I was watching

Shared by Heather Castleman on February 3, 2017

Mom remember the week before you passed I wanted to smoke a cigarette and was super stressed you were fading fast but still ok at this point couldn't walk but you told me you'd watch Emily so I could take a breather I was hesitant but knew we both needed this and I put her in your arms stood there soaking in this moment knowing soon I'd never me given the blessing of this sight again you loozed at me and said I'm fine heather go let me get to know her a little so I walked out the front door and ran to your bedroom window and I herd everything you told my baby girl I only wish she was old enough to remember you weren't a horrible mom you did the best you could with what you were given and I forgive you with all my heart I do and momma your welcome.  Rip no more pain 

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