Posted by J Weathers on February 4, 2021
Remember you on this day. Miss your smiling face. I sure hope you're having a grand time up there. The girls are true beauties with no doubt they are mini you's. Heavenly hugs......
Posted by Kaybug Lanum on February 4, 2021
Whelp today makes 10 years of being our guardian angel. I cant believe its been 10 years. I miss you like crazy. I sleep with your blanket that was made for me out of your jeans. It makes it a little easier having something of you with me. The kids love hearing stories of you and know that they have a special angel woth thrm all the time even when mommy and daddy arent with them. I could write soooo much but its still hard. I love you so much and miss you like crazy
Posted by Sandy Seidling on June 22, 2020
I'm here, Baby! Thinking of you and loving you and missing you so much! Happy 45th Heavenly Birthday, My Beautiful Daughter :-) I am in a fog as far as time goes ... time as I knew it changed so much the day when you were called home! I can hardly believe you are now 45 years old and your brother will soon be 42 :-( Whenever I am out and about and I see a baby, I automatically smile with joy and remember the time when you were just a baby and I would hold you and I would rock you back and forth and back and forth and sing to you, which doesn't seem to me to be so long ago. My Precious Aim, we talk with each other all the time, but you know putting words on paper is sometimes harder for me, where it has always been so easy for you. So, I write this down for you to always remember, I love you forever, I like you for always. As long as I am living, my baby you'll be ... and then some ... and thereafter ... and forever and ever. Amen. Your Momma XOXO
Posted by Kaybug Lanum on March 16, 2020
I've come here often... never being able to bring myself to write....I think of you all the time. I talk to you all the time. It's so hard without you.... the only mother I had. I miss you sooo much. I cant believe it's been 8 years... I love you and I miss you sooo much..." I'll like you for always and love you forever as long as I live my baby you'll be"
Posted by J Weathers on June 19, 2019
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dear One - Your laughter is still what I recall most fondly.. I know you must be proud watching down on your girls become young beautiful women.... love ya
Posted by Sandy Seidling on June 19, 2019
My Precious Aim, Happy 44th Earthly Birthday, Baby Girl! Know that you are with me always! You have never left my heart nor my being ... and never will! I am reading so much about Heaven and it thrills heart to know that you remember all of us and you are actually watching over your beautiful baby girls and all of your earthly family and that you are cheering us on in our service to the King! It brings me tears of joy to know that you will recognize us all and welcome us into the Gates of Heaven! This makes Heaven even sweeter! I know that you are very proud of your precious baby girls and the obstacles they have overcome with Christ at their side and you in their heart! Keep talking to Jesus about them, as we all wait to be with Him and be reunited with you! I sure do miss you, My Sweet Girl, but knowing we will be together again one day, helps me keep my mind on Heaven and eternal things! I love you with all that I am and always will! Your Momma XOXO
Posted by J Weathers on February 4, 2019
Wow has it really been 8 years? I am sure you know you are still in the hearts of many
Posted by J Weathers on September 21, 2017
Dropped by to say that I was thinking of you today
Posted by J Weathers on February 4, 2017
Another day has come and gone, another year has passed.....and still the memories they last...
Posted by J Weathers on June 19, 2015
Happy Birthday
Posted by Danielle David on February 5, 2015
My sweet Amy Lou, you are forever missed! I carry you with me daily with every breath I breathe and hear your voice telling me your life-simplifying advice or encouragement or singing me through dark and hard times. You were always the best at lifting people up, sometimes without them even realizing what you were even up to. I have so many stories of our precious time together that a single novel would not be enough to hold them...we always had a good time together, even when we were overcoming battles and set backs...we were always happy and the smiles were stronger than the pain or tears. Lately, I keep thinking about the phone call asking me, "Guess whose pregnant?" I knew how much you had longed for a baby of your own and so many years had past that you had just accepted that just might not be in your plan. I had always believed and told you that you would one day be a Mother when the time was right, just wait and see, so even though every thing in me wanted to answer "YOU!!!" I found my self thinking not say that, what if it isn't her, it will crush her I went through a long list of names and you would "Nope! Guess again." or "It is the last person that you would ever expect!" finally, I said, "I don't know tell me," but you replied, "Nope, guess!" I blurted out "Your Mom (YaYa)?!" for a comedic reaction...and you responded, ..."Have you lost your mind?! That is not funny! You are not funny at all?! What? My Momma?! No, definitely not!" Your rant went on for as long as my guessing list...and the entire time I was praying to hear you say, "Me, I am pregnant!" finally, when you took a breath, I laughingly asked, "So you want me to keep guessing or are you going to tell me, Amy Lou?!" And you still trying to wrap your head around the mere thought of YaYa having another child or get the thought out of your head, you responded with,(Ha HA followed by laughter) "No, I DO NOT want you to guess any more! You almost gave me a heart attack with that last guess!" Then you still made me ask, "Well, who is it? Who is pregnant?" kept me hanging in silence for a moment,(I was holding back yelling, "It's YOU isn't it! It's YOU, Amy Lou, that is pregnant!") and then finally...(your voice a little shaking as if you were repeating the news for the first time with tears of joy flowing from you) I heard, "Me. Me. Me! ME! I AM PREGNANT! You always told me it would happen when the time was right, and it has! Can you believe that?! I am going to have a baby!!!" The screams of excitement for the next 20 minutes were so powerful they could have probably powered all of the USA (like the power of laughter on Monster, Inc movie)! I could believe it, because I had it in my heart that it was you from the very time I heard, "Guess whose pregnant?"...I just loved you so much and had seen you become so disappointed year after year of not being blessed with your own child that I never again wanted you to feel that pain of heartache that I had seen in your eyes as that was all that you longed for...your dream came true and you were able to be a wonderfully fantastic Momma to your very own gorgeous daughters, Harley and Timber, just like you had been to beautiful Kaleigh (who was yours totally in your heart, regardless of biology, always) when God blessed you with that opportunity to see you through until it was time for you to become pregnant with your very is amazing how perfectly God lays our plans out...being blessed with pregnancy before would have taken away the ability for you to have taken care of Kaleigh as your God took care of your restlessness of longing to be a Mother and blessed you with pregnancy at just the perfect time. God left your footprints on many hearts and blessed you with Harley, Timber, & Kaleigh to carry on the beauty that you placed within each of them...seeing Harley and TImber is like seeing you in the flesh before is Absolutely AMAZING...I know you are smiling and proud...your journey still touches and changes lives every day!!! I would fight the world for you, Amy Lou, and all those you loved, and you would do the same for bad as it still hurts that you are no longer just a phone call away...the blessing of having you in my heart and mind forever as part of my life is so much more tremendous...I am THANKFUL God gave us each other...and you gave me some of the biggest best parts of me that are able to overcome any battle of negativity, heartache, and not believing in my only thinking of the kind loving (some times nose to nose, straight to the point through gritted smiling teeth..;o)) words you have spoken to me in a similar situation or on a bad day...Amy Lou, you gave me the ability to know happiness with a smile cannot be taken away by even the the worst of events...because no one can take away your smile unless you let them...and happiness is within you, no matter how terrible things showed me how to be strong and faithful in God...and to understand that every day is a battle just waiting to be conquered without fear..what happened yesterday, does not define today. I know you will be there with others awaiting my arrival with open arms, smiles, laughter, and love as I am called home on that glorious morning...And for that, I love you, forever and always, Amy Lou!!!
Posted by Sandy Stimson Seidling on November 4, 2014
In all that I do, I think of you, My Precious Beautiful Aim! You are forever in my thoughts and in my heart! We celebrated your Gift of Life to others again this weekend, Baby! We are all so very proud of you ... as you know! And especially your precious baby girls Harley and Timber! They beamed with pride knowing their Mommy has saved other peoples lives, something they will forever cherish! We love and miss you with all our hearts and souls! You are the Bestest Daughter and Bestest Mommy Ever !!! XOXOXO 11/4/2014
Posted by J Weathers on November 3, 2014
Another year - another day of thanksgiving for the life giving gifts you gave that others should live on.................
Posted by cami childs on August 4, 2014
Rip aunt Amy I will never got get how many times you been here for me and how many times I turned my back to u I will always miss and love u aunt Amy I really miss u and I need u ik you are watching out for me and I wish u was here every time I thank of u I have tears going down my face aunt Amy I wish u was here dang man why u had to go just why I really wish u was here right now I miss u so much and I know god got great plans for u and your baby's you sitting up there with him asking him to this and that for your baby's and I hope they okay I love u aunt Amy r.I.p aunt Amy bright a star for us tonight you pretty little angel sleep tight
Posted by J Weathers on June 19, 2014
Happy Birthday !
Posted by J Weathers on May 23, 2014
It is a wonderful thing to know you can now rest more easily knowing their hearts are in truly trusting and safe hands now. You can know they will have you as a part of their lives forever..........Amelia
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on February 4, 2014
Sometime the right words just can't flow. So on that note my sweet "Amy Lou"! Your family loves and misses you deeply. You will always be missed and your memories forever cherished and etched in our hearts and minds. Love you Forever and Always!
Posted by Memory Page on June 23, 2013
I have came here many times, but without a word left behind. There are so many memories I want to share, it's hard to decide where to start. Now it's time. I regain strength this week as memories I had forgotten came flooding into my mind of times when you stopped my tears and lifted the weight of the world from my shoulders, Amy Lou. I love you, forever and always, Amy Lou!!! ~ Danielle
Posted by Jo Blevins on June 20, 2013
"In Kentucky your Dad's family miss you both so much. Keep him company and watch for us at the gates. We will be there by-n-by."
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on June 19, 2013
Happy Birthday In Heaven Our Beautiful Beloved "Angel". Love You Forever, Like You For Always - Always and Forever our sweet and precious "Amy Lou" aka - Mamie - you will be. You're missed so much by all but we push forward trying to make the best of the loss and emptiness we feel. Your girls are so beautiful & Charlie is trying really hard to fill the shoes of both Mom and Dad.
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on February 5, 2013
My daughter from another mother - you are so very missed by all and will always and forever be in our hearts. Charlie is doing a great job with your girls - they are growing up so fast and are so beautiful. They visit your graveside and dance with their mommy and I think of all they and you are missing out on. I know you are so proud of them as you look down from above. Love you - Ma2!
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on February 5, 2013
You were sent down from above
To fill our world with joy and Happiness
And to fill our hearts with love
To take away all our anger and sadness
To take away the tears we've cried
And to teach us how to always try
To make our spirits fly high
Our love for you will never end
Our beautiful little butterfly - Amy Lou!
Posted by Heather Wilson on February 3, 2013
Thinking of you today, as always. A precious part of our family is missing, but we're never without you in our hearts. The sting of a short-lived life that was so cherished, more than I realized or took the chance to tell you, never goes away. We'll never meet again this side of Heaven, but your face is among those I look most forward to seeing again some beautiful day. Love you always.
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on December 27, 2012
Made it through another Christmas "Amy Lou" but your presence was felt. You have your very own special "Angel" tree at our house. The girls really loved the gifts they found under the tree when we visited you (wink). They were excited over their new set of angel ornaments for their Christmas tree. This is their 2nd set and they look forward to that visit each year. Love You Always !
Posted by Kitty O'Hare on December 19, 2012
You left many broken hearts and many still grieve. I so miss your beautiful smile and wonderful, loving personality. Our family is broken but we are learning to adjust. The holiday season and everyday bring back such wonderful and fun filled memories of the love and laughter we all shared. I (we) will Love You Forever & Always our Sweet and Precious "Amy Lou" !
Posted by christine simmons on April 16, 2012
Amy I will always remember you and when I see your little girls in the mornings and even your mom it just breaks my heart. but I know God had a better plan for you being the nice and sweet angel that you are rest in peace, I love and miss you girl.
Posted by Margaret Fullam on January 21, 2012
I will never forget your warm smile and your sweet spirit! Through you, I have made such wonderful lifelong just never seem to stop giving! Thank you for being one of my very first friends in Vidalia and making me feel welcome. I know that one day I will see that sweet smile again and you will make me feel welcome in Heaven. Hugs! Margaret
Posted by Debra Barfield on January 21, 2012
Amy you were one of the sweetest people,I ever knew,JUst please keep that beautiful smile,Will see you again one day. Love Debra Ann

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