Her Life

Nursing Education and Career

Vic obtained her nursing diploma from Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing in 1974.  Chamberlain School of Nursing provided Vic with both her BSN and then MSN with a focus in Healthcare Informatics in 2014.  
She worked as a registered nurse in a variety of interesting and challenging roles, including bedside care and management of departments in Morocco, China, Hawaii, Illinois, West Virginia and Michigan.  Vic believed that her priorities were God, family, work - which included family, friends and colleagues in three continents. 
Four decades as a registered nurse led Vic to develop a privately-owned business focused on education and advocacy for people caught in the ever-changing healthcare world of unknowns. That private business was started in 2013 with the mission to advocate and educate healthcare consumers by eliminating confusion and providing clarity through education. 
Most recently, she joined SmartcareDoc as V.P. of Clinical Strategies and was an Administrative Manager at St. Mary’s Hospital in Saginaw, MI.