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Babatunde Adegboyega ODERINDE, fondly called Baba Ode (hunter) by many and GrandPa by a lot more was born on March 3, 1950. He passed away on April 6, 2024 after a brief illness. We will remember him forever and cherish the times we shared!
April 27
April 27
Good night Baba Ode,
The memories of your ideology on traditional medicine lives on forever. Actually wanted to call on the update of the discussion we had when i learnt you were at the hospital. Daddy, I Still have the package I got from you the last time I came home. That package that was meant for sister Tope(smiles). Promise to do justice to it religiously. Thanks for the prayer session on behalf of my dad. Today and always, I pray for the both of you. 
Ma salam Baba Ode. Bijahi Rosulullahi

Seun Omoniyi
Unbiological Son
April 24
April 24
Bab's mi ode hmm
We just hear that you're sick I didn't know that it's will lead to this point of dead,everytime I woke up from my sleep I keep imagine it and ask myself could this be true that baba ode is no more haaa,only God has the final say.
Who will be at my wedding day as you always tell me that I will attend your wedding with that your agbada,you're a great father,a good father as well as granpa,that remind me date to 2019 when you came to Abuja I could remember that when you went for walk out in the morning you always come back with leaf,you dry it and mix it with eba I used to be wondering what that for,you will said that what good for
Thank God for the life we spend together,your memories we always been in our heart!
Good night.
April 24
April 24
Grandpa Oderinde(a.k.a baba ode as they usually called you).
Am greatful to God for the life you have spend so far,though I don't know you too well or too much about you but the little of your story I heard,how you struggle been a both father and mother to your children to become who they are today hmmm,you're a good father as well as granpa.
I remember the last time you visited us in Abuja,how you encouraged us,pray for us who will do that now,why so soon, only God has an answer for that.
May Your Soul Rest In Peace
Good night until will meet again(which translated in yoruba)
Odaro a tun paade,
We would miss you.
April 23
April 23
Baba Ode as fondly called by all will be greatly missed.
You were a loving and caring father to us all, you would always call and send us messages to check on us even when we live miles apart, hardly could one distinguish between your biological children and their friends because you lovingly fathered us all. You taught us to prioritize our health and well-being. Your care and concern over us your children is immeasurable.
We love you.
Till we meet again at the feet of Christ,

Good night,Baba Ode.

The Sontans'.
Dorcas (Friend)
April 22
April 22
Tribute to my late Diamond.
Daddy you were a precious gift from God to me and my children. You possessed so much beauty, love, grace, and patience. You were so giving; you gave not only material things but your love. You touched my heart in so many ways, your strength and smile even on dark days made me realise I had an angel beside me.
Father, you heard God’s whisper calling you home, but you didn’t want to leave us. I salute you Father Diamond for your integrity, hard work, courage and sacrifice. I thank God for giving us best confidant in the world. You taught us to never give up on our dreams but to persevere no matter how hard storms may be.
Dorcas (Your Friend's Friend)
Adeyinka Babaleye (Nee Adelaja)
April 22
April 22
*Tribute to an icon, the greatest man of the universe
Daddy is so lovable, kind generous, cheerful giver and always after the welfare of his children including myself.
People do call me his first daughter because he took me like one, it saddens my heart that you left when I needed you most, I will miss your word of encouragement and enlightment. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
       !! GOOD NIGHT DADDY!!
    From your lovely daughter
    Mrs Adeyinka Babaleye*
Engr. Tunde Onalaja
April 22
April 22

I received the news of the death of late Babatunde ODERINDE with a rude shock.

I recollect with nostalgia how we were friends at an early stage of life in the secondary school. He was an honest and cheerful giver. Always ready to help within his reach.

Just last year, we chatted on Whatsapp when I told him how God brought me back home after I had hospitalized for almost a month.

Little did I know that in less than a year he will leave this world.

My condolences to the children and the family.
May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss.
May his soul rest in peace.


Otunba Kunle Oshunkoya
April 22
April 22
Tribute to my bossom friend -----------------  

Oooh! my bossom friend is gone, the Nigerian/Lebanese man is no more.

A professional marketing guru, an astute businessman, a hunter, Omo Ode, a very brilliant man, very very brilliant.

All of in MAXIM CLUB will miss you, Femi Akure and I will miss you more.

Tunde as I used to call you, you never called to tell me you were not feeling fine o as you used to do, but God knows why.

You were so good in touching lives and curing people which you inherited and built on from your own father and our adopted Father Pa Falaiye both of blessed memories. Heavenly father, on my knees with tears rolling down, let your face shine on my friend Tunde Oderinde and let his soul rest in perfect peace.

We met in 1966 our first year in secondary school after modern school education, Tunde was a brilliant man, till death he will recite all Lambert theories, (Chemistry) off head including theorems in Mathematics, only God knows how he was doing it.

May God stand firm for your children, continue to protect and guide them and always be by them in their point of need, Amen          

Adieu Omo Ode. 

Adieu my bossom friend, continues to rest in the bossom heart of your the Father till we meet to part no more sunre o.
Dele Oluwatimehin and Family
April 22
April 22
Baba Ode , like we fondly call you.
You enter a room, and it brightens up with your great sense of humor.

Jack of all trades, master of all. Our health consultant.

The thought of never hearing your voice again is something's we would have to come to terms with

Your best man would miss you so dearly.

You've truly been a friend of the family, and you would be greatly missed.

Rest well till we meet to part no more.

From the family of Dele Oluwatimehin
Adenike Omoniyi
April 21
April 21
Losing a loved one is never easy. Especially one who has made great impact.
Adjectives like; Humble, selfless, compationate, hardworking, philomath among others can be used to describe Baba.
However I prefer to remember him as a true father (Abiamo tooto).
I bless God for your existence and the great things you have been able to achieve in life.
Keep resting Baba.

Adenike Omoniyi
April 21
April 21
What a life, waking up early in the morning and heard about your departure was something my brain could not still comprehend, despite that

I still have conversations with you the day that precede the day you finally left us.
But Baba your kindness, advice and genuine love towards me and my family will definitely remain in our heart.


Deaconess Maria Titilayo FABUNMI (COUSIN)
April 21
April 21

I received the death of my brother (who I fondly called EGBON MI) with rude shock and disbelief. This was because we spoke penultimate week and only for me to hear that he passed on in the early hours of Saturday of the following week. Now that you have united with the universal soul, we shall on this plane, continue to be guided by your exemplary life of kindness, honesty, truthfulness and transparency. Your sense of duty and commitment to your family will forever remain evergreen in my memory. You will also be remembered for your warmth to your extended family members. You were indeed a beckon of light to we the younger ones in the family. You came, you saw and you conquered.
Till we meet on that glorious Resurrection Morning where we shall meet to part no more. SLEEP ON, my beloved EGBON.

Deaconess Maria Titilayo FABUNMI COUSIN
Adebowale Oyelahan (Son-In-Law)
April 21
April 21

Baba Ode, to say you will be missed, is an understatement. It finally hit me that you are truly gone, yet you didn't get to say goodbye.

Jovial in the face of seriousness, Baba, you would call me and ask "Peter, bawo ni?"

Very observant, Baba, you pointed me to the traits in my two children, Ayomide and Ayobami.

Very consistent, Baba, you would send us prayer via voice notes at the start of each month.

There were usually no dull moments with you. You would straighten me as your son, but also joked with me as a buddy.

You kept your faith in God solidly strong and this is the conviction I have in me that you are Home resting now.

Your demise, though painful, is now for me a wake-up call that our life here is finite and it is a reminder that we must live our lives with eternity in view.

Sleep peacefully, Baba Ode!
Engr Sola Scala Olowogboye
April 21
April 21
You happened to be a man with a large heart. You were kind to everyone that came across you in your life time.

You trained me like your own son.
Through you, I learnt the art of doing business . You instilled in me courage, Faith and fear of God.

You were a good man who doesn't discriminate.

My great Baba Ode I will continue to miss you.
Sleep well in the Lord.

Engr Sola Scala Olowogboye.
Engr Oluwaseye Falaye
April 21
April 21
Baba ODE,
You accomplished so much in your life time but unfortunately your life was not long enough to enable you fulfill all your dreams.

You were always there for the family and friends and I will never forget our early morning take off time to at Festac town ( *10 minutes encounter!!!!)* , those days.

You toiled so much, cared and shared so much.
Never did we think you will leave us so soon.
Rest on brother till we meet to part no more.

Engr Oluwaseye Falaye
Mrs G. Omoniyi
April 21
April 21
I'm short of words.

However, we can't but acknowledge it is indeed a great loss to the Omoniyi family.
We have lost a true brother, father, grandfather and physician.
May God grant him eternal rest and be with the people he left behind.

           Mrs G. Omoniyi
Dr Olufunke Omolara Agboola (Special Daughter)
April 21
April 21
Baba as I fondly call you. Words failed me because I wasn't expecting that you will leave so soon.

You don't miss calling me on Thursdays knowing is my off day. I've been expecting till now but no more.

So kind hearted and generous person you are Baba.

I knew the moment you lost your better half, Mama you changed and you just lived for your children and thank God
for their lives because they can look back and say thank you daddy.

17th April 1996 is still fresh in my memory when you drove me down to OAU teaching hospital to donate blood and you said jokingly (what am I doing with all the blood in my body, how many buckets do they need) not knowing that my aunty has passed on the previous day.

I remember go hunting together and finally call at Abule where Alhaja taught me how to make ẹba.

Thank you for all you do for humanity while you were alive, and God grant you eternal rest Baba.

I will forever miss you!!!

No more Thursdays call with Omo Baba Agbo! Your pet name for me (Omo Baba Agbo)
No more long writing with all the dots and I.

God will keep all that you left behind in Jesus' name.

Your special daughter
Dr Olufunke Omolara Agboola
April 20
April 20
Dear Babs,

22 years ago,when Mama left a big vacuum, you speedy sprung to close the gap, all centred cared for your kids.

Shebi, I should have analysed it all that Easter Sunday was the last time I would hear so you clear and fine but doing shakara.
A few days after, on that bed, I sang Lagbaja songs, prayed, danced for you, and you laughed/ chuckled all the same.

You taught me a lot of virtue that the world is trashing out.

Been handy in the house fixing fixing everything.
I could almost fix any house issue by my natural apprenticeship of observing you deal with numerous home issues when I was younger.

Your secretarial documentation per excellence is appalling even with screen time and devices, I picked it up unconsciously and utilised it to date.

You have an amazing sense of humour, always very strong and selfless, never relenting.

Who will do my tumeric/ginger now?

Who will give me gist as an IG on the run?

Who will write again on sheets of paper with those never aging, steady, beautiful hand crafted writings coupled with a premium signature experience?

Who will do the next monthly prayers on every first day of the new month?

Who will I fight just to keep the energy and bond running?
Like someone said, 'Ija ti dopin'.
Issokay issoright.

You fought and won.
You kept fighting but this time you hinted at us, but we didn't interprete at all, still clinging to you to make you stay.

Thank you for being a considerate father to us.

I will miss you, Babs like we usually part with this slogan "I loof you", where we will meet at the Lord feet again on the other side of eternity.

Please greet Aderonke for me.
Mama Oye (Oyelahan)
April 19
April 19
Baba Ode, as we used to call you, I remember the first day of knowing you as my inlaw, you took us like family and since then we have had no time of regrets.

Myself and yourself have been like siblings, we talk every day on social media, sharing things of life together.

Suddenly you left me alone to be the only grandparent for Zoe and Shawn, I remember how happy they were anytime we were together with them. When I bath them, you would dress them.

My heart is heavy but trusting god to console us as a family.

Say hello to your wife and my husband.

O di owuro o inlaw like no other.
Akinolu Oyegun (Son-In-Love)
April 19
April 19
Tribute to Daddy Ode

I still vividly recall the day I first met my father-in-love, Daddy Ode.

I was on a mission to his house for the first time to meet my girlfriend at the time who happens to be his beloved first daughter, Debbie.

Daddy Ode was warm and hospitable and this gave me the confidence that my “mission” to his house was going to be successful and I would not only win the heart of his daughter in marriage but receive his blessing as well. The rest like they say is history…….

Baba Ode was a man of many parts. He was intelligent, articulate, entrepreneurial, down-to-earth and practical. He always brought a fresh perspective whenever we discussed various topics like politics, herbal medicine, healthy living and though we differ in opinion at times, you can’t beat the fact that he had a great heart who meant well. You cannot deny his humanity!

Daddy Ode always wanted the best for his family, supported the education and wellbeing of his children and he holds a special place in the hearts of his children, grandchildren and his community.

I would miss the monthly prayers that Daddy usually sends to us and he never missed the opportunity to prophesy into my life. In fact, he took me as his own son! He was a man with great faith in God and challenging situations like the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Mama whom I never met challenged his walk with God and drew him closer.

Daddy Ode fought a good fight and kept the faith and certainly, his legacies will remain forever.

Good night Daddy until we meet at the Lord’s feet on the other side of eternity!

Your Son–in–Love,
Niyi Oyelahan
April 18
April 18

Thank God for the opportunity to know you.

I have always heard of Baba Ode from Iya afin bonny but I was only opportuned to have a conversation with you a few times and I discovered that you are indeed a father filled with love, affection and wisdom.

A few words you shared with me the last time we met were filled with great wisdom and your bright smile shines all through.

Thank you for sharing your life with us and for being so kind to our family, especially my Mum.

May God keep all that you left behind.

Farewell and keep resting sir.
April 16
April 16
Dear Daddy ( aka Baba Ode),

I never saw you leaving us this early. We prayed and hope you recover quickly but God in his mercies took you home to rest.
I will miss your prayers, smile and conversations with the kids when we are together.I never knew July last year will be the last time I will see you physically. You looked so cheerful. I will definitely miss you. Keep Resting Granpa .

Your Daughter
Apostle Dr Bolanle Sipe
April 16
April 16
The news of the death of my dear reliable friend/brother "Baba Ode" was shocking and broke my heart. But God is Almighty.

Mr 'Tunde Oderinde was a dependable, straightforward principled man with a big loving disposition. These virtues were demonstrated when he worked as Sales Manager for UAC (Pera Beam) and when he established his own business Olu Nla Ventures Ltd.

He loved his Children, friends and anyone that crossed his path. He was very caring and peaceful.

I shall miss a brother/ confidant with whom I shared knowledge and memorable experiences with. I am already missing your usual greetings....'E ku ojumo ire o, ojumo alayo, ojumo idunnu.....'

Baba Ode, you will continue to live on in our hearts as you sail on peacefully into the next world.

Glory be to God that your self-denials and personal sacrifices for the upbringing of your beautiful children were satisfactorily rewarded as they are now accomplished man and women of pride and joy during your lifetime.

You did your best and you conquered.
Babatunde, Sun re o,
Good night.

Apostle Dr Bolanle Sipe
Torinmo (Grandson)
April 15
April 15
Dear Grandpa,

I miss you already. When I watch movies and see people tragically losing loved one, I never thought it would happen to me. I miss your smile and your calls. I miss your love for your grandchildren. You were the only grandparent I grew up to know and love. I hope you are resting well.

I will never forget the impact you have made in my life. You were always advising me to add weight, eat my fruits and vegetables and not to indulge in alcohol or drugs. I will miss you sir and all your hot teas and eba in the morning.

Odabo sir.
Demilade (Grandaughter)
April 15
April 15
Demilade: Grandpa, I'm going to bed now. Odaro sir.
Grandpa: Odaro Pelumi. E kankan la ji o.
Demilade: Amin, sir.

Dear Grandpa,
I never thought about that prayer till you left. I guess I took it for granted. I thought it was automatic that we all wake up.
But it's only by God's grace.
The grace of God that allowed you to live to 74 years, sir.

I reminisce on the memories of your bizzare breakfast of eba and soup, making your boiling hot tea and your loyalty to african magic yoruba and any news platform.

I remember when we, your grandchildren, invented the grandpa walk. A walking pace that reflected your gracefulness and age.

I remember when we would sit in the cool of the evening and you would intelligently provide answers for my yoruba homework.

I remember you educating me on the health benefits of eating the green part of watermelons (and mum laughed about it).

Mo ndupe fun adage yin.
Mon dupe fun spirit yin.

I know one day we will see again, so that comforts me a little. Please say hello to grandma for us in heaven.

I miss you, Grandpa.
Odaro, sir.

Rest in peace.
Hayngels Clinic Oluyole Estate
April 14
April 14
Although we all wished for you to still be with us, your Maker has decided that it is now time you rest from your labors on this earth. You have been a blessing to several lives and will be greatly missed.

Farewell Pa Oderinde.
Oyelahan Ayomide Shawn (Grandson)
April 11
April 11
Throughout the time I stayed with you, I didn’t like you much. I always thought you were lame and kinda boring.

But as I grew older, I realized that there’s more to you than meets the eye. I realized that you were kinder, and you taught me valuable life lessons.

One of those lessons is that we should spend more time with loved ones, we shouldn’t take them for granted. The little time we all have left should be cherished with those we love, because one day, we’ll all be gone away. Where? Only God knows; Heaven or Hell.

It’s been a swell time with you alive, although you may have drifted into Heaven, you will never drift away from our Hearts.

May God be with you in the afterlife. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rest. In. Peace. Grandpa Oderinde
Adebukola Oyelahan
April 11
April 11
Baami Ode,
Words fail me today on what to write. I remember you always fondly call me by my second name Folake. I remember the song you played non-stop for 3 months when you were with me - Korede by Mike Abdul. I remember your slow dance steps, the way you look up with your glasses while trying to read something on paper or computer.........
You're forever in my heart. xoxo
April 8
Dear Daddy,

I'm grateful to be your beloved son. Your love was always visible - we also said "I love you" easily to one another - I'm grateful for that.

As a man who gave his best to raise his kids, he was never afraid to be corrected by his kids. I remember at the beginning of each year, we'd evaluate and point out each other areas for improvement and you were open to our input.

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that your father is proud of you and I've had that feeling from a very young age!

The man was always handy - fixing everything around the house with tools. I remember how we built that chicken coop (house) from scratch to the roof. Daddy had all the tools!

In your final days, even when your health was failing and you couldn't speak, your grip on my left hand was very strong and communicated a lot to me. Now I understand it as you tried to tell me a lot within a short time. I remember the last smile we both shared as I joked that we should arm-wrestle. I'll keep that smile with me forever.

I knew this day would come, I just didn't want it to come, at least not in many more years.

Thank you Daddy for all you did and gave!

Good night Daddy.

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Recent Tributes
April 27
April 27
Good night Baba Ode,
The memories of your ideology on traditional medicine lives on forever. Actually wanted to call on the update of the discussion we had when i learnt you were at the hospital. Daddy, I Still have the package I got from you the last time I came home. That package that was meant for sister Tope(smiles). Promise to do justice to it religiously. Thanks for the prayer session on behalf of my dad. Today and always, I pray for the both of you. 
Ma salam Baba Ode. Bijahi Rosulullahi

Seun Omoniyi
Unbiological Son
April 24
April 24
Bab's mi ode hmm
We just hear that you're sick I didn't know that it's will lead to this point of dead,everytime I woke up from my sleep I keep imagine it and ask myself could this be true that baba ode is no more haaa,only God has the final say.
Who will be at my wedding day as you always tell me that I will attend your wedding with that your agbada,you're a great father,a good father as well as granpa,that remind me date to 2019 when you came to Abuja I could remember that when you went for walk out in the morning you always come back with leaf,you dry it and mix it with eba I used to be wondering what that for,you will said that what good for
Thank God for the life we spend together,your memories we always been in our heart!
Good night.
His Life

The AutoBiography of Baba Ode

April 14
This is the Autobiography of Babatunde Adegboyega ODERINDE as told by himself to his children a while ago.

I have chosen to use his own words to connect better with the story. 

May the memory of our dearly departed remain blessed and all he left behind continue to blossom.

Til we meet Daddy,
Good night.

My Early Life, Education

April 13
Babatunde was born on the 3rd of March 1950 to Mr. Yusuf Oderinde (late, 1989) and Mrs. Safurat Oderinde (late, 2013) in Ado-odo in Ado-odo/Ota LGA of Ogun State.

Young Babatunde started his primary education in 1958, at Nawair-Ud-Deen Primary School, Atan, Ota. At that time, pupils were admitted only if their right hand could touch their left ear when placed over their head - a way of measuring maturity.

I completed Primary education in 1964 and then proceeded to Secondary School in Abeokuta in 1965. There was no hope of sitting for WAEC - as the school was NOT accredited. Later in 1996, I left for St Timothy's College, Onike-Yaba, Lagos.

I again left this unapproved (at the time) college in 1968 for the Nigerian Peoples High School (now Ago Egba High School), Ebute-Metta starting from Form 3 (if you know, you know). I quit this school in 1969 after writing my West African School Certificate (WAEC, Dec. 1969) as a private student. I passed WAEC in Division 3 (what does that even mean?).

In 1963 while in primary 5, I learnt typewriting and became proficient in typing with a speed of 24 words per minute. In 1970, I sat for and passed the Pitman's examination at 20 words per minute and I did the intermediate exam in 1972 which I passed with credit.

While working at UAC Nigeria (see Career section), I got engaged in Correspondence Studies to improve my education, crowning it with a Diploma in Marketing from the University of Lagos in 1990, having passed the Part 1 Examination conducted by the Institute of Marketing, London. 

Private Studies has been a core of my Educational Advancement.

Work, Career Progression

April 14
I secured employment on November 2, 1970, with (defunct) Pan Electric Nig Ltd as a copy typist in Ebute Metta (Oyingbo Branch) where I started my career with UAC (United African Company) Nigeria Plc.

In 1972, I transferred to the sales department of Pan Electric as a technical sales representative after completing a one-month intensive technical sale course at old Niger House, Marina, Lagos.

In 1973, I was transferred to the Ibadan branch as a technical sales rep, marketing electronics and domestic appliances. My job covered the entire West and Kwara - going on sales tours selling company products. 

In 1978, I was promoted to Sales Supervisor and sent to Benin to relieve the Branch Sales Manager as part of my training - which I successfully did. A commendation memo was written by the substantive branch manager.

I was then transferred to Kano as a Branch Sales Supervisor and in July of the same year, I was promoted to Assistant Branch Sales Manager in Kano, covering Katsina and other parts of the north except Kaduna.

In July 1979, I was transferred to the Kaduna branch (which was bigger than Kano) as the Branch Sales Manager.
Recent stories

Sports/Recreational Activities .... memories

April 22
Baba Ode loved to play Lawn Tennis. 

He played at Ibadan Recreation Club then and often times we would go out for family picnic there. 

Babs also loved movies and 007 James Bond was one of his favorites. 

A visit to Premier Hotel Ibadan, for dinner on special occasions was what we always looked forward to. 

The Amusement Park was a big hit in Ibadan growing up and he ensured we didn't miss out in childhood fun; also, regular annual trips to NTA and BCOS Ibadan to visit Father Christmas (as it was called back then). 

Babs and Mum knew how to throw parties - they ensured every child's birthday milestone is honourably celebrated. 

In the days, he would write letters to us in secondary school via NIPOST and we always looked forward to receiving his letters. Even while at Uni, he would send letters at any opportunity - the content of letter he wrote me during my final year in school was one of the things that kept me in my final year to stay strong and I finished well. 

Babs would always send us prayers via voice note on the first day of every new month, he understood the impact of prayers from a father to his children and family.

Secondary School, Suleja

April 16
I remember Dad following up with the relevant parties on the release of my result and admission details into Suleja (Gifted) Academy.

Then he called home on a Friday (NITEL), that he had picked up my admission letter and I would be heading to Suleja to resume. He came early Saturday, we went to Alesinloye, purchased almost everything I needed and left for Lagos the next day. In Lagos, we picked a few additional things and finally on Monday 27th April, we both took a flight to Abuja (my first).

We hired a cab from Abuja to Suleja for ₦900.00 and I was admitted into the school. After a few hours, we said goodbyes and he was off - back to Lagos.

In the following years, every term we exchanged several letters, constantly. His letters always started with "Top of the day to you...". 

Then later came the infamous trip to Ibadan that took longer than expected with all Ibadan students in Suleja Academy. You were the parent on duty then and you helped us navigate the troubles of the bus/road into safety.

Olu-Nla Ventures Limited (OVL) - Memories......

April 13
by Oluwasegun Oderinde on behalf of Adebukola Oyelahan
on behalf of Adebukola Oyelahan
Ebenezer Obey by Ebenezer Obey
At OVL, I remember you playing an album from Jim Reeves every morning when we open at the office. We Thank Thee song by Jim Reeves is still a song I play every morning at my office desk till date. 
I also remember Ebenezer Obey's album - Eda to m'ose okunkun, Sikisiki maa mi, Ori Mi ma jen te; we usually play those at OVL in the evenings about an hour to closing. I also have these Obey's songs on my laptop which I play at random. 
 I remember the orange-coloured crayfish and mini sized fish being sold beside the office; not far from where we buy A4 paper. The street opposite his office had a store with speaker that plays (Praise Fowowe's I think) messages. Our office was at the end of a street at a T junction where a bus stop was. 

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