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Shared by Savannah Landeck on August 1, 2012

Today I had to do a resume and i remembered that u sent me the resume we made together to my email that we also made together lol and it took me back to when we were making it, I had so much fun making it with you....that and it took some of my hours of looking for a job lol. I miss you so much and i saw that in the email it said "here you go seister" which is what i called you. Its almost been a year since you past away and day by day i rememeber alot of memories of you and I wont let them die you'll live on forever threw memories 

                                           I Love You My Seister 

Shared by Caleb Landeck on March 2, 2012

I miss her now and forever.  She won't see her baby brother graduate from high school after watching me grow up into the person i am today , See me join the United States Army while encouraging him to go to college to become whatever he wanted to be ,or hopefull seeing that same baby brother get married have kids and tell those kids embarasing stories about him. I miss her for now and forever and my missing of her will continue down my family members mostly the ones who never meant Amy.its not fair to those who never meant amy that the have miss there chance of knowing her.
Love her baby Brother,
Caleb Alexander Ryan Landeck 

Remembering Amy

Shared by Savannah Landeck on January 3, 2012

 So on the 1st of this month at work i saw a butterfly thing on the floor in the bathroom and i though of my sister Amy to anybody else who would of saw that they wouldnt of though anything and i can see why but to me it was just a little reminder from my sister telling me that shes here still even in the new year and she isn't leaving so i picked it up and put it in my pocket. I miss you amy happy new year ♥

Last Conversation and memories

Shared by Savannah Landeck on November 27, 2011

The last time i talked to Amy was on the phone and she was talking to me about how i was growing up and making disions about my life to better myself and how she felt i didnt need her anymore. I may be making disions and trying to better myself for me and Sybastyan but Amy i still need you, your my sister no matter how old i get, I am still your baby sister and i still need you your guidness and incourgeing (sp). You were so full of life and happyness and positivity you made everybody feel like they could be anything they wanted to be and incourge them to fallow there dreams and to never let things bring them down. You always gave to people even if they were unworthy of your kindness but you didnt care. You have so much faith in people. You were in simple terms amazing and a wondful person. Your baby sister needs that in her life and your nephew we need you in our lives and i know your here with us in spirit but there are days that its not enough. My beloved sisster i still need you today and everyday i took you for granted and never said thank you for all that you've done for me. I emember you helped me make my resume becuz i had no clue how to do it becuz for some odd reason i couldnt wrape my head around doing it but you helped me and we had a blast doing it and omg the mashpototos thing with daniel when we would put our hands beside our mouths so that daniel couldnt see it and he though we were telling secrets about him becuz we would laugh and then look at him but really we were just showing each other our food lol. and and when you, me and Chad planned Easter togther and boo went over to your house to dye the eggs and Chad and i took half and you got the other half and we hid them in our house and then had an amazing easter dinner that you made which was awesome we had such a blast. and then of coure Becky's baby shower such good memories of you and i wish that you were still alive to make more you lefted before your time but god has something greater for you, I just wish i knew what he has planned for you that was more important then you being here helping people like you were. I miss you Dixie (yes dixie i said it never though i would be i did) and i love you so much 

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