Andrew was always a fighter. He was born with the cord around his neck two times and was blue but with the nurses help. he started breathing and then a cry. I was so scared we had lost him then, but he fought to be alive...... He was always trying to make deals with people and he could sell you a stone in the bottom of the lake, and he was so good at it you would buy it without a thought. He had a smile that would melt anyones heart and always always gave hugs and I love you.He always tried to help people just to see them smile at him. Andrew you are missed and love so much. I miss my hugs and I love you and I got this mom I got this.... You would tell me that so I wouldn't worry about you well I always did any ways and always prayed for your well being. So fly high with your Angle wings of blue and take care of your sister and brother please, I know you all are having the time of your life. No more pain or sorrow, and you are free from all this crazy world we live on down here. So till we are reunited in Heaven forever keep watching over us. Love and miss you, love Mom