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October 9, 2020
October 9, 2020
You have no ideal how much I truely love and miss you. You were the one part of my life I didnt realize how much I counted on you always being tbere for me. I find myself still waiting at night for your call. You kept me updated with everything and everyone back home. Man how I wish I could just have one more talk.. I mean I dont understand what happen we talked till 3:30am then I get a call at 8 they asked me was it true that you died. I had a cow I just knew it was a lie. You dont know how hurt my heart was to hear your mother in law tell me it wasnt. That you did die.. oh my heart was so full of questions and still are. It drives me crazy wondering if ill ever find the truth. Anyway I love baby sis and I miss you. I pray your happy and not in any pain. Thinking of you always your big sister Helena

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