.
Love you more than any words could say and I miss you more than anything in this life.
See you soon Auntie Moonie
Xoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xooxox
Posted by Levi Best on October 19, 2018
How many years have passed since that day we layed you down inside ?
Long enough for my lips and hands to be able to write this.
Long enough for me to not regret the way I treated you...loved you like everyday was the last day.
Long enough when I sang to you made you laugh made you cry made you see my heart as a man as a brother as others never seen me but you do.
Funny how your gone but your not
you didn’t leave me with a empty heart but made me seek out that love. Funny thing is I forgot how to love some days ... it still hurts and tears well they just don’t stop some days but I learned to row my boat when things got deep.
But Love being something often described but seeing it well it makes us believers in that there is something more, more to this life’s ups and downs than just the lows ... because sometimes love well it just takes us away like you
A snowflake on a summers day
Something never truly understood but truly amazing one of a kind
It’s not what I’m saying but rather what I’m not capable of saying in so many ways.
I’m not a writer a scholar a poet but I was loved and you were as well.
Time is short here and I’ll see you soon enough
Until then I’ll love till there’s nothing left of me with no regrets ...just bring a boat we got some catching up to do
Posted by Mitch Wheeler on July 31, 2018
i think of you Every fcking day. I refuse to let you go. it should of been me. i wish it were me instead.
Posted by Luanne Best on July 23, 2018
well my darling another yr for u and me... I am climbing up there with the elderly now... wonder how long we have to wait. for waiting can either go slow for some or fast for others.... My heart misses you mommas sunshine... so give everyone a hug for me... love momma
Posted by Luanne Best on December 4, 2017
Well its 8 yrs now Manda Moo.. I don't write much here as I have you in my heart.. same as with dad.. today dad and I are married 41 yrs..     I am missing you and praying that we all will be together soon.     Love Momma and Dad.. Big misses you too, but is now dads dog.. Big doesn't act like a dog. you taught her to be one of us family...
Posted by Nancy Roisum on July 21, 2017
On June 16, 2017 Luna passed away quietly. She was tough as nails, just like you and survived pneumonia, FIP, a dislocated hip (w a permanent limp), and diabetes/twice daily insulin shots for the last 5 years of her life. She was 11 years and 10 months. 
Thank you for the best gift anyone has ever given me.
Posted by Luanne Best on December 3, 2016
Seven yrs today miss u baby girl! Take care of momma , gramma, grampa plus greats, jeddy and all our family. Soon Jesus will b here and we will all b together again. Love momma and dad
Posted by Mitch Wheeler on July 16, 2016
i miss you so much. i think of you every day.
Posted by Luanne Best on June 24, 2016
Happy Birthday Mommas baby…… oh how I miss you and love u….
Only God understands and will join us all as a complete family again… Daddy misses u but he is the silent type.. his tears flow in secret..LOVE Momma and DAD
Posted by Luanne Best on June 24, 2016
Manda…. Biggy misses you but is dads shadow … she is a protector… and loves us all...
Posted by Jennah Gainer on June 24, 2016
Happy Birthday big cuz. You are always in my heart and on my mind xo You and Jed take care of each other until we can all be together again. <3
Posted by Luanne Best on April 30, 2016
Manda baby well this i know you and gramma were the first to rejoice and welcome Jeddy into the glorious heaven with the Lord . Our hearts dont understand why but we must trust in the Lord. I miss u momma gramma grampa and now Jeddy , soon we will b together as we trust in Gods promise that we r his children and b in heaven with him .
Posted by Mitch W. on September 8, 2015
I think of you Everyday. You are an amazing person.
Posted by Cyntia Theriault on June 24, 2015
Happy Birthday, I still think of you often!
Posted by Luanne Best on December 4, 2014
My darling Manda this past 5 years has been so hard, but we sre sticking together! Mom and dad just hang on and keep looking to the eternal day that we r whole again. god in his mercy has given us the hope and faith to believe in him and we shall enter heaven rejoicing. Candy and Nelly missing u too. Momma misses u baby i hold Big and she knows and feels what we feel. I thank the Lord that she in her silece is waiting for u to yelll Traitor Big leave Papa you sre mine mine mine.. It was so funny as you would snore so loud and click click here would come big looking at us like help cant get no sleep.... Well now she listens to me and dad ... Love you so much
Posted by Beth Mackenzie on December 3, 2014
Miss all our fun times been thinking about you and all our friends that have passed:( have a drink with them up there. Miss you.
Posted by Luanne Best on June 24, 2014
Manda Happy Birthday baby... 28 years u would b today.. Oh Golly every day me and dad just look at eachother knowing the thoughts are for u and missing u sooo much... Levi got married, to Kirsten Anderson , but she has issues mostly that she is entitled and points the finger at others but doesn't examine her own self... such a sad situation.. Miss u so much Love MOM and DAD
Posted by Luanne Best on April 17, 2014
There is a new baby in the best family Candy has a little one Joshua Leander Best and yep he is a darling.. Missing you mommas baby... soon the wait will be over and we will be together again...Love Momma
Posted by N Roisum on March 6, 2014
Luna is very ill. Please watch over her from up there. I'm doing everything I can, but I'm glad I know she has a friend up there.
Posted by Luanne Best on December 3, 2013
Four years now has passed and not a moment goes by where my heart cries for my baby.. Missing you so very much mommas girl..
Posted by Luanne Best on November 19, 2013
Nelly had a baby boy named him Lucas and the first thing Nelly said was, " Nana all I do is think and miss auntie Manda, I know she is watching me and I pray we will all be together soon. You sure gave her wisdom and dedication to look to GOD for the answers. This she does and stands strong thank you Manda, we love u always..
Posted by Luanne Best on November 19, 2013
Wildflower- Aligigoyan- Amanda
Ability to withstand the harsh winds of life and recover from all trials and hardships. The beauty of a wild flower is innocent aroma, color of purity,and rebirth to grow with the identity of strength from within. Gods garden of children of the kingdom of heaven.
Posted by Luanne Best on September 27, 2013
Here I sit longing to talk to u.. listening for "MOOOOOOMMMMMM" You always called me to come and explain meanings of scriptures in the bible. I would say lean on Jesus the Holy Spirit will teach u all things for that is the spirit of truth and cannot lie. I read with those in our family who hunger for truth. my blessing that there are others asking MOMMMM, NANAAAAA read love momma
Posted by Luanne Best on August 14, 2013
Levi turned 30 yesterday..boy do I ever feel ancient.. Nelly will have a Little Boy.. Nelly and Ryan named him Lucas meaning great illuminating light, yes he will learn of the Lord and of his great aunt "Manda" who Nelly talks of each day to day, Goodness soon, no matter what each day brings us back home to Jesus. without him we can do nothing. Miss u Manda MOoo love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on July 19, 2013
Today I felt like calling Mom, then waiting for gramma to call so we could have prayer.. I ended up with a migraine so bad had to lay down. thats when I thanked GOD for making me slow down for there are so many that require help and I am tired. I await for this old body to b made new again.. Missing you baby.. love Momma
Posted by Karla-sue Keith on June 25, 2013
Hey baby girl
Auntie loves you so much and knows your up there with my momma now.
I hurts me to see your momma she misses you. You do live in our hearts, oh do you live in our hearts. Happy Birthday
Posted by Luanne Best on June 24, 2013
today would be another day of celebration cake presents and wonderful hugs that last a life time. Too hard to speak about what we would be doing so I wait for heaven to arrive and for the real celebrations to begin. I miss you so much baby girl. i is know u now have great gramma gramma with u with great grampa.. but it still is a longing for us never to have been parted... love Momma
Posted by Beth Mackenzie on June 24, 2013
happy 28th birthday amanda. I dont think i ever really thanked for being my friend when i first got there not to many people wanted to know me but you did:> ill never forget the good times we had. happy birthday 28 times for 28 candles.
Posted by Luanne Best on September 14, 2012
Today has been a long long day. can days be long.? Geppers I miss you so much.. I am getting tired.. heart tired. Can a person just fix it? I wish i knew? Just feeling all of what u r in my heart is: that is my baby, yes my baby..wants her baby.. I pray no one looses their baby.. hard to fix broken.. Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on July 20, 2012
Well I know u Amanda, momma and Grampa Combs would be there to greet Uncle Lane. Boy it sure is hard on this old earth.. Tears fall together with others to fill that fountian that i know the LORD has numbered everyone. Lord I miss u and wish for us all to have an end to all our struggles.. seems like they just keep piling up... I ask the LORD to help us all. Missin u Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on June 26, 2012
Your birthday i looked at pictures i posted a couple to share... dad was up at the shop he came home and bought us both a banana split to celebrate your birthday.. He is getting better..and stronger u would be so proud of your daddy.. He is doing his very best to help and be there for all of our loved ones. We miss u and love u sooo much... SOon we will all be together! LOve Momma
Posted by Beth Mackenzie on June 25, 2012
happy belated birthday. ive been thinking about you alot lately.
Posted by Talina Suminski on June 24, 2012
Happy Birthday in heaven sweet angel
Posted by Karla-sue Keith on June 22, 2012
Hi Precious missed momma Bday but I know she understands. She misses you so much I pray the good lord will help her deal with the hole in her heart. Let her and daddy know how well you are up there with gramma and Great grandpa. Sure do miss you all though. Love you Baby Girl
Posted by Christie Lamb on June 13, 2012
Beautiful Lady. RIP
Posted by Luanne Best on May 5, 2012
Most days fall into another. I pray with My Grandma everyday. Boy oh boy this life is so lonely without the ones who u gave love to without conditions..You Amanda and my Momma I just am so alone without you. Good thing Jesus is keeping me together.. for without him I am so lost.. I misss u so much,, one day i will understand it all but not today. love always Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on December 4, 2011
Just wanted u to know your brothers and sister.have a big hurt today and they have a hard time talking to mom and dad.. but they know that if we don't stick together we will fall apart. So know this they miss u as much as me too.. me the most. Biggy kissed all my tears today and never left my side she too misses you so much... she kissed dad til he said I know u miss Manda to..lov momma
Posted by Luanne Best on December 3, 2011
The day arrived again when the LORD took u. December 3rd 2009, Some days are all tears and some laughter, I look up to heaven knowing I soon will be there with you momma and Grandpa. It will be a long day today.. missing you mommas baby girl.. Thank GOD Jesus is life and we have new life with him or all would be lost. Love always your momma.
Posted by Luanne Best on December 3, 2011
Amanda your brother Levi is home and he is a great blessing to me. He talks about you telling me MOmma I miss my baby sister so much I love her so much. He is thankful for all what you revealed to your older siblings that being truthful in all things no matter the consequence is what truth is. That is perfect love, with no judgement only looking to the good that is what is lasting.
Posted by Luanne Best on September 24, 2011
Yesterday I was told I am going to be a gramma., but that did not happen your big sister has health problems and needs prayer. ... I miss u baby girl...I have u with me.. in prayers and in my heart which looks for the LORD.. Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on September 12, 2011
Manda well Deeda got married. My wedding rings are now hers as you would like that... they were to be yours... I am praying lots with my gramma as u did with my momma. Lord I sure do miss my baby and momma today.. Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on July 7, 2011
Manda today Gramma would be 71, as there is no age in heaven could you give my momma a LOVE for me. I miss her so. Each day brings me closer to heaven, what a day of rejoicing it will be when I stop the tears of loneliness... tho I am never alone Jesus is with me. Love Momma
Posted by Beth Mackenzie on June 24, 2011
happy 26th thinking about you today.you will always be here with us.hope you and trent are having fun up there.
Posted by Karla-sue Keith on June 24, 2011
We celebrate your life today and everyday how blessed we were to have had you for the time we did, now you with our Lord Jesus. But still live on in our hearts and through your Momma and Daddy. Love your Great Auntie
Posted by Luanne Best on June 23, 2011
June 24/11 u would be 26 yrs. I am having a hard time lately, guess its the increased age, missing you so very much.Hearts get lonely, tears flow & all the love I am keeping inside when I see you oh LORD will I b so glad. GOD gave us JESUS.Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on June 10, 2011
Manda I'm missing you...I am sure you, Momma and Grandpa are waiting for the day that Jesus appears and we are gathered together never to be separated again.. This is my hope and faith to see you and worship the Lord. Love Momma
Posted by Luanne Best on March 19, 2011
For all the times you would ask me to go for a walk Nelly, Big and I went for the first walk yesterday where you used to go.. Biggy was very glad to finally get me and Nelly out of the house. Missing you so very much mommas baby
Posted by Luanne Best on March 3, 2011
Listening to music that we listened to driving...as I sit here and tears flow... Just have to have the LORD in each verse giving faith and peace. Miss you so very much mommas girl.
Love MOmma
Posted by Karla-sue Keith on February 22, 2011
Manda, know in my heart your with my daddy,my brothers, my baby nieces, Gavvy and my big sister, your grandma. You know how much our hearts miss you. We know our lord has his plans for us too. Love you sooo much. Hard to know what to say to your momma, just have to love her.
Auntie Karla
Posted by Luanne Best on February 21, 2011
Manda already valentines has past..... missing your cards you gave to dad and I... Love you mommas girl...

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