He spoke well who said that graves are the footprints of angels. Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Let the memory of Andre be with us forever
  • 30 years old
  • Born on June 12, 1985 .
  • Passed away on June 28, 2015 .

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Please join us mourn our brother, son and uncle who passed away too soon on June 28, 2015.  Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very near. Andre warmed and touched everyone with his smile. He enriched us with his kindness and love. His unique smile and cheerful spirit will always define him.



Private Family Viewing: 4pm on July 23rd, 2015 at Jenkins Funeral Home

The following will take place on July 24th, 2015 at Church of the Ressurection 

3315 Greencastle Road, Burtonsville, MD, 20866

Public Viewing: 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

Requiem Mass: 8 pm to 9:30 pm.

Reception and Wakekeeping: immediately after mass until 1 am.

Departure of Mortal Remains from Dulles International Airport: July 28th, 2015.

Arrival at Yaounde, Nsimalen Airport: July 30th, 2015.

Viewing and Wakekeeping at the Ngwa Nforbi Family Residence in Sonac Street, Bamenda: July 31st, 2015.

Viewing at the Ngwa Nforbi Family Residence in Mbebilli, Bafut: August 1st, 2015.

Followed by Requiem Mass at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Mambo, Bafut.

Burial immediately after mass.



Posted by Njuibi Nforbi Njiomouo on 2nd November 2016
Pa, I just couldn't stop crying at mass today. I just can't believe that I have gone from praying that you get a good wife to praying in earnest for God to be merciful to your soul in less than 2 years! Whew! This reality is still so difficult to bear. We all miss you sooooo much! "This is the only way we can see God" your Papa at work said at your memorial service. I pray you are having a swell time in His presence. And like the musician sang, "I can only imagine, what it will be like ...". Someday, we shall see each other again. I love you, I love you, I love you my brother, my father.
Posted by Denise Evans on 28th June 2016
this world just isn't the same without you, it delights my heart just knowing that your spirit lives on in the masters kingdom. you shall always be missed, but "never" shall you be forgotten!!! until we meet again, delight yourself in god's presence:)
Posted by Polycarp Forba on 13th June 2016
You always remain in my heart big brother.Rest in peace!
Posted by Sayni Pin on 12th June 2016
You are always in my heart. Miss you so much. RIP my little brother
Posted by Njende Meyuhnsi on 11th June 2016
Happy birthday brother!
Posted by Njuibi Nforbi Njiomouo on 2nd November 2015
Pa, it is the feast of all souls today and even though I would rather not be calling you a soul right now, it is what it is. (Sigh). I pray in a special way for your beautiful soul today. I beg our Heavenly Father to have mercy on you, pardon all your offenses and keep you forever close to Him. We miss you sooooooo much! We love you sooooooooo much! Peace be with you.
Posted by Allynkate Pooran on 16th August 2015
For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us" (Romans 8:18) Your compassionate soul and warm smile will forever be embedded in my memory. I enjoyed working with you as you brought nothing but your wholeheartedness in all situations faced. Nevertheless, you were always there when we needed your expertise in the unit. You have touched many lives and you are truly missed!! Allynkate Pooran- ICU Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore, MD
Posted by Taiyou Njende on 30th July 2015
Dear younger brother. The last time we spoke, was several months ago and the last time we met was so many years ago ….it almost seems to me like ages ago. But I can still remember that as a little boy, you had all the germs of a very successful gentleman. You were naturally brilliant and intelligent and yes you brought home good results all the time. You were hardworking, curious, and an ambitious young man. You were also very playful as a little boy, you loved to crack jokes and play games and Lord knows you were full of energy and good health. You were talented too, you had a good voice, a wonderful baritone and you sang beautifully. You were quite reserved, with a gentlemanly attitude, and your smile…. a very genuine one, I can still see it in all those photos… And yes, that is what I want to keep with me always …the smile. And I know that if God decided to have you with Him at this point in time, then you are definitely smiling from up above. Keep smiling and pray for us, until we meet again. Coco.
Posted by Lisa Leonard on 27th July 2015
Andre, In my memories you're always smiling. You had a presence; your kind and good spirit just shined. You were polite, gentlemanly, and completely charming. You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa Leonard (Derby) University of Maryland, '09
Posted by Larry Ncheh on 24th July 2015
[Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.] Hi "Captain Dre" on behalf of myself and the 2001 entering class of St Bede's College Ashing, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your kindness, your gentleness, your leadership and your friendship. Very few will understand why I refer to you as captain. I remember the first time I saw you in St Bede's, you walked with a commanding/leadership demeanor. Your classmates respected you and underclassmen looked to you for advice. You took us the form 1 students under your wings and made sure we were treated fairly especially in the boy's dormitory. Although this lasted for just a year, we remembered you even after you left St Bede's. We told stories about you to incoming classes and painted a vivid picture of how charismatic you were. The day I met Joseph and he told me you were his elder brother, I hugged him several times and shouted joyfully. Joseph was surprised but understand where I was coming from because he knew how charismatic you were. Going through undergrad with Joseph was sorta like a continuation of the time from St Bede's. Hearing of your passing brought a sudden heaviness to my heart that only a few will understand. The circumstances surrounding your passing have numerous similarities to the circumstances surrounding the passing of my late brother, Derrick. The same age, the same month of passing and the same mechanism of passing. Joseph was there for me every step of the way and for that I thank your family. Jesus told the daughters of Jerusalem not to weep for him but for themselves and their children because he knew where he was going was filled with Joy and Happiness. It is comforting to know that you are there now for although we lost a friend, brother, son, uncle or cousin, we gained an Angel. Till we meet again Captain.
Posted by Kaba Emile on 24th July 2015
SHESA 39 Bamenda and the whole SHESA 39 family together with Suh Joseph Ngwa Nforbi at this difficult moment will truly miss u Dre. We believe in our hearts and we confess with our lips that its God who gives and who takes. We know that you are in a better place. Prepare a place for us bro. 1st National Vice President SHESA 39 President SHESA 39 Bda.
Posted by Maureen Enongene on 23rd July 2015
RIP Andre. The void your passing has left can never be filled, but God will provide strength and peace to your mum and loved ones to make the burden lighter to bear and the pain easier to live with. Ashia Njui.
Posted by Gerald Mbunwe on 23rd July 2015
Rest in peace little bro.
Posted by Eric Amene on 23rd July 2015
Boy, you were so fast in everything; you were so fast in life, you were so fast in completing a great career, you were so fast to secure a job for yourself and you were just so fast to leave this world!! I remember the few times we met at Bon Secours parking lot and you would say "How Na bro?" (with a pretty smile on your face) and i would respond "fine bro". I also remember the many times i have called the pharmacy for meds verification and more.. and you would respond so nicely and in a timely manner. Oh! what a great loss of a humble gentleman!! Although you are gone, you will ever be remembered for your kindness and peaceful nature.RIP brother Andre!. Eric Amene, RN BSN Menthal Health Department. Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore, Maryland.
Posted by Enaka Yembe on 22nd July 2015
Dear Andre, The Lord giveth life. And He has a plan -- for His Word says all His plans are good. Faithful servant He decided it was your time. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. Rest peacefully in the bosom of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is well. From Enaka On Behalf of Enaka, Adig Njoh and family.
Posted by Joseph Tanifor on 22nd July 2015
Hello Andre if you can hear me I never really met you but I was use to your family. Since I heard about your passing, I have been more curious to know you. It was just a few years ago when I was extending condolence messages to your family about the passing of your Dad. I did not know that a few years later I will be doing the same again this time about the successor of that gentle giant Sec. Gen. Ngwa Nforbi. The person who in my early years on earth made me see the first wedding in which the couple were driven around in a car from the house to the church and back. So Andre, why did you leave us so soon. I know you don't have an answer for that but the almighty father who created us. I needed to ask because it is had for us to comprehend. From all the adjectives used so far to describe you, I can only imagine what a force you would have been in this world to help others if you were given more time. Something that we desperately need in Bafut. I am grateful for the lives you have changed in your short stay on this earth. The big smiles I see on all the pictures posted here just tell me that you will erase any sadness in any room that you are present. Use that smile now to request help from the almighty one to shower blessings on all those you have left behind who are filled with grief and sorrow, which is something that your smile would have taken away here on earth. It is really true that good things do not last. You are a pure example of that because you have positively touched so many lives during your short time on this planet. You have lifted so many out of their frustration. Only the good Lord knows where to place you but we ask you to continue to look after those you have left behind from your throne above. I believe that throne is more desirable than that of being your father's successor here. You have joined your father in the heavenly choir and I can see that your big smile looking down on all of us here who are trying to understand why. Rest in perfect peace little one in the bosom of your father. The Tanifor Family of Mambu - Bafut
Posted by Njuibi Nforbi Njiomouo on 19th July 2015
Whey Pa! I find myself here before the daunting task of eulogizing you. I have never imagined that death will come to you, my dear baby brother, before me who is 10 years younger than you, who carried you on my back, fed you, washed your clothes and watched you grow and become a simply amazing gentleman. Whey, I have sat here many times before but the pain I feel at your departure and my tears have not let me type a word. I have decided that I will just talk about you, some random funny moments of your life, some of the things I want to remember and that I want your nieces and nephews to know about you. I remember when you were born. Daddy told me that Mummy had trouble giving birth to you because you were too big but that just as the doctors were preparing to operate, you miraculously showed up. I am told that the nurses fell in love with you instantly, calling you “Mola” as you were born on Buea soil, and Mummy recounts they would take turns carrying you and showing you off and she will only see you when it was time for you to be fed. We your older siblings were all grown enough to really enjoy you. We lavished you with kisses and fought for turns to carry you. I remember the events around your naming. Daddy had just returned from his Master’s Degree studies in Canada where he had gotten to learn about Brother Andre Albert Bessett, a friar of the order of Holy Cross, who had facilitated the building of the Oratory of Saint Joseph in Montreal. When Daddy said you will be named Andre, we did not like the name and we each set out to propose names for you. When I saw that daddy was relentless, I suggested that you be called Albert which will still be after the friar. Daddy chuckled and said gently “Mama, his name is Andre”. And so you were called Andre. Your name-sake was canonized a Saint in 2010. No body questioned that you were called “ Niba Bayong” after daddy’s only brother who we fondly called “Papa”. We all loved Papa and so “Papa” was one of your frequently used nicknames. You grew up with this air of magic around you. You seemed to charm everyone who came in contact with you. I remember when you, I and daddy went to Marche Centrale in Yaounde to buy our first TV set. You were 4 years old then. The merchant literally gave that TV away because he was so enamored by you. You must have been about 7 years old. There were certain foods you did not “like” and would refuse to eat them. You were frequently lucky that daddy would buy meat pie from Beno Bakery so you could say “no” to the foods you didn’t like much to mummy’s dismay. This one day, Mummy cooked kwacoco and groundnut soup. You vehemently refused to eat lunch. Daddy came back with no meat pie that day. You were upset and Mummy tried to coax you into eating and you refused and went to siesta hungry. While everyone “slept” the pots in the kitchen suddenly became noisy. Mummy and I almost immediately got up and went to investigate. We saw you peeling off the leaves from one kwacoco. You had your back turned to us so we quietly returned to our rooms. By dinner time, 2 kwacocos had disappeared from the pot. Mummy later begged Daddy not to bring home those meat pies so you could eat real food. He still did but just a little less frequently. I remember how passionate you were about soccer. At about age 8, we lived in the second story of Dr Amin’s apartment homes in Yaounde. There was only one way out of the apartment and that was through the parlor. You wanted to go downstairs and play football (soccer) with your friends. Mummy and daddy refused and asked you to go to your room and do your homework. The rest of us were sitting in the parlor when suddenly we heard a voice that sounded like yours screaming “pass the ball to me; pass the ball to me.” We ran to the veranda and saw in disbelief that it really was you covered in sweat and dust. We wondered how you had gotten downstairs and mummy asked you to come upstairs immediately and explain yourself. You went to the balcony that was attached to their bedroom and pointed to a piece of twine that was still dangling on the railing where you had tied it and climbed down. I could see Mummy and Daddy go pale and I knew what was going through their minds because it was the same thing that was going through my mind. We were all thinking about what would have happened had you fallen onto the concrete floor of Dr Amin’s driveway. Mummy and Daddy were just too stunned at such a feat to admonish you. I heard Mummy quietly say to you “Niba, go downstairs through the door and play.” This nothing-can-stop-me-from-getting- what-I-want attitude has led you to find solutions even to the most difficult of problems. As an adult, you woke up early to work out before going to work. Looking and feeling fit were important to you. I remember when you passed the Common Entrance Exam and it was time to choose a Secondary School. Daddy had his mind set on giving one of his sons to God as a priest and it was you he had chosen and so he said you will go to Bishop Rogan College. You vehemently refused as you wanted to go to Sacred Heart College like your big brother. Interview dates for both colleges were being performed in Yaounde so children who lived there will not have to travel to the various towns. The date for Sacred Heart interviews came and went by and not a word was said at home about it deliberately by the person who knew the date. You were then presented with the only choice that was left which was that of Bishop Rogan. You grudging and sadly went to the interview and got admitted. You ended up liking Bishop Rogan but much to Daddy’s dismay, the priesthood was not your calling. It was funny to see you and Jacob during the holidays. While he played the piano and sang songs that the Marist brothers taught them, you could drum on any utensil and sing Latin songs as well as many Cameroonian-composed church songs. You were always singing. Most of time it was beautiful and we will all join in. Sometimes daddy will say “Enough now. Can we have some peace and quiet?” I left Cameroon when you were still in BIROCOL and so missed the events around your high school days at Saint Bede’s. I am sure your friends have some fun stories to tell. Then I remember when you came to the United States of America. You were quietly determined to accomplish your goals. You stayed focused and you studied hard. That I really liked about you. You, however, tried to pick up some bad habits. I guess you were trying to be “American” or something, but one day I saw you in Pharmacy hall with your pants sitting slightly below your boxers. My stomach rumbled. I waited until your friends had left you alone and I walked up to you and asked you pointing to you pants “Pa, what is this?” You smiling asked me “what sis?” I warmed you about copying the bad aspects of a society. I asked you to pull your pants up and wear a belt next time. You wanted to start arguing, and then you thought about it and quietly said “O.K. Sis, I hear you. It won’t happen again.” And I never saw your pants down again. It is funny how later on you became obsessed with looking sharp and professional. I remember the events that took place once you received your letter to interview at the University of Maryland School of pharmacy. I remember how you, Barbara and I went on a shopping spree to try to find you an appropriate outfit and how much fun we had that day as we went from store to store until we found something that was appropriate and within our budget. I remember how Mathilda spent time grilling you with interview questions and how seriously you took those mock sessions. I remember your graduation from pharmacy school. We were so happy and daddy was very proud of you and jokingly called you “Docta.” I can still vividly see you walking out in line after your ceremony was over. Tah Batchia literally ran up to you, gave you a big hug and grabbed your hand steering you towards daddy who was sitting in his wheelchair quietly waiting for you. Even though Daddy’s beautiful smile had become a rarity as his facial muscles had been stiffened from Parkinson’s disease, his muscles seemed to relax at that time and I saw the brightest smile of Daddy’s sick days as he shook your hand. He was so happy. I remember the little house party we had for you, full of family members and how we danced and celebrated all night long. I remember when you got your first job. Your preceptor at Bon Secours had been so impressed with your performance there that she immediately recommended you for hire. You were hired as a pharmacy intern with a pharmacist’s salary. It was not until you passed your boards that you brought your first pharmacist salary to Daddy in keeping with our culture. You even brought some of the money you had saved from your intern days to give to your siblings. I remember Daddy took only half the money you gave to him and returned the rest to you. You added it to the money you were going to give your siblings and went home with nothing. You will have it no other way. I remember our family fun times together – our thanksgiving dinners and our Christmas parties. How we ate and sang and danced and just caught up on what was happening to everyone. You played just as hard as you worked. I remember the impromptu choir at the Christmas party at Tah Batchia’s house. Tah Batchia conducted and we all sang Christmas carols. Then you said to Joseph “Pericus, let’s give them a special number.” You and Jo, then proceeded to sing “It is a moon-light Christmas, tambo.” I can still hear your exaggerated bass as you sang “Tambo yeah yeah, TAMBO.” Oh Pa, that beautiful voice is now quiet, but I will forever hear it.” I remember at my “knock-door” Daddy quietly said to my in-laws, “If anything comes up and I am not here, see him” pointing to you. Then daddy passed away and you were made his successor. You cared for us like a father in every way imaginable. You were wise beyond your years. You sent me materials to broaden my knowledge and advised me about work. I can still hear you “Sis, you have to stay relevant.” You supported us in many ways, morally, financially and just by lending a listening ear. You also made a beautiful mark on your nephews and nieces even though for such a short time. You frequently talked to me about exercise and weight loss and warned about the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. I will forever treasure the last moments we spent together. On Sunday May 10th 2015, mother’s day, you took me out. Ngumfor’s birthday had just passed a few days before and you said we will celebrate that too. We had such as great time. You cracked jokes; you played with your niece and recounted stories of how your friends had duped you into tasting some really bad food. On May 22nd 2015, we celebrated Willy’s graduation. I remember Tah Sama saying that he was surprised when he received a call from you asking where they were. You had arrived even before them and this made them hurry out of the house. I remember what a good time we had at the party and how well you advised me on a problem I was having at that time. On Father’s Day, we remembered Daddy at the special father’s day mass at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on Mount Saint Mary in Emmittsburg. We then visited the holy grounds and you answered all the questions that Alex asked you as we passed the various statues of Holy people. You explained the love of God for us very beautifully to him and I made a mental note to use some of those words to re-inforce the information. When we got to the statue of Pope John Paul II, you said “ Habemus Papam.” This Pope is one that our family feels a special connection because like Daddy, he suffered from Parkinson’s disease. His photograph hung at Dad’s bedside for encouragement and we frequently sought his intercession for Dad. We looked at the plaques of people who had been immortalized there and we decided it is in this John Paul II Pavillion that we will place Daddy’s plaque.I told everyone that it will cost $2500 and you said that will not be a problem and we discussed what time frame we will need to do this. I remember the great time we had at home after Daddy’s mass. I was too tired to cook so we just ordered Chinese. I remember how you were pleasantly surprised when Manyi said to you “Papa, I will serve you first. What do you want to eat?” You smilingly asked Manyi to serve my husband first. Manyi vehemently refused stating “Mais tu es le Pere.” You then let her serve you and we joked about the fact that if you got married, you could get this kind of treatment all the time. I remember how amused you were and said you were working on it. That was the last time I saw you, Sunday June 21st 2015 and you passed away on June 28th. I was charged by the family to write a biography for you and I wanted to know what kinds of things you did and what kind of person you were at work. I called the pharmacy at Bon Secours, introduced myself and explained why I had called. Oh my! There was such an outpouring of love and sympathy. Some of the comments I heard were: “he was such a smart young man and was a great resource to all of us”. “There is nothing he doesn’t know and nothing he can’t do”. “He was very helpful and had a calm way of handling even the most irate of people”. “He never lost his cool and was able to stay calm and collected even in busiest moments and he always got the job done”. “He was very sharp and a very good clinician”. “There was certain uniqueness about him”. Other adjectives used to describe you were “humble, respectful, polite, very thorough and organized”. I was told that you were a clinical pharmacist, an anticoagulation pharmacist at the outpatient Coumadin clinic and a pyxis specialist. I was also told that you had been an assistant pharmacy manager. I learned that many of your co-workers and patients wept when they heard of your passing. To me it was amazing to see that you touched the lives of so many as positively as you touched ours and that they were able to see you as beautifully as we saw you. And so it is said in the bible that there is a time for everything under the sun: a time to be born and a time to die. Well, your time came too soon for me, baby brother. But I thank God for the beautiful, precious gift of your life. It was a real pleasure growing up with you and even though I feel dismembered, you will FOREVER live in my heart, FOREVER. The love I have for you will never die. Adieu my brother, my father and I pray that our heavenly Father has found you as beautiful as we found you down here. With much love, your sister, Njuibi.
Posted by Festus Sama-Ambe on 19th July 2015
PASSING DREAMS Now our eyes gaze at the limitless ethereal realms again Searching for answers in spaces amidst indistinctive dust particles Our minds probing in abashment the justice of Divine Justice; Dotards with setting eyes battering to bolster precipitous infants Their conspiracies you have gloriously crowned and blessed ANDRÉ. You chose our lineage of the innumerable dwellings of this cosmos Made your joyous entry and filled our hearts with soaring dreams; Now illusive shadows deriding our skyrocketed hopes Now ephemeral mammoths wobbling on mosquito legs. Your gentleness, your enchanting smile; soft spoken rationality And astounding intelligence sized the boots of Nforku the Man Yet, concocted the snares that portended your unfledged collapse; Our hearts splinterized into unmanageable portions; battered! Yours is an exit of colourless colours; infinite painfulness That has numbed the throbbing of the heart with excess; Evulsed pulsating wailing eyes from their helpless sockets Dragged all elements of creation into the dreadful cataclysm. And I saw it with incomprehensible eyes: A collapsed embankment in a bewildered night, Excited trips of reunion planned and executed in a twinkle, A heart-rending phone call for my idiotic crown, and the swoon; Alas, the nine lives of a cat squeezed in a second of a dreadful night. Another enterprise of tending a mother widowed and maimed twice By two husbands opposed in ages, in deaths, in their farewells. You have looked at us in all our ignorant joy and splashed acid in our eyes, Kicked us in the small of our backs with the hoof of a giant human horse And erased the last strands of grey from my coffin-laden head. I will not cry though I weep; for I have learnt new songs of life From the lips of toddlers who have hijacked the coffins of oldsters And kicked our stools and garments, drinks and food to the sepulture With the scorn of imperial angels and the despotism of divine power. ANDRÉ my boy, our son! Yours is a burden too heavy to ferry Across this ocean of tempests and hurricanes – hominine and divine. Your back turned on us, we bear you on with tears to your new abode; There the NFORKUs will commune and compose God’s minor jury. Around here there is no quiet; no tranquility, even affected affection; Over there, the stars shine, the roses bloom; even fireflies never blink. There you will rest my son, not to see my disconcerted muddled mind. That’s where the unprofaned belong; in the resplendence of His grace. Sama-Ambe
Posted by SHASHANK PATEL on 19th July 2015
I still cannot believe your gone bro... I will always remember you as a hard working, intelligent, generous, and as a respectful person. I am sorry your life had to end so abruptly, as you had your life all planned out. May your soul always rest in peace with your father. You will be missed! Shank Patel PharmD Cardinal Health Inc Bon Secours Hospital Balimore, MD
Posted by Sibtain Rawala on 13th July 2015
Andre, I miss you. My friend, I remember our good times together, and how many laughs we shared. I can still hear your voice telling me stories after hours of studying at PLC. I remember your infectious smile at the mall, working out, and everywhere in between. You were very generous, and taught me much. You will always be remembered, and may your family find a little piece of comfort in the many lives you touched.
Posted by Jane Eyongepey on 11th July 2015
Oooooh, Andre!!! I am at lost of words. I just found out you are gone. It is difficult to believe you are no more. knowing you has been a blessing. I will miss your kind and gentle spirit. There are indeed few people in this world with your gentle character. People willing and ready to make other peoples life and situation better. Aaaaaah, I pray God glorifies His name in your life Andre. You are truly missed already.
Posted by Sylvia Wyche on 10th July 2015
Andre was the most gentleman of gentlemen, I truly loved him! When I would call phamacy requesting a med he would say in that sexy Barry White voice ok Sylvia I will bring it to you. And he would deliver. I was so devastated when I heard of his passing. All I can see now thinking of him is that million dollar smile and heart of gold. Well he's out of a job now because in heaven they don't need a pharmacist but he's there because of his loving soul. Will miss you Andre. See you again!
Posted by Denise Evans on 10th July 2015
Andre I "Thank my God" for allowing our paths to cross in this life. I will miss you so very much, although you were snatched out of this earth; it awoken the reality of how short and unpredictable this life is. Your death has inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to show those I care about just how much I "Love" them. Farewell my friend, meet you on the other side :)
Posted by Rose Graham on 9th July 2015
You were so humble, kind and gentle, we may not understand why you had to go so soon but God knows best. Rest my brother in God's gentle arms. Rose Graham Bon Secours Baltimore Health System
Posted by SUh Gerard on 8th July 2015
Though we miss you ,we are consoled by the fact that you are in a better place resting from all the troubles of this cruel world.God's ways are not ours.He says in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a better plan for us.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Babila Terence on 8th July 2015
Dre, I never got to meet you in person but I feel like I knew you as you were sometimes all your brother would talk about. In every story he told us, you always came out on top as the hero, the loving and caring big brother he was so thankful to have. I'm sure those memories will live on. Gone, but will NEVER be forgotten.
Posted by Sayni Pin on 7th July 2015
I was touch by an angel. You must be sent from heaven to touch all of our heart. I never had seen anybody that was so flawless like you. There is no word on earth to describe your personality. For the past 7 years that I had known you, never one day that you ever made me unhappy. Our short time together was a very quality time. I never forget the first time we met when you were here as my student. You had such a great personality, were very smart, very polite, positive attitude, very generous, very helpful, great smile, loving, caring, and so much more…. I was so grateful to have you as my little brother. Watching you grown up was such a great pleasure. I can’t stop crying, my little brother. I woke up every morning still in denial. It is very hard to accept the fact that you are really gone. I have no choice but to say good-bye and wanted to let you know that I love you very much. Good-bye my angel! Rest in Peace. Sayni Pin PharmD Bon Secours Hospital
Posted by Walters Nfortoh on 7th July 2015
As hard as it is I must say good bye my brother. I will forever remember our fun moments together and they are many. I am happy to gave to have taken my journey on this earth with you as a cherished friend. Go ahead and rest in the peace of the lord. When it is Gods time we will meet again.
Posted by Tati Eguangye on 7th July 2015
If we live,it is for God that we live;if we die it is for God that we die.So whether we live or we die we belong to God. Oh death where is your sting? Brother may your soul rest in perfect peace Dr Eguangye
Posted by Kwankou Mbayu on 6th July 2015
God will link the broken chain, As one by one we meet again. In our hearts he will always stay, Loved and remembered every day. Niba André,i'll always smile when i think of you.Travel well my brother On behalf of the Mbayu family
Posted by Claudia Achoja on 6th July 2015
May his gentle soul rest in the lord's bossom
Posted by Joanne Poore on 6th July 2015
I am very sorry for your loss may he rest in peace
Posted by Brenda Young on 6th July 2015
I still see your smile, Eventho you are gone, I still your smile. I will miss you always, but I will hold on to your smile. I will hold on the memories we shared. I thank you for your friendship and your support for me and my students. I still see your smile. A PRAYER FOR ANDRE Dear Hevenly Father, it is one more time I come to give thanks. My heart is heavy and filled with grief. I thank you for my brother,friend, son and pharmacist Andre Nforbi. I thank you for his spirit, his love and joy. I pray for your family during this difficult time, I pray God that you would hold them near and give them the grace to hold on, I know you know what is best for them. Keep them and surround them with your love.Father I don't question your will but ask for grace to serve you one more day. May Andre's spirit be a beacon of light that shine though our hearts as we remember him today. AMEN
Posted by Joni Larrabee on 6th July 2015
May you rest in peace. You were a true gentleman and will be greatly missed. Joni Larrabee, PharmD
Posted by Ramona Coleman on 5th July 2015
Dre you are such a wonderful man, with a heart made of pure gold. I am so happy to call you my second son. I will miss all our lunch and dinner dates. How you always knew what to say to make me feel better, I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I love you and I will always treasure our friendship and our Ms MO and Dre bond :~)
Posted by Lino Versace on 5th July 2015
Gone too soon Just because Heaven Requested an Angel From Earth. Adieu Brother
Posted by Forba Ndounwie on 4th July 2015
Andre,your warm smile is gone.you have thought me to understand that life is only a journey whenever we walked through we have to find comfort in heaven as our eternal resting place. I pray for the bossom repose of your soul in heaven!!
Posted by Forba Ndounwie on 4th July 2015
Andre,your warm smile is gone.you have thought me to understand that life is only a journey whenever we walked through we have to find comfort in heaven as our eternal resting place. I pray for the bossom repose of your soul in heaven!!
Posted by Mary Sama on 4th July 2015
Praying for the repose of his soul, and for the family to find peace with this tragedy. God knows best and His love for His children is above every tragedy. May the good Lord grant you all strength to deal with this loss. May His peace that surpasses all understanding be your portion during these tough times. Our prayers are with you. God bless you all and may Alex's soul rest in peace. On behalf of the SamaRoca Family
Posted by Crosby Amoah on 4th July 2015
Your warm smile, pleasant demeanor, and kindness are irreplaceable. You taught me so much and have always been there for me when I needed you. Your life was short, yet you touched so many lives, We can never get answers to all the questions surrounding your death. God alone knows why He allowed you to be with Him. And so I comfort myself in knowning that.. "Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of his saints" Psalm 116:15 May your soul rest in perfect peace. Crosby Amoah, PharmD RN.
Posted by Theo Awuah on 4th July 2015
Man Plans BUT God Disposes. Your gentle nature and awesome personality will forever remain seared in my memory. May Your Soul rest in perfect peace. Rest in peace my brother. Theo Awuah,PharmD Cardinal Health Inc Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore,Md

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