Posted by Sheila Mesanga on May 8, 2021
Little one ....Braveheart... Little Miss Pretty! It is heart wrenching Baby.What can I say?You will say “Mother will look at such scary things in the eye and brush them away”This one is impossible to brush away Baby.Life is empty...very empty.It is like talking into an empty bottle.I am now the real Miss Havisham...sitting all day like a “mbongdem” waiting...waiting...I don’t know what I am waiting for.

Two months is the longest I have ever been without a smile,pout,a text anything from you.I hear it is going to be so until we meet again.Hmmm so I hear .
Now I know where I used to get my strength from.Etond’Boh! Lend me some of your strength just to go through each day.

You must have made new friends....

Nyango Madam ! I long for just one beckon to come close from you..just one whisper...
You will forever be my number...the queen of our hearts..

PS(Since you are now royalty have you met with Prince Philip? Enjoy your conversation !finally someone who can match your prowess in spoken and written English )
Posted by Oluchi Nwalema on May 6, 2021
Pilly , it’s two months already .I really miss you and my Snapchat memories keep reminding me with videos and pictures of us a year ago . I miss you and words can’t describe how much . Everyday I keep telling myself if only I could see the future , I would have probably done more for you . Sad that I knew you for just a year and it seems like I have known you all my life . Your memory is still fresh in my head and I don’t think I will forget you anytime soon . I will try to always check up on mother and be there for her . I miss you pilly and we still remain sisters till we meet again in heaven . I love you ❤️.
Posted by Ngome Epie on May 6, 2021
Aunty, today is the 6th of May 2021. Two months without you?? Been a rough time without you. But the certainty of your being w God in heaven is the best source of strength and hope. Pray for us all here below and especially for me. I need your guidance. I love you Aunty n miss ❤ you 
Posted by Elvira Chinjong on May 6, 2021
Pils its been two long months without you. Life has been strange filled with so many thoughts, unanswered questions, doubts and alot of pain. Some days it feels better and i smile while thinking about you. But then other days are so difficult and i still ask myself if all that trauma was really necessary. And most days i feel like i failed we all failed you but then again what else could we have done. Mother and Daddy are trying their best to be strong for your siblings. Ethan still thinks you are in the hospital but i know soon enough he will understand. And your bestie Alex has made so much progress. I love you always Pils❤.
Posted by EBONG EPIE on May 6, 2021
Baby, Aunty as i will always call you and you will answer Uncle. How i cherish these words and miss you soft gentle voice. It's been 2 months now and i am still unable to pen down a single sentence. These 2 months have been one of reflection and thoughts and so many things keep popping up to show us you are an angel. I thank you for coming into our lives. We give God the glory for sending you to us to share those unforgettable moments. We carry you in our hearts everyday and we know you are in a better place. I thank you for making us know and come closer to God more and for impacting the world so much during your short time here on earth. Keeping doing good little Angel and with God's help we shall continue to perpetuate your works here in assisting children in need. God bless you Angel and continue to intercede for us at the Lords altar. Miss you and love always.
Posted by Elvira Chinjong on April 9, 2021
Pils its been a month and i think of you everyday. Its been very tough not having you here with us. I have lots of 'updates' i would love to share with you especially regarding your bestie Alex and i would give just anything to see your reactions but then again here we are. I miss you Pilita and i wish so much i could give you one last hug.

Posted by Francis Lyonga Ngnekou Ch... on March 27, 2021
Pillie Pils, don't you think it is grossly unfair that I should be writing a tribute for you, instead of the other way round? Well since life itself is unfair, let me just flow with the tide. 
Your birth brought so much joy to our family. Being the first grandchild, you were adored by all. As I watched you grow, I knew you were special. Apart from being sweet, loving and caring, you had a very sharp intellect, uncommon for one so young. Above all you were strong, in fact, very strong. 
All through your illness, you bore the excruciating pain stoically. "I am okay" was your response to anyone who asked how you were faring. As the end drew closer and you became too weak to talk, you opted for a thumbs up. You did not let us down, you fought till the very end. 
Etonde, the entire Wonya Mwambo mo Kuve family is devastated because of your demise.You had become the focal point of family prayers in every home. 
Pilita, despite your tender age, you offered me comfort and consolation when Papi passed on. You would wrap your chubby little arms around ask "Grandma, are you sad because of Papi? Mother said he went to be with Jesus in heaven."
Pillie, Mael is asking for God's address so he can go and have a talk with Him. Tell me, how do I explain your disappearance to Alex, Ethan and Papi?
How do I console Darkie who was so proud to have you as her big sister? It is an uphill task isn't it? 
 Everyone believes you were an angel, you are back home in heaven.My  heart is bleeding.My heart is broken into a thousand pieces yet I am trying to imitate you. I am telling myself and anyone who cares that… I am okay. 
Rest in peace my baby. 

Grandma Buea Town
Posted by Ambi Binda on March 21, 2021
Your bright light will keep on shining in the hearts of those you've left behind. Rest well sweet little girl.
Posted by Mbikang Ruth on March 20, 2021
I had never seen you before, heard just amazing stories about you. How lively you were, how adorable you were...Even on your sick bed, you still gave your family hope....heard about your death and it hit like a bomb to my heart...I heard just stories but loved you as though you were family. I can only imagine how much pain the people who actually knew you could be going through did not deserve such Cruelty...Rest well angel
Posted by Yvette Mosoke on March 19, 2021
My dear Pili, I can't believe I'm writing a tribute to you. I carried you as a baby, played with you when I visited ur uncle Lyonga at your grand mum's home. I remember you as a beautiful, loving, intelligent child, who was so full of life; reason why I am still so shocked at your death. I haven't seen you for some time but at least I knew you were fine. Ur death hurts me so much; I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm confused. Indeed as they say, the good ones die Young. Sleep well our angel. Continue to watch over your parents, siblings and loved ones.
Posted by Joel Ewang on March 18, 2021
In honour and loving memory of Miss Etonde Bryanna Epie - Alobwede.

“Going home, going home
She is going home
Quiet like, some still day
She is going home.
It’s not far, just close by
Through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
Never fear no more.
Mother’s there expecting me
Father’s waiting too
Lots of faces gathered there
All the friends she knew
She is going home.

No more fear, no more pain
No more stumbling by the way
No more longing for the day
Going to run no more
Morning star light the way
Restless dreams all gone
Shadow’s gone, break of day
Real life has begun.
There’s no break, there’s no end
Just living on
Wide awake, with a smile
Going on and on, going on and on.

Going home, going home.
She is going home
Shadow’s gone, break of day
Real life has begun,
She’s just going home“

“We love you Bryanna, but God loves you most “
                         By Ewang Joel
                   CELESTIAL CHORUS CHOIR
Posted by Juliana Mukete on March 18, 2021
For a truth life can be short for some circumstances, needless to say i never knew you before now. But from your story i just read you were an Angel and even at death you still remain an Angel. Your short life on this planet Earth, remains a signature to many even to those of us knowing you only after you have gone to sleep with the LORD OUR MAKER
I have gone through your pictures, you were such a beautiful soul. I first saw your picture on my sisters Whatsapp status and immediately i placed a call to China and asked her who was that on her status, from the time she picked up my call and answered me till now i haven't been myself cuz i know what the family can be going through because of your departure to the land of no return. My little Bry one thing for sure, YOU ARE PAIN FREE NOW. The whole wide world might be mourning but Heaven is rejoicing having you.
I know your Soul is at Rest now in the Bosom of Our Heavenly Father, Oh yes your Gentle Soul have found Rest in the LORD OUR GOD.
Posted by Lonie Ekema on March 18, 2021
They say the good die young, and you were too too good. Too smart, too warm, too beautiful, too blessed, too intelligent, too caring. You were too good to ever die. I’m so hurt. I’m so angry. I’m so shocked. Rest In Peace Pillie. Love you forever.
Posted by Herbst Christina on March 16, 2021
My little Angel as I will always call you.
It's so difficult for me to write.But I thank God for giving me the opportunity to accompany you during those last painful days. Yes! Innocent were your smiles underneath so great a pain which your feeble body bore. Even as your strength failed you in your hospital bed, you could still smile and tell me and my sisters "Thanks".
My little Angel we prayed for you. We accompanied you in your suffering. You were so brave. I admire you. Please do pray for me and your family whom you loved so much. Console Mum,dad and your sidlings. Spend your Heaven doing good on earth. My little Angel, Good bye is the saddest word but with you in our hearts forever, remains my consolation. I have another Angel in Heaven.
       Adieu little Angel
Posted by Susan Monjowa on March 16, 2021
Deary,i do not know you in person but saw you on a friends post captioned RIP,it really touched my heart that the world lost a cutie like you.Going through other tributes and noticed you were not just a cutie but an intelligent,bright and smart kid...may your soul rest in peace bright one.
Posted by Kwyn Belle on March 16, 2021
Baby girl I don’t know you in person I have never seen you I just saw you on a friend’s status and felt very bad that you left this world so early Death might have taken you away from your family,but it could never take away your memories you will always be in their hearts Reading other tributes from your family it showed that you fought a good fight baby Go and Rest In Peace
An Angel return home
Posted by Etonde Nba on March 16, 2021

It is easy to forget that you bore that name. Everyone had a pet name for you. People hardly called you Etonde but it was our mark, the link to your grandma Etonde that makes us so special. Etonde is smart mouthed, sharp brained, and so so brilliant.

Pilita, you took the name to a whole new level. A special child, an Etonde like others yet so different. Amazing, super smart, eloquent, helpful, playful, careful, engaging, loving, gentle, friendly, talented.... and you were barely 10 years old.

I remember you at different stages, at COAF when you were just a chubby little baby, sweet like sugar, in Buea, your grandparent's pet (they would stay in their room just staring at you), and then back in Douala... a delight, always welcoming and always with that memory to remember every aunty and uncle, and God knows we are many.... I also remember you saying you would love to come to a school like B4K how I wish I made that happen for you.

After all this pain I feel inside, all this anger, and all the guilt at being so helpless... , I tell myself that you were too awesome to stay in such an imperfect world. Rest easy princess and continue teaching us from above.

Etonde is warmth, love and strength. Send some to our first Etonde...She needs it desperately ... to Mother, and us all left behind to deal with this pain that isn't even half of what you dealt with.

Your aunty Dou Etonde
Posted by Nsaikila Njong on March 16, 2021
Baby Bryanna,
I never got to meet you, or know you in person. I learnt of you through my friend Rev. J. E. Ngome. I learnt of your pain, and we prayed for you, and supported in the little ways we could. But most importantly, I learnt of your strength and endurance. You are a herione! You're angel that visited us for 10 years. Pray for us before The Father.
(My prayerful support to the family and friends).
Posted by Elias Pungong on March 16, 2021
I cannot help but call you by this name which I always did.... Mami Toc Toc. You were so beautiful, you were so bold, you were so courageous, you were so bright. That’s why I called you by this name each time I saw you at home or spoke to your father. Your passing has left me speechless less but I also thank God for your life and the joy that you brought to us all. You fought a good fight and it’s time to go and rest in the bossom of Christ our Lord and Savior. I read all other tributes to you on this special website and I feel proud to have known you. You were such a blessing to us all. RIP in the Lord and until we meet again. Love and blessings.
Posted by Tracey Chinjong on March 16, 2021
I want to say words can’t explain how I feel but I know exactly what feelings your passing has left me riddled with. Pain , anger,disappointment and most of all grief. Grief that I don’t think I’ll ever get over.
  You were the smartest kid I ever met, you could hold conversations about the most abstract of things and your curiosity (very annoying curiosity) made you a very knowledgeable little girl.
You embodied several roles;
-Big sister
-Care giver
-Sous chef
 The happy child who made the house a home. Only something as powerful as cancer could shake that beautiful smile you always wore. How you handled this phase in your life with strength and resilience is something we should all emulate.
They say we measure a life well lived by how You loved and how much you were loved. You loved hard and you were loved. That’s my consolation.
We are lucky enough to have had an angel who makes saying goodbye this hard.

Peace✌️ Choupilita
Posted by Francis Lyonga Ngnekou Ch... on March 16, 2021

This world is not our home, we are all passing through it. For some, the transit is long, for others, it's short. Yours was very brief and memorable. It was saturated with love, but not enough to bid you farewell. You were so courageous and you fought to live. You requested for prayers severally.....oh what great faith you had. Our chats were so regular almost on a daily basis and you sounded so mature. I taught you our three phrase prayer " Jesus help me, Jesus heal me, Jesus save me". You stood by this and prayed so often.
Whenever I asked you how you were feeling, your answer was always " Mbamba Mamie I'm okay. That's the faith you kept even when I saw your physical body separating from us. The last time I heard your voice, you cried that grandma should call because you wanted to talk with me. I asked you how you were feeling, and for the first time you said " Mbamba Mamie I am not ok." I knew it was time to take your wings and fly home. Few days later, you flew home. So hard it is for me to say Rest in peace( RIP),  so hard to say goodbye. I'll rather say rest well "Pilita for me." God be with you till we meet again my little angel.
    Mrs Kuve( Mbamba Mamie)
Posted by Eduke Mbane on March 15, 2021
Pillie Pillita as i always call u...kwx u n staying with u was a great joy i had...u leaving us so soon is a great lose dat is very difficult to take...Ur kid sis Lucy told me Mom pillie is death n de minutes is Mom pls take me to pillie she is with grandma Buea towni cry n get confused bc i don't know what to tell dear u were soft speaking n very responsible child everyone will love to stay with rest well my angel we will forever miss n love ,
Posted by Kendra Vemuom on March 15, 2021
My baby Bryanna, no amount of words or tears can bring you back to us. But one thing is for sure you made your way into our hearts and there we forever hold, think, cherish , love and miss you. Until we meet to depart no more. Rest peacefully
Posted by Elvira Chinjong on March 14, 2021
Pillie Pils, Choupilita, Choup choup, Ma Schwang, Pilita it feels like a part of my heart has been ripped off. I am bitter, angry, mad, furious, resentful, pissed and very sad that you had to go through that horrifying experience. My sweet little baby we bonded even before you were born. Each time Grandma bought something new for you, we all will gather in their room and give our opinions on how good it will look on you. And then you finally came and you were the prettiest of them all. I fell in love with you immediately and my excitement knew no bounds. We became best of friends and I became a mother to an adorable baby. You were our pride and left everyone in awe wherever we went to. I watched you grow into this happy, smart, intelligent, warm and an amazing little girl. Everyone who knew you can attest to the fact that your language power was impeccable.
But then out of nowhere and without any warnings, sickness crimped in and changed everything. I watched you fight this battle courageously, with so much bravery and I had high hopes. I prayed, fasted, cried and pleaded with God for just one thing ‘the restoration of your health’. Now I am left in shock, confused, with so many questions and in total denial. I know baby Jesus had to take you and free you from all the pain because you deserve only the best but then your time with us was so short and brief. I hope someday Ethan and your bestie Alex will understand why they can’t do video calls with you anymore.
Go well Pillie Pils and extend my greetings to Papi. I love you much and saying I will miss you is an understatement. You will always always have that special place in my heart.
Sleep easy Pils.
Posted by Getty Nesoah on March 14, 2021
It’s was a short moment I had to know you and you were a great smiling baby when ever I saw u at ur granny synod’s’s sad n hurting to have lost a beautiful little angel like u...Rest In Peace lil Pillie still we meet again....
Posted by Vebem Sharon on March 14, 2021
We say good bye with heavy hearts little one, at the same time it gladdens our hearts to know you're in a better place resting peaceful. We will miss you for sure, but we will always have you in our hearts with us every day.

I never met you, but I love you and it pains me to know u left us soo soon. Our love for you is nothing compared to God's love plus he has greater plans always, so I guess its good bye for now. we will meet soon only this time I will make sure to meet up with you.
Rest in peace my love. ❤
Posted by Buondzo Ndzang on March 14, 2021
Pili.. it feels like I've know you for ages.. your strength was amazing and I'm very happy to have met you. God willed for you to have this well deserved rest, rest well pretty. We love you❤
Posted by Ngalame Claudia on March 14, 2021
You fought a good fight, you ran the race and got to the finish line. Thank you for the lessons you taught us during the difficult times. Truly you overcame.
Rest well Bryanna till we meet to part no more.
God rest your beautiful soul
Posted by Ericka Youbi on March 14, 2021
Your departure touched many. Even those who really never got to know you in person, when they heard and read your story, a tear dropped.
You where such a pure soul. May your soul rest in perfect peace
Little Bryanna
Posted by ASAP SMOKE on March 14, 2021
RIPEtonde Bryanna RIP from Umma suleiman & Nura ASAP from Nigeria.... we miss you 
Posted by Véronique marie Rose NGO... on March 14, 2021
my little bryanna as I liked to call you I remember our little conversations and the motivation you had to heal why you left so early my little one yet we set goals every time you made an effort I offered you crisps preferably those made with low apples I miss you terribly my little one I would keep that smile that you had I am proud to have been part of your life and that from above you are an angel now who watches on us your physiotherapist I miss you a lot my little one one day I asked you what you like to do you told me to draw pictures and to cook I told you on will do it together but you have to promise me to walk in if a little while you marked me a lot with your strength and your courage I still can not believe my little bryanna I will never forget you
Posted by Oluchi Nwalema on March 13, 2021
Pilly my love , it breaks my heart writing a tribute to you instead of us gisting and talking for long hours on the phone . Bryanna was indeed on of the brightest and smarter 9yrs old I ever came across . The only child Interested in googling the world , countries and continents, she will practically tell you all that is happening in the world . I learnt so much about Cameron govt aka (shepistanice) from this 9yrs old child . She was updated on all of Donald trumps moves . My pilly , I promised to teach you makeup , and babygirl lifestyle but you have left me in tears pilly , this wasn’t the plan . If only people knew the pain you went through but yet still kept that happy , positive vibe always . Her fav words concerning her health was the devil is a liar or the devil has failed. Her faith was beyond a 9yrs old , her wisdom was beyond a child . She is such a loveable child that everyone falls in love with at first sight . I don’t know how to comfort your mummy , she fought so hard and I pray you always watch over her , your dad and your other siblings . Heaven couldn’t wait to receive you , a divinely sent child who made an impact on everyone she came across . I bless God that I got to know you , love you , and spent time with you . Always will be my sister and your favourite buddie . I love you Bryanna , till we meet to part no more . Forever in our hearts ♥️

Love aunty oluchi
Posted by Achu Silo on March 13, 2021
My little Pillita, I have never been able to understand why this had to happen. I have never asked God as many questions as I have asked Him in the last one week. You have been the biggest lesson life has thought me. Which is "life is short, be intentional about the people around you". I have learned to be more present and not think we have so much time ahead of us. You had such a bright future, my heart is torn into 1 million pieces because I still cannot understand why.i have so much in my heart I wish to write down. A million whys, 10.000 whats, and 50.000 what went wrongs but I don't want to shed any more tear, so I am leaving just beautiful memories of you. Please Angel, watch over your siblings, your mommy needs all the support she can get. We will NEVER forget you. Rest easy, and hugs to Pappi.
Posted by Francis Lyonga Ngnekou Ch... on March 13, 2021
Since the news of your passing hit me... my mind and heart have been through so many different emotions...
Frustration, confusion, disappointment, anger, fear, intense pain like nothing i have ever known before... Was this Real? You left your mum, ur dad and your gramma in so much dispair pilita... I am so sorry baby... i feel so ashamed, i feel like i dint do enough to take this pain away. It hurts that i dont get a second chance... will this pain ever go away? I know you are rested from the pains, but i ask why were u in so much pain on the first place? I have no choice but to bid you farewell angel. Watch over your siblings for your mum... she will need to catch her breath for a minute... Your Aunty with the red hair loves you deeply... I kiss you tenderly as you sleep in peace

Your Auntie Ngo Bassong Marie Colette Mojoko“Coco”
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 13, 2021
Such a beautiful spirit.. now she is your eternal angel walking with you everyday...

Colossians 1:11

May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, may peace be with you always. Lean on others for strength. Pray when it hurts.. stay focused on the kingdom of god.. that is where her soul is resting... little angel baby... be well
Posted by Francis Lyonga Ngnekou Ch... on March 13, 2021
Bryannita, Pilli Pils,
Writing a tribute for you feels unnatural. You were so full of life, so full of joy, so positive. You were a model child or better yet an angel. Your presence im our lives was a source of joy, from your pink catsuit to your innocent optimism. Even in the condition you found yourself in you were still a beacon of positivity.
This hurts. Deeply. Like Job you never lost your faith but unfortunately your restoration was not to be. I'm filled with so much bitterness and dejection but I remember what a positive child you were and how you would want me to be positive.
You'll be missed and all of us, your aunts and uncles would happily trade places with you.
Rest easy Angel
Posted by Ramsès Kimaya on March 13, 2021
Gone too young, gone pure , gone when life was just beginning
It's hard but for sure your absence wont stop love that your parents has for you.
U will live forever in their hearts...
RIP Princess
Posted by Esunge Epie on March 13, 2021
I am blessed to have spent your last moments with you.God designed it that way and I will forever be grateful.Baby,words can not adequately describe our moments in the hospital.Even in the heart of pain,you responded positively..Pillie how are you today baby..fine aunty.Even when your strength was failing and you couldn't quickly talk,you would always show your thump.
Pillie you taught me some great lessons at the hospital...
- you never asked the obvious question..'why me'
- You prayed even when you could easily give an excuse not to
- In your pain you had a way of cracking jokes to take away some of the stress
- You accepted pain and suffering
- You always said 'thank you'
Pillie,I have no doubts that you are with the angels. Watch over your parents and siblings and ask God to protect them.
I beg you to watch over all the sick children in the world and intercede for them.Lastly, I beg you to stand the gap for me on the day of judgement..together with the other angels..little Emma..little Joseph and little Alexia.
We have an angel in heaven
Posted by Njie Enow on March 13, 2021
Your gregarious smile lit our hearts, Your warmth brought verve into our lives and even on the the ugliest of days, you my child were able to conjure something that will gladden anyone.

You weren’t just a charming little girl, you were caring, perhaps a trait you picked up from your lovely mother Sheila and kindhearted father Caven.

You were a jolly baby graced with wit not inherent in children your age. We played and we had our special greeting style, a procedure which you made sure I memorized. Whenever I missed a step, I remember you smiling and saying “Uncle Enow, you missed one step, let’s do it again”

We played all the time yet your calm was legendary.

An attribute which you displayed even as you battled ill health. You remained jovial and even when the situation worsened, your reply to “Baby How are you?” Was always “I’m fine thank GOD Uncle Enow”

Pilita my whole being aches at the thought that we’ll never play again, at the thought that I wouldn’t have to answer your somewhat challenging questions, at the heart wrenching feeling that we’ll not discuss football and our favorite club Liverpool Fc.

I’ll miss that feeling of pride that ushered in whenever you looked at your father, a Manchester United fan and said Liverpool was the best team.

Baby how then do you expect me to come to terms with this hurt?

The day you took your last breathe, life became ugly.

If love alone could’ve saved you, you’ll still be here with us Pillie Pills, cheerful as always.

In life I loved you dearly my daughter, in death I still love you.

As you join heavens wonderful cast of angels, baby watch over us.

I’ll always remember you Choupilita, even as tears roll down my cheeks, you’ll always have a place in my heart until we meet again my charming little Pilita.
Posted by Linda Mekolle on March 13, 2021
Dear beautiful angel in Heaven, it is with great sadness that we were told you were gone. Austin and I used to pray for you all the time, hoping that you will be healed.

I can remember the first time I saw you, I was so impressed at how young and responsible you seemed, and I remember telling myself you had one of the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen.

Despite the very painful heartache and heartbreak of your leaving us, I am most comforted because you are now free from all pain, struggle and sickness. God saw you were so special, He decided you should be back by His side. You are at peace, you are surrounded with God's immense love and euphoria now.

You will forever be missed, never forgotten by all who love you and know you. Continue to rest in perfect peace Pilli.
Posted by Lynda Rosaline Bassong on March 12, 2021
I was so certain, for some reason that this was just a phase, that God was testing our faith and that you were going to be fine. Even when news reached me that your health was deteriorating I prayed. I had this unshakable faith that you were going to come out stronger, that you will be a testimony. In spite of the pain I feel in my heart, when I think of you I smile. I remember how much of a happy, sweet and outgoing child you were. We didn’t see each other often but every-time I met you, where ever, you would run so fast towards me and hug me, then ask “Auntie what is your name again?” The tightness and familiarity of your hugs. Smart, sweet, caring, warm, chubby, playful, hardworking baby girl. All these words come to my mind when I think of you. Rest easy Sweet girl, say hi to Papi for me... till we meet again!
Posted by Ndob'Ewang Xevlyn on March 12, 2021
Don't have the words to express. We'll really miss you. Rest peacefully angel
Posted by Ngome Epie on March 12, 2021
An Angel came, an angel has departed...
Posted by Dr. Ewang Theo Epie-Alobw... on March 10, 2021
My Baby Bey!

I have no words, just taking comfort in your words "I'm OK!"

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