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Posted by Melissa Bellapu on June 8, 2022
I know your in all love and all peace with our Father. Love you 
Posted by Maniraj Bellapu on April 24, 2022
Forever in our hearts
Posted by Maniraj Bellapu on September 28, 2021
Love you our Little Bit. 6 months has gone fast but know your here with us everyday.
Posted by lauren GARCIA on August 31, 2021
Blessings and love to Ashley and the family. Such a beautiful tribute to her lovely memory.
Posted by Roció Arteaga on July 19, 2021
My dear Ashley we miss you every day baby girl. Not a day goes by that you don’t cross our thoughts. Yesterday was your 4th month angelversary. Still in disbelief that you’re not physically here with us. I treasure all of the great memories we had. I miss that contagious laugh of yours and kind heart. ❤️
Having you as a nice has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Love you!
Posted by Aman Vercady on June 25, 2021
I miss you my friend no one informed me now who will talk to me how can i share my feelings you love my handwriting i will miss you forever I LOVE YOU.
Posted by Ibtihal AlSahlany on June 11, 2021
Happy Early 3rd Month Anniversary Ashley!
Posted by Melissa Bellapu on May 9, 2021
I miss you so much my little better me!
Posted by Melissa Bellapu on May 1, 2021
Memories are timeless treasures of the heart

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Posted by Melissa Bellapu on June 8, 2022
I know your in all love and all peace with our Father. Love you 
Posted by Maniraj Bellapu on April 24, 2022
Forever in our hearts
Posted by Maniraj Bellapu on September 28, 2021
Love you our Little Bit. 6 months has gone fast but know your here with us everyday.
her Life

Ashley Elizabeth Huereca (November 19, 2004 - March 18, 2021)

Ashley Elizabeth Huereca arrived in our lives on November 19, 2004 in El Paso, Texas as a bundle of joy, laughter, and happiness. The name Ashley is rooted to mean a type of tree. When she made her first smile, she planted herself to take in what the world had to offer
Her big adventure set eyes were only matched by her beautiful dimple smile as she always tried to wander off on her two little feet into the great big world, trying to see how far she could branch out though her little hands could barely reach over the tabletop. 
She exploded into the world, going from living room breakdancer to Hueco Tanks Elementary School cheerleader to Harmony School of Innovation folklorico dancing.
That creativity then began to branch off and take multiple shapes, especially into music and drawing. She loved Anime, the musical Hamilton, making TikTok videos (even back when first started it all), watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, all the classic Disney movies, drawing, writing poems and songs. Music had begun to spring up in her.
Determined to not just soak in the music and art, she taught herself the guitar and ukulele as well as a little bit of piano so she could have her own voice heard and blossom. 
She then embarked on the adventure known as school at Harmony School of Innovation. It was there the warmth of her dimple filled smile and heartfelt laughter filled the halls, touching every student and teacher that she stumbled upon. Here she discovered her other passions of learning German, being part of Anime club, playing the recorder flute, gardening club, and being part of flag football as the water girl. But the team will testify that she didn’t just bring water, she gave them team spirit. She also discovered the direction of what she wanted to be in this great big world. She wanted to head into medicine. She began her journey by making Biomedical Sciences as her major.  
Her love of Anime was only matched by her love of the magic of Disney. And as she wished upon a star, she reached for the pixie dust and flew to enjoy Disney cruises, Disneyland, and Disney World. Here she learned the power of dreaming since a dream is a wish your heart makes. But what would be of magic without some sorcery. So she donned her cloak and wand to enjoy her adventures in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World and thrilling rides of Universal Studios. 
But she knew her magic, her heart, her laughter, and her life was planted here by a God who loved her immensely. And she learned of this love at her church, Abundant Living Faith Center. No matter how big the tree of her life grew and though she questioned parts of this world, she knew there was a love of Jesus that held her tight. So she opened the doors of her balcony room at Bible camp in Dallas, TX and sang out to the heavens “Oh Come to the Altar”.
Yet when you came to the living room, you would come across this ruler of the Minecraft universe, sitting on the couch in her Jack Skellington pajamas, and sipping on her full glass of chocolate milk with her headphones blasting “Satisfied” from Hamilton.
Ashley had all this strength, talent, joy, and excitement yet she made a choice only few could make... she embraced the hero’s journey. And just like Batman, she took up her mantle and made sure to be the arm that reached out to grab everyone she knew before they fell over the edge. She would spend hours late into the night making art projects to give to friends just to make them smile. She would FaceTime with friends to watch movies together just to be there for them. She stepped into the gap of where friends and families would be apart and pull with all her might to bring them back together. She put the needs of others ahead of her wants. 
However, Ashley knew the hero’s journey sometimes meant that the own personal weight a hero carried is heavy but not to be shown to the world. Ashley carried a weight that she let no one know because she felt it was hers alone to carry. It is a weight that is sad to say that many others silently carry to this day as well. Though it was a weight she didn’t choose to carry she never let anyone else know the fight she fought because she was the hero. She did the saving. 
On March 18, 2021 our beautiful hero could no longer carry the weight. And true to her hero heart, she protected everyone she loved from feeling the weight she carried. She then saw her Heavenly Father’s Arms Open Wide and laid herself to rest in those graceful arms where she finally found her peace. 
A tree never dies. It gives off its seeds to be planted into the future to have its legacy and heart live on. Our Little Ashley planted the seeds of her love in our hearts. So she continues to live on through her mom, Melissa, as the Mushu to her Mulan.  Her dad, Maniraj, as the Batman to his Superman. Her sister, Yasmin, as the Pinkypie to her Fluttershy. Her brother, Isaac, as the Gon to his Killua. Her brother Ajay, as the lava to his volcano. Her sister Bryanna, as the moon to her stars. Her grandparents, Elizabeth, Leticia, Valentine, Ladislado, and Ratna, who will always be the sunshine to their sky. Her dog, Luna, and every one of her friends, family, and teachers.
As Winnie the Pooh would point out: It’s never good-bye. Because as long as Ashley is in our hearts she will be there forever. 
See you later on our Lil Bit.
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Ashley Huereca-Bellapu Scholarship

Shared by Melissa Bellapu on June 9, 2021
We honor you our Lil Bit through others. Your legacy will continue to grow 

Lead Dancer

Shared by Melissa Bellapu on May 18, 2021