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November 24, 2011

My Mom loved to travel, amusement parks, Elvis, playing games, Halloween and collecting things.  This is only a short list of things she liked but these are a few close things to my heart of her rememberance. 

I remember always packing up the car and going on a road trip were always fun with Mom and crew. 

She had no fear of roller coasters either and after many "forced" rides in the front row, I adapted too..

I can remember weekend Atari challenges in the living room, while there were friends and family playing board games in the kitchen.

A Collector of many things, from A to cards, Elvis things, records, Salt and Pepper Shakers and the list goes of the things I am glad she collected or saved was my childhood things...from the cards to the uniforms, to school things to silly little things, but to her, they weren't so silly.

And, Halloween...anyone that knows me, knows I have the same love for Halloween as my Mom...making costumes, doing make-up and trick-or-treating with me...well into my 20's!

She was the one to make me smile and know there is always hope.  A beautiful soul that had made her share of mistakes, but that never lessened the woman that she was, the friend, the Mother, the beauty of life.


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