Funeral Arrangements

Service of Songs/Wake keep in Kaduna, Nigeria
Date:  Friday, July 15th 2016
Time:  4pm
Address:  No. 8 Nimo Close, U/Pama, Kaduna South, Kaduna

Funeral Service/Interment in Abia, Nigeria

Date:  Friday, July 29th 2016
Time:  10am
Address:  Amavo Villa, Nneji Community,Ugwunagbo LGA, Abia


This memorial was created in honour of our beloved Daddy, Andrew Evoh, 77, born on September 1, 1939 and passed onto glory on March 1, 2016. Andy was fondly loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and especially his family.

We will remember him forever and are rejoicing here on earth knowing that he is in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2021
Hey Dad...just to say that your legacy lives on. Although you are gone, your name is still very much alive and keeps ringing louder. I am smiling now as I have been engulfed with nostalgia on this special day.
Rest on Nna m!
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on March 1, 2020
I did it Dad!!!!This place makes me feel like your grave is so close and I can bring fresh flowers to beautify where you were buried...all the same, I finally achieved my dream but really feel pained that you are not here to celebrate with me. I can only imagine you smiling at me and feeling so proud...Keep resting my Hero!
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 2, 2019
Nna m ochie...thoughts of you are much stronger now....had a great time in church and was seriously reminiscing!
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on March 1, 2018
It is already 2 solid years but I still feel your presence Dad! I just feel you travelled...
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2017
Another year is here again and I am filled with the nostalgic moments of how we normally celebrate you on this special day...we still feel your presence cos Aijay woke me up this morning saying, "today is Granddad's birthday!"
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2016
Just to say HAPPY POSTHUMOUS BIRTHDAY DAD and we sincerely miss u!!!!!!!
Posted by kevin kanu on May 25, 2016
Dad, the news of your death came to us, when we never expected it, though still a mirage to us, but our solace is in God, who knows the best in every situation. sleep on Dad! sleep on the icon of our days!! sleep on Chief, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Obasi Kalu on May 23, 2016
Its with a painful heart that I received the news of your death. You were a lion in deed. You made your mark on earth and left evidences of your victories and achievement. I miss you. Good night.

Pastor Obasi Kalu
C/o Skye Bank PLC,
Plot 3 Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Enugu state.
Posted by Onyeobia Israel on May 16, 2016
                   UGWUNAGBO L.G.A
                     ABIA STATE

Mrs. C. Evoh
Amavo Village
Nneji Aut Community
Ugwunagbo L.G.A

                 CONDOLENCE MESSAGE

It is with great sense of sorrow that i write to commiserate with you and the family on the death of your beloved husband and cherished father- Chief Engr Andrew W. Evoh who passed on recently.

Dee Andrew means a lot to Onyeobia's family. Our relationship with him was very, very cordial. To be candied, our hearts are in pain because of the great loss. We miss a fearless man who stands for the truth at all times.

He was a highly respected electrical engineer and that is why, he was confirmed with the Chieftaincy title of "Oku N' ENYI IHE I by his people. Late Chief Engr. Andrew contributed immensely to the development of his family, community and the larger society.

Death is a most challenging reality of life that we must accept despite the deep sense of loss that comes with it.

I therefore urge you, your children and all those adversely affected by his death to be courageous, strong-hearted and remain committed and faithful to the things of the Lord.

On Behalf of Onyeobia's, I pray that almighty God would grant you people the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Elder I.A Onyeobia
For the family
Posted by Emma Onuba on May 5, 2016
We know him, a great Lion, baked and refined in Agbebi Complex; Sincere and stood for and by the truth, warmth and packed with humor.
You married our lovely and loving daughter who stood faithful and loyal till your end. May your beautiful children, siblings, friends and all who knew you never forget your mentoring and Legacies

Lion & Lioness Onubas
Posted by GSSAOBA Kaduna on May 4, 2016

William Shakespeare the 13th Century English Philosopher summarizes life thus;

Life is a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his time upon the stage and then is heard no more.

Here lies the mortal remains of Andy Evoh, the one time humorist of our good old days in Kaduna during our gatherings as members of Old Boys Government Secondary School Afikpo.

We have not bothered to look up Chief Andy Evoh's early life or researched int his biography as a whole knowing fully that others may wish to dwell on that.

Chief Andy Evoh got admitted into the famous Government Secondary School Afikpo in January 1953, did a brilliant carrier in school and left to further his academic endeavour as pioneer set of the University of Nigeria Nsukka and came out as an accomplished Electrical Engineer. He was an aborigine in the language of the school. An Aborigine is a foundation member of the school who carved out the glorious image of the school right from inception and the subsequent students after them must mould themselves in like manner in discipline and academic excellence.

An aborigine is always revered and for The Old Boys of Afikpo in Kaduna, Andy was always distinguished and held in a very high esteem. He was a very good mixer to both juniors and the seniors and was in the habit f cracking jokes. He will hold on to a handshake and refer to your physique as "nkaa ak'ala" meaning this one is ripe and matured for delicacy. That is in reference to the "Anu Okpoo" bush meat of the Ngwa fame of the old days.

As one of the custodians of the school image, he held the association very dearly to his heart by his encouragements. Even when his wife was indispensably absent, he held the family so close that whenever he hosted the old boys meetings, the elder daughter will display a very high sense of maturity and discipline to the admiration of all the old boys. He was certainly a fortress of our association, a thorough peace loving person and a story teller. He abhorred conflicts and crisis and exhibited love and kindness.

We gather to pay our last respect to our fellow colleague in glorious transition to eternal life.

Andy, you left without a word to us your dear old boys why? But you had no power over death truly, the Lord who gave you life has taken his precious property.Blessed be the name of the Lord.

All the same, your death has left your wife without a loving husband and all your children without their father, your community without your wise counsel and we your colleagues without a socialite, a torch bearer and peace advocate.

Andy, we will miss you but we salute you. Farewell as we rejoice at your numerous achievements especially your children and your entire family unit, the extended family and your community.

We regret your sudden exit. Great and Blessed remains the day you were born. You walked with the mighty but you never lost the common touch. May the merciful God give your family the courage and succour to endure.

Fellow mourners join the old boys of Afikpo Government Secondary School to wipe away our tears and rather rejoice.

Andy has left good works behind.

Adieu great Son.

Adieu great Old Boy and Aborigine

May the good Lord be praised.

May your soul rest well in the bosom of our Lord.

GSSAOBA, Kaduna (President and Secretary)
Posted by Chief M. N. Orji on May 4, 2016
To a Bosom Friend

Engr. Andy Evoh, you are gone but it seems it is not true! You will always be remembered for your kindness and magnanimity. You have left a legacy that will always remain vivid in our memories. We are greatly touched by your demise. May Almighty God grant you eternal rest and the family you left behind the fortitude to bear this great loss.

Rest in perfect peace.

Chief M. N. Orji (IEng MIET) and family
Posted by Chie Ebere Ekpendu JP on April 29, 2016
Sad, very sad that you left this time. Am aware that death is inevitable, but I had expected a man of truth and peace like you to have lived longer than this. My heart bleeds with grief. Res in peace my mentor, epitome of wisdom, knowledge and love.
Posted by Iyoho A on April 25, 2016
Sincere condolences to Andrew's family from mine, as yet another GSSA stalwart departs our Earth. May the soul of Iyoho, E.'s classmate, Andrew rest in peace, Amen.

Iyoho, A.,
Farnfield/Okpara 1960 Entry Set
Posted by Aijay Davids on April 25, 2016
GRANDDAD the GRANDDAD! Whenever I call you like this, you always laugh and smile! This is how I want to remember you always since Grandma and my mummy said you are with Jesus in heaven. I love you and miss you greatly. Relax in the Lord.

Ijeoma Davids
Posted by GSSA Old Boys Abuja on April 25, 2016
We of Abuja branch join GSSA Alumni family to condole with late Engr. Andrew Evoh's family, Kaduna branch and the Aborigine set on the demise of their member. We pray God Almighty to grant the soul of the
departed eternal rest in His bosom.

Franklyn Ginger-Eke Branch
Secretary Mboto House' 82 set.
Posted by Walter Morah on April 25, 2016
We thank God for the HOME calling of our classmate Andrew Evoh who I believe I saw last after the civil war In Kaduna. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Please keep us posted on the funeral arrangements.

Chief Walter Morah
Posted by Bob Efimba on April 25, 2016
We miss our departed fellow Aborigine and fellow Engineer Andrew Evoh, whom I did not get to see here on earth since we left GSSA in Dec 1957, but we shall meet again in God's good time. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

For us Aborigines, our numbers are dwindling fast, so please enjoy us while you can!!
Fear God. Honor the King!!

Prayers and Greetings from:

Bob Efimba, P.E.
School House, Jan to Sept 1953
Farnfield House, 1953 to Dec 1957
Posted by Rosemary Jacob on April 25, 2016
A family man, professional in his career and an overall great human being. Engineer A. Evoh was a role model for all of us. He was someone that we tried to emulate. To my late parents, he was an exceptional son-in-law. He was always well loved by his in laws. He was the type of man that always took great pride in doing an exceptional job at whatever he did.

In him, I had a brother, father and a friend. For all the time he has been around, he was the perfect example to emulate. Engineer A. Evoh was loving, disciplined, intelligent and a well rounded gentleman. He was so devoted to my late parents, sisters, brothers and myself. He was always a sincere comforter. I grew up in his home and his principles did not allow him to let something wrong to stand unchallenged. It is this principle in him that I remember so strongly and will always want to practice. The Almighty God he served knew that he had done enough.

I am comforted by the fact that he left this world knowing and acknowledging God as his personal Lord and Saviour. It is hard to say goodbye, so I prefer to say so-long.

Tomorrow is never promised to us. Today is our only guarantee. May you find peace in God's arms.


Your sister-in-law fondly called "Uzoma- Mrs. Rosemary Jacob"
Posted by Kome Brown on April 22, 2016
Ij, accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your father.
I met him on a couple of occasions whilst we were at secondary school. You always talked so fondly of him. I remember how comfortable you and your siblings were around him. I thought it rare as most children are scared and distant from their dads. But it showed that he was much more than a father. He was your friend and guardian in your life's journey. Your progress is a testimony to his excellence. He is dearly missed. I trust the Lord God who loved him always during his life will keep him at rest in heaven. The Lord is your strength always.
Posted by Pip Williams on April 18, 2016
Our loss, Heavens gain!

Words Fail Me! How do I pen a tribute to a loving dad that I never met? The tributes I have read so far about you points to the fact that you were a very good man. More so, the quality and life style of the children you raised paints a more vivid picture of the kind of person you were. Through them, I could see a man that was extremely God fearing, honest, a man that lived life to the fullest and a man that served his community well. Your children kept talking about your devotion to God, family, discipline, hard work and the community (being a red cap Chief). Due to all that I heard about you, I had nursed a secret ambition to meet you someday. It came like a rude shock when I got that sms telling me of your demise. You will be sorely missed! How do I say a final good bye to a good man with a good heart? You've left an irreplaceable void. I'm of the hope that we will meet again one day. Remember that you are truly loved. The confidence and discipline you instilled in your kids is an eloquent testimony of how you lived.

We rejoice in the extraordinary life you were privileged to live, and we feel grateful and thankful to God and your family for sharing such an amazing human being with the rest of humanity.

We will continue to find solace in your enviable legacies, which will remain evergreen in our hearts. I do hope that your legacies of honour will not only be our comfort but also a source of inspiration and comfort to us all.

Thanks for leaving the world a better place through your personal sacrifices and the quality of kids you bequeathed the earth.
Adieu Papa!
Posted by uchechukwu ajiri on April 16, 2016
The death of my beloved in law came to me as a shock and terrifying news to me I could not believe it was real but behold an irokov has fallen a rare gem is gone a man of good heart with wonderful disposition loved by all the family is gone oooh death where is thy sting. Though an in law I had close relationship with him .the man that is always there for us l can't question God .he giveth and taketh but one thing l know is that nnayi Andrew evoh will always remain evergreen in my heart how I wish death allowed him to benefit more and reap d good seed he sowed .all kudos to his advice and optimistic nature that definitely all is well .your legacy leaves on in me adieu nice man adieu nwoke OMA I will always miss you nkem Andrew evoh  uchechukwu Ajiri
Posted by Chika Evoh Onwuliri on April 16, 2016 many images come to my mind whenever I say your nurtured me, taught me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me and loved me unconditionally. Words are not enough to describe what a powerful influence you were to me and how important you are.

You were a father who was so special and who was loved so very much. You brought so much happiness to many hearts you touched because you were always kind, caring and so understanding. God saw you getting tired so He wrapped His arms around you and whispered "come to me". Years may come and go but your memory will never be erased. Rest in the Lord Dad.
Posted by Chinwe Evoh on April 16, 2016
I am most grateful to God who made you my father. When I look back, I realise that some fathers don't have time for their kids but you proved a point by being exceptional. You were always there to listen, suggest, support and defend. You were proud of my triumphs but when things went wrong, you were patient, helpful and strong for us. You always had a way of making a huge mountain look so plain because you were indeed a problem solver.

Daddy, your vision has inspired so many forward-thinking people to see beyond their barriers and you left your footprints engraved boldly in the sands of time by just being you! Your life on earth only pointed me to one direction- God and there is no doubt in my heart that you made heaven....just to say I am proud of you and you will forever remain evergreen in my heart. Continue to rest in the Lord my friend!
Posted by Joseph Itodo on April 16, 2016
Daddy, your memories will always live in us! We will ensure that your grandchildren will live and grow in your legacy and have you as their role model...we will always love you.
Posted by Opeyemi Ogunsua on April 16, 2016
My dear Aijay, I am deeply sorry to hear of your Dad's passing.I remember him as a very welcoming father who always received me well whenever i visited you back then in Kaduna, and from a distance i admired him because i saw him as hardworking,caring and responsible. There is no doubt that he lived a good life, may the Lord grant him eternal rest.My sincere condolences to you and your entire family, I pray the good Lord gives you and your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Chidiebere Okorie on April 15, 2016
'Daddy Uku'(Big Daddy) as I always call you, It was too sudden for me as I had believed you will live longer to see me buy you a car as I had always told my wife (your daughter). God knows why he called you home. You will remain ever green in my heart as the one that stood by me all through my wedding with all the support I needed. I will always miss a jovial and erudite father whose cheerful disposition brought warmth and happiness at home. I still remember your jokes and laughter. You never called or addressed me as in-law but as your son. You left an amazing mother (your lovely wife) that has all your qualities. This is our consolation as each time we see or come around her, your presence will also be felt. You are resting in Gods bosom now no doubt and that's our main consolation. Good night my Father!
Posted by Loma Evoh Itodo on April 14, 2016
Beloved Daddy, it is not how you died that matters but how you lived...
Not what you gained, but what you gave...I witnessed how you lived a good life and blossomed in the Lord...I saw all you gained and what went out of you because you were a true giver with a pure heart...These are the units I use to measure your worth as a man on earth, regardless of birth.

It is not the church you attended nor your creed because you were really a blessing to those really in need, a disciplinarian, a man full of wisdom and a cheerful giver. You were ever ready with a good cheer to bring back a smile and to banish a tear. God made you a masterpiece and so he called you my "Dad" on earth.

There are no words to tell you just what I feel inside-the shock, the hurt, the anger that you have passed onto glory which I know will gradually subside but God has given me the strength to overcome because I know you are at peace with Him...You are greatly missed but your legacy lives on Dad!
Posted by Christy Evoh on April 14, 2016
Nkem, you’ve been in our lives for so many seasons, I’m pouring my heart out for that very reason God gave you life, my husband & friend.
Though our love has been through the fire, you and only you are my true heart's desire.I prayed for the man that paved the way for our children each and everyday. A man who is…FEARLESS, A man who is…ADMIRABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, INTELLIGENT, HEROIC and EXCEPTIONALLY RELIABLE.

My TEACHER and MENTOR, God used you to show His faithfulness in our lives. God used you for signs and wonders in people's lives. It’s no wonder that God was on your side till the last day. He gave you the strength to father the children, and even when we didn’t know what to say, your wisdom consistently saved the day. I opened my heart to you, simply to say…YOU'RE THE BEST HUSBAND & DAD and no one can quench your lasting LEGACY. God created only you for that purpose and took you away on completion of your assignment here on earth while building me up positively & paving a way to draw more people to His vineyard.

As Mama(your mother) fondly called you "Otuomasirichi" that name did a lot for you in your life time.. "as it pleased God" consolation is that I see you resting in the Lord....Gaa Nkeoma Nna m.
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on April 13, 2016
Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad...Daddy, you didn't tell me how to live, you lived and let me watch you do it! Remembering you is easy because you gave me a greatest gift another person cannot give-you believed in me and I am proud of being your daughter!

I am only sad that you didn't wait for me to achieve my dream but God knew that it was your appointed time to leave us. All I can say is that you are presently RESTING in the Lord and I am happy you made heaven MY HERO,MENTOR and ICON for life!!!You will be celebrated because you lived a good life and you were truly loved...Good night Dad

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Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2021
Hey Dad...just to say that your legacy lives on. Although you are gone, your name is still very much alive and keeps ringing louder. I am smiling now as I have been engulfed with nostalgia on this special day.
Rest on Nna m!
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on March 1, 2020
I did it Dad!!!!This place makes me feel like your grave is so close and I can bring fresh flowers to beautify where you were buried...all the same, I finally achieved my dream but really feel pained that you are not here to celebrate with me. I can only imagine you smiling at me and feeling so proud...Keep resting my Hero!
Posted by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 2, 2019
Nna m ochie...thoughts of you are much stronger now....had a great time in church and was seriously reminiscing!
Recent stories

Happy posthumous birthday Dad!!!

Shared by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2016

Loma just went down memory lane that made  me reminisce with smiles and laughter. I remembered vividly that day when u had to wake her up being the baby of the house to enquire what happened to your cake and she told u that she knew nothing about it. We all kept on wondering who the culprit was until there was a true life confession after the toast that made us all have a boisterous laughter(lol). We laughed our hearts out that night when Chichi confessed and it turned out to be fun...u were so full of life and energy! I also remembered your dance steps and the jokes u cracked then just to put smiles on our faces. I remember while growing up I had this bad habit of putting my finger in my nostril to bring out dry mucus and whenever u catch me in the act, your words are 'why are u scrubbing your nose like Jimmy Scrubby?'  That actually put a stop to the habit cos I just didn't want to be another Jimmy with wide nostrils(lol).You were indeed fun to be with Dad and u will forever be missed. HAPPY POSTHUMOUS BIRTHDAY DADDY!

Happy Birthday DADDY

Shared by Loma Evoh Itodo on September 1, 2016

Dad today we celebrate your birthday. You will forever be remembered on this day.I always remember how we always celebrate your birthday, you always smile, with lots of jokes and laughter. I remember when we celebrated your birthday in the 80s, Mummy baked you a big cake it was so yummy that chichi wanted to have a taste she mistakenly broke the cake, we had fun that day. For me having the privilege to share the same month with you, you will be forever remembered on this day.I really,really miss u.You were one in a million. With tears in my eyes you will forever remain in my heart. Continue to remain in the bosom of the Lord. I MISS YOU DAD!!!

Daddy the Disciplinarian and Tutor

Shared by Aijay Evoh Okorie on April 16, 2016

Chika's missive triggered a lot of spoke impeccable English that kept tongues wagging and people spellbound. Most times I kept wondering whether you had all the words in the dictionary stored in your head. I call them 'big' words because they helped build our vocabulary. I remember the assignment you gave us on 'Sherlock Holmes' series but some of us just flipped through incase you asked us for a summary which you eventually did. I don't even know how you find out when one is lying cos you just pick up the story and tell us exactly what happened even if any of us is trying to cover up the truth. When we go to our rooms and have our meetings, we begin to question ourselves after you have scolded us. Once upon a time, when defaulters just hear the sound of your car from afar, before you enter the house, the living room is deserted...Everybody to your tents O Israel just because of fear of what daddy will say if he hears what you did....kai! this life eh..few years later, we grew up to understand you and did the right things just as you taught us. God bless you Dad