Let us share our pictures, stories, and laughter that keep Barry with us always.
  • 41 years old
  • Born on October 10, 1970 in Salisbury, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on November 9, 2011 in Lexington, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Barry Cole, 41, born on October 10, 1970 and passed away on November 9, 2011.

He was a special person to us. He loved the outdoors, family, friends, and of course his dogs.... there was always one by his side.  We loved the mischievious spirit and sparkle that would light up his eyes when excited.  But best of all was that infectious laugh. 

We will love and remember him forever.

Posted by Tammy Moore on October 10, 2019
Happy birthday my little brother. I wish you were here with me to celebrate. Time is so precious and passes so quickly...but you'll always be my baby brother. Love and miss you.
Posted by Tammy Moore on October 11, 2018
Happy birthday. Love ya.
Posted by Tammy Moore on November 9, 2017
I can't believe it's been 6 years since we talked. There's so much i wish I would have said and done with you. I always thought maybe there's be a better time. I wish I'd slowed down, had more courage, ....our relationship was special. Not really the normal siblings. From changing your diapers, taking you to the pool, working on pronunciations, going to the beach, skiing at the lake, and a few heart to hearts...the feelings ran deep. I miss you more than you would ever know. Love you. Sissy
Posted by Tammy Moore on November 9, 2017
Ps. Nevada got married this past year...youd be so proud of her! Dexter passed away...I know that would make you as sad as seeing Nevada married would make you happy. Life has a way of balancing like that. I used to worry when things went too right...thinking a bad thing was coming as a cruel joke. Now I think we get the good just so the bad is bearable. And....you'd be happy to know everyone loves your pool table. I still suck at playing but get joy out of knowing something you enjoyed so much lives on and gives others as much fun as it did you. Really, really miss you. Lots I'd like you to see...and know how much good was to come.
Posted by Tammy Moore on October 11, 2016
love you....thought about you a lot on your birthday. I just finished gathering pictures of you and momma for Nevada. She wanted them for her wedding It brought back lots of memories. I really miss that smile and laugh.
Posted by Tammy Moore on October 11, 2015
RIP and know I love you. I think about you a lot.
Posted by Tammy Moore on November 11, 2014
Thoughts of you come at random times...some big things-like Erin's wedding & others small - like pulling down the attic ladder that you fixed for me. Even seeing Erin's new dog...(tongue hangs out like Dexter's.)  I miss our family get togethers. And your laugh. I think that was the one thing about you that stood out for everyone...it was so genuine and infectious.
Posted by Tammy Moore on November 9, 2013
It's been 2 years since I lost you. 2 years and 2 days since we spoke. It doesn't seem that long ago but so very much has changed in that time. I can't tell you how much I think about you. I replay things in my head all the time. Momma was always talking about how important family was...I miss you all. Love you. Sissy
Posted by Tammy Moore on October 10, 2013
Happy Birthday. I still remember the day you were born & how happy I was to FINALLY have a sibling. Seems like yesterday I was changing your diapers, then playing together on "the rock", doing speech therapy drills, and listening to your non stop talking as a child. Later there were the talks & fun we had at the lake as adults. I like to remember your smile and laugh. Love you. Miss you.
Posted by Amy Finney on October 10, 2013
Happy Birthday Barry. I think of you all the time and all of the wonderful memories with the neighborhood gang and camping at the lake. At important times in my life I feel that you are always there with me. I miss you each day more than you can ever imagine. I know God will eventually bring peace into our hearts with time. I love you! :-)
Posted by Brian Welborn on October 10, 2013
Happy Birthday Buddy. I sure do miss ya. Miss having a pal that cared to listen to you when you needed to confide in someone. I will never forget all the times we had and I wish, hope wherever you are that somehow someway you can hear my message. I can't believe its been almost 2 years. You will not be forgotten as long as I am around. Your friend, buddy, pal-Brian
Posted by Tammy Moore on January 16, 2013
I think of you guys especially when I want to share things. Christmas was hard. I'm determined to make sure 2013 is better and it's off to a good start. David and I got engaged. I'm thankful that you and mom met and liked him.
Posted by Amy Finney on January 16, 2013
I smile when I am in the car and AC/DC comes on the stereo. It seems like you are with us and most of the time it is a special event that is happening. I still look at the facebook comments you made and can't believe you are not here to talk to. The lake is definately not the same without you and Shirley. I miss you and love you! :-) Your sis. :-) Amy
Posted by Tammy Moore on December 18, 2012
I still can't believe you are gone. I think about you and momma all the time. I always thought there'd be more time. The holidays aren't the same. Love you. Miss you.  - Sissy
Posted by Stephanie Gambill on November 9, 2012
Does not seem like a year has gone by. Barry will always hold a place in our hearts. Good guy and great friend!
Posted by Amy Finney on October 22, 2012
Missing you each day and thinking of you. When I go back and forth to N.C. State to see Zach AC/DC is always on the radio and with every song we hear we all feel like you are there with us.
Posted by Tammy Moore on October 10, 2012
Thinking about you and missing you on your birthday. I still remember this day 42 years ago and I still can't believe all that has happened this past year. Love you.
Posted by Tammy Moore on March 6, 2012
love you....
Posted by Vennessa Lynch on March 4, 2012
Barry, you were the funniest person that I ever knew. You mad me laugh more and smile more often than I ever had before I met you. You had such an infectious sense of humor and such a big heart. The world lost a good soul the day you left this world, but God gained a new angel. I learned a lot in my time with you and I will never forget you.
Posted by Tammy Moore on January 19, 2012
I sure wish you were still here with me. I need to talk to you about things that I think really you are the only one that could understand.. I'm having a rough time accepting everything that's happened in the last 9 months. Life will never be the same and I'm so very sad.
Posted by Brian Welborn on January 5, 2012
It's tough waking up everyday knowing you are not here anymore. Sometimes I think I'll walk in one day my cell will ring and it will be you. You came into my life and became my pal, my trusted friend, an ally and a blessing. We weren't perfect I know and we argued at times but i'd give anything to hang out again like old times. I visit your grave often and I miss you old friend.
Posted by Stephanie Gambill on January 4, 2012
When my family moved to Lexington in 1995 he was one of the first friends my daughter met. I did not approve of all the things they did back then but when I looked beyond I saw a person who I hoped would always remain a friend to my daughter. They did just that. Barry will always have a place in our hearts and a special place in mine. You will be missed and always remembered.
Posted by Tammy Moore on December 26, 2011
I sure do miss you. It's especially true here at the holidays. Erin made the Apple Crisp this year and we're looking after momma. I love you!
Posted by Tammy Moore on December 2, 2011
We've been through a lot. But one thing was constant...we loved each other. I treasure that we both said that to each other in our last conversation...even though we had no idea it would be our last. This site in your honor. I want others to share their love, laughter, pictures, and funny stories so I can keep you close and give them the same opportunity. I love you kiddo!

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