Let the memory of Ardelia be with us forever
  • 72 years old
  • Born on June 25, 1940 in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
  • Passed away on May 8, 2013 in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ardelia Williams 72 years old , born on June 25, 1940 and passed away on May 8, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Alicia Bell on 29th May 2018
Pocahontas, I can not find enough words to tell you how much I miss you. I know God is in control and there is nothing I can do about it. I do know that I’m glad that you’re no longer suffering. Where you are I know without a doubt I will get to see you again. I love you Momma until we meet again. Doll Baby
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 26th June 2016
Today was the day God created an Angel. I learned how to do everything except live without you. Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today. Happy heavenly birthday miss you so much. Did the post at eleven so it posted on the 26th. Love you mom "PRETTY LADY" AS I OFTEN CALL YOU (^_^)
Posted by Alicia Bell on 25th June 2016
Coming on here to say what I want to you is vey hard to do. I love and miss you.It helps to let go of some one the feelings that I hate/love. But the memories are terrific. We didn't have a lot but we didn't want for anything. To celebrate this day without you is one of those hateful times. Wanting you here with us. You and Dad always told us to love you all while you were here because times like this would come along. I love you Momma and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 11th May 2016
I haven't written in awhile coming on here let's me know you are never coming back. Missing your laughter,beautiful smile and very keen sense of humor. It is so hard living without you. For the past month or so my heart has been really heavy. In honor of your Anniversary we went to Weber Grill it was fun, I ate the ribs in your honor they were delicious. Each Mother's Day gets harder without you. I don't want to seem ungrateful I know The Lord don't make mistakes and He knows what's best for us. I just wish I could hear your voice your laughter or see your smile. You are sorely missed belive me honey chil. I'm crying as I type this my heart hurts so badly, and then it's raining if I go outside no one could tell I'd been crying huh? Your buddy misses you just as much. Some day we will meet again, sometimes I wish I had died instead of being here hurting this much. No one can EVER TAKE YOUR PLACE!! It was not my time to go so I'm here dealing with the loss of the ones I loved. It's not easy each day is different but through time I guess it will heal. I love and deeply miss you wish I had that lesson of learning to live without either of you but since I didn't I'll take one second,minute,hour, day,year at a time. Love you *_*
Posted by Alicia Bell on 2nd May 2016
Hay Momma, Girl our little girl is growing up. She went to the prom this weekend she really looked beautiful. In a couple of months she will be off to college. I love you Momma. In a few days it will be Mother's Day, I hate this day you are not here to enjoy this day with us I'm thankful we had you for all of good times that we did. I miss and love you.
Posted by Alicia Bell on 11th April 2016
Happy Anniversary Momma I love and miss you
Posted by Alicia Bell on 24th March 2016
Pocahontas, girl I have something to tell you. Your baby Ms. Alana has a driving license. She took me to the mall, she drives good. It will not be long she will be graduating from high school and college is next in Memphis. I told Sam you sent a SHUT UP from heaven he said he wasn't going to.:-) Mom I miss you and Dad like crazy.
Posted by Alicia Bell on 11th March 2016
Haaaaayyyyy Pocahontas, how are you? This time last week we celebrated Granny's 94Th birthday. We had a nice time and she seemed happy. I had some squirrels in my attic making all kinds of noise. But today that problem has been taking care of.(3-11-2016) Take care of PawPaw and Rubin
Posted by Alicia Bell on 29th February 2016
Pocahontas, it's been a very long time since I have been on your tribute page. For that I'm sorry it's just not the same writing you verses seeing you and talking to you. I told Daddy the same thing . I miss both of my parents with all of my being and I don't want to get on here and keep saying the same thing all of the time. Just the thought alone is very hard to do I think about all of the good times that we as a family had. And that gets me through. Pocahontas I love you it will not take as long to write you again. Your Dollbaby
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 29th February 2016
It's kinda hard having to write to someone that you can't hear or speak back. Mom you are always in my heart, but not having you here is so hard to bear. Missing your daily emails the games we'd play having fish on Fri just being in your presence made the world revolve. Now that you aren't here its very very hard. If you were here now you'd say gurl if you don't go to bed. I have always been a night owl. Nothing has changed besides I been recuperating and ALL I HAVE BEEN DOING IS SLEEPING. BUT I'M GONNA GET ME SOME SLEEP DON'T WANT TO START GOING ON DAYS WITHOUT SLEEP NOT GOOD FOR ME I KNOW. GOOD MORNING. UNTIL I WRITE AGAIN. LOVING AND MISSING YOU SO MUCH ;'(
Posted by Ronald Williams on 6th October 2015
Hey mom just thinking on yesterday you gave birth to the best man i know 55 years ago thanks i guess i did ok still thinking of you anf the times we had
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 5th October 2015
Mom/Dad sitting here thinking about you and what you would cook on a day like today. Chili mac or soup n grill cheese. I attend an adult day group, for lunch the cook made some notheren beans that I could promise on my life you made them seasoned just the way you did. As life passes on a daily basis you cherish the memories of those that are no longer living. Dad I see why you would say,"Take care of your mother" you only get one no one on earth can replace her. I love and miss you both until we meet again.
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 26th June 2015
The Son is shining very nice today wishing you were here to enjoy your way. Doesn't have to be a holiday just the idea of sharing laughter and good food was your motto. You loved music you loved to have fun. Not one day would go by without us hearing you calling out to "Ron". Your hearty laughter I wish I could hear. Or even hear you say anything would be great. I'm missing you every single day. This is just a few words I want to share from my heart.
Posted by Ronald Williams on 25th June 2015
Dear mom today would have been Birthday #75 ITS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE NOT HERE Happy Birthday continue to rest in peace till we meet again.
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 15th June 2015
One week before your born day. Mom missing you gets harder and harder with each passing day. Especially the holidays. I think about how you'd love your BBQ and 7-up and strawberry shortcake. The roof is finally put on the church. Tried finding dad's post but can't. Any way First Sundays are becoming easier thank God for that. I love you Mom/ Dad with all my heart until we meet again.
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 10th May 2015
Love you with all my heart ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Happy Mother's Day missing you daily
Posted by Ronald Williams on 10th May 2015
hey mom today is Mothers Day Sorry I cant say it in Person but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you Love you
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 3rd May 2015
It's almost Mother's Day thinking about you not being here is really sad. I don't want to sound selfish I wish you could be well and be here with us. Never did I imagine living this life without you. NEVER
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 27th April 2015
Just looking at your pictures today while on my way to an appointment. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you in some form or the other. The Open Hearts had the fashion show this Saturday no I didn't attend but saw pictures of those that modeled. You are sorely missed. Let me stop before I start bawling like a two year old I love you more than life itself. Fare the well until we meet again.
Posted by Ronald Williams on 14th April 2015
Well Mom I was just sitting here wondering what it be like to hear your voice again we used to talk everyday I thought about calling you one day then I thought shes to busy enjoying Heaven
Posted by Lisa Bell on 24th March 2015
Pocahontas, your dollbaby is doing really good these days. God has made things better for me. Because without him I'm not sure if I would be this far. You and Dad always told us to find and know the Lord for ourselves and that's what I'm doing. I miss my loving parents really bad these days, but I do know that you and Dad would want me to go on with my life as if you guys were here. The house is really coming along nice, spending them twenties ( as Dad) would say. I love you Momma
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 24th December 2014
Mom I miss you more than any word that could ever be spoken. Last Monday was really hard for me as I began thinking about you. The holidays were like being a kid in the candy store for you and dad you'd light up so, just living and loving your family looking forward to what you were getting from each one of us. Opening presents with each other was lots of fun, along with dad and his champagne toast "sip" on New Year's Day. Our family was one of a kind I cherish every thing that I now wish I could do. The simplest things like hearing your voice or laughing at dad corny jokes. The saying remains true you never miss your well until the water runs dry it is now a drought. Well signing out for now Merry Christmas I love you both and know that one day off in the distant future I shall see you again, Love("your oldest daughter" as you would often say) you dearly.
Posted by Alicia Bell on 1st October 2014
Posted by Alicia Bell on 24th August 2014
Mom I think about the song I'll fly away and butterflies and think about how they both have something in common they are free and so are you.No more pain and sorrow, loving you and daddy was and is the greatest
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 21st August 2014
Posted by Andrea Williams on 18th August 2014
Mama I never knew pain until the day I lost you
Posted by Rhonda Williams on 18th August 2014
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you in some form or the other. You are truly missed in every facet of my life. Love you very much<3
Posted by Rodney Williams on 11th August 2014
Miss. You sooooo much joy comes in the morning... rip Mrs Ardy
Posted by Alicia Bell on 8th August 2014

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