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June 13, 2021
It’s been 1 year since her son Omar Munoz Jr graduated from Hanks high school in El Paso Texas. His grandma Linda still has not seen him. It’s . He doesn’t know who his real mother was since was killed when he was very young

Her Son

June 14, 2020
Her son graduated from Hanks high school 2020.he has a Grandma which he doesn’t know he also has a aunt name Amber and she has two cousins that live in Boulder,CO.were wishing to see him and talk to him , but I don’t think he know anything about, his Grandma and his aunt or cousins. May God help us to see him again.
July 17, 2011
Wow just can't beleave your gone to heaven !! I remember when I first moved to Clayton,u and your sister were playing outside & came over to my grandmas house then we went to the court house and your grandma got pissed off and was chasing u with the fly swater lol..and u all were running from her never will forget that or u nor your grandma may u both rest in peace !! Miss u girl, and for your killer or killers they will get theres God sees it all..Only he is the one that knows what really happend to u besides the ones that did it ...We will meet up again in the gates of heaven.till then rest in peace girl and watch over us & your family son !!

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