Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on December 17, 2019
Hey buddy another year has past and things are really strange politically back in the USA.We miss you but we are constantly warmed by our remembrance of our times together... Happy Birthday Mr.Maser where ever you are......
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on July 11, 2019
Hey Andy, Dora and I finally moved to Switzerland... you are here with us in our hearts where you will always have a special place..We love you
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on July 10, 2018
Hey Andy just a short note to tell you that you are sorely missed but revisiting; times, talks, and jokes, keep the home fire burning in our hearts
Best always Love Pasquale and DOra
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on December 17, 2017
Andy miss uyou more than ever.. think of you oftern
Pasquale and Dora
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on December 18, 2016
Andy..well another year has passed ...You are sorely missed...we; Dora and I, think about you quite often...with great fondness and love...happy trails until we meet again...keep smiling until then.... always pasquale
Posted by Peggy Mason on December 18, 2016
I wish Andrew had been here for the last election! Boy could we have had some passionate conversations this year! Miss his sense of humor and his dry wit. Andrew I hope you are looking down on us with a smile on your face.
Posted by Richard Kuller on December 18, 2016
Sending a thought and keeping a memory of you, Andy. Peace.
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on July 11, 2016
Andy...thank you for your friendship and guidance, your humor and wit
the chairs you gave us brighten our hearts and remind us of your friendship and love every moment of every day...                         Thank you.....pasquale
Posted by Dora Krannig-Moscatello on July 10, 2016
I am thinking of you often. Still missing you,
Posted by Peggy Mason on July 21, 2015
Just cannot believe the last note I left was in 2011, where has all the time gone? I still remember as it were yesterday! Andy was the best neighbor, he was so very caring and kind to all, always there to help. To repeat myself, he was the husband of the block. He was smart (always enjoyed a good conversation with Andy, especially about politics, we were kindred spirits on those topics)!
One of the things I loved about Andy was his kindness, devotion and unquestionable love for Patti. It was an inspirational example of a great couple. How very fortunate for both of you to have found that!

I miss him, I miss those great conversations and the friendship. Time passes and those wonderful relationships are but a memory as they cannot be replaced! But so grateful to still have the memories!
Posted by Richard Kuller on July 20, 2015
Remembering a great guy, a helpful friend, and a wonderful partner to Patti. Will be looking for you when I arrive.
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on July 10, 2015 will always hold a special place in my heart mind and are a great friend...hope to see you on the other side...
Posted by Robin Ward on July 12, 2011
I always loved the way he would always smile around me. I miss you like crazy, you will always be in my heart and memories
Miss you,
Posted by Dora Krannig-Moscatello on July 10, 2011
One year has passed since you left us. I still miss you today and every day. I am so glad you were and are in my life.
Dora Krannig-Moscatello
Posted by Peggy Mason on July 10, 2011
I am stunned that it has been a year since our great loss! A smile always crosses my face when I think of Andy "the husband of the block". I wonder just how many of us gave the keys to our home to this wonderful, trusted, helpful, caring and kind couple. God bless you Patti.
Posted by Michelle Starr on July 20, 2010
Andrew, you are missed but never forgotten.

Posted by Kathy Wade on July 20, 2010
Andy, what fond memories I have. Our friendship started as neighbors a very long time ago - in the 60th. I will remember you forever and Patti will remain my friend forever.
Posted by Dr. Pasquale Moscatello on July 20, 2010
Andy; you have been a great friend, mentor, hero and influence for me since the day we met... You and Patti are in a great way responsible for Dora and being together. you will always be in my heart
Posted by DOUGLAS KENDALL on July 20, 2010
They say that if you can count the number of true friends on the fingers of one hand you are very lucky. Andy was my true friend for over 47 years. How lucky could I be? Farewell good and faithful friend. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by Ross Iwamoto on July 19, 2010
Andy was warm and caring friend. I worked with Andy in the same department at Hughes in Fullerton, CA. He was competent and self-sufficient. He is gone, but he will always live within me.
Posted by Peggy Mason on July 19, 2010
How much gratitude can I express for Andy. He, (like Patti) was always there to help, and to do so much for others. God will remember someone with such grace, as will all of us. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Richard Kuller on July 18, 2010
Andrew, what a great friend to us and devoted husband to Patty you have been! Suzanne and I will continue to care for your housewarming gift, in which part of you stays with us. Be at peace now.
Posted by Melissa Randel on July 17, 2010
What always struck me about Andrew was his devotion to Patti, which was so apparent. Everyone deserves to be loved like that.
with love,
Melissa Randel
Posted by Dora Krannig-Moscatello on July 12, 2010
There is a place in my heart where you live on.
We miss you,

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