This tribute was added by Teresa Splash on October 25, 2020
I know Ange is having an awesome birthday In heaven.
This tribute was added by Teresa Splash on October 25, 2019
I’ll never forget Ange. Especially the way he held close to God through the loss of his son and then his marriage by listening to praise music and praising Jesus all the time.
This tribute was added by Teresa Splash on December 29, 2016
Missing Ange, but looking forward to reuniting with him for eternity when all Jesus' promises are fulfilled. I never want to forget the lesson that Ange learned and taught which is to keep thanking and praising God in all circumstances.
This tribute was added by Kess Me on December 29, 2011
It is hard to beleve it has been a year since you left us ange heart still hurts cause i miss u and miss hearing u sing to me/us....but i know you are happy and pain free with Jesus so that helps the hurt be less....see you soon bro!!
This tribute was added by Angela Bizek on January 14, 2011
Angelo, thank you for being a beautiful example of gentleness, kindness and forgiveness. Thinking of you, I will try to be a better person, appreciating the goodness and love of others as you did.
This tribute was added by Lou Sorrento on January 13, 2011
Hey Cousin Ange, although we moved away and lost touch the memories of growing up a couple doors down from each other will always be there. I know you are in a better place now. I asked for a Christmas miracle this year and cant help believe you had something to do with it being granted just in recent days. Tell my Dad I said Hi and we will see you again. All the best, Cousin Lou
This tribute was added by Anthony Jenkins on January 11, 2011
I was a struggling Christian. Ange helped me, with his testimony, and everytime i talked to him he gave me hope. i will greatly miss him, as a friend, and as a brother in Christ.
This tribute was added by Peggy Tibus on January 5, 2011
I only got to know Ange for a little while, but I feel as if I've known him forever! I thank God for all the times he came into Oasis and knowing that he was not feeling well, but always having such strength to reminded us to "Praise Him". He is going to be one of those whom the Lord will look upon and say, "well done my faithful servant...well done". God Bless you Ange! Miss you... \0/
This tribute was added by Tammy Ulmer on January 4, 2011
You praised when you didn't even feel like it. You were such an inspiration to me.  Sing with the angels...You will be missed Ange...Love you 
This tribute was added by Cindy Travis on January 4, 2011
Lord Jesus thankyou for letting me to beable to get to know Ange my life has been blessed with his friendship
soon we shall meet again in Heaven and worship around the throne of Gpd together for all eternity love ya Ange (((hugs Ciny)))
This tribute was added by James White on January 3, 2011
{Rest In Peace My Friend} Love Ya Brother
This tribute was added by Bren Bland on January 3, 2011
Thank you Lord for the friend and inspiration Ange was to all of us. 
Ange you will be missed in so many ways, but you have left a legacy that will only grown with time.
My dear brother, I miss you, but celebrate that you are with our Lord and free from the pain and sickness.
Can't wait to see you again!! Save me a spot!

Always praise Him!!
This tribute was added by Chastidy Fritz on January 2, 2011
Simply...Thank You Jesus.....
This tribute was added by JCs Mediator on January 1, 2011
sorry to hear on ur passing,,, know God is a Loving God and death was cruelness from enemie ,,, but ty Jesus that u gave us back what u meant for us from beginning and cuz of ur Love for us we can now live foreva my Love and Prayers go wit all who knew and Loved ange and his beloved family ,,, we have this hope in Jesus to be absent in da body is to be in da presence of the Lord! 2 Corinthians 5
This tribute was added by Antoinette Rose on January 1, 2011
My deares friend in the Lord, you are precious in His sight. I am so blessed that we were able to know each other and serve in God in such a wonderful church in Angola, New York. You will be greatly missed my brother. You touched many lives with your walk and with your testimony of knowing Jesus. You suffer no more and you are in paradise running on streets of gold. God Bless always, Antoinette
This tribute was added by Kess Me on December 31, 2010
Thank you Jesus that i got to know ange and that he is with you now and pain/sickness free....amen!! miss u bro!!
P.S Save a room in heaven for me next to yours please!! :-D
This tribute was added by Dora Gage on December 31, 2010
Was a pleasure to have known Ange. His sweet memory will forever be in my heart. Ange was a warrior and proved himself well in this battle we all face here on this earth.
This tribute was added by Teresa Saussy on December 31, 2010
Ange was my bull friend. He taught me that I'm stronger than I think I am, and I'm never alone. He always said, "Just trust God no matter what. Thank Him! Praise Him! I know that is what he's doing now, singing praises to Jesus!
This tribute was added by Jb800m Adam on December 31, 2010
I consider it an honour to praise and worship Ood with you!!! just take some time to throw pies better when i get there we gonna have an all out fun time!!!!
This tribute was added by K Kd on December 31, 2010
Lord thank you for allowing Ange to be part of my earthly life. Thank you for giving him a new body. Thank you for using him as your willing vessel.
Ange save me a seat, will see you soon
This tribute was added by Jill Wallace on December 31, 2010


oh ange, you are precious brudder and you will be missed deeply! Love u much!

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