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Greetings from the kids

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on September 13, 2021
I have just spent a lovely weekend with the children and Ufo.  We spoke about you.  I am on the way back home.  Ufo has fed me so well, I guess I am a bit heavier than when I came.  Take care Bros T.   One love Sister T.

Missing you through the season

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on September 11, 2021
Passed by for a moment of reflection, remembering your humour, your smile and your amazing heart.  Love you Bros T.

Daddy like a Dove

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on September 10, 2021
Daddy i miss you every day.  You are like a dove.  Thank you for being such an amazing daddy.  Much love and kisses, Noel

Make Me an instrument of your peace

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on August 14, 2021
Lord make me an instrument of Your peace
Where there is hatred let me sow love
Where here is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness joy.  
It is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
It is in dying that we are born 
To eternal life

The wealth of your wisdom

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on August 14, 2021
You had time for everyone.  As you said a few days before you were cruelly killed by a hit and run driver in Dover on 17 December 2020 when I asked what you were doing, you wisely replied "things to do, people to see, a world to serve".  Four days later you were taken from us.  May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.  You left behind wonderful memories of your brilliance, compassion  and your kindness.

Let your smile light up the world

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on August 14, 2021
What a friend…

You touched the lives of all you met.   The world is darker without the sound of your laughter, your voice and the shine of your beautiful smile
Shared by Tesse Akpeki on June 20, 2021
Bros T this first Father’s Day without you is so painful.   You have left a big deep hole behind.  I will forever cherish your fatherly heart.  Love you lots.  

First father's Day without you.

Shared by UFUOMA AKPEKI on June 19, 2021
My love, it is that time of the year when we argue about another Father’s Day gift and what I will be getting for you. When it comes to such argument you always win because you never disappoint me when it comes to birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas presents. I cannot believe that you are not with us to celebrate Father’s Day physically again but we will always celebrate you every second of our lives. It is sad and still unable to comprehend that it is 6months now that your voice, laughter, jokes and love is gone. We live each day drawing our strength from the lord and he is the reason why we smile above this great loss we are going through knowing that the good lord is upholding us.

Continue to rest in the lord until we meet at the feet of Jesus.

Love always


I miss you

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on April 18, 2021
My love there is no day that passes without your presence being missed. The house is empty without your laughter, love and voice.  I have asked myself every day what you will expect of me.  I couldn't find the words to summarise what you will want from me.  Then my friend did this art work.  The words spoke to me.  I knew these would be your words.  This is what you would want from me.
You will want me to believe in myself
You would want to to say positive
You would want me to know I am loved
You would want me to live in the moment
You would want me to follow my heart
You would want me to believe I am awesome
You would encourage me to do what I love
You would encourage me to have faith
You would like me to be brave
You would wish  me to give a smile to life
You would remind me not to give up knowing that everything is possible.  
I know all these are true  - you would want these things of me.   You are watching my dearest husband.  You are at peace and you are wishing me the best.   Thank you my love.  

Your dearest wife and friend, Ufuoma.

When I die ....

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on March 28, 2021
I want to leave you something,
Something better 
Than words
Or sounds. 

Look for me in the people I’ve known or loved, 
and if you cannot give me away, 
a least let me live in your eyes and not in your mind.

Love doesn’t die, people do.
So, when all that’s left of me is love, 
Give me away

(Excerpts from the epitaph by Merritt Malloy)

Tony lives through his inspirational life and his absolute brilliance

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 24, 2021

Tony's  last encouragement to me was to design a radiant beacon of hope and unconditional love, by creating a place and space for people to tell their stories and for others to hear these narratives  in love, without judgement,  and with the possibility of having a feeling of connection – knowing they are not alone.  “Bring together the stories of people around you, so they are your inspiration and steer for navigating crisis” were his words , still ringing in my ears.   The vision to build relationships through story telling has led to the birth of  #TesseLeads,  a relational podcast focusing  on stories,  resilience, wellbeing, healing, recovery and restoration.
Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 21, 2021
Tony loved completing jigsaw puzzles.  We have continued the tradition.   We've completed a 1000 pieces puzzle which  we've called 'the missing piece', simply because we can't find the last piece.  Daddy you would have laughed at this.  Dad,  you are the last piece.  We are not complete without you.   When I go to work, I think of you and miss you everyday.    Love you lots dad, Dee

The circle of life

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
Lion King had so many impactful lessons.  I am so pleased we got to see it together as a family.  The songs helped me see how you live in us and how we live in you.  That bond will never be broken.  Death will not break it.  In life you lit up our world.  You will do it in death as well.  
Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
We laughed, we danced, we sang, we chilled.  Together we found our strength and had fun during the journey.

Never a dull moment.

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
We laughed, we danced, we sang, we chilled.  Together we found our strength and had fun during the journey

Daddy forever we love you

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
You were the ever present daddy.   Love you lots.   We thank you daddy that you made every day count.   We were never left in any doubt as to what we meant to you.  We love you for it dad.  We know you are always our dad

Telling your story in songs ...our bros Tony

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
We appreciate you for the unique person you were.  You told your powerful message in songs.  Your voice was brilliant.  It rings in our ears and in our hearts.  You shared the different textures of life through your voice.

Truly Special

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 13, 2021
We appreciate you for the unique person you were.

Happy Birthday Bros T

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 10, 2021

Today would have been Bros T 60th birthday.  He was looking forward to being with his family and friends, even if it was remote.  Connection was what mattered to him.  He loved people and people loved him right back.   Bros T, you are gone as an earthly citizen but not forgotten.   You were an amazing brother on earth and I know you are in the spiritual realm doing what you do best - loving other people, sending kisses to your four  children, Darren, Kimberley, Kevwe and Keke and embracing your loving wife, Ufuoma.     You live in my minds,  spirits  and hearts, today and always. 

Much love

The awesome guy who was Bros T

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on February 2, 2021
Bros T never pretended to be what he was not.  It was his humility, fun and laughter that made him so adorable, so attractive, so authentic and so warm. Always smiling,  Tony was the friend, father, brother, uncle and colleague who opened the door at midnight and who helped the friend in need.   Bros T we will never forget you.  

An Appreciation - Thank you for all your help, encouragement and support

Shared by Tesse Akpeki on January 27, 2021
We thank God for the gift that is Tony Akpeki (Bros T).   We valued his personality, his presence and his power.  
In the words of James Joyce, Tony came, he laughed, he loved and he left - leaving us with memories of kindness, love, empathy, encouragement and hope.  We thank all of those who mourn with us, who have supported, encouraged and comforted us and held the family at this sad and tragic time as we have tried to make sense of our deep loss of such a precious life.  Bros  T  forgave those who offended him.  He encouraged the weak, the strengthened those who needs encouragement.   He fed the poor and he gave a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  A man of  the people, his loving farewell has been crafted and supported by people who loved him back.  Thank you, Thank you,  Thank you.  Your love  and care means so much to us.  Brother Tony is at peace.
Shared by TheGreatToyAdventures HD on January 24, 2021
Tony Akpeki was a A family man, a gentle man & class mate. I will miss him dearly. He will always take my call wherever he is. I spoke with him informing him of my father passing. I also spoke with him a day before l left for Nigeria. I did not know it will be the last time. 
A very nice man who cared for everyone, friends, employees & his family. Everyone who met him loved him. His generosity is legendary. 
Adieu my friend.
G. Oghenekaro & family. 

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