Arinzechukwu (Ari) Fredrich (Fritz) Igbo
  • 34 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 26, 1981
  • Date of passing: Jan 22, 2016
Let the memory of Ari's beautiful soul be with us forever

John 11:25-26 [Good News Translation (GNT)]

 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will live, even though they die; 26 and those who live and believe in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Arinzechukwu (Ari) Igbo, 33, born on February 26, 1982 and passed away on January 22, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Arinze is survived by his lovely and devoted wife, Mrs. Nneka Igbo and new born son, Ifeanyichukwu Igbo, and also his father, Dr. Ejiofor Igbo, mother, Mrs. Efuru Igbo, brothers: Dili Igbo and Ike Igbo, and sister Dr. Chineye Iwuagwu (nee Igbo), and many cousins and friends.

Tribute from Arinze's wife, Nneka:

Death what are u?
Are you a call?
Are you a solution?
Are you an Answer?

I will never forget the 22nd of January, 2016. The day, the hands of death snatched you away from us. It happened like a dream because i still spoke to you a night before, all you kept saying was you had met your Guardian Angel, Angel Raphael. You said you wanted to be alone and i should take good care of our son. I was so confused because I never believed you would die just like that. 

You left on the day I least expected, but I cannot fight God, he owns your life and mine. I know that God called you home because every other time it seemed you were at death’s door, you fought like the lion that God made you and always prevailed. But who can say ‘no’ to the Almighty God? You walked away with Him, going away with such peace that I can only bow to God’s sovereignty.

You were my husband, my brother, my friend, my child, a humanitarian, free and open spirited, a man of Peace, a man of truth, gentle, easy going, amiable, soft spoken, flawless in character, a very generous soul and an earthly saint as I proudly described you. You awed me with your wisdom, you melted my heart with your kindness and humility, Your impeccable manners made Prince Charming a living reality. 

I will always remember the sacrifices you made to keep us happy, the unconditional love you gave. You were everything I ever needed, a perfect husband. 

When we first met each other, I remembered being overwhelmed by a desire to become a part of your world. I have always felt so lucky that you chose me to share in your life experiences and I am so grateful for some exceptionally special memories and times. 

I remember our beautiful wedding day, It was quite simply the most wonderful day of my life. You were so much more than I could have ever wished for in a husband and memories from that day are just some of the richest and warmest I will have of you. We felt so at peace, so relaxed and were so excited about the future. I could never quite believe that I was married to you.

Arinze, you were my rock. When I got upset, you stayed calm. When I was worried, you said it would be ok. When I wasn’t sure what to do, you figured it out. You gave me the experience of being deeply understood, truly supported and completely and utterly loved – and I will carry that with me always.  You were completely dedicated to your family in every way. We had years of the deepest love, happiest marriage, and truest partnership that I could imagine.

With you I was blessed with the best gift God in heaven had to give, the gift of Ifeanyichukwu, a sign to know you are with us in spirit. With you, I learnt to face the world without fear and learnt daily the things that matter most.

As heartbroken as I am, I am equally grateful. I know how lucky I have been. If the day I walked down that aisle with you, someone had told me that this would happen, that you would be taken from me in less than two years, I would still have walked down that aisle, because these years of being your wife, is perhaps more luck and happiness than I could have ever imagined. I am grateful for every minute we had.

Boo boo, there just aren't enough superlatives to describe you. You were also the 'gold standard' of men - always smiling, always finding time for the family and friends that you loved so dearly, you were never cross, just kind. His kindness was infectious, and his grace, beyond compare.

Above all you were the 'gold standard' of husbands - Amazing, courageous, inspiring, patient and loving. You were without any doubt the greatest man I've ever known, you taught me to tell the truth, to forgive, to pray and love God more, to be compassionate to everyone, these lessons are bearing fruit in my life. You gave me such confidence and strength. You filled me with such pride.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again - I would marry you over and over again. 

It is not how long but how well we lived together as husband and wife. I promise you with God’s help that love and peace will always remain in my heart until we meet again to path no more. Be sure of my prayers as I will always remember you, and be assured i will give my best to take care of our son and bring him up in the way of God as you sternly emphasized.

I want to thank all of our friends and family for the outpouring of love especially those who shared in our crisis, It has been extraordinary, and each story you have shared will help keep Arinze alive in our hearts and memories.

Arinze still lives on in the stories people are sharing of how he touched their lives, in the love that is visible in the eyes of our family and friends, in the spirit and resilience of our Son. Things will never be the same, but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived.

And despite the worldly passing of an incredible man, I undoubtedly know heaven gained one stud of an angel.

As a child of God, i will trust that the living God who gave you to me will look after us. Your memories will always shine bright and beautiful in our hearts.

Whilst I cannot believe that you are gone, i am in shock and hurting so very much. I am comforted and consoled by the rich tapestry of memories that we formed over our short time together. Thank you.

I promise you will never ever be forgotten and I will miss you so very much.

All my love now, forever and always.

Adieu, My love, My husband, My Boo Boo, My Sugar banana

Your Wife, Nneka.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Allen Crichlow on 13th February 2016

"Mrs. Igbo,

The longer we get to live, the more we reflect on the brevity of life and how precious it really is. So everyday that we are above ground is a blessing. Yet, all too often we see or hear the negative effects of how people treat each other. The entire world has been inundated with violence which has caused many deaths. That's why many today even limit their news intake, in order to shield themselves from such depressing reports.

Therefore, all of us need to hear words of comfort from time-to-time. So this letter is to share an up-building message from God's Word the Bible. The first pages of the Bible tell of the time when death came to be and Paradise was lost. The final pages tell of the time when death will be brought to nothing, (Cor. 15:26) and God will restore Paradise to the earth. People will then be able to live happy, productive lives forever. (Isa. 65: 17, 21-23) Just think, 'God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The (former) things have passed away.'--(Rev. 21:4) This vision for the future that apostle John saw must have been so fascinating, that he stopped writing. Because the next verse says:".....write, for these words are faithfully and true."-(Rev. 21:5b) This really underscores the reliability of God's promises and what He's fully able to do.

If you would like to learn more please visit and look up the Bible tract entitled "Can the dead really live again?" please read it along with your copy of the Bible. I hope it leaves you refreshed and build in you a sure hope for the future.  



This tribute was added by Yvette Kelly-Aniagolu on 8th February 2016

"God Almighty in infinite wisdom called you home. We are so shocked and saddened by your sudden passing. And we have faith in God's omniscient presence but with sad hearts we muster courage to say " It is  well." Gentle, handsome Arinze rest well safe in God's loving arms.  We miss you and cherish happy memories of your young life."

This tribute was added by Dili Igbo on 7th February 2016

"Fritz, it has been difficult for me to come to terms with the reality that your smile I will miss forever, your brotherly words I will miss forever. Growing up as kids has so many memories too numerous to share.
You left this world early. Your put a smile on the faces of people you came across, tried in every way possible to help even when it meant going off your way. You will always be in my heart. I will desist to question God and his decision to call you this early. Please pray for us who you have left behind so when our time is ended here on earth, we will reunite with you and the Saints in heaven. Sleep on brother."

This tribute was added by Arinze Ifebunandu on 5th February 2016

"Ari....bro, my in shock. Been quite a while since we communicated. I still remember school days. Am not sure I ever saw a frown on your face let alone see you angry. Even under a tense situation you still smile and show calmness. Sad so say these words...RIP DEAR BRO."

This tribute was added by Asari Aniagolu on 5th February 2016

"It has taken me some time to decide what exactly to write as a tribute to you, Arinze. After the shock, I was so deeply saddened to hear about your passing. And, honestly, my mind is still reeling. But, I am so happy that we keep in touch, even if it was just through emails, talking about our careers, our families, and our plans for the future. I know you are at peace with the Lord and because of that, I choose to remember you as gentle and caring as you have always been."

This tribute was added by Yvonne Orekyeh on 5th February 2016

"I started this tribute on Tuesday, Ari, but I couldn't finish it 'cause I couldn't see through my tears. I never imagined I'd have to do this for you. And so early?!

I thought I'd come to terms with your passing but walking into the reception of the office this morning and seeing the poster announcing your funeral arrangements brought it all home again.
I still remember the look of pride on your face as you told me that Nneka'd had a baby; a son, and you'd both named him Ifeanyichukwu. It was Monday, the 11th of January and I'd been away on leave and afterwards, official assignment so I hadn't seen you either at work or church. How could I have known that was the last time I'd see you?

We met in 2005, through Okon (Hocus-pocus) and you were so quiet, I sometimes wondered if we (Funmi, Chinyere and I) were too noisy a crowd for you but when you did speak, it was with wisdom, far beyond your 24 years.

In all my life, I haven't met a kinder soul. You were always considerate of the feelings of others around you, Ari. You always had a kind word for everyone and only saw the best in people. You always told me that if only humans could stop, for a moment, to put themselves in the other's position, a lot of misunderstandings could be avoided.

You know, here in the office, even those who didn't know you so well have only pleasant things to say of you. While some remember you as "that guy who was always so well-dressed", for some, it's "that guy who was always so polite" and for many others, it's "the dude who always had a smile for everyone." I still haven't met anyone who met you who didn't have a positive thing to say about you.

I was talking with my boss this morning and she quoted an excerpt from a book, which says "It's not how long we live on earth that matters, but how well." I'm glad my friend lived a beautiful, albeit short life.

I pray you find rest with the saints, Ari. I also pray that the Lord strengthens Nneka and every other member of your family and that HE walks with them through this dark period. As for your friends, we will seek solace in our many fond memories of you.

Rest in peace, Ari."

This tribute was added by Jess Clair on 5th February 2016

"As a fellow Christian, my heart breaks for you and your family. Death certainly is an enemy as stated at 1 Corinthians 15:26. Thank goodness we have our loving God to give us comfort through His word the Bible, such as the scripture you shared at John 11:25-26.  I wanted to leave you a few scriptures that have helped me endure some very hard trials in the past; 2 Corinthians 1:3, 1 Peter 5:7, and Revelations 21:3,4.  I hope they will bring you comfort as well.


Jessica, a local Bible Student
For additional Bible based encouragement, copy and paste the link below into the address bar of your web browser, or visit"

This tribute was added by Loveth Lacreme on 5th February 2016

"Dear Arinze, I met you once during your wedding ceremony and I said to  myself this man complements my friend - the best husband for my friend. it is so sad that you are no more. A kind soul, continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Arinze Anthony Nwokeji on 5th February 2016

"My name sake , you were a kind soul, iam speechless ,lose of words but my consolation is you loved God so much ,may your gentle soul rest peace till we meet again .Amen"

This tribute was added by Akpa Emeka on 4th February 2016

"A candle just got blown off. A young enterprising young man with a bright future. Oh death why why why. This keep re echoing in my head. The thought of your demise was a great shock to all who knew and have come across you. A look at your with and son Andrew sends cold shivers within me of what the future holds. We love you but God loves you more. I know you are resting in God's kingdom. Rest in peace my friend and Brother. Till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Olusola Orenuga on 4th February 2016

"honestly dis is a rude shock mama,i couldnt bliv it!even as i was reading d msg on ur wall i wish i was misreading or i was dreaming,all dat was coming to me was ur wedding day in festac,i was looking at u  and ur charming husband.although i never met him but am sure he is a wonderful fellow,mama God will comfort and be with u and ur isnt easy and the journey wont be easy but God will be with u all thru and the spirit of ur husband in heaven will always protect u and ur son.R.I.P arinze and take heart my frnd mama......."

This tribute was added by Kingsley Aghanya on 3rd February 2016

"Ariboy. I light a candle & lay flowers for you. You were very unique. Rest in Peace. Amen. From   Chinwe  Mbata Aghanya."

This tribute was added by Okey Ekweanya on 3rd February 2016

"I cannot remember when I first met Ari, he's been a friend since before I knew what friendship was called. As the older brother of my best friend, he never put on those airs we all had when we were younger and when seniority of even six months was a really big deal to be played up whatever chance one got. No, Ari was never that way, we always were friends even though he  was slightly ahead of me. Given our long history, my memories of Ari are unsurprisingly numerous, from attending after-school lessons at his house, to playing "table-soccer" and other games with him and his great siblings, to learning how to drive around the same time. At UNEC, he made several typically spirited attempts to recruit me into the Human Race Foundation. To his great credit, he always was a gentleman even when I obviously disappointed him by declining to join up; despite this we remained good friends until the end.
The end,,, its still difficult to think of this as 'the end" for Ari because he was always so full of life, a real peoples-person. The last time I saw Ari was at his wedding in 2014 as he had moved to Abuja even though we did try to keep in touch thereafter in this our fast-paced world.

His death brings into stark relief the transience of life and the understanding that we must always stand ready to return to our maker. For one so young his death is painful, especially having just become a father for the first time a few weeks ago and leaving behind a young widow as well; but we cannot question God and must give Him praise in all situations, difficult as this one may be. To a friend who became a brother, an  excellent gentleman, a devoted husband and father, a good man, I can only say good night for now until we part no more, rest easy my brother, my friend."

This tribute was added by Chinwe Onoh on 2nd February 2016

"I lit a candle before. I am laying a flower now.
...For you Arinze. FOR YOU."

This tribute was added by Chinwe Onoh on 2nd February 2016

"Dear Arinze. Everyone called you Ariboy in Unec. Your face can never leave my memory. Ive never seen you upset. Never heard you raise your voice. You were just always smiling gently. You survived Unec's Archy Awesome!  When i saw on facebook on the 24th that you are no more, i was shocked!!!! "Not Ariboy". Arinze will never hurt a fly. I remembered seeing you in Unec. Talking to you. I remembered your face, your teeth, your slim frame.
The last time i saw you was in Festac. I am so glad we had that time. We walked down the street of 1st Avenue. You told me about going to Abuja  to take up a job.
Linda Igweh could not believe it when i told her. We had lost a second good man and friend of ours after Alex King from Unec Archy dept.
I read from your wife's tribute that you told her you had seen your guardian Angel. This is sure proof that you are in heaven. I am sure you are looking down on us and telling us not to cry.
I feel bad for your wife but God (and you), will be her strength.
Not sure what Ogo Eke is feeling now. Ikenna Ndaguba told me you just sent him messages On the 16th telling him about your new baby boy.
So many things to say. So many thoughts and memories. Words cannot describe this loss.
I am Grateful for this memorial site for you. You deserve to be remembered EVERYDAY!
Adieu Arinze Igbo."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Nwanevu Ossai-Alu on 2nd February 2016

"Aribobo, the news of your death was the greatest short I have ever heard. I cried like never before for the loved ones you left behind especially my Sister your wife & my inherited Godson - Ifeanyichukwu. We take solace knowing that you are with you creator. Rest in Peace Arinze."

This tribute was added by Prince Iyke on 2nd February 2016

"It's still a mystery how you left. Ari-Boy, I was talking about you not so long ago - saying it's been a while since I last saw you and hoping to see you when I visit ABJ. But the greatest shock is when Charlie called to inform me of your mysterious demise. Reading your wife's tribute makes me feel like spending that night with you when you left. I'm still perplexed at the story surrounding your demise but one thing I hold as solace is the fact that you are in a better place. Where there is no Change mantra nor fear of insecurity, neither will you bother about the corruption any more.
Paddiman, you left a mark with us. We will forever miss you. I only wish you stayed a bit longer, but God knows best. Ifeanyi won't see your cute smile except for pictures; Nneka won't have a Booboo to relate with; Ike doesn't have Ari-boy to boast of again; we don't have our Ari-boy to speak words of inspiration and wisdom to us again.
Death, you have done your worse, but Ari-boy, we will live on to continue where u left.
Relax with Chineke, it's a better place.
Just can't help but say "I still wish this was a Steven Spielberg movie - waiting for your emergence before the burial date"."

This tribute was added by Chike Chukwuneke on 2nd February 2016

"I am amazed as to the death of your hubby Mama...I really don't know him too well, but know he was a good man and hubby to you and would have been a wonderful father to his son...May his soul RI...Amen, knowing that he is with Jesus Christ in God's Holy Hands....Be strong dear..."

This tribute was added by Nekky Frances on 2nd February 2016

"ari-boy,is so early to say goodnight,,u touched lives with your good and pure heart,you will be greatly missed,may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Gabriel .... on 2nd February 2016

"Never met Arinze before, but because he was Married to Nneka, i believe he must have been one kinda guy that could've swept Nneka off her feet, a guy that's full of love, a guy understanding enough for Nneka to say yes, a guy that must have been passionate and enthusiastic about life, a guy positive in thinking and looking forward to many conquest....Rest in Peace Arinze-Igbo......You will be missed....."

This tribute was added by ADA ONWUTA on 2nd February 2016

"I remember on the 7th of January when I spoke to you and you were so happy,telling me 'ada,see what God has done for me o,he has given us Ifeanyi and I told you yes o thank God for his mercies and we both laughed. It's so unfortunate but God knows best. I'm happy I met you and I pray you rest well cos I know he alone knows why it had to would really be missed, I assure you. Rest well ARINZE!"

This tribute was added by ChiChi Okoye on 2nd February 2016

"Dear Ari
What a shock! Your text to me at Christmas was so sweet. I had meant on my return to Abuja  for us to visit one of my favorable charismatic priests but never completed the plans. My regret is that I never had a chance to see you in the New year. If I had I would have told you how much you are loved. I am however consoled that what God and the angels are telling you now are incredibly much more beautiful than anything I would have said to you. Sleep in peace dear Cuz till we meet again"

This tribute was added by charles chuka aniagolu on 2nd February 2016

"I met our cousin Arinze Igbo, Uncle Victor's son, at Exclusive Department stores in Abuja, only days before he passed. Prior to this, I hadn't seen him in a few years and might have had a hard time recognising him if he hadn't walked up to me and re-introduced himself. We exchanged warm greetings and promises from each other to keep in touch more regularly in the future. And I burned his features into my
consciousness so that I might never again fail to identify him.  Imagine my shock when - amidst my revels - I learned of his passing a few days later from my sister Titch (Chi Chi). By the sacred mysteries of humankind's restoration, may the Almighty remit for Arinze the punishment of the present life and of the life to come, and may He/She/It open to Arinze the gates of Paradise and admit him to everlasting happiness."

This tribute was added by Dr. Jacinta Aniagolu-Johnson on 30th January 2016

"Dear Arinze, as painful as your passing has been, I want to thank GOD for the amazing gift of your life, even as short as it was to us. Your beautiful and kind spirit will remain with us forever. I am so grateful that you accepted our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST in your heart. Until we meet again in glory,I thank GOD for giving you life which you shared with us."

This tribute was added by Dr. Jacinta Aniagolu-Johnson on 30th January 2016

"Tribute from Auntie May:
My Dear Arinze, you know your Auntie May loved you very much and will love you forever. My comfort is knowing that you are with Jesus Christ in God's Holy Hands."

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