Shared by Dale Teasley on January 13, 2019

I met Tony in 1983. We were in the Navy together, sailors who served aboard the same ship. We worked in the same department and when I reported aboard he was the one who showed me the ropes. Our personalities were polar opposites. I was quiet, and quite frankly a little scared about being on my first ship. He was confident, talked continuously and seemed to know everything about everything. We quickly became friends, doing everything together. We cruised the streets at night, dancing at the clubs, hitting on the ladies and of course like sailors do, we drank. We even got into a few fights with the Marine guards, as we stumbled back on the base too drunk to barely walk. Of course Tony started them all, but I always had his back like he had mine. We remained friends long after our time in the service ended. He was my dearest friend, my brother, my shipmate. Tony as you sail into the afterlife, I pray for fair winds and following seas. I love you bud.

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