Let the memory of Benjamin be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on March 15, 1940 .
  • Passed away on January 14, 1996 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Benjamin Many Ribs 55 years old , born on March 15, 1940 and passed away on January 14, 1996. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2019
Daddy, I woke up today and thought of you and your smile and laugh but what makes me smile is our precious memories that we got to share with you growing up and watching and learning from you and you were so helpful and respectful and giving onto others. I always think of what you would say to me you need to work to get what you need cuz no one is gonna hand it to you. To always treat others with respect and they will respect you back. To always help other even if they dont deserve it. To watch over Baby Girl because no one else will. To always pray and be grateful for what you have because hard work and giving onto others will always pay off. I got to graduate college with my masters and my mba and that day was so emotional without you and momma but i knew you were both watching above and smiling down at me and your grandchildren. I cant help but shed some tears as i write this to you. It has been 23 years since you passed on an left to be with your momma n daddy and siblings. Not one day passes that i dont wake up and talk to you and tell you good morning and when i go to bed at night i pray and ask you to continue to watch over i and my children. I love you daddy and words cant say how much i misssss you as the sun rises and the goes down an the moon shines upon my face i look up and smile cuz i know you will forever be watching over us. Love you daddy,
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th March 2018
Happy 78th birthday daddy in heaven An this day doesn’t get any easier I miss you just as much since the day you passed. I cherish my memories we got to share over the years upto the day you passed. A piece of my heart died with you and has never healed an never will. I share our memories with my children n grandchildren an hold these memories close to my heart. I love you An misss you daddy and I know your no longer in pain An with your mom n daddy an other relatives in heaven An I know you continue to watch over our family An love you An until we meet again <3
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2018
Daddy I am thinking of you as I sit on the edge of my bed and my heart Still hurts. Aunty Rita is with you now ❤️ For the past years not a day goes by that I don’t think of you daddy. Your work ethic I have been given is something I value An helping others above and beyond is another value I have been given An these values I cherish today An always. I want to tell you that I love you and miss you daddy An our family values you have to me will be given to my children An onto the grandchildren. I remember your smile and laugh An your stories of you and momma. Growing up and your momma An daddy An enjoyed seeing you tell them. As these years go by I will never stop missing you but will cherish our memories I got to share with you an hold them close to my heart. The values you passed onto me will be given to my children and grandbabies. I remember visiting you and I would see you sleeping An I would keep talking An minutes would pass an you would wake up An go yep I would smile An sure enjoyed our visits. I still go To bingo an not much of a winner but know when we would go it was to Just enjoy time together. Daddy continue to watch over us and love you An miss you always today An until we meet again ❤️❤️
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th March 2017
Thinking of you daddy an happy 77th birthday in heaven an as I remember your laugh and smile it helps me get thru this day without you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you an I miss you as each day passes and goes onto another day.
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2017
My daddy been gone 21 years today and not a day goes by and I miss him an always remember our times together. I look at my children and they need to hear the memories we shared and always will my heart has never healed and never will. Thank you daddy for all that you do for me when I was growing up an appreciate all you showed me as I was growing up ❤❤❤
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th March 2016
Daddy, happy 76th birthday and i love an misss you an my heart is still filled with sorrow an even though its been twenty years its still there. I am thankful for the values that you gave me an i am the person i am today because of you. I put others first an respect an care for others an especially my family. Miss talking to you an seeing your smile an makes me cry as i write my words of love for you daddy. Somedays are worse than others especially if i am having a hard day an i need someone to just talk to. Love n miss you daddy ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2016
Daddy i love an miss you everyday as each comes an goes. Even though its been twenty years it seems like yesterday i was standing by your side holding your hand n feeling my world completely collapse in front of me. My heart was broke that night an has never healed since God took your hand n i know your not suffering anymore but i will never stop crying for you because i love you. Thank you daddy I am the person i am today because of you. To work to be kind to be independent n to respect elders. I think of your memories an they make me smile n will forever hold them close to my heart daddy.
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th March 2015
Happy birthday daddy an not one day goes by that I think of you an tell god to take care of you an to let you know I love you. Sometimes I get weak an lose my faith especially when I'm going thru tough endeavors an I was always able to talk to you an I'd feel so much better. After you left to be in heaven it seemed a part of me was taken. To this day after all these years 19 to be exact I still feel this feeling. I cherish our memories an they help get me thru each day an daddy if I could talk to you one last time I would tell you what an awesome job you did in raising me. Your values I will always carry an use them everyday an will always miss you until we meet again.
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th January 2015
Dad, I cannot believe every time this day comes that even though it has been 19 years that my heart still feels the ache I felt when you left to heaven years ago. I remember your smile and your laugh and our visits even though you would fall asleep and I would keep talking lol and just sitting with you. I had a dream about you and mom a few days ago and it seemed so real and you both looked so young and healthy and just seeing you both I knew that I was never alone because that night I had been going through some personal issues and totally felt so alone. it seemed that you seen or heard me say I was alone and I felt so much better knowing you both were there with me. love you always daddy and miss you until we meet again an I will always forever hold you close to my heart. <3
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 30th April 2014
Thinking of you daddy today and my heart feels empty because when something was bothering me I could always talk to you and you always knew what to say to make me feel so much better. I pray for strength everyday to help get thru to another day and I am blessed with my children and grandchildren but there are days where I just miss hearing your voice and your laughter. Then talking and noticing that your eyes are closed then you would wake up like you never dozed off. LOL. I love you so much and you are never forgotten and your memories that I have will always be cherished with me and my children. Love and miss you daddy. <3
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 15th March 2014
My daddy I miss you so much an forever hold your memories close to my heart n i share them with your grandchildren n great grandchildren. I think of the times we would visit n you would fall asleep n i would keep talking lol then you would wake up n finish talking. I never thought I would lose you n you raised my son Shawn n dad he is a dependent man n helps raise your great grandsons in florida. We miss you daddy n you will not be forgotten n your memories help me get through each day as the sun changes to the moon. Love ya n miss you everyday. ♡♡♡
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2014
As each day has come n gone n I still break down n cry. It hasn't been easy since you passed on n I never even got to tell you good bye. I hold you close in my heart n cherish the memories that were made each year. I never thought that we would have to part n I try to understand but your death still isn't clear. I love you daddy today n tomorrow n will until the day when we're together. I will never get over my sorrow n will be with me now n forever. Love ya n miss you daddy
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 12th July 2013
I miss you dad and I will always cherish the values that you gave to me especially as a provider and hard worker for the family. I miss your smile and laugh and just talking to you. My heart is still saddened by the loss of you so young and had so much to offer to all that knew you throughout your life. I will hold you close in my heart now and forever dad until we meet again.
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 14th January 2013
Seventeen Years ago you left us and not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I still cry when your birthday comes, holidays, or this day that makes my heart sad because it feels just like yesterday that you left us. We share the memories that we hold close in our heart and look at the pictures that we have. I pray each day to you in knowing that you are still by my side each day.
Posted by Karen Long Elk on 20th March 2012
Happy belated brithday to my oldest and awesome brother.. There isn't a day that goes by that you are thought of. Thanks for watching over us who are left behind with the memories that we will cherish forever. You are still greatly missed and will be until we are all together again.. Your memory will live on and on.. Miss you, your lil sister Karen Many Ribs...
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 20th March 2012
March is the time when you were born on March 15th and when that day came i had a lump in my throat because the feeling had overwhelmed me of missing you. I can remember each birthday we would all eat together and you would open your gifts and your smile made our day. I guess that the feeling of missing you will never go away but our memories will always be with me and that does help me
Posted by Dianne Many Ribs on 15th March 2012
Happy 72nd Birthday in Heaven! Thank you for watching over all of us. With Love from the Florida Many Ribs
Posted by Sheila Many Ribs on 7th March 2012
Dad, you were so special in so many ways for our family, Always there for us & was so hard in letting you go free. We will always share the times we hold in our heart, It eases our pain & sorrow because we had to part. Always know that we cherish the values you left behind,

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