Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on March 9, 2022
Good morning mommy I want to wish you a Happy Birthday . I hope you're having a b- party with your heavenly family. I miss you so much. Daddy doesn't remember you since he has dementia. I know he still misses you. Bobby took him fishing Sunday and he shared with him memories about how you always out fished him. Daddy really had a good time. On Saturday Daddy and Elsie came to Olins birthday Daddy really enjoyed it he kept saying look at all children they have so much energy running around having a great time. Jay is still in Virginia while I'm here taking care of his mom who has a colostomy bag. I don't know if Ashley has a good plan for his future seems to make plans but never follows through with them. But I love him will support what he decides to do. I love you mom miss you every day again Happy Birthday   
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2021
Dear mom today is September 12 2021 18 years you've been gone. It's been really hard not having you here with me. I still cried for you I still need you here. I wish there was a way I could just hug you tell u I miss you so much. It's not easy without you. I know the day we I'll come and I see your sweet face. But all I can do is wait for that day to come soon please be looking for me because I will be looking for you mom I love more today than the day you left me...
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on March 10, 2021
Hi Mom well its been a while since I've written ,but so much has happen so glad you didn't have to go through this coronavirus it has horrifying to say the least. So many people have died from it. I never imagine you would leave us so soon at the age of 63. Last 17 1/2 years have been hard without you. Jay got a job offer in Charlottesville,Va. for 3 years I really enjoy the different living area. The mountain views are awesome cleaner air oh and we had lots of snow and sleet as well. Missy didn't like the ice didn't know what to think about the snow but she has some what adjusted to living here. We get to take walks on the trail behind the apartment when I'm not having dizzy spells which pretty much all the time. Daddy is having trouble with dementia memory but he has a wonderful ANGEL taking care of him Mrs.Elsie you would love her mom she's absolutely wonderful I love her just as much as I love you. I don't know what would have happen to him if he didn't have her and his family looking after him. Laura's mom passed away Jan 25 Bernice had been ill for years she truly suffer, no one should ever have to go through what she endured Bernice would be cleared for one thing then come down with something else and Laura took it real hard just as a daughter should mom's are our world the glue that holds the family together. You always try to make yourself believe that your mom is somewhere visiting someone not truly believing they are gone but we shall see each other one sweet day but to soon
Mom I miss you so much and love you forever gone but never forgotten.  love you 
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2020
Good morning mom its been 17 years since you left me here and went to heaven I miss yoj everyday. Ashley has left the army in January said he did his part on serving his country Jay and I are so proud of him. I'd hope he would go to college for something but hasn't made that step yet. Maybe one day . I wished you could have met Robert's fiancee Kelley Beasley she us a wonderful sweet lady great mother to your 2 great grandbabies Tildon Scott Downs and Tegan James Kohan . Christ and Sabrina have 2 precious boys Tristen and Olin sweethearts for sure. DJ still lives at home. He is really handsome I wished he could find a sweet girl. The world has gone crazy. Jay and I are living in Charlottesville Virginia for 1+years . I miss you i love you waiting to see you soon. Love kisses hugs 
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2019
Time has really flew by since the day you left me. Oh how my heart aches when I said my good byes to you. You laid there sleeping no life left beyond your body your spirit had already gone to heaven. Leaving me here to grieve, my tears fill my eyes the pain never seems to ease each passing year. No one can take your place no one can give that special hug no one will ever love you the way I love you mom. I miss you. Sept 12 2003 the date forever remembrance
Posted by sharon ashcraft on September 12, 2018
I miss her a lot but she is in heaven one day I will see her again the holidays are the hardest love you mom
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2018
Dear mom today gets even harder months before Sept 12. No words can express how much I miss you. So much has happen in 15 yrs. Your grandson William has become a wonderful young man he join the army in 2016 never dream that in a million years. He's station' at Ft.Drum NY.and will soon deploy to Afghanistan next month. It scares me to death but I'm trying to stay strong for him but it's hard you know. I'm so proud of him . I love you mom miss you every day wish you were still here....
Posted by sharon ashcraft on March 9, 2018
Today is mom birthday i went by and left a birthday balloon and said I miss her HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on December 25, 2017
Hi mom well its another Christmas without you and i think of you daily every time i look out my kitchen window when i see a red cardinal  we had a great time this year having William home again i never know if he'll get to come home from the military glad to have him if only for 13 days this time Christmas must be beautiful up in heaven i know you are rejoicing with Jesus I LOVE YOU MOM MISS YOU SO MUCH MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HEW YEAR!!!
Posted by sharon ashcraft on December 15, 2017
I miss mom too I think about her all the time it is so hard going over to dads and not seeing her there I miss putting up the tree with the kids cooking dinner then going to see the lights in Crawfordville
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on December 14, 2017
Christmas 2017 I never got over losing you mom I tried my best to be happy its just not working I put up my tree shop for gifts wrap them listen to Christmas music  always thinking of you I cried alot today missing you so much I was so young when you left me you left me to soon aunt Linda and I are going to put Christmas flowers out for you i love you mom see you one day up in heaven. You'd be so proud of Ashley military man I can't wait to see him this Sat praying he makes here safely merry Christmas mom love you
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2017
Mama each day that goes by I still miss you for the last 14 yrs I still can't believe you're gone my house is filled with memories of you ...I remember when you and Aunt Rachel came to help me clean the house I still live in. Well i know you are having a grand time with her now she left this world and is heaven with you and Aunt Janice I know you said save your money don't buy flowers for yr grave but I always do. Your grandson William went and joined the army lives in NY. i missed him everyday talking to him on the phone isn't enough praying no war breaks out and he'll get to come home for Christmas he has 3 more yrs but he's having a lot of pain in his back having a MRI today i want him home. Dad is doing fine getting a little older in great spirits but I know he misses you 43 yrs of marriage just doesn't go away my sweet girl cherry pie cross over the rainbow bridge Oct.17 2016 I miss her so much she was a great friend to our family we have another dog name Missy she's CRAZY !!! but funny  I MISS YOU MAMA LOVE YOU SO MUCH WISH YOU WERE STILL HOME WITH US !!! this world has gone absolutely crazy the things that are happening are disturbing but I still have my faith my pastor would have loved you well I'll talk you soon .....  Love your baby girl
Posted by sharon ashcraft on September 12, 2017
It is hard to believe my mom has been gone 14 today I still miss her .I still have a hard time going by there I love her and one day I will see her and grandma and grandpa's and aunt Mary etheal
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on March 11, 2017
hey mom well you've turned 76 it will be 14 yrs this year feels like u left us yesterday i miss you so much Ashley is in the army living up in new york for 3 years praying he never goes over seas our men belong here protecting the USA  put pretty pink roses on yr grave i love you miss you
Posted by sharon ashcraft on March 9, 2017
I went by the cemetery today it hard to believe that mom a would. Have been 76 today still miss her so much but one day I Will see her again in heaven
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2016
well mom it's been 13 yrs it seems like yesterday time doesn't heal all wounds but prayer does.Yesterday Jay and I had a great party for your grandson William he's going in the army next Sunday , I'm not looking forward to him leaving for 3 months he'll be back in Dec. then where? my baby is growing up the saddness is over coming me with great anixiety  i love you and miss you soooo bad love you Pam
Posted by sharon ashcraft on March 9, 2016
Today my mom would be 75 if she was still living i miss her so much i miss seeing her but one day i will see her until i love her and miss her
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on March 9, 2016
Today moma you would have turn 75 I miss calling and wishing you HAPPY birthday So I do it in prayers I love you miss you everyday love ur baby girl
Posted by Bobby Downs on September 12, 2015
I miss you alot. I think about you all the time.It seems like yesterday you was cooking ho-cakes and country ham.Time goes by so fast.You would be proud of Robert and Chris. They are both married and Chris has two little boys name Tristen and Olin. I also have a step-daughter with a little girl name Addisyn. See you soon someday.
Posted by sharon ashcraft on September 12, 2015
I miss her but one day i will see her.went by the cemertary today it is hard to go by there i would love to tell her i joined cburch last sunday she would be proud
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2015
today 12 yrs ago you died but never forgotten you live in my heart every day I love you miss you so much it hurts
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 11, 2015
I love my mama
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 11, 2015
Dear mom I miss you today yesterday tomorrow and everyday. Wish you were here to see your grandson William how great he's doing in college you would be so proud of him. I LOVE YOU MAMA SEE YOU ONE DAY
Posted by Connie Boose on October 26, 2014
Never meet you, but your daughter Pam is a fabulous woman work with her with John Deereif you run across Jeremy Larson and Ronnie Boose give a big bear Hug from me two great men in my life and tell them I love them with all my heart
Posted by sharon ashcraft on September 13, 2014
i can not believe that it has been 11 years since mama has passed it is just she has been gone longer. i miss her so much i still feel her here i smell her perfume that she wore.i miss all the holidays at thanksgiving and at christmas. i love you mama i will see you one day i heaven
Posted by Bobby Downs on September 12, 2014
To my mom, I miss more than you will ever know. I miss those hocakes and syrup. I miss your hugs and smiles. I miss you saying now you stay out that and wait for suppertime. I miss all the little things that you shared together.You have three great grandchildern now.
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on September 12, 2014
Hi mama you know every year I pray this day gets easier but truth be known it really doesn't. Something I see or hear something that always reminds me of you. Your grandson William will be a senior this year god I wish you could be here for him but I know you'll be looking down at him on that special day I love you so much and miss you more than words could ever be said SEPT.12TH 2003 I LOVE YOU MAMA !!!!!!
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on August 7, 2014
i miss you so much
Posted by sharon ashcraft on July 25, 2014
pam i cant believe it has been 11 years on September 12 2003 and September 12 2014 on Friday this year on the same day 11 years to the day she passed.I still smell her perfume and i feel her around me at night.It is not the same but one day we will see her and i can not wait to see her smile.
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on July 24, 2014
Dear mama, I miss you with all my heart!!! I wish I could see you smile, hear your laugh, coming to the house and see you sitting there in your chair at the table making dinner especially on the holidays it doesn't really matter who I saw if its was just you I see when I walk in I don't think I have ever miss anyone as much as I do you. But you told Jay before you pass that he and I were soul mates that is so true to this day I don't think I have ever been happier with him. I still go to church and pray for that glorious day we will see each other face to face mama I WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE WITH ME NOT IN SPIRIT BUT IN BODY AND SOUL . will write you soon love you always your baby girl Pam
Posted by sharon ashcraft on March 16, 2014
i miss moma so much.i cant believe its been eleven years since she passed.Imiss her coing to the house and getting me and kimberly and dj and takeing us shopping.i also miss her at all the holidays.i miss seeing her at the house.but i know i will see her one day in heaven.
Posted by sharon ashcraft on March 16, 2014
i miss moma every day.i miss her at all the holidays.i also miss seeing her at the house.and i miss her going fishing with kimberly and dj.when i was at my old place i miss her coming to the house and going shopping and working in the garden.i just miss her so much.i know shes around i smell her perfume sometimes at night.i know shes watching us from heaven.but dont worry i will see her one day in heaven
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on March 13, 2014
Well mom it has been 11 years since I last saw your smiling face Sometimes I will see something that reminds me of you and the tears will start to fall I miss you with all my heart But one sweet day I will see you again and I will get to hug you so tight and tell all about your grandson William  he is growing up to be a nice young man and he's driving now it scares me to death  some days are harder than others  my anxiety is so bad some days makes it hard to function but I know  lord I know that sweet day will come and we will meet again  mom I love you so much I know you are here with me now as I write this I can feel you near me  now the water works have started just writing this ...................
I  LOVE  YOU  WITH MY LIFE AND SOUL .........................
Posted by Pamela Fitzgerald on December 28, 2010
To my mom every year it seems to get harder not easier not being able to call, see your face, laugh with you, cry with you, just having a talk with you. 7 years have pass but it was just yesterday I thought of you the christmas tree was bare without you there ... What I would give to hear your voice and I remember that song by Celine Dion ...moma

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