Axel Ricardo Diaz Jr.
  • 16 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 30, 1994
  • Place of birth:
    Paramount, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Feb 6, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Paramount, California, United States
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane. I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back home again.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Axel Ricardo Diaz Jr., 16, born on November 30, 1994 and passed away on February 6, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 9th December 2015

"Another Birthday my son is not here, he is 21 now a young man, life sucks his life ended before it even got started, no one understands or cares unless its there son/daughter. uploaded several pics it was a sad day. I love you Axel miss you, don't blame you for anything.    : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 7th April 2015

"Another Easter without Axel, 4yrs 2mo for myself it still hurts like it was yesterday I made him his basket and took a balloon. I love you and miss you son, On Easter day his mom, brother, sisters, nieces and nephews were all there with Axel, I took pics with my phone a day earlier and on that day I took some aerial photos and videos with my Drone. Drone Pics/Videos are tagged with drone program starting with second set digits 134/ 133."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 10th February 2015

"4 years now that My son Axel has been gone. It still hurts the pain, sadness and emptiness will ever go away. His mom and I miss him and love him beyond anyone's comprehension. Friday the family got together to remember him. I got a hold of pics of my son I have never seen truly a treasure. Pics will be uploaded here. This month at axels resting place there will be pics for everyone to see my special son, Love Mom And Dad forever."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 21st December 2014

"Merry Christmas Son I love you and miss you so much beyond words. Thanks to Jenny and her daughter Angie for helping with decorating. Seems like all family to busy or forgot, you always get hurt by the people closest to you!!! anyways this is the best set up for Axel don't miss it. 32 pics uploaded and video coming soon. Love you Axel.   : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st December 2014

"Today is my son's birthday he is 20 yrs old suppose to be young full of life instead we are here and he is elsewhere. I miss him every day pain still feels the same as the day he left. He is special and I am sure he is missed by everyone, Pics uploaded Halloween and Birthday today. Happy Birthday SON I love you and Miss you I cant wait to see you and be together again cause this world is really as sad as it seems."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 7th February 2014

"3 years now that my son is gone I miss him so much I never got the chance to hold him or tell him I love him, I hope he is at peace but for a person who has no faith its hard for me to know, I love you Axel son!!!!! There are 7 new pics uploaded."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 16th December 2013

"Another Christmas with out Jr, Very sad, Nothing more to say! if its not your child no one cares!! This year My niece Jenny and Son Richard helped decorate axel's area!!!! A lot of pics uploaded.    : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 13th December 2013

"I love you son, Thinking of you every minute everyday, I am sad you are not here during these times with your family.    : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st December 2013

"Yesterday was Axel's 19th birthday, I am extremely sad and angry. I was at his site, took him a small cake w/candles, ballons,flowers. I wished for him to be safe and happy where he is at! Life is not fair!!! especially when everyone suffers due to a individuals Choices!!! Not fair at all!!! I love you son, hope you see that we all miss you Love Dad. PICS ADDED ALSO A PIC FROM SIS IN VEGAS!!  : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 28th October 2013

"Another year Gone!! I miss my son and still in pain as if it had happened yesterday.Halloween was one of his favorite days There are new pics/song up loaded showing decorations, a tree that once stood by his site is gone, it will be different now decorating that tree was a good area to add color to his resting place. I love you son."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st October 2013

"I love you Axel everywhere I go I am reminded of you!!!, I see Blue all the time, I miss you love dad.   : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 27th September 2013

"I love you son, I have not gone to see you since Easter, Not cause I forgot about you, It hurts me to see you there, I can not say or do anything to bring you back or find out how you are doing. I think of you every day every minute. But I will start to go regularly again. It is said that Music can heal every thing, not true a broken soul can never be healed. I love you axel Jr, I miss you"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st April 2013

"Another Easter with out My son here very sad, But a reunion with My other Children lifted a great weight off my heart and I know Axel jr was happy that we were reunited and talking. I really need this it came at a time that was uncertain for me. I feel my son close to me, I wish I could be with him!! Happy Easter Axel Jr I love you and miss you, and thanks son I know your behind ALL of IT."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 26th February 2013

"This Month has been very hard for me I remember everything as if it happened yesterday. For those that loved my son Thank You. I wish there was more I can do or say. I Love You Son, I cant Imagine what you went thru, I hope your are at Peace. Love Dad."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 7th February 2013

"2yrs ago today I lost my son, I feel lost and sad, I am not the only one in pain the Entire Family is still mourning.{TO THE WORLD YOU MAY BE ONE PERSON, BUT TO ONE PERSON YOU MAY BE THE WORLD...} thats what my kids are to me my world, despite being a broken family,and not being loved by them I love them regardless, with jr gone my world is incomplete. I love you Axel jr. LOVE DAD......."

This tribute was added by HENRY DIAZ on 6th February 2013


This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 4th February 2013

"It's Almost 2 yrs now that Axel has been gone these coming days will be hard for me. Feb 6 is a day I dread!!!! I hope that my son is ok, but I still have doubts especially when things occur out of the ordinary. a few weeks ago there was Damage to Axel's grave it was taken care of after his mom and family complained, as well as Myself and My brother. Then there is a story with audio posted"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st January 2013

"I wish my son a happy New life where he is at, dont know if where he is does time exist or does it just stand still no one knows, as for me no such thing as a happy new year, just a different year with the same pain and suffering and lack of answers to this tradgedy the Diaz family has been enduring. I loaded a video,I released a wish lantern 4 Axel wishing him everlasting peace/happieness"

This tribute was added by christine diaz on 27th December 2012

"LiL brother. i love U & miss U so much. i wish U could be here, olivia is talking so much. she talks about U, saying that she want to visit U, or saying that U are home. i wish U couldhave meet your first nephew i know that i dont visit you often and it hurts me that i dont,  but i know that you see and understand my situation. U are always in my thought & prayers.  I LOVE U BROTHER"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 26th December 2012

"There is 1 Christmas Video. Merry Christmas Axel Jr from the Entire Diaz Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You, Miss You Son!!."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 26th December 2012

"This year we decorated Axel's site while raining, it was not as elaborate as last year's set up but it is nice. Thanks to my Niece Jenny and her Friend Alma who helped me decorate, we all got sick. But it was worth it. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AXEL, MERRY CHRISTMAS."

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 26th December 2012

"It's Christmas suppose to be a Joyous day Not for Me!! I wish for My son to have a Happy Christmas where he is. Nothing is the same without him. I am sure that everyone who knows him misses him. I love You Axel Jr!!!! Love Dad  : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 30th November 2012


This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 30th November 2012

"Today is Jr's Birthday he is 18 a young man, Somewhere he is looking at all of us watching life unfold behind the scenes where only truth exists. Not a happy day for me, But I wish for My son to be happy not only today forever. I uploaded a lot of pics and 2 short videos, also lyrics to a song that is all to true about life and being a young man in the early years struggling to live!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st November 2012

"The Entire Diaz Family remembers our fallen family member Axel jr, Son,nephew, A good soul. Stacy and Mom Carved the pumpkins and ornaments, large flowers. I made him his basket,Pic frame,ghost figure,small flowers. Finally repaired all broken pieces to axel's ornaments vandalized 3 weeks ago, starting this weekend I will start decorating his site again.  Love DAD  : ("

This tribute was added by Jamie Clark on 18th October 2012

"I am so sadden to have learned about the loss. I had great pleasure of meeting little axel just adorable as can be, his contagious smile remains in my heart and memories. God has the pleasure of your smile always in my thoughts with a SMILE!!!"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 1st October 2012

"I miss my son, its impossible to continue living happy clearly the best days are behind me, but now I am only missing my son. It appears only myself and immediate family are the only ones visiting Axel! that says a lot. To make matters worse it appears some one vandalized his area. the damaged is fixed but if any one else cares could you please visit Axel clean his site, leave flowers THNX"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 20th August 2012

"I am back! My son is loved and missed by everyone who lives in Las Vegas, his baby sister Jocelyn Diaz, her mother Rose, and Andrew & Anthony. Even though he was in their presence briefly he still touched their hearts. Love always Dad!!  : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 30th July 2012

"Axel"s uncle Henry visited and left him a present. As a uncle he loved my boys like they were his own, what more can a parent want. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks so axel's decorations will not be set up. I ask that those who visit my son to leave something small during this time so his site will not look empty,Thank you. As for me where ever I go I take my pain&memories,DAD"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 22nd July 2012

"I miss you Axel we never got the chance to talk. I think of you every moment I will never let your Memory FADE TO GREY! I hope others will do the same!. I made a pic memorial for AXEL it turned out good but not good for outdoors, it was given to his oldest sister. I am making another pic memeorial that will be water proof and solar powered designed for outdooors. I Love You Son. LOVE DAD"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 29th June 2012

"The 4th of July is almost here, I know this is a day my son enjoyed, I am deeply sad he is not here. I remember he liked to modify the Picolo Pete's and hear them whistle and blow up! I added two items that will be a part of his resting site from now on. They can be seen begining on 6/30/2012, I hope everyone goes to see and enjoy them. I LOVE YOU AXEL(DAD)   : ("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 18th June 2012

"On this Fathers Day I have nothing to Be Happy About, I miss My son. Even though my friend CONSTANTINE tells me I tried everything to get my family back, The end result is my son is gone even though the fault is not all mine, I suffer and I miss my son. I LOVE YOU AXEL I HOPE YOU SEE IT, I AM SORRY!! I HAVE BEEN SICK I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO SEE YOU AND FIX YOUR RESTING PLACE I LOVE YOU SON"

This tribute was added by Veronica Diaz on 6th June 2012


This tribute was added by Veronica Diaz on 6th June 2012

"i miss you so much that it hurts my son. life will never be the same. love you always my AXEL... MOM"

This tribute was added by Veronica Diaz on 6th June 2012

"my son.. i love you forever, i love you for always as long as am living  MY BABY YOU WILL BE... my heart aches , my heart breaks, there is no answer to the question and it hurts. may you be at peace .. for now all i could say is SORRY My SON!! Love you ALWAYS..... MOM!"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 21st April 2012

"On this day 4/20 I dedicate it to my son Axel jr, My birthday wish is for him to be in Gods Kingdom Happy and at peace living the Eternal life promised By God. I love you Son you will be forever young!!.   :-("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 9th April 2012

"On this day easter 2012, second easter my son is not here with an eternity yet to come, I always tell him that there will be beautiful days like today but they will never be perfect, because he is not here!!  :-("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 22nd February 2012

"1 yr ago this month my life changed and my sons as well. I hope and pray that my son is with our father in his kingdom happy and at peace, but for someone who's faith is weak I suffer not knowing for sure, I have learned that my son is special he has courage and makes all who are around him laugh he is a beacon of hope to others. I LOVE YOU AXEL JR, I WILL FIND YOU SON, NOW I NEED ANSWERS!"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Garcia on 8th February 2012

"Hoping you have found peace and comfort. Your family in Boston has you in our prayers. Xoxoxo Evelyn"

This tribute was added by Angelina Vasquez on 28th January 2012

"Rest In Paradise Axel! I Love You & I Miss You<33 ;/"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 5th January 2012

"I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my sons resting site on his birthday and Christmas his area looked nice on both occassions,I know my son felt everyones love,and sadness.It should have been a time of joy,but it was not cause my son is not here,he is the missing piece to everyones hearts who loved him and knew him.I LOVE YOU SON,MY LIFE WILL BE FILLED BY A INFINITE SADNESS!"

This tribute was added by HENRY DIAZ on 30th November 2011

"Happy Birthday Axel, Everytime we light our candles here with your pictures and prayers your presence is felt and that brings a smile to us all, you ARE here with us mijo. I remember one day at Stacy's house (party) my daughter was hiding behind my leg and I said "Look Lyssa little Axel... remember like big Axel" and she smiled and waved and Axel bent down and smiled and waved back : ) HHH"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Garcia on 30th November 2011

"Happy Birthday Axel Jr. I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet you and give you a hug. My goal of being out in Cali was to reconnect with my familia. I hope that you have found the tranquility that you where looking for. My prayers will always be with you and hope that God has you in his Glory.
Love Always,

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 24th November 2011

"On this Thanksgiving day I do not have nothing to be happy about or thankful for. All I want is for my son to be at peace,happy,living the eternal life that is promised to us by God. But I have no faith, I am stuck here with questions but no answers. I would like for everyone to not talk in past tense about my son(he was) instead he is, because he is still here in spirit!. Thank You"

This tribute was added by HENRY DIAZ on 28th October 2011

"I've known about this site for some time now always looked but never posted till today. Its hard for me to express how much i miss my nephew because it still hurts as much as when i first heard about him... We all miss him dearly (myself, Candice, Anthony, Brianna, Brandon, and Alyssa) We love Axel and my kids always remember him always speak of him and the great person he was.     {HHH}"

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 7th October 2011

"8 Months Now and I feel Sad and Broken, I love and miss my son. There is not a day that I don't cry. I would like to ask everyone that visits this site to Please lite a candle and set a glass of water and pray for my son everyday, Thank You. "EVERYTHING IS COLD AS LIFE""

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 26th September 2011

"I miss my son things were not good between us but never the less I loved him, now I will never be able to make things right with him, thats why I feel So Bad. Everyday I long for my time to come to be judged and maybe at that time I will see him!, for now I continue to suffer. :("

This tribute was added by Alex Diaz on 24th September 2011

"Life is fragile like PORCELAIN, My heart and soul feels so bad. I miss you Axel, I love you."

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