Simply the best

Shared by Val Miller on March 24, 2020
I have started and stopped this post several times the past couple of days. Nothing I write seems to be enough to describe how I felt about the lady I was blessed to call my Mother in law. She never made me feel like a daughter in law. She always said once you were married you were hers - never treated differently or less.

She taught me  how to can her famous apple butter. Because of her I got to learn what tractor pulling is and was blessed enough to watch her pull. It was such an honor to be that close to the "queen of tractor pulling"

One of my very favorite things about Barb was her ability to have fun and dance. That woman could dance and could keep up with anyone on the floor. The Red Door will not be the same with out her. 

I just hope she knows how much she was loved in this life and how I thank God every day that she gave me this gift of a husband I couldn't live without and a Miller clan I cherish. Heaven gained the best angel. xoxoxo - Theresa 

To the Beat of Their Own Drum

Shared by Joseph Weiers on March 24, 2020
Grandma and Grandpa Miller have always lived their life together in their own way, to the beat of their own drum. Whether it comes to raising a family, farming, having fun or just living life, they did it their own way! 
Some of the most intense memories I have from my childhood are from Miller Family Christmas. A small part of me would dread it but most of me was excited for the chaos that was about to take place. Being a kid in a house FULL of 100+ people was overwhelming but I would never give it for the opportunity to spend time with cousins who were some of my closest friends (and still are) and even a few special minutes with Grandma or Grandpa. A part of Grandma that will always live with me are the gifts I received from her. I have a toolbox full of Craftsman tools that she carefully picked out so I never received duplicates but also which tools were the most useful. I don't think there is any other grandkid that has gotten 1/2" deep well impact sockets from their grandma with the advise that "these are the good ones that won't break". She knew that because she used them! More than the tools, it is the work ethic that Grandma and Grandpa have was passed on to all of us to use them. Every time I make a repair with my tools and save some money (also a very important lesson to be learned from them) I can thank Grandma!
Watching the two of them operate the farm was just awe inspiring! Again, what other kid (beside other Miller grandkids) get to tell their friends, "oh look, there goes my grandma in her semi!" It always took a lot of convincing to get them to believe me. She was the Jill of all trades, worked the ground, driving the trucks, shoveling bins, hauling fuel and anything and everything else right by Grandpa's side. I always loved the opportunity to ride with them in the field and still do to this day. Harvest of 2016 they must have thought I was stalking them as I would show up unannounced to come for a ride and get some pictures and video. I was able to make a video for them (which is attached to this story). I feel so fortunate to be able to do this for them when I did.
Grandma definitely had her own way of having fun! Again, what kid gets to tell his friends about his BADASS tractor pulling Grandma! These will also be memories and mental images forever ingrained in my mind! A two foot flame out the top of the stack, a black column of smoke you could see from a mile away, front tires off the ground with the tractor screaming down the track with Grandma there in her short sleeve blouse shirt (usually a pastel) in total control of the chaos. It was almost a guarantee she had the winning pull, but would come back to the pits and discuss with Grandpa and her sons how this or that needed to be tweaked for a better pull next time.

Grandma, I don't know if you knew what an incredible person you really were, but if you did, you didn't show it, you were just too humble. Heaven is a better place now with you there and I have comfort in the fact that you can watch over us as we all try strive to live up to the unbelievable legacy you left. I miss you so much but thank you for the memories and life lessons I will have forever.

Love, Your Grandson Joe
Shared by Abigail Weiers on March 23, 2020
I feel so proud to be part of the lineage of strong, hardworking, and caring women that came from Grandma Miller. Grandma taught me that you can go against the grain and break gender stereotypes one day, and still enjoy baking pies, black Friday shopping and lunch with your girls the next–a lesson that I will keep with me forever. I love you Grandma!

Tractor Pulling Grandma

Shared by Maggie Weiers on March 23, 2020
This story might not be entirely accurate in terms of historical facts but it’s one that I carry with me about Grandma. Whenever extended family comes up in conversation with friends, I always have to tell people about our gigantic family. And how BADASS my grandma is. I tell people she’s a mother of 15 (“FIFTEEN PREGNANCIES?!” They say.) And I say, “It’s not just that, you should see the things she does on the farm. It’s incredible that she’s made space for herself in a men’s dominated farming industry, as a younger woman, and even now in her older years! Driving huge machinery with confidence and ease.” But by far my favorite thing to share is that my grandma was so good at tractor pulls (at this point I have to explain to my city friends what a tractor pull is), she would win so much, that they started making the 2nd place prize more valuable than first! This is the part that I’m not 100% sure is true.. but either way it accurately depicts my grandma so well, that I’m going to continue telling it like this. She was unabashedly confident and capable. She didn’t allow herself to be defined by her gender. And she was the proud matriarch of a huge, loving family. She’s my feminist icon and I’m proud to have known her.

To a wonderful mother inlaw

Shared by Roger Weiers on March 23, 2020
Id like to share a few thoughts with all in this time of sadness.

Barb was a truly wonderful woman in so many ways, from a mother to mother in-law to grand and great grandmother she knew how to do them all with ease. Her passing has left the Miller Family without its Super Woman glue!

 I`m truly one of the lucky ones to marry one of the Miller girls, all be it I got the best one.
I am amazed just watching Patty do so many things for our family. I think it goes back to the example set by her mother who could do EVERYTHING and do it very well. 

A post harvest hug at Thanksgiving and Christmas got you a big smile and another piece of Barb`s delicious pie. And then try to find a seat at their house on a holiday, o`boy don`t get up or you were on the floor. But that was okay because Val and Barb were on the floor already with the kids and grandkids, watching them open their gifts.

 I will miss going out to socialize with Barb and Val together, a drive through the country side to crop inspect and maybe stop for a beverage was fun. It didn't  matter where because just about everyone everywhere knew Val and Barb. Maybe a polka dance or two were part of the afternoon or a motorcycle ride made the day more fun.

I had a dance with Barb late last summer and thanked her for raising her amazing daughter, and for always treating me like I was one of her children.

Barb, I will love your daughter Patty like you and Val loved each other until we are all together again.

P.S. Barb, please say Hi to Flavian  (Dad) for me in heaven.

John Deere Tool Box

Shared by Kelsey Schwartz on March 22, 2020
Grandma Miller spent countless hours and days thinking of the perfect gift for each and every family member during Christmas. Brett and I received such a special gift this past Christmas that we will both cherish forever.

This past June, my grandfather passed away and gifted us two John Deere tractors. We shared this story with both Grandma and Grandpa soon after, sharing photos and videos of each tractor. They shared in our excitement, asking questions about each model and when each were purchased. When Christmas came, Grandma had found an old John Deere tool box that they had be given after many purchases of John Deere equipment. Even with a large family and many many grandkids and great grandkids, Grandma remembered stories, including our story of the two tractors. When Christmas came, Grandma and Grandpa graciously gave us this tool box saying- she thought it was a fitting gift since we had just brought home those John Deere Tractors. 

We quickly found a place for this treasure. In our laundry/entry way so when we come into our home each and everyday, we can be reminded of Grandma! 

Grandma Miller so selflessly provided for others and I’m so grateful to have met her. Her compassion, empathy and hard work are to be admired and missed. Forever in our hearts❤️

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