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Granddaughter Grandmother

November 16, 2015

I will never forget all of the days that grammy would pick us three Faith, Hayden, and Khristopher, up from school and take us to the drug store. We would get candy and a drink and go home. For the rest of the day we would sit on the couch watching Charmed, the best show ever. We would sit there and watch tv until mama got home. I will forever miss our days we got to spend all day with you. You showing us how important famiy is an how precious life is. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! <3

Archive Tribute

May 31, 2014

I haven't written the song I plan to compose about Barbara and "What she/you meant to me" (Working Title) but I did launch my music archive in January, and wrote a feature about Barbara and her influence on/in my life.
Here is the link

Last week my oldest son lost a friend. He said to me, I think I now know how you must feel about losing Aunt Barbara...indeed.  

Mom the handy woman

January 18, 2013

As a youngster I learned alot from my mom.  I will never forget the time when i was about 5 years old learning how to fix a kitchen faucet.  We lived on 32nd ave in Phx at the time.   I stood there intensly watching her every move , removing the handle and slowly dis-assembling the faucet when suddenly it exploded and water shot to the cieling and flooded the entire kitchen while she ran frantic looking for the water shut off valve.  Took her a while to find it and it was total panic chaos.  Its funny the things you remember from early childhood.  So that particular day she taught me to turn off the water before working on the faucet LOL!  Love ya Mom!

Central High School 1973 Senior picture

March 11, 2012

She gave me a 5X7 of this picture. I had it framed in my gallery for many years.

             I love this picture of my best friend.

Front row.from the left.6th in Concert Choir 1973

March 11, 2012

Concert choir was the big elite choir group. You had to be asked by the choir director to participate. Concert choir got to perform at state competitions and local citywide events. It was an honor and a privelage. Barbara loved it!

             She was always beautiful in the gown and gloves.

Choraliers..cutest girl in the front row!

March 5, 2012

I am looking through yearbooks. I was a year behind so my yearbooks would cover Barbara's sophomore through senior years. I went to many of her concerts. I got involved in drama and did not do choirs with her in high school.

But I was her biggest fan!

Working Title...What you meant to me

January 17, 2012

A song I am writing.  About two old friends who shared a passion,families, laughter, sorrow and becoming women together, from the heart of the one who is left behind.


Another lunch date

December 12, 2011

I have no recollection of this occasion other than..we met somewhere with a bunch of other people Barbara knew and our daughters came along. This might be my favorite photo of Barbara and I as grownups! 

We were always so happy to see each other whenever and wherever the chance was provided.

Maid of Honor 2

December 11, 2011

                    Mystery Wedding Question


Why did Barbara chande her dress before the pictures were done?


Answer: She was rushing off to meet Johnny!


December 11, 2011


My Maid of Honor


along with Karen,Crystelle, Susan and Leesa

Baby Shower McCartney K 1981

December 7, 2011

Shower at my Mom's apartment rec room in Phoenix. Susan Jenefsky on the left is also in the Boyfriend's Bestfriend luncheon pic I submitted. I'm the pregger's in the red kimono. Susan always thought Barbara was so much fun.

Susan and I are very close friends. She still lives in Phoenix.

In our old neighborhood even!

Wedding Guest

December 7, 2011

I was singing at a wedding one of the times Barbara was in town visiting Mary Jane.

 I brought Mac, my brother Vic and Barbara along.

Visit in Coronado

December 7, 2011

Many times when I would be visiting my Mother- in- Law Bobbie (Barbara) in Coronado, Barbara and Curtis would make a drive and we would hang out.

My Mother-in- Law really liked Barbara, always asked about her. And took our picture.

Sister's annual getaway 2011

November 22, 2011

This was our last sisters' getaway to Phoenix.  I'm never in these as I take the pics, but captured a special moment.  Brunch at the Biltmore.  :) luv u Barb

Our Mom's

November 22, 2011

Barbara and I both had our own relationships with each others Mothers. Our mom's were entirely different breeds but we really loved each others mom and whenever Barbara and I were together in Phoenix we would try to see our Mother's together. How great is that!

Yearbook Stupor

November 22, 2011

The evening before this pic was taken the three of us were up all night looking through yearbooks and just snorting/hooping and hollering/cracking each other up with stories we knew and new ones about all these poor innocent classmates!!!!

Throwing Debye under the bus

November 22, 2011

In the words of Rod Stewart    "Every picture tells a story don't it"

8th grade Best Athlete's 32 years later

November 22, 2011

Barbara and Uncle Vic aka Victor Bowman were voted Best Female and Best Male Athlete of Madison #1 grade school. 1968

Boyfriend's Bestfriend Picture

November 22, 2011

Manuel's 1983  Debye, Annette, Barbara, Susan, Anne


I wrote one of the best song's I have ever composed the night following this lunch.

It is titled "Boyfriend's Bestfriend" This pic is on my artist website.

November 19, 2011


I'll miss our chats, exchanging stories, laughter and tears, successes and some failures.  But most of all, I will miss our hugs.  I'm sorry that we never had that vacation in Palm Springs that we planned for next year. I'm sorry that I made you and Ellen sleep in the same room while I got the couch.  It was quieter.  You both snore.  I'm sorry that I took all the pictures and never got in many.  

I'm sorry that I pushed you down in the cement three times and got you into trouble when we were kids.  You did get even with me more that once for that and never let me forget it.

Thanks for being with me when I went to visit Joye for the first time.  You were my rock and I couldn't have gone without you.  

Give Grandma, Aunt Betty and mom a big hug for me.  :)

Big Sis





Competitive Nature

November 18, 2011

Groing up I always knew my mom was very competative especially when it came to sports.  She told us many stories as kids growing up of her days in grade school running track and field and how fast she was.  In her late 20's she signed up to play local softball, think it may have been co-ed fast pitch knowing her.  Well one of the first games she got a good hit, had the throw to first beat by a mile and in a full out sprint, never slowing down, she tripped over the base and broke her wrist.  Looking back I realize were her kids get there "give it your all every time" personality.  "Commit like your trying to outrun the throw to first every time".  This is what I learned from my mother early on. 

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