Her Life

Miss Amy Johnson Rudisill

Amy was born on January 4th,1974 at High Point Regional Hospital in High Point,North Carolina.Amy was such a beautiful Baby,I looked at the nurse and said"Are you sure this is my Baby,and of course she said Yes,Mrs.Johnson.I just could not believe this beautiful little baby was mine.She was perfect!! As Amy grew,she was a Happy child,she loved music,and at the age of 6 or so,she would hear a certain song and she would start dancing.She was full of Life! Well,her teen-age years was different,of course-the usual teen-age problems that you sometimes have with girls.Boy,was I glad when that was over!! After leaving Ledford High School, Amy had several different jobs,and then started to pursue her career as Sales Representative at Help Services,Inc. Staffing Firm.She was a great asset to that company! She worked in the staffing industry for approximately 9 or 10 years.She was good at what she done.She was great  with people,because Amy was a "people person",and she loved what she done.She also had a great personality,which made her a perfect fit for her job.    Amy had a smile that "Lit up the room"! Also,Amy received a certificate in HR Management and also went to school to get her CNA License. Amy was one of a kind! Amy was a strong Woman to the very end! She was diagonosed with Liver Disease  2 years before she passed,but she was a fighter!She was Smiling till the day before she passed,but I think that was because she knew where she was going!!!She was loved by many,because the person that she was,you could not HELP BUT love her! She was a Very Caring and Giving Person,also.I am so Proud of her and the Person she was-she showed me Alot of Respect and Love and I will never forget that.I loved her more than Myself,and I know I will see her again one day in Heaven! My Angel-Always           Your Loving Mother