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His Life

Free at Last...

March 3, 2011


I’m trapped in a body I cannot control
Although you can’t see it – I still have a soul
I also have feelings and thoughts in my head
Please do not treat me as though I were dead

For I am still dealing in this house made of clay
I wait for deliverance to come forth each day
As you come and visit – Be careful to know
My spirit can sense you, wherever you go

Your eyes are withholden from seeing inside
My real personality and where I abide
Yet I know your movements – each word that you say
Nothing escapes me in the course of a day

I may be unable to express who I am
But I am still in here – I’m still a human!!
And therefore deserving of kindness and care
Please do not treat me as though I’m not there

For one day, all shackles and chains will just snap
My spirit will soar freely – God’s Angels will clap
I’ll wing up to Heaven and wait for you there
Where all dwell in peace and there isn’t a care

From the world, I’ve transcended – and now I go free
Please focus on this when you think upon me
And know that I love you, wherever you’re at
Because Christ has freed me – I am no longer trapped!!

And one day, you’ll see me, completely restored
Whole and entire – with all my rewards
For enduring a life, without living at all ---
My sacrifice great – My suffering, small

When compared with the Christ One, who truly did give
All that He had, so that others could live ---
And knowing the traps that were once set for me
I cannot describe what it means to be free!!

Just know that I’m dancing – in Paradise, found
A place of belonging – I’m no longer bound –
And you, my dear loved ones – Don’t worry for me
For I’ve found the morning – I’m finally FREE!!