Her Life

My Mother

My Mother was a wonderful women, she gave birth to me when she was just a young teen. Raised me with all my Aunties and Uncles and all my many cousins. She was soft spoken and loved her family very much. It is her who made sure the family gathered and she cooked for us all. She made sure I had a great Daddy, when my real Father didn't want me, and that is truely a blessing. My Mother was born to an Cherokee Indian Mother and a Black and Irish and Blackfoot Indian Father. She has three sisters and two brothers,loads of neices and nephews, two children one girl (me) and one son, we are 38 and 29 years old at this time. My Mother was a Cook for 11 yrs and she just loved her grand kids very much, She has four,total ages 11,9, and 3 and 5 , 3 boys and 1 girl, I love her so much