This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 28, 2020
R.I.P. Barry, and thank you for all your environmental training. It's now up to us to cope with our present environmental messes. You were indeed "one of the helpers."
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2019
Happy 96th Celestial Birthday, Barry!
This tribute was added by Janice Jagelski on November 7, 2018
Happy Birthday, Fellow Scorpio! Hope you're hiking heaven's High Sierra and sailing downwind in fair seas.  Perhaps you're celebrating with our dear friends Merry Tutten and Bill Freudenburg, and many other ES compadres.
You would be astonished by the warmth and clarity of today, November 7, in Oakland, CA. We haven't had good rain since March, and everything is parched while we've been running around in shorts for months, and unfortunately watching as the world around us either burns or is flooded and blown to pieces. Yes, global warming is real.
But you would probably be pleased by the results of yesterday's Mid-Term Elections. Record turn-out in response to President Trump who actually makes GW Bush look like a reasonable man.  We didn't win back the Senate, but looks like we have Congress. Feinstein is still in Senate, Newsom takes the governor's reigns from Jerry Brown.
I think of you and Jean often, especially when I'm outdoors. Luckily we live close to hike in redwood forests or going to the beach, or do both in same day. I will always cherish our time together, and am grateful for everything you taught and shared with me, my dear friend.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2018
Happy celestial birthday, Barry! Wish you were still here to help us sort out the mess we're making of this big, beautiful world we inherited. RIP
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 29, 2018
Time has moved on since your passing Barry, but the destruction to our environment continues unabated from politicians and even Mother Nature. It's been a year of senseless de-regulations, fires, floods and debris flows. Your sage advise is sorely missed at this time. RIP
This tribute was added by Ron Levy on April 28, 2018
How great this tribute is-- and keeps on giving, like Barry. His image pops into my mind regularly, when I think of father-figures and kind, safe mentors that we all need. Especially during college years, when we all seem to need a 'safe harbor', Barry gave that to us, and it has become a lifelong well-spring of support that i pass on to my students, friends, children and others.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2017
Happy Birthday, Barry! 
I'm glad you are in a better place. I don't think you would like what the new EPA director is doing to all the environmental issues you, I, and others advocated for. It would break your heart. RIP
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 28, 2017
Still missing you and your inspiration after all these years, Barry. So many of the issues you worked so hard on, e.g. clean air, water, a healthy environment etc. are being politically rolled back. In a way, I'm relieved you've missed this recent madness. RIP
This tribute was added by Janice Jagelski on November 7, 2016
Ahoy Barry, fellow Scorpio and always in my heart. Whenever I'm near the ocean or SF Bay I can't help reminisce about our times together on Cassandra, Antara and QMII... No wind in SF Bay this weekend, sails barely fluttering, but big surf outside the Gate. Wonderful sunrise this morning, but no green flash at sunset.  We'll get out to vote tomorrow and won't let you down on the community, environmental and big Presidential issues. How I miss your company; visiting SB isn't the same without you, however we have a new rescue cattle dog I'll bring down to visit Jean. Hugs, Janice
This tribute was added by Peter Ward on April 1, 2016
The Ward/Bevan family has appreciated the kindness and contact with the Schuyler family over many years. I enjoyed the PBS series "West of West" on the Channel Islands and was pleased to see that the Barry Schuyler family were sponsors. I had forgotten, Barry and I share the same birthday. I will gladly remember his life and family fondly.
This tribute was added by Ron Levy on November 8, 2015
Adding this to my tribute in 2011: I now teach Media Ethics at a university in Alaska. I have consciously carried Barry's support and encouragement forward to the students and others I have met since the 3 years I enjoyed knowing Barry in the late 1970s.
This tribute was added by Bart Woolery on November 7, 2015
I salute you, Barry, and looking down the list of other tributes, some of whom I know personally, I know why. You done good.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2015
Watched a falling star over the ocean and your earthly home on the Mesa last night, and thought you might be blowing out a celestial birthday candle. RIP
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 28, 2015
Here it is already-- four years since you had to leave the fight for a better, cleaner world. Just want you to know that the fight goes on, the will to change has not diminished. Sometimes we win one for the environment and sometimes we don't. I think you would be pleased, old teacher. RIP
This tribute was added by Ron Levy on April 28, 2015
Happy Birthday Barry. i come to this page and am instantly transformed back on Cassandra and the winds of the Channel. It all snaps back into perspective, and the world is an easier place to enjoy again.
This tribute was added by William Thacher Dane on November 8, 2014
Hella Good Guy = 1955 Bill
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 8, 2014
Barry, Happy Birthday, old teacher. Gone but certainly not forgotten.
This tribute was added by Janice Jagelski on November 7, 2014
Dear fellow Scorpio, how I miss you dearly.
Here on my shelf next to me is a photo of us at Glacier Point, Yosemite with Half Dome shining behind us. What a great Clam Bake you organized!  My passion for exploring the outdoors whether on foot or aboard a boat was sparked and nurtured by your generous and contagious enthusiasm to get outside and engage in meaningful conversation.  Be assured I continue to share this enthusiasm and am currently helping our local grade school conduct water samples at Lake Temescal, a local lake and park in the Oakland Hills. We clean the creeks feeding into the lake, monitor pH, tds, nitrates, phosphates, collect samples to examine under a microcscope and we also strive to improve the school's energy consumption with both simple and technical improvements all the kids can help with. My love to You, Barry and Jean, who are two of the most important influences in my life.
This tribute was added by Karen Feeney on April 28, 2014
Thank you for all of the wisdom you shared, the people you touched, and the good you brought to the world. I honor you Barry.
This tribute was added by Kate Schuyler on April 29, 2013
Dad, it's lovely to have your presence still with me, even though it's been two years. Shared experience, memories and connections of the heart transcend time and space.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 28, 2013
Barry: The ship still sails, your memory still lives and guides me true north. RIP teacher.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2012
My old professor: I think you would be proud of how tonight's presidential election turned out. We haven't addressed climate change yet... but we're getting there. RIP
This tribute was added by Judy Egenolf on November 7, 2012
As we celebrate political progress in this presidential election cycle you are sorely missed. Climate change was mentioned in Obama's acceptance speech along with many other issues you were passionate about, self responsibility included. Missing you Barry.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on April 28, 2012
Gone but certainly not forgotten. The ripples you left behind still circle this beautiful Earth...
This tribute was added by Tamara "TJ" DiCaprio on April 28, 2012
Barry, the elements I love about myself, I learned from you. You are in my heart and soul!
This tribute was added by Karen Feeney on November 7, 2011
You are still a bright light Barry. Happy Birthday.
This tribute was added by Kevin Mckernan on November 7, 2011
Happy Birthday, Barry! You will always be my "Mr Chips".
This tribute was added by William Thacher Dane on October 31, 2011
1953 thru 1955 Barry, You and Mike Hermes = top of my 'Most-Dignified-Persons-Ever' list. Thank you, Bill Dane *Hello Jean ! A beauty beside the best.
This tribute was added by Dennis Power on September 8, 2011
Barry's commitment to the environment and making the world a better place was through his teaching, commitment to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Maritime Museum, and other causes, and the way he lived and conducted his own affairs. His influence is immeasurable.
This tribute was added by Marilyn Judson on July 4, 2011
Barry once told me and other ES students in ~1972 that he had, "...great faith in the power of economic incentives to protect the environment.." I frequently quoted him during my 21-years of enforcing environmental regulations within an oil refinery. His insight was remarkable.
This tribute was added by Terry Leftgoff on June 17, 2011
Barry was like a quiet river that carves solid granite. I will never forget, as a young student, towing behind his sailboat with my colleagues in the UCSB ES Dept. That was over 30 yrs ago. His spirit lives in the fires he lit in those he inspired.
This tribute was added by Bart Woolery on June 12, 2011
Barry was the most influential teacher I had at UCSB back in the mid-seventies. His even-handed approach to controversial subjects allowed me to find a path for truth and goodness in the world.
This tribute was added by Harry Rabin on June 7, 2011
"Barry" your an amazing human being! I will never forget the one trip on your sail boat back in 1977..I enjoyed a life time experience in your wise company and your words and wisdom guide me today and will stay with me always.
This tribute was added by Jennifer Lawton on June 4, 2011
In my senior year at UCSB, I took Barry's class to meet my science requirement - and stayed to finish an ES degree! What a wonderful influence Barry and Jean had on my life. Fair winds, good sailor. Thank you.
This tribute was added by Richard Martin on June 4, 2011
I taught the first course in the ES program (The Physical Environment) in the Fall terms of 1970, 71, and 72. Barry was one of my TAs in the course those years, even though he was 12 years my senior. He has been a wonderful friend and colleague.
This tribute was added by Karl Hutterer on June 4, 2011
It's hard to imagine Santa Barbara without Barry Schuyler. He has been important for so many people and institutions. He was on the Board of the Museum of Natural History for 20 years, Board President twice, and Honorary Trustee since 1991.
This tribute was added by Bruce Tiffney on June 4, 2011
Always a scholar and a gentleman.. and with his wife, a staunch benefactor of our community, including the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. His passion for education and the natural world will be carried on by dozens of CCS biology students.
This tribute was added by Roger Brown on June 4, 2011
Barry, thank you for helping me navigate from UCSB into the wider world. The connections you created took me to some marvelous places, people and experiences. You were caring, curious, generous and gentle.
This tribute was added by John Grube on June 4, 2011
As a 20 year old UCSB student doing part time boat maintenance in the 60s, Barry trusted me with his sailboat by exchanging work for use of the boat. Not just sail around the coast trust,rather, out to the islands for a weekend, type trust. Wonderful
This tribute was added by Mary Gosselin on June 3, 2011
Barry encouraged me to take an internship at the S.B. Museum of Natural History when I was a student at UCSB. The job led me to a gratifying, 21 year career at the Museum, where I continued to learn while teaching others about the natural world.
This tribute was added by Janice Jagelski on June 3, 2011
Barry was the first to invite me to sail, backpack and ski, as we did with friends for years. He could also quote any "Star Trek","Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" episode as easily as opera, symphony, politics and history. A true Renaissance Man.
This tribute was added by Karen Feeney on June 2, 2011
I had the pleasure of having Barry for my ES professor in 1975 - my 1st year at UCSB. He opened my eyes to so many new ways of thinking. Not only was he a great teacher, he was a role model in his love for the outdoors, his passion for life, and his
This tribute was added by Jim Peterson on June 1, 2011
One of the few people who have influenced my life the most. Thank you, Barry.
This tribute was added by Lindsay Kircher on June 1, 2011
I was fortunate to meet Barry as one of the recipients of the Schuyler scholarship at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. The Schuyler's generosity supported my study and helped inspire my career in education for sustainability.
This tribute was added by Stephen Oliva on June 1, 2011
I first met Barry in Dr. Hardin's Human Ecology class (1969). He stood out, older & thoughtful. As an early graduate in ES, I enjoyed visiting him over the decades, chatting about the program, and my career in land issues and the law. Farewell, Barry
This tribute was added by Tom Shoup on May 31, 2011
Barry, I always admired the simpleness in your life. Why throw out something that can still be used? Thanks for caring about the environment and all your quiet contributions.
This tribute was added by Bill Murdoch on May 31, 2011
I think I first met Barry when he was studying with Garrett Harden in Biology at UCSB, decades ago when I was a young professor. We saw a fair bit of each other then, and mostly we disagreed about the causes of and the solutions to the “population p
This tribute was added by Tad Reynales on May 23, 2011
I count Barry as a mentor, friend and colleague. We had many things in common -- Caltech, UCSB, soccer, sailing, beer and wine -- and of course, the environment. He was the one who first hired me as a TA in ES. Smooth sailing, Captain Schuyler!
This tribute was added by Moira Hill on May 22, 2011
RIP and thank you Barry for all your wisdom and grace in teaching and counseling, which I still remember 30 years later. Love the "personal commitment" request above. My sympathies and condolences to the Schuyler family.
- Moira Hill (UCSB, ES 1984)
This tribute was added by Darby Nett on May 12, 2011
Both Barry and Jean Schuyler always treated me with kindness, patience and respect when I worked at The Chandlery. Years later, when working for WM, under their son John, came to find out about mutual history with Midland School. What a gift, what a
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