His Life

An Angel from Conception

        From the moment I found out I was blessed with Berkley, he changed my life in ways no one was able to do for the past twenty-one years, including myself. If you're lucky enough, you have these epiphanies in life that reveal your purpose in life, and he was mine. Everything I did was to better him, by bettering myself. Before he was even here, he made me a better person and made me actually want to be one. I had a purpose and a path in life and for the first time this path was evident and I couldn't wait to begin my journey down it. I never even thought I had what it takes to be a mother, or be selfless enough to be a good one. Berkley changed all that. When I walked into the room and he smiled at the sight of me and the sound of my voice, it touched my heart in a way words cannot explain. To know he was as in love with you and you were with him is only a feeling you get from a child. No one enjoys going to the doctor, but I lived for ultra sounds and doctor visits to see and hear my little boy. Since I conceived, I had this feeling he was going to come early. It was as if he knew his time here was going to be short, so he wanted to get here as soon as possible. I never believed in love at first sight, but there's no words to describe that first moment you get to put all those feelings of love in your heart onto your fingertips. How do you love someone so much you just met? Berkley was the happiest baby and my moments with him were the times I was happiest. Not a day passed where he didn't make me laugh, and not a day passed where he didn't smile. I have never been so proud as I was of him, everyday I marveled at his progress. I loved watching him grow from the tiny little grain on the ultra sound to the chubby ball of laughing cuteness. It's crazy how I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, but every picture I have of him I can tell you where we were, what he was doing, what I was doing and thinking and anything else you would ever want to know from one picture. Every memory I have with him I will cherish until the day I can tell him all about them when we meet again. He touched everyone's lives in ways we can only dream of. Who knew this little boy who couldn't even talk and depended on me for everything could change my life in such a positive way without words or actions. Just by being he let me allow myself be better. I chose to give Berkley life and he chose to save mine. Berkley was an angel, and now he his home.