Sir A.M.O Nwaeze
Augustine, Matthias Onyemaechi, Sunday Nwaeze
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 6, 1940
  • Date of passing: Oct 4, 2015
Let the memory of Augustine, Matthias be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Augustine, Matthias Nwaeze, 75, born on April 6, 1940 and passed away on October 4, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Austin Okafor on 12th November 2015

"TRIBUTE to late Sir Augustine Nwaeze
The news of your transition came with great shock but we are consoled knowing you were a man of great faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour.
By faith in Christ Jesus we know that death is a deep sleep to rise again with the Lord, knowing this we are comforted.
YES, men die at God's own time but we do not mourn but give praises to him, however you will be greatly missed by us the Ngboojis for your jokes and humor which never permitted for a dull moment in your environment.
Adieu!!!! Sir Austin Nwaeze till we meet again at God's own time.
    Austin Okafor and family."

This tribute was added by Tony Okafor on 7th November 2015


How can one truly come to terms with this reality that you are gone from us?  As a man born to lead and with a huge appetite to positively affect others, your departure from this Earth is truly a great loss.

Having interacted with you for many years, fond memories of your pleasant personality mixed with indefatigable authority; that is, an aura of competency, purpose and seamless efficiency keep on flooding to my brain. Indeed, I will always respect and admire you – Uncle Augustine Mathias O. S. Nwaeze - as a great man of our time.

From my point of view, you lived a life worthy of emulation for your remarkable sense of foresight and a deep commitment to family. In your relationship with people, love was an important reason for most of your decisions and actions. Again, your charisma was unique and so deeply appreciated by those who know you.

Just like Apostle Mathias was a true complement of the rest of the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, you were a Mathias that made your immediate and extended Nwaeze Family to be complete. In one word, you were a maestro; a rare talent that has left behind a void so difficult to fill.

Now that you are gone, memories of your good deeds shall live on with us until we meet to part no more. May you find perfect peace in the bosom of God Almighty. Amen!!!

Anthony Chukwuma Okafor & Family"

This tribute was added by Christopher Ajom on 5th November 2015

Sir! So it is really true you are no more! Since after your demise,your sudden death has given us great concern as to what life is all about.
Just a few weeks ago,we spoke and you were full of joy for marking your 75th birthday,you also demonstrated excitement over the successful wedding ceremony of your son and suddenly the story change.It becomes brief illness and now you are no more,what an oath world?. Well,we can't forget in a hurry your Fatherly role and commitment toward uniting our families(Nwaeze and Ajom) together inspite of initial reason of distance.Indeed,you are a bridge builder of our generation.Sir,your departure as created a very big vacuum that can not be fill by any means.We appreciate your show of love and care each time we visit home(Ibusa),we cherish the family and life tales you share with us,we thank you for the emotional and psychological coverage you gave us,we thank you for the time you mourn with us in our time of grief,we are very grateful for your hospitality life style that speaks impeccable about your good self.However,these aspect of my INLAW Sir Augustine M.Nwaeze are indication of what his absence from the family will cause us.But we will take solace on the fact that you left behind good legacies that are worthy of our emulation.
Sir,as tears roll down our cheek,we shall not forget the sweet memories you left behind.We pray God to grant your soul eternal repose.
Adieu! My worthy in-law.

Mr & Mrs Chris Ajom"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 5th November 2015


I  addressed you as Jabez, the Honorable man, for in 1Chronicles 4:10, Jabez the Honourable man called on God, the God of Isreal and the God of his Forefathers saying “Oh that thou wouldst bless me indeed and enlarge my coast and that THINE hand might be with me----------------And God granted him that which he requested”
So, I call you Daddy Jabez the Honourable man because God granted your request after the order of Jabez the Honourable man in 1Chronicles 4:10.
I will miss you for so many aspects of the issues that strengthened the bond of our relationship as descendants of our great- grandmother, NGBONGI- NWAEZE: These include:
Your laughter package any time we are together.
Your encouragement and support towards my interests especially as it concerns the need for me to prepare to come back home and settle in Delta State, either while still in service or after retirement.
Your favorite “old school” tunes played whenever we ride in your car together.
Your concern for my safety and your swift actions to save situations whenever there is need.
Your Leadership Traits, which ensured that both leaders as well as followers are appropriately accommodated.
Your telephone calls from time to time to ask about my welfare, especially your four (4) missed calls on Saturday, 1st August, 2015.
God be with you till we meet again, to part no more!

Mrs.   Awele   Egbueze.
Lion (Duchess) Liz .A.  Egbueze.
           Ngbongi - Nwaeze   Pearl."

This tribute was added by Sam Uwechue on 4th November 2015

"This tribute was added by Samuel Uchechukwuka Uwechue, first cousin to the deceased.

I was extremely grieved when I heard that ‘brother’ Augustine had passed on. For a while I thought of what it means. One of the things it means is that although I spoke with him a few days before he passed on, I would not speak with him anymore. That fact was very difficult to accept.
For me ‘brother’ Augustine was a confidant, was jovial, ever smiling, inspiring and prayerful. He was always selfless and willing to help. I remember in 1966 when my A- level examination centre was in Enugu (those days A -Level centres were very few and restricted to state capitals) he rebuked me for requesting that I stay with him for my exam. He felt I should  just have come without much ado. After my exam he wished that I stayed longer, I did and we had a good time together. During my stay at his place in Enugu my classmates came to visit me and since then till his death he called me by my ‘guy name’-You don’t what to know!!

Oh! He was pure, simple and adorable. He was very successful, hardworking and always cracking jokes and laughing. Sir A.M.O Nwaeze was a brilliant scholar, good businessman and entrepreneur, very proud parent and husband. One of his spectacular and admirable habit was that he attended all events with his wife- a habit worth emulating.

He was a very good sportsman.
I remember during our secondary school days when his school Holy Family Abak came to my school Holy Ghost College Owerri for a boxing match. You can imagine my concern, uneasiness and sadness because he was to box our best boxer who was the regional champion in that weight.  My friends realised that I stopped cheering my school when the fight started. I had to leave the venue of the fight and later I learnt to my joy and relief that the fight ended in a draw.

He will be missed dearly. He will be missed for his visible love and tireless effort to raise the awareness of the Mgbonji family union and keep the Mgbonji family united.

When I saw him off with his wife during my late brother’s burial ceremony two years ago, I did not realise then that I would not see him alive again!! Life is so unpredictable and uncertain.

Sleep in peace in the Lord ‘Brother Austin’. Amen
Ogbueshi Engr. Sam Uwechue"

This tribute was added by Lady Eziamaka Mbanefo on 3rd November 2015


Oh! How are the mighty fallen! Sir Austin Sunday Nwaeze, your death is a very rude shock. But God has the last say.

Sir Austin, You are uniquely special and I am very thankful to God for the life you lived. Your character and virtues are humbling and I will always cherish the legacy you have left behind.

You truly impacted our families (Mbanefo and Nwaeze), because you chose to walk in grace and humility with Christ. Humility positioned you to really know others and be known by others.

Sir Austin, you loved well because we all (your children, grand children, family and friends) felt loved by your consistent care and concern.  You were a joyful servant of your church and community, selflessly attending morning mass each day to quietly meet a need.  Like your mother you were a man of prayer.

You were faithful to the Finish –Your loyalty to my parents kept you committed to strengthening the bond between the families to your last breath. Your system of regular relational investments helped you to lead and bind us all together.

Thank you! Sir Austin you were a wonderful man, You constantly praise the success of others,your charming and supportive nature endears you to all, and your cheerfulness and humor spreads happiness wherever you went.

Your Memory will remain with us forever!"

This tribute was added by Benedict Mbanefo on 31st October 2015

A mighty tree has fallen, where else would the birds of the air perch? The news of your passing on came not just as a surprise, but indeed shocking as that was the least news anyone who knew you well would expect.
Death no doubt is an inestimable  end but when it comes especially to a loved one, the grief of all those affected can best be imagined as it becomes obvious that never again would such person be seen any more. It is hard to believe that a godfather, Sir Austin, has passed on. We are dumbfounded and filled and filled with great sorrow and confusion.  Our hearts are heavy but perhaps, the heaviest burden of all is that you are no more.
You were a kind hearted man, generous in giving even as you extended helping hands to those who requested for assistance. You were a role model, teacher, coach and guide. Your demise has surely left a vacuum in our family but God we love and serve will take charge.
True treasure is not found in ships or in the chest of silver and gold. True treasure is personified in humans who allow themselves to positively impact into the lives of people they touch. Sir Austin, you were a true treasure. You regarded us as member of your family, even though we were only your family friends. You were a blessing to our family and many lives you touched with your grace and benevolence.
As we resign to fate and others that crossed your path. You were tolerant, meek, forgiving, never counted offences (always ready to forgive) and shared with others. You hated laziness.
As you slept peacefully into eternity without struggle, you silently went with our Risen Lord, Our dearest and beloved friend, we have deep appreciation for the blessings you brought into our family. Your memories will forever linger in our hearts.
As we mourn, let us give glory to God that He was blessed with a good wife and resourceful children who will keep the family flag alive.
Thank you Almighty Father for the gift of Sir Austin Sunday Nweze.
Nnabuenyi  P.U.  Mbanefo
For Mbanefo family of Onitsha"

This tribute was added by Ngozi Umeana Nzekwue on 31st October 2015

"Sir A.M.O Nwaeze
This name was sure to be on the guest list of every Umeana family  event...for sure, he would be there with his loving wife. Sir Nwaeze would share in our joy and would always come with a gift.. I still have their very beautiful wedding gift...I particularly admire his devotion to his wife esp in public which is what most african men wouldn't show.
The love and support you gave my friends Ngozi and Nwanne and their siblings is evident for all to see..I'm thankful for the bond of friendship shared by both families and am consoled by the fact that you served the Lord. Rest in peace in the bosom of your maker..i commend your family to the God of all comfort..."

This tribute was added by Joe Okobi on 31st October 2015

"We thank the Lord for a life well spent. We thank the Lord the the gift of Chief Austine Nwaeze.  We have all benefited from his wisdom, advise, jokes and his exemplary life.  May the Lord Almighty receive his  soul. Amen"

This tribute was added by Tessy Odiah on 30th October 2015

"I wish to express my deep sympathy for the loss of a great and charismatic man. You will always be remembered for your sense of humour and pleasant personality.  May your soul rest in the Lord in Jesus Name... Amen

Tessy Odiah"

This tribute was added by nnabueze obi on 30th October 2015

"About my grandfather

My  grandfather  is a nice person to talk to and I can tell he always has a big smile on his face. He is a good Christian. I know he will go to heaven and might have a nice time. Even if he doesn’t have his family with him he will have a good time with God. If I go to Nigeria I will put beautiful flowers in his grave. I would go to Nigeria and pray for him.  Wherever I am, I will always think about and pray for him. If  I  still saw him I would spend  some valuable time with him."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Big daddy, what tribute can be enough for you? Was it your kindness and generosity? Was it your love for God and prayerful life? Was it your fatherly care, which has no bound? Was it your outspoken love for truth and peace?
Big daddy, you were the soured of joy for everyone around you and I am yet to recover from the shock of your departure. How will I ever forget your fatherly advice? They will forever remain in my heart.
I know you are with God in heaven, always intercede for me to achieve my destiny in life.
Rest in the bosom of the lord daddy, till the resurrection day. We love and miss you so much daddy.

Nwadiogbu Christiana(Ada)"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to my uncle

An uncle with a difference; caring,loving, so eager to know what is wrong with you and always willing to help in anyway he could. Jovial, playful always  full of life, a happy man to reckon with, a man of valour.
Ojei Henry Emeka"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


THe Son's and daughters of the Ngboji Family,UMUEZEBO and OGBEOWELE have lost a gem.We have  really lost somebody who will be difficult to replace.

He is Chief Augustine Nwaeze,fondly called Brother or Uncle Austin.

Brother Austin was a man who laboured so much to see that the flame of love lit by the old  generation was not allowed to extinguish in his own time.

He had a dream and this dream was to bequeat to the new generation,the legacy of Love and  ensure that this flame of love and oneness remains aglow.Brother Austin was therefore an  embodiment of love.

This was exemplified in everything he did begining with the family.He was indeed an umbrella to  his siblings as he extended love to all the people he met---in the church,community and even in  the social circles.

It will not be an overstatement to say that he was a reflection of Christ in function.In JOHN  Chapter 15 verse 17 which says  "My commandment to you is this: love one another"

Brother Austin always felt concerned when any member of NGBOJI family has a challenge. To him  distance or resource was never a barrier to showing love and concern to anyone of us.He was  always there for any member of the family both in times of joy and sorrow.He was the rallying  point.He was a great mobilizer.His happiness stems from knowing  that his actions has put  smiles on the faces of others.

He was never selfish with his time and talent.He will defy the rain,caring less if it was late  at night as long as he was going to show love and care to any member of the family who needed  help. This great virtue of Brother Austin has been gladly imbibed by his wife and all of us who  are close to him.

One can continue without end in  eulogising and extolling the virtues of this great son.
I recall how in 2010 when I lost two oved ones in my family at a swoop.I felt the world was  over for me.Brother Austin was visiting me amost everyday with his wife and other members of  the family and kept encouraging me.

Our last meeting was on the 30th of July,2015 at the Funeral mass of our Late Golden Mother,MA  MARIA OHADIKE at St.Monica's Catholic Church,Ogboli.IBUSA. He was greatly concerned about how I  was coping,particularly with the welfare of my children.He also chipped in that I was looking  better which was quite uplifting.This was typical of  brother Austin:always eager to make you feel  happy and important.

I never knew that was going to be our last meeting.I cannot forget this special brother.Brother  Austin,there will never be another YOU.

We mourn and miss you but will be consoled by the knowledge that you lived an exemplary and  fulfilled life.


(Nwa Mama Ogboli)"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


It was a shock and with deep sense of loss that we received the news of the painful exit of a rare icon. Daddy your uncommon care and concern, was not just for your children, but for others who encountered you while alive. You shall remain fresh in our hearts. Your numerous church activities endeared you to all. An inspiring teacher of great repute, a thoroughbred academic. You have left a big vacuum impossible to fill in our heart.
Though you bowed to the cold hand of death, it was for a singular purpose to meet your God whom you served well while on earth. He will spread out his hands to welcome you home.

Rest in peace Daddy

Mrs. Monica Nwadiogbu (Mama Odogwu) & family"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


I mourn your loss, my bosom friend
Shared common fate before this doleful end.
You called yourself AUSTINE the 'wandering' PRINCE
I AUSTINE the 'sedentary' PRINCE.
You called me NWAFULU EZE, and I called you OKOFIA NWA EZE.
Reminisce on our destiny past.
The sweet memories o our camaraderie that last
And the sour melancholy of the Biafran past.
We fly forgotten like a dream.
Time like an ever rolling stream.
I am weighed upon with heaviness
And utterly consumed with sharp distress.
You have embarked on a journey,
A journey we must all take,
Each must go alone.
It's all part of the Master's plan
A step on the road to home.
Good Nite, my good friend
Your memory shall journey into time.


This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015



It is a unique privilege to have had close relationship with my uncle, confidant and friend.
Though the train of life travels fast and has taken him to his final destinations, because as it was written “Man that is born of a woman is of few days ……. His cometh forth like a flower and is cut down ….. “   Job 14 1-2.
My uncle was a rare gem, a beacon of light, tower of strength, and a worthy coach, who led by example, therefore we sense a loss of his final departure and call to glory, we take consolation in the facts that he had left for us a unique family tree legacy and had accomplished purpose through his good exemplary steps which we are to follow as to build an endurable foundation to God be the Glory,
Farewell to a man of Vision.
Farewell to a man of Missions.
Farewell to a man of Humour.
Farewell to a man of Achievement.
Farewell and good night to my dear uncle.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Pastor & Pastor Mrs. OGECHUKWUKA JOHN NWAONEY & Family"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"My Tribute to Sir A M O Nwaeze
Truly, we will miss this man – a man with a large heart, who would go his way to bring happiness to the life of other people. He opened his house for everyone without minding where they hailed from. For me, he was, a gentle, caring and kind father. He was thoughtful and honest…a man of strong principles. True honest man, mentor in my marriage. I truly searched for a model of good husband and found one in you. Wao! What a great lost to the God’s institution of marriage.
Dad enjoyed simple pleasures. He cracked jokes and shared laughter with everyone. His rib cracking jokes will forever be remembered and always bring fresh thought to our memories.
You have left us a good legacy and good-will. We miss you great daddy but I am sure you have gone to be with the Lord. May God keep every loved one you left behind to the very end in Jesus’ name. Amen. Goodnight.

Bayo Shoroye."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Nna-Ike, as I always call you.
     If there ever was a God fearing, painfully honest, dedicated husband and loving father that walked the face of this earth, you will certainly fit the bill.
    Your dedication to your brothers, sisters, friends, your community, parish in all situations is rare.  Your unshakable faith in God in most hopeless cases is most remarkable. Your selflessness is incomparable.
     I was with you in Lagos two days before your transition, with all your jokes that will remain green in my heart. I never knew it will be the last.
    Rest, Nna-Ike, in peace. You have tried to fight the death financially and with faith, yet death refused.
May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015



The news of your exit came as a shock to us; but we try every day to remember your joyful mood, your laughter and the very easy manner you turned difficult moments into light moods. That is the way we will always remember you.

We recall, that at the death of our friend, Prof Frank Ukoli, you exclaimed: 'Ah, this man has carried laughter to the world beyond'. The same can be said at your death: You have also carried laughter to the world beyond.

May your soul rest in peace.

Ngozi and Uche Ugoji."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to my father In-law

Daddy words cannot express the pain in my heart.  Your sudden death is a shock and I still can’t believe it is true.
Daddy knowing you has been an honour and blessing for me.
You are caring, generous and a loving father in-law and a second father to me so much more than a daughter in-law could ever hope for.
The wisdom you shared with us was based on faith in God. You gave each one of us your unwavering attention.  You were always cheerful and full of jokes. We will surely miss you.  We love you but God loves you most.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace until we meet to  part no more.   

Mrs Omegie Nwaeze (daughter in-law)"

This tribute was added by Ndali Olabode on 30th October 2015

On behalf of the Olisa family, I express my heavy heart as I received the shocking news of your demise.
You kept the bond between our parents alive as you were always there for us
We will affectionately remember you for this and miss you dearly
Our hope and confidence is that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Grand PA, Grand Papa, Grand Papa PA!
You always loved to be greeted as Grand PA and the conversation will always end with rib cracking jokes from you.
We can't get them anymore as you were the best.
You made yourself available to God and you served Him. We cannot question Him for taking you away from us. 

Your death has again reminded us it is an invitation and it requires a corresponding loving response from all of us.

May Your Soul Rest In Peace!

On behalf of your grand children 
Fidel Obi (Son in law)."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Grandpa, a very good man. He loved us very much. He has taught me good morals. He told us not to jump. He taught my sister how to respect me. He led us to a good path. He said I should not make noise. He was a happy man. He cared for people and told us to be good always. He told us not to disturb people and to always be kind to people. He told us to respect our parents and to be friends with people.
May his soul rest in peace amen.

Bryan Odiadi"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute for Daddy

Daddy, The arrangement was for you to get  stabilized in Lagos before proceeding overseas for a better a medical  attention...I am short of words and stuck in deep state of sadness... where do i start from? is it the Jokes, banters and several exchanges of comical punches on the phone and each time  I visit you.... Hmmm! Man must talk to Man lol... I wanted to spend more time with you to learn from your huge resource of wisdom and knowledge but ''o bu ka Chukwu si we chor''

Daddy, you are a combination of everything... A father , A friend, A trusted confidant and A Mentor... the Children will surely  miss you... especially our little Mr Nwaeze as he was fondly called, whom am sure is quite young to really appreciate the extent of the  blow of this unexpected event.
Daddy, we find comfort however in the knowledge and belief that you have gone to a much better place to rest until we all reunite again to part no more. 

Daddy, Dike , Okoloobia Igbuzo... May your Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

Barr: Kingsley Odiadi"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to Uncle

I can't believe that the cold hands of death has snatched you away, my loving uncle (my great Iroko), the man who I admire most, father our hearts are heavy as we mourn you.
     As children you were our role model, a father figure. I remember your advice, your smile, your jokes and your laughter. You were always happy telling jokes and you had a way of easing situations. Thanks for being there for my mum, caring for, listening and supporting her.
You were generous, kind, loving towards us, so giving, you spoke to us all about the importance of life and how to follow its path, you were also committed to the Catholic faith. You once said to me that the most important thing is to serve God, love ourselves, listen to our elders, to forgive and to do the right things in life.
     We will forever treasure the memories we had with you. Our hearts are heavy, but we can only take consolation that you are with the Lord. Thank you for being a great uncle, father figure. We love you, you will always remain in our hearts.

Jude Okonta"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to  my Uncle

Dear Uncle,
God saw that you had lived a fulfilled life on earth. So he put his arms around you and whispered. “Come with me”.  I was preparing for work that faithful day when the news came to me. With teary eyes I wept when i heard that your golden heart stopped beating! However it’s clear to me now, God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes ‘’ the best’’!
You were like a father to me and everyone. You presence brought light to the family.  You were the family glue – the person who ensured that everyone stayed linked to one another. I remember how you always made me laugh as a kid with your jokes. In my low moments, you turned my frown to smiles. That was my uncle, lots of gusto, seasoned with plenty of emotion. United we stand, divided we fall. You taught me the lesson of togetherness and how to love and care for one another as a family!
In life, we loved you dearly; in death we do the same. You left with us beautiful memories. Your love will forever be our guide and you will forever live in our hearts.

Nwaeze Charles"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to Uncle:
My earliest memories of my uncle, “Papa IK” as he was fondly called by family was when he would come visiting in Kaduna from Benin bearing gifts of assorted biscuits especially my favourite short bread and other treats for my brothers and I which we always looked forward to as children.
He always enquired about our studies, encouraging us to study hard. He would patiently listen to me as I read from my latest book collection, correcting and applauding me, telling me I could grow up to be a doctor or any profession of my choice – if I kept at it and worked hard. That was Papa IK for you, he never joked with education.
He told the funniest jokes and stories that would make us laugh endlessly. We were in awe of him as big uncle but at the same time we were at ease with him as he made us comfortable with his jokes. He had a way with people, young and old – always outgoing, joking and laughing, never a dull moment.
And that is how I choose to remember you today, Uncle:  with gratitude to God – as the uncle who left a huge impression on the little girl “a father who encouraged her to be the best that she can be, by studying and working hard” and “who was full of life and good humour”. I am thankful to God for the time we had with you here on earth, Uncle, I am comforted in faith, that you are now an angel in heaven and we shall be united again on the resurrection morning.  Our loss is heaven’s gain as I am sure you are making all the angels and saints laugh in heaven.
Rest well, Uncle – your daughter: Jacklyn Nwaeze"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Words cannot fully express the sorrow I fill after learning of your death. I remember all your lovely jokes. My favourite one is the birthday joke. When we tell you is our birthday, but with a Nigerian accent (bed day). Your reply was always "oooooh your bed day, don't worry I will lay your bed for you then you can lay on it. We may move on someday uncle, but we can never let go the memories we have of you. Rest in peace uncle, rest in peace.

From Ify Odiah-Okonkwo and family"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to Uncle

Dear uncle, its sad that you are gone eventhoug you lived above the biblical age of 70yrs. Your illness came as a shock to us and within some weeks you were gone. I thank God for giving me the privilege of seeing you on your  sick bed few days before your painful exit. You were kind,loving,generous and jovial. Even on your sick bed you could still display that jovial nature. Good bye uncle. I am going to miss you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

With love from your niece,

Ukah Awele."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to a caring brother-in-law

       Oh uncle! It is very hard to believe that you left us, just at the time we needed you most. How can we cope without your unifying force, your actions of love, your words of counsel and all the joy derived from knowing you?
       I wouldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law for the part you played in my life. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to bond better with you in the most recent times before your departure, I cherish those moments I had with you, and wish you had lived longer for me.
       I miss you uncle, especially my being unable to hear you call me in that special way you normally did whenever I was around or travelled back to Warri. This makes it more painful when I realized that no one will ever treat me in that very special way.
       Yes, you touched my life!
        Sleep well.
                                                                                                                           Mrs. Doris Nwaeze"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to Late Sir Austin Nwaeze

He was a man who loved human beings and a great socialite,he identifies with your problems anytime he was called upon.
His death was a rude shock to me for I was in one ward in Luth receiving treatment while he was admitted in another ward.well death is a necessary end for every mortal being. I know that you are already resting in the bosom of the Lord. He would be greatly missed.
May the Almighty Lord give your family and your relations the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.Amen.

Your in law Sir and lady F.O Anamanya ksm"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


       Death they say is inevitable, I know we can’t avoid it but why did your own have to be this way?
    Just like a beloved brother, you came to Lagos to bid us farewell before your departure from this sinful world.
    Like a beloved one you already forgave your enemies even after they were the ones who wronged you. 

    A beloved brother who always accompany me (the baby of the house as you always call me) to the park each time i came home. And while traveling back to Lagos, you will always call until i arrive safely in Lagos. Who will do that for me now?`
    But I know that you my beloved brother will do more than that now that you are in the bosom of our lord.
    May eternal rest be granted unto my beloved brother oh God and let perpetual light shine upon him.

    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.AMEN.


This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


My dear brother - Sunday Ohaku! Augo Nwa Monica! "Obong Owo" Nodu Mma!
God brought you into this world on a Sunday and also took you back on a Sunday. No wonder you were such a peaceful, lively gentleman. Brother you brought joy and laughter to many who came your way, you were happy and satisfied when you helped others. Many will miss your funny jokes.
   Brotha your love and care for your family and siblings knew no bounds. We will all miss you, particularly my family and I. I keep on hearing the echo of your advise and encouragement which used to make me forget my husbands problem. I love you brotha, but God loves you most. The peace, love and unity you advocated in Nwaeze family will continue to wax stronger.
   May the good Lord grant your gentle soul eternal rest. Amen.

From your Christy Dear.
Lady C. Odiah, Somayina & Family."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

       I can't believe that the cold hand of death has snatched you away from us. It was on that faithful day September 12th that you came to my house and said you were to go to federal Medical Center to see your Consultant because you felt strengthless and staggering, little did I know that it will lead to our sorrow. You were admitted that same day when I came to you at the hospital, you were still what you are "full of humorous and funny words that make people laugh.
        On Monday the 5th October, a group of our relations came to my house to tell me that our Diokpa sent them to inform me that my brother Augustine has passed to eternal glory on Sunday 4th around 9pm.
      Here I confess that my faith is tried. I wept aloud, could not the great God, Augustine said will deliver him. Do it again! Then I also remember that God said "Vengeance is mine, I will repay".
      My caring brother, to say I miss you is not enough; you were a special son of God. You were very dear to me and you loved all that passed your way in life. You do not bear grudge, you are very friendly by your humorous funny life, and you caused great fun that makes even a sick man to laugh and feel alive and healthy. You were very likable and many speak a lot about you. They mourn you with all their heart. Your activities in the Church is well known and your church members wept for you. So sleep and rest in the Lords palace where no evil enters. ADIEU

My caring brother "ADIEU"
Akpan Nwanze.     "ADIEU"
Nwa Azuka Ego.   "ADIEU"
Farewell till we meet to part no more

                                                                                                                ELIZABETH OKONTA
                                                                                                                LOVING SISTER."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


  The thought of eternity consoles for the shortness of life. Daddy your passing into glory came as a rude shock to me. your type are not common in this world,you are one a million, to us your biological and non biological children especially when I remember your advice to us,your sacrifice, things you gave up so that we may be comfortable.
  My childhood memory was full of fun today all because of you, I am who I am today all is because of you, and I am consoled because I know you are with the lord who you served diligently.
  Death  is inevitable part of life but it still does not make it easy. rest on until we meet to part no more.

K. Anamanya esq"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to a great daddy

Daddy, your demise is a great loss to us all. I wish I was there with you till your last moment on earth so that I can say to you my last words. I pray that God will provide an avenue for  me to  see you  in  my dream so that I can tell you my last words. I still want to rejoice with you and laugh with you in my dreams because you love times of joy and celebrations.  You exhibited a great deal of qualities of peace, love, kindness, forgiveness, wisdom, sense of humor and bravery not only to your immediate family but also to your extended family, your in-laws and everyone that came across you. As a faithful soldier of Jesus Christ your taught us how to pray and have unshakable and relentless faith in God even in hopeless situations.  Your strong faith in God made you survive turbulent times of your life and God made you a hero and an achiever in your life time. You instilled in me the wisdom that will enable me succeed and brave the odds of this life.
        A great oak tree has fallen...... The fall of a hero....The fall that made me cry.....A custodian of the noble virtues of a great king...As your surname implies Nwaeze.....Daddy you are definitely great in your soul, manner and courage in the sublime way that Christian religion, custom and time has demanded. Daddy you have exited in fullness of glory. Even in your last days while you were on  sick bed you still cared about the welfare of many people. They will still remember you for those wonderful gestures you demonstrated in your last days. Until we meet again to unite in  heaven  may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace


This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


Daddy, i still can’t believe you are no longer with us. I  still remember how my husband i and went around from pharmacy to pharmacy late in the night to look for one drug you needed. We were so happy we got it and on getting back to the hospital, i met the doctor on the staircase and asked “how is my dad?” and he said “fine”. I was happy and i sat down to catch my breath when the news was delivered to me that you were gone. It came as a shock to me. Writing this tribute is a difficult task for me because some part of me still feels that you are still with us.
I thank god almighty for blessing us with  a God fearing, wise, humble, brilliant. wonderful, awesome, honest,  loving, caring, social, hardworking, forgiving. and dedicated  dad. I could go on and on.
Dad was a handsome, gentle man, who loved god, the church, family and society. he touched the lives of many. He encouraged us to do the same. He believed in people, never looked down on others, willing to forgive and give a second chance to people.
A hardworking and successful bussinessman, very generous with a heart of gold and a good sense of humour.
Whenever i called him, he was always cheerful, “daddy how are you? He replied “i de kampe”, How is mummy? He replied “mmanu anwum is here by my side and my hands are on her shoulders” if i greet daddy “azuka” he replied “greet me iruka, cant you see my front side?” He was so close to mum, that whenever my mum was with me in lagos, the first call to mum’s phone each day was from him. you need not check who the caller was. Once  you hear is “good morning ibusa” and that confirms it.
Childhood with dad was a memorable one. Daddy was there for us through thick and thin. He shared in our joys and sorrows. He provided for us and gave us the best. He was strict and believed in hardwork. He instilled discipline in us and kept on encouraging me till the end to work hard and attain the peak in my career. Dad your words of wisdom and encouragement made me who i am today.
Your transition unto glory no doubt creates a vacuum.  I believe it is the will of God. My consolation is that you lived a good life and you were God fearing. I miss you dad. I promise to uphold your principles and to do those things that made you happy. I know you are resting in the bossom of our Lord. I am proud of you and i love you daddy. Rest on dad till we meet again.
Your loving daughter,

Ngozi  Odiadi"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015

"Tribute to Dad

Dear Dad,
As I look back over the times,
I find myself wondering…….
Did I remember to thank you enough
For all you have done for me?
For all the times you were by my side
To help and support me ……….
To celebrate my successes
To listen, understand and solve my problems
And accept and console me in my failures?
Or for teaching me by your examples
The power of prayer and closeness to God
The wisdom of searching for peace in times of trouble
The value of hard work, good judgment,
Courage and Integrity………
The vanity in envy, jealousy, and unbridled rivalry ?
I wondered if I ever thanked you enough,
For the sacrifices you made,
To let me have the very best you could give?
And for the simple things
Like laughter, smiles and the times we shared?
If I have forgotten to show enough
Gratitude for all the things you did,
I am thanking you now
And hoping you knew all along,
How much you meant to me.
I miss you Dad
There will never be another one
To replace you in my heart
And the love I will always have for you.
May your gentle & cheerful soul
Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.

Your Son,

Ikechukwu Nwaeze"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 30th October 2015


    My husband Augustine was a man of peace. If the is any reason for which he should be remembered, it is because of the numerous ways he touched the lives of others positively. He was one of the most charitable persons I ever met. He was a faithful and caring husband and beloved son-in-law, not only to my parents but to my other relations and associates. We shared our married life together with one heart and one mind.
    When I declared my intention to participate in politics, he encouraged me to the extent that I eventually won election twice into the Delta State House of Assembly.
    His humour was his greatest attribute that endeared him to many.
    Your Children and I in particular, are proud of you!
     If I ever get to heaven I bet, you are the first angel I will recognise ! You will smile at me and I know you will do. My wonderful ebony eyes!


This tribute was added by mike ilobah on 29th October 2015

"Uncle, how transient life can be; the last time we spoke on the phone, death, as always, was the last thing on my mind. Hindsight is always 20/20 and with its benefit, I would have said more. Uncle you have left a huge vacuum in the nuclear Nwaeze family that will be difficult to fill. You believe in family in every sense of the word and have left us all an example. You were always ready to share, advice, comfort and support when the need arises. You were an inspiration and true to your name ONYEMAECHI, you had foresight and believed that starting well is not as important as ending well. Thus against all odds and at an age when most people would have given up, you made the sacrifice required and acquired a Bachelors and Masters Degree; the wisdom and dividend for this decision is there today for all to see and imbibe. We will also miss your jokes which you use to diffuse tension and reduce mountains to molehills. Uncle on a lighter mood, it all looks like yesterday that I served as a Page boy in your wedding. No, no, no …………….  It definitely cannot be the end, we are comforted, you are only sleeping uncle; GOODNIGHT."

This tribute was added by Nwanneamaka Obi on 28th October 2015

Daddy (Granpapapapa; iron-man), I don’t even know how to start pouring my heart about you. You have always been a very reliable backbone for me, my siblings and our mother and I really can’t fathom how our lives without you would be like.
Daddy, you were a God fearing, very prayerful, kind, very forgiving and a large-hearted man. You had great fear and respect for God and your belief in Him was unshakable. You were very fervent about prayers and you taught us how to pray. You were never happy any time we missed praying with you. You ruled your home in a firm but loving way. You played a key role in what we are today. Daddy, you gave me great confidence and determination in my academic pursuits through teachings, advices and by instilling a never-give-up spirit in me. You showed faithfulness in your marriage to our mum and displayed it in both words and deeds. You showed great respect for the institution of marriage which is a really great inspiration to us all. Daddy, I will always remember your very potent sense of humour. You always had funny jokes to say in any situation and helped lighten dull and sad moods. You brought laughter and joy through your rib-cracking jokes which you were never tired of doing. I terribly miss all these.
Daddy, you hard great love and respect for your siblings and saw their problems as yours as well. You gladly shared in their joys and successes. You ensured that your extended family was closely knit. Your love for your friends was very remarkable and you never failed to show it both in words and deeds. I have always been awed by your powerful display of friendship which is very inspiring and worthy of emulation. You played an enviable role of a father, brother, confidant, friend, mentor and counsellor to your loved ones.
Daddy, your absence in our lives has created an enormous vacuum difficult to fill and you know this where you are. One thing that will greatly please you as you now rest in peace, is that those you left behind draw ever closer to God, placing all our hopes, faith and belief in Him and never ceasing to pray. These we will strive to do by His Grace.
God made us all in His image and likeness, giving each one of us a unique nature and talent. Daddy, I would gladly say you lived up to yours and well done! I thank the Almighty God for the privilege of having you as my father. If I have to live my life all over again, I will still want God to make you my dad.
Daddy, until we meet to part no more, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, surrounded by our immaculate mother, the blessed virgin Mary and the angels and saints of God. We love you so, so dearly but God loves you most. You will forever remain fresh in my mind. May the Almighty God be with you.  
  Your daughter, Nwanne"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Nwaeze on 28th October 2015

""Tribute to Daddy"

It is very hard still,  to address him in past tense. He achieved a lot, he was a good leader, husband, father and grandfather,  his shoes will be hard to fill. It is rare to find a  person with so many good qualities like my father. He was  wise, firm, upright, generous, very accommodating, caring and friendly. He loved to see and make people happy, he had so many jokes and easily made people laugh. He was a peaceful man, he always explored that channel. These are just a few drops in the ocean of qualities too lengthy to list. The memory of moments we shared together and as a family remain fresh in my mind, we will miss you beyond expression. We love you but God loves you the most.

His invaluable impact and  lessons will continue to be useful in our lives. He will live forever in my heart.

Ifeanyi Nwaeze."

This tribute was added by Awoniyi Folorunsho Awoga on 28th October 2015

"Tribute to Sir Augustine - Matthias Nwaeze

We received the news of your death with shock and sadness. You were  a wonderful father,brother and friend. Your death has created a vaccum and it is only God that can console the entire family.  You will remain evergreen in our mind.
Rest in Peace till resurrection day."

This tribute was added by Joseph Nwaeze on 28th October 2015

On the day before your transition, you were still full of life and we all shared your usual humours, and recalled those jokes and expressions we had when we were young. Hardly did we have any sign that you were going to leave us never to be heard again the following day.
At the hour of your transition, our hearts were so sorrowful even unto death by your bedside. The Will of the Almighty God prevailed, and we give Glory to God, for your life well spent.
You took over the leadership of the Nwaeze family by in 1992 the year our parents had passed out.
For 23 years you served the family as the most loving leader, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather. Your leadership during this period welded the family and the extended families into one unit. You had wisdom, good counseling fortitude, and above all humility and love. You left an indelible mark on the minds of every one of us on the good qualities of your leadership, understanding, that took all members of the family to greater heights in life. The family during your leadership witnessed great transformation with the help of the Almighty Father.
You also extended your leadership role to the service of the Church at various occasions. You were at a stage the Vice Chairman of the Pastoral Council of our Saint Augustine Catholic Church Ibusa, the highest office for the laity in the Church. At the creation of the new parish of St. Thomas, you were a prime member of the pastoral council that carried out the building of the Church where we are today having your funeral service
You were a man of prayers, Charity, and lived most part of your life in the service of the Lord and humanity. May God bless and accept your soul.
You and I have always been one even up to the last hour you left. We loved and cherished each other, and could not do without one another. Can you imagine my feelings at your transition my beloved brother! It is only the heavens that have an answer to this.
You battled life as a colossus and never at any moment despaired. You excelled in all that you laid your hands on and your record of achievement has been a source of envy and inspiration to all of us who know and cherish you. You were an embodiment of success and love in life..Your love had no borders. You were a friend to all, a friend to Lazarus.
How true is your exit? Many have expressed this view with numerous telephone calls. We never expected it at the moment it occurred. Oh yes the prophecy in the bible must be fulfilled. No one knows the hour that it will come. The Lord’s calling came at the time of your total fulfillment on earth. You were a great man, a great thinker, a great achiever and above all you had love, charity and humility.
Before your transition on your sick bed, you received the Holy Eucharist, and we all prayed with you and members of the Legion of Mary. You stretched your hands to the heavens, appreciating God in his eternal Glory. You have really fought a good fight, You have run the race and completed the race on earth, and you have kept the faith in the Lord. The Crown of righteousness prepared for all the faithful by the Lord shall truly be yours and the Lord God will surely Crown you with it we pray.
You were born on a Sunday and died on a Sunday. Sunday is the day of the Resurrection of our Lord. You will surely meet the Lord in paradise on that day, We pray.
We all mourn your death, and will never forget you.
Great Icon, man of humble heart and love, man of peace, fare thee well my beloved brother.

This tribute was added by Patricia Orefo on 28th October 2015

"I'm so sad to hear of your passing on uncle Sunny, indeed we have lost a rare gem. as a child my grandparents of blessed memories narrated  fond stories of your family to us. The bond that was built between the Mbanefo's and Nweze's was strengthened through the years by your constant relations with us. You were always there to celebrated with us and to cry with us. it's harsh reality for me that you are no more, but I believe you are in a better place. May you soul rest in perfect Peace. Amen

Chinwe Orefo (nee Mbanefo)"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Nwaeze on 27th October 2015

"Tribute to my Uncle
Today as my Uncle sits in the arms of an angel my family mourns his death. It’s all right though as each of us has the Lord beside us as we say our farewells. His body is gone from this world but his spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Today I will mourn in my own way as I pay a tribute to my uncle through my own words.
My life as an adult has taken me away from the closeness I once shared with my entire family. Though I’ve allowed some events of my life to push people away I never once allowed thoughts of the closeness we once shared to leave my heart. The impact each of them had on me as a child has always and will always remain. Memories of my Uncle are of a friendly and hardworking man who touched the lives of many people. I am in awe of him for many reasons. First of all he was the most good-humored on my father’s side.  He was also the most composed individual I had been exposed to as a child. I think constantly towards having a great sense of humor and composure and I use my Uncle as a role model to do so.
The second memory of my Uncle that has motivated me is a quality that he had for hard work. He always told me the importance of hard work as to sculpture myself into doing a good and quality job. And being proud of what I’ve accomplished and then finding more work. My Uncle was a Business man who always made the best opportunity in trade. He did this to provide for his family.  He had a high standard for family. A family that is God-fearing, loving and educated.
He touched the lives of many people in a positive way.  He left his mark in this world and that will go down from generation to generation.
Nwaeze Kenneth."

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