She will be missed.

Shared by Michael Lee on March 4, 2021
I was never certain who enjoyed her class more,  the teacher or students. Her never ending patience, calm, reassuring manner was always so welcome and as one or two of my lifelong fellow friends amight say "Mike was a pain in the butt at times". I too took home piano lessons for many years before discovering girls but when a upright concert grand needed restoration,  the passion returned. May the lessons she taught both on and off the keys always be with you. She was truly one of a kind.
Shared by Kim Guariglio on March 1, 2021
Mrs Nadeau, was an incredible and inspiring music teacher. She was my music teacher at Rural from kindergarten through 6th grade. 69-75. She always had a smile and made me feel so special. She was the highlight of my week. 
I can still remember our recorder lessons! My heart goes out to your family as you experience the loss of this beautiful soul, she meant so much to so many. Sending prayers of comfort and healing to you and your family.

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