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Her Life

Anna Dawson-O'Connor


Her Birth

Anna Dawson was the last child born in Dover to Sarah and William Dawson. They relocated to Newark, NJ immediately following her birth.


She was a very shy child and grew into a tall girl with brown hair and big brown eyes and everyone seemed to admire her generosity and kindness.She didn't like meeting new people and that included boys as well.

High School

When in high school she worked in a slack factory as a seamstress. She didn't have a social life. She went directly from school to work and then home and she never showed any interest in dating whatsoever.

Jean O'Connor

Uncle George O'Connor son, Jean O'Connor came to live with us as a small child. He and Anna got along very well but she never showed her feelings toward Jean, until later.


Anna relocated to Perth-Amboy to assist her sister Nora after her husbands passing. She obtained a seamstress position at the Maiden Form Bra Company.She continued to work there until 3 months after her mother's passing.

Their Marriage

She suddenly and expectantly announced that she was to be married! We had no idea who it could be since she still didn't have a social life and wasn't dating anyone that we knew.When asked who she was to marry, she said to Jean O'Connor!

That was when she finally admitted she had secretly been in love with Jean since she was a girl! Jean was a soldier in the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk. Virginia.

They were married on March 13,1959 in New Jersey; they lived in Virginia and had their first child; a baby boy named Barry. Shortly, after his birth Anna got pregnant and gave birth to their second child, George..

San Diego

The Navy transfered their family to San Diego, Ca. in 1964 and they purchased a home in a small suburb called Poway. Shortly, thereafter they had their third child, a girl this time named Mary She balance her roles between, wife and mother while working as a seamstress once again,  full-time for 10+ years.

Motherhood/Military Wife

She was a devoted military wife and a true patriot to her country. She dedicated her life to raising children. From her brother and sister's children when she was a girl; then her own 3 children; and finally assisting with the raising of both her grandchildren.She was truly an inspiration and example of the essence of motherhood.

She remained in her home in Poway for 44 years until her passing on February 5, 2008.

Her Death

She passed away at her home as she had wanted it to be.

Her Legacy

She is remembered and honored with 3 children, Barry O'Connor, George O'Connor, Mary O'Connor; 2 grandchildren; Barry's daughter Heather O'Connor-Webb; Mary's son, Robbie Brown; and 2 great-grandchildren from Heather named Jacob Webb and Cheyenne Webb.

Her Tribute

We miss her greatly and know it was an honor to have been a part of such an amazing woman life.

Remembered Forever