Dearest Friends and Family,

This memorial website was created in honor of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and cousin, Bill. He was born December 5, 1944 in Newark, New Jersey and found his peace May 13, 2016 just outside his childhood hometown of Maplewood, New Jersey with his family at his side.

Growing up, Billy teamed up with brothers Michael and Frankie, “sisters” Joyce and Gail, and many friends (including the Cohen family, Bob, and Barry) to give parents Ethel and Anson (and the rest of Maplewood), all they could handle.  After graduating from Columbia High School and then surviving the frigid weather at Allegheny College, Bill pursued both a career in hospital administration at George Washington University and Carolyn Staub.  They met on day one of his first job as a hospital administrator and began dating on day two.  In October they celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary.

A job opportunity at a hospital brought Bill and Carol to Richmond, Virginia where they met many treasured friends who are still like family today.  A few years later, the couple welcomed daughter Rachel and then son David.  In the ensuing years Dad enjoyed shuttling the kids between dance classes, soccer games and tennis tournaments, not to mention assisting with homework, science projects and other fun activities that come with children.   A promotion at work led to extensive travel which made him rethink this career.

So he took the obvious path from hospital administrator to BBQ restaurant owner where his secret sauce was the best in town.  During this time he became a member of the Chester Rotary Club and has participated in numerous community service projects over the past 20 years.  In retirement, Bill followed his passion for children and learning by substitute teaching at the local elementary schools.  This “job” allowed him flexibility to enjoy golfing, hanging out at the library reading, gardening, visiting with friends, and traveling often and extensively with Carol and other family members. 

Despite his lifelong pursuit of continuous learning, Bill resisted incorporating what he learned of technology into day to day life.  He enjoyed being “old school” with a flip phone, even programming the number for Expedia in to help him plan all their amazing trips (rumor has it Expedia has a website as well).  Bill often retold stories of skipping school to go to Yankee Stadium, traveling cross country after college, and attending Woodstock. In more recent years his most loved hobby was spoiling his granddaughters, Sarah and Ella.

A true gentleman, always kind and patient to all, Bill touched many lives and was universally loved. Though we will miss him dearly, we’re grateful for the incredible memories and wish to honor Bill with a Celebration of Life on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at The Boathouse Restaurant in Brandermill, located at 4602 Millridge Parkway, Midlothian, VA. Please feel free to join us anytime between 11:00 am - 2:00pm.

Dad - We hope you are now searching for “The Truth Out There” with Mulder and Scully!

Write to David ( if you plan to join us for Dad’s celebration.

Please feel free to share your memories of Bill on this site or send them to David, as we plan to compile a memory book to pass on to his granddaughters. 

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Maplewood New Jersey Library Foundation ( or your local library. 

Posted by Marilyn Elias on May 13, 2022
While you are physically gone, your spirit lives on with us forever. Seeing your face vividly, hearing your kind words, laughing at your humor, and feeling your presence. This everlasting legacy comforts us for all time.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on May 13, 2022
Just like Ben and Joan, my thoughts of you are very close to the surface. I talk about you and Carol, remembering our amazing trip across the USA. We did a second line for Karen and Alex's wedding last Saturday and you would have loved that. We talked about our trip 10 years ago to NOLA and what fun we had eating our way through the city. I miss you.
Posted by Ben Cohen on May 13, 2022
Just yesterday my wife and I went for a walk, and we passed the house where Bill grew up, 537 Summit Ave. in Maplewood, N.J. As always, my recollections of the good times we had there when we were children came flooding back to me. Those carefree days will always be among my most cherished memories.
I will never forget you, Billy.
Posted by Ben Cohen on December 6, 2021
I think of you often, especially at this time of year.
In my mind’s eye I picture us having a catch on the street outside your house where we grew up. That makes me happy. In those days it seemed like summer would never end.
I will always miss you, buddy.  
Posted by Marilyn Elias on December 5, 2021
Remembering you on your birthday, dear friend, and remembering you as a kind and wonderful person always. 
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on December 5, 2021
Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and so missing you. We have had many celebrations where your name comes up. You are always in my heart. 
Posted by Robert Urofsky on December 14, 2020
I continue to miss your presence at the regular Urofsky - Rauschburg family gatherings. You are always with us at these events in spirit and fond memories ... and of course on the Thanksgiving golf outing!
Posted by Anthony Russo on December 5, 2020
Still remembered and still missed friend.
Posted by Marilyn Elias on December 5, 2020
Remembering you on your 76th birthday. Norm and I will always miss you dear Bill.
Posted by Ben Cohen on May 14, 2020
I miss my old friend. And I feel for the wonderful Rauschberg family he left behind. When I think of Billy I remember the carefree days of our boyhood and how much fun we had together. I am proud of the truly good man he became and the legacy of loved ones, friends and the many people whose lives he touched and enriched. RIP, buddy.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on May 13, 2020
It's true how many times I think of Bill. Our 6th anniversary of our epic cross country trip is coming up. Best weeks EVER! I'm glad I did that blog so we can share our adventures. Always in my heart. xxoo
Posted by Melissa Urofsky on May 13, 2020
Sending love to Bill’s special family today - to Carol, Rachel and David! Boy, would he be proud of your accomplishments - especially Rachel working on the front lines and protecting lives! It may surprise you but I actually think of Bill every night. That’s because upon one of my sleepover’s with Carol on my drive down to Sanibel Island, she showed me how Bill used to squeeze out every drop of tea from his tea bag by wrapping the string around the bag. I’ve adopted that strategy and use it every night. I can’t help but think of Bill each time. Much love to all!
Posted by Anthony Russo on December 6, 2019
I miss our golf outings and Rotary Events together. Rest In Peace until we meet again. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Lorraine Mahone on December 5, 2019
Bill, On the anniversary of your birthday, I am thinking about the joyful legacy you left behind - a delightful, creative, fun filled, loving family. We will never forget you.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on December 5, 2019
Happy Birthday Bill. I will make a wish and blow out a candle. I miss our times together and am grateful for the wonderful trip of a lifetime. I am reminded not only by your passing, but by my father's that we must live life to the fullest. 
Posted by Marilyn Elias on May 15, 2019
Though three years have gone by since your passing, Norm's and my vivid memories and great affection for you are timeless. Our connection to you and all the good times we shared are engraved in our hearts and souls. RIP forever dear friend.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on May 13, 2019
Three years and it seems like yesterday. So many times during the year things come up and I think of the fun we had, the surprise visits, the talks about books and movies and so much more. I am so glad you were a part of my life. I just had a big birthday and found pictures of us when Carol was pregnant with Rachel. I was visiting Richmond. Great times. Thank you.
Posted by Robert Urofsky on May 13, 2019
I am pleasantly surprised by how often you come to mind, Bill. We shared so many family celebrations over the years that it is impossible to not think of you whenever we gather. The amazing thing is how easily I see you sitting there at each. I also think of you each time I see Beck heading out for a round of golf. Y'all share a passion for the game and I think the two of you would have had some great times out there together.
Posted by Anthony Russo on May 13, 2019
Bill is the type of person you never forget, not only by me, but for Chester Rotary members. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Rachel Colquitt on December 5, 2018
Happy birthday! Today we ordered Chinese for dinner and took turns 'getting busted' by sneaking various treats (yes, mostly chocolate!). You may be gone from us in flesh but we feel your spirit near always.  Miss being able to talk to you and hear your theories, advice, & comments on everything going on with us and in the world. Thinking of you always....
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on December 5, 2018
Happy Birthday Billy. What a tribute it is to be remembered by family and friends. The impact we make on the world is created while we are here. You made a big mark and it is still being remembered. I think of you often and am so happy you married my cousin.  It's hard to believe it was going on 5 years that we made that amazing cross country adventure. Thank you both for taking me along.
Posted by Marilyn Elias on May 14, 2018
Remembering you, and the warm, wonderful and caring person that you were, on the second anniversary of your passing. These memories will last forever. Your legacy lives on in your beloved family. RIP dearest Bill.
Posted by Melissa Urofsky on December 7, 2017
As our three days of Thanksgiving celebration comes and goes, we always pause and think of you and the fun memories we shared and made together over the decades. With love, Melissa & Philip, Emma and Chloe
Posted by Rachel Colquitt on December 5, 2017
Dad/Grandpa- We miss you so much, you are always in our thoughts and hearts. We celebrated you today, your 73rd birthday, with some chocolate of course! Weren't able to hit any golf balls today, but have taken the girls to Top Golf several times this year.  I'm sure you are having a good laugh watching us hit. 
We decided to donate books to the girls school library in your honor. You'd love the topics of the books, everything from music, space, weather, religion, movies, and more. Sarah has turned into a big reader just like you. And Ella is going to be a total mischief maker like you as well. You'd be so proud of them! 
We hold tight to all our wonderful memories of you and bring you along as we make more. 
Happy Birthday! Love, Rachel, Jon, Sarah, and Ella
Posted by Lorraine Mahone on December 5, 2017
Dear Bill,
You are greatly missed in this world - you have left an amazing legacy in your family. What a heavenly job you and Carol did in raising your children. You must look down so proudly in what they have become. Love to all of you, Lorraine
Posted by Marilyn Elias on December 5, 2017
Dear Bill,
Remembering you on your second birthday in Heaven, and knowing you should still be down on this Earth with us. Hoping you know the love and wonderful memories your family and friends will have for you forever. Indeed you are "Forever Missed?
Posted by Robert Urofsky on December 5, 2017
Bill - We continue to think of you often. You've been especially in my thoughts as Beck has discovered a love for golf that in so many ways seems to mirror your love of the game. His contentment never seems to lie in simply playing and hitting the ball straight, but in playing with each shot to see what he can do and whether he can get the ball to do this or that. We miss you out there, but know that we think of you each time.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on December 5, 2017
Many a day you are in my thoughts and prayers. I talk about you often. Now I'm in a book group and have suggested your titles. I just shared our trip book with a friend. Best time of my life. Thank you, always Bill. Love you.
Posted by Caroline Wells on December 5, 2017
Dear Billl-I love thinking of summer evenings sitting on the Slavin’s lawn across from your house—eating Good Humor and having fun. So many lovely memories of you!
Posted by Robert Urofsky on May 15, 2017
We miss you, Bill. It is our great privilege to remain connected to your family, and through them, you.
Posted by Marilyn Elias on May 14, 2017
Dear Bill,
A year ago you passed on from this earth,, but you live on vividly in the hearts and minds of your family and friends, and you always will,. Norman's and my thoughts and love go out to Carol, Rachel, David and all the family
Posted by Ben Cohen on May 13, 2017
It seems so long ago that Bill left us, and yet, at the same time it seems like just yesterday. While his life was cut short and with a suddenness that was very difficult for his family and many friends, I am glad that he did not suffer. And I am happy that he lived such a good life, as the many tributes here attest to. While we are all saddened beyond words by his death, those of us who knew him can take solace in all of the fond memories we have of Bill and be thankful for all the ways in which he enriched our lives. He was a good man who led a good life. I am proud to have known him and to have been his friend.
RIP, good buddy.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on May 13, 2017
365 days. It's a thoughtful time in Judaism. I have said Kaddish for Bill almost every day. When I pick up a book he recommended, saw a show on Nature, Parks or History, talked about BBQ, or watched a golf tournament, he was there. Not many people can impact your life like that. How blessed I am for have known him, he is missed. I hope Carol, Rachel, David and all of their family will hold those sweet wonderful memories close to carry you on. With all my love. M
Posted by Robert Urofsky on December 9, 2016
We miss you a great deal Bill. I thought of you often as Beck, Fred, Philip and me played some variation of golf over the holidays. You very much remain with us in our fond memories and through your wonderful family.
Love, Robert, Leslie and Beck
Posted by Marilyn Elias on December 5, 2016
Remembering you on your birthday, and the wonderful person that you were. You will always be missed and dear to our hearts. You live in my memory always. Rest in Peace, dearest Bill
Posted by Melissa Urofsky on December 5, 2016
Thinking of you always ... especially at Mel & Susan's Thanksgiving dinner and on the links the following day. You have left us with a wonderful, warm and loving family - wife, son, daughter and grandchildren!

Much love from Philip & Melissa, Emma & Chloe
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on December 5, 2016
There isn't a day that has passed that Bill doesn't come to mind. When I get a book from the library to read that he suggested or talking about our amazing cross country trip. That will remain in my memory forever. Thank you for taking me on the adventure of a lifetime. Happy Birthday Billy.
Posted by Barbara Kloss on December 5, 2016
Lovingly thinking of Bill today on his birthday.
Posted by Anthony Russo on June 18, 2016
I will miss you my friend..
Posted by Kathy Rudney on June 10, 2016
We feel very privileged to know Bill. He was a beautiful man. He listened, loved and enjoyed every moment of life. He had the ability to touch your heart in a short amount of time and leave a lasting impression. And even though he is no longer with us he will always remain in our hearts and our memories. We send lots of Love,
Jonathan and Kathy
Posted by Diane and Phil Fowler on June 8, 2016
Bill was a loving scholarly gentlemen. These traits were exhibited throughout the years our families have been friends. Whether it was tennis tourneys, family outings, a bar mitzvah, or a daughter's wedding, his presence was always a pleasant persona.

He taught me how to select books to read. Since his search for knowledge was enormous, he once told me to go to a library or bookstore and research the writer before buying. In this manner you didn't amass author volumes with which you did not agree and would not enjoy. Many times I would run into Bill in bookstores researching titles. Both of us were UFO believers. We often debated theories on extraterrestrial life. I liked his Woodstock stories and he liked my CIA tales.

As a successful hospital administrator, restaurant owner and now an educator, he once kidded me he was on his third career and I had not yet finished my first one!

More recently he seemed to be focused on his granddaughters where that love dimension i referenced earlier was perhaps brightest.

There's a song lyric made popular not long ago that states "Only the Good Die Young". So true in Bill's case and I'll miss that loving scholarly gentlemen.
Posted by Bob Leibel on June 3, 2016
In the summer of 1967 Bill and I drove a'61 Chevy around the country.We were temporary hippies on the most amazing road trip. There were grizzlies and snow in Yellowstone.The trail scraped from the walls of the Grand Canyon was terrifying when the mule trains waddled past .Billy had a beard and straw cowboy hat by the time we reached San Francisco.We could find places to crash through McCarthy headquarters;Clean for Gene was our Expedia.Big Sur was chemicaly enhanced.Disneyland.When we crashed the dorms at Tulane the tennis team saved us from the football evictors.                                                Bill's calm , easy going, good natured, open hearted appreciation , enjoyment and connection to the people in this adventure made all the difference!
Posted by Melanie Dease on May 26, 2016
Dearest family,

Am so sad about losing one of the best cousins at such a young age. I remember when Bill was a Hospital Administrator, Restaurant Manager, and eventually an Elementary School Substitute when he finally retired. In fact, the children and teachers loved him so much... he was booked every week.

Bill and Carol always made time to visit their west coast relatives ever since Rachel and David were born. I remember those days in North Hollywood and those later days in Pacific Grove and Mendocino. Bill was such a soft, sensitive, and brilliant cousin who listened to every word others shared, invited them to share more, and made everyone feel at home.

Will miss those days when Bill read a book every day, shared every book's story, and kept us warm with his heart and stove tight fires. When the fire was losing it's flame, Bill knew just how to rebuild it again!

Have lit a candle and planted a flower on behalf of Bill. With so much love and affection,

Cousin Melanie
Posted by Robert Urofsky on May 24, 2016
I met Bill sometime around when I was in 3rd grade when my family moved to Richmond and he has been a constant fixture in my life since that time, with our families regularly gathering for Passover and Thanksgiving celebrations. Last night, Leslie, Beck and I recalled Bill fondly and shared many happy memories of and observations about him. Beck recalled the time Bill, Carol, Sarah and Ella came to watch him play baseball when he was playing down in Virginia. Beck was around 9 at the time and he recalled Bill going into the cage with him after the game and throwing balls for him to hit and then Beck throwing balls for Bill to hit. Bill was always asking Beck about his various activities, but it was never just a superficial "how's your team doing?" kind of thing. He was interested in Beck's experience of the activities ... what it was like for him to be able to do this or that. For Leslie and me, while we have known a lot of people who have stayed in school a long long time, we've never met anyone who exemplifies the term 'lifelong learner' more than Bill. We both thought of how he would move around following a Passover or Thanksgiving meal with a small scrap of paper and pen in hand asking everyone what they had read most recently that they liked. Then, usually the next time we would gather, he would talk to the person about the book, sharing his thoughts on it having read it. He really showed us that age is just a number as I have never met anyone so youthful in aspect and with such a joy and excitement for new experiences and insights. My family will miss Bill immensely and we feel blessed that he was a part of his life. We feel comforted knowing that there is no one more interested in his next round of experiences than Bill. Our love to all the Rauschbergs. Robert, Leslie and Beck Urofsky
Posted by Ronald Tobias on May 24, 2016
I remember he loved the Kingston Trio. He and Michael thought they were great. I remember he would listen to you talk wit his dark intense eyes and crack his knuckles one at a time, every one of them, and
I remember he'd do anything for you to walk on his back. 

My last memory of him is him standing in the middle of a paddock with a manure fork in his hand, cleaning up off the horses, by himself, early in a Montana summer morning, because he wanted to experience of doing it.

I remember the look he'd give you whenever his mother brought out one of her notoriously overcooked turkeys; I remember how he'd like to trade punches with you.

At heart Bill was a talmudic rabbi, arguing both sides of the case,
intensely curious about paradoxes, a lover of "what if..." and "why not?"

I didn't just lose Bill; I lose a part of myself.

Love, Ron
Posted by Elaine Stowik on May 23, 2016
. . . a man who had room for everyone;
     his brother-in-law, I was treated
     like a brother.
  . . . very gratifying.
             Michael Staub
Posted by Margaret Howard on May 23, 2016
Mr. Rauschberg was a regular patron of the Clover Hill Library and we are all very sad to hear of his passing. He was very kind and staff remember all the times we spent talking with him, helping him find materials, or just a smile and a wave as he quietly read the paper. My thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends, we all will miss seeing his warm smile around the branch. Margaret Howard, Branch Manager, Clover Hill Library
Posted by Barbara Kloss on May 23, 2016
Dear Carol and Family,
We are so saddened to hear this news although comforted knowing that Bill was allowed to die peacefully, painlessly, and with dignity as his family and close friends stood by his side and others held him in their hearts. We have so many fond memories of Bill and feel so lucky that we have had multiple opportunities to spend time with him in Europe, Virginia, California, and Washington.  His sweet, gentle, and quiet ways made each moment with him very special. His lust for knowledge and his adventurous spirit enabled him to live life to the fullest - and to share so many experiences with him was our fortune! 
Our love and thoughts are with you,
Barbara, Randy, Jaime, and Alex

I am not gone
I remain here beside you
Just in a different form
Look for me in your heart
And there you will find me
in our love which forever lives on
In those moments when you feel alone
Look for me in your thoughts
And there you will find me
in sweet memories that burn strong
Every time a tear
Forms in your beautiful eyes
Look up to the heavens
And there you will see me
Smiling down from God’s glorious skies
~Injete Chesoni~
Posted by Elaine Stowik on May 23, 2016
... an instantly likeable man;
   I enjoyed his acceptance of me
   and his warmth.
               Elaine Stowik
Posted by Jeremy Robarts on May 23, 2016
Mr. Rauschberg was a frequent patron at Clover Hill Library. He always greeted me when he entered our library branch and even greeted my Wife and daughters when they picked me up from work one day. He was very nice to other patrons and enjoyed reading the newspaper. I will miss his smiling face and our almost daily conversations.
Jeremy Robarts, Library Assistant, Clover Hill Library
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Posted by Marilyn Elias on May 13, 2022
While you are physically gone, your spirit lives on with us forever. Seeing your face vividly, hearing your kind words, laughing at your humor, and feeling your presence. This everlasting legacy comforts us for all time.
Posted by Marjorie Wiener on May 13, 2022
Just like Ben and Joan, my thoughts of you are very close to the surface. I talk about you and Carol, remembering our amazing trip across the USA. We did a second line for Karen and Alex's wedding last Saturday and you would have loved that. We talked about our trip 10 years ago to NOLA and what fun we had eating our way through the city. I miss you.
Posted by Ben Cohen on May 13, 2022
Just yesterday my wife and I went for a walk, and we passed the house where Bill grew up, 537 Summit Ave. in Maplewood, N.J. As always, my recollections of the good times we had there when we were children came flooding back to me. Those carefree days will always be among my most cherished memories.
I will never forget you, Billy.
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Shared by Bob Dease Jr on December 5, 2018

I remember last time I talked to Bill I just finished a book on the Kennedy assassination and Bill and I sat down to talk about it so I loaned him the book. Well by the time he was ready to leave he almost finished the book wow! Happy birthday Bill you are truly loved by so many and will always be missed. Wish there were more of you in this world. Love Bob Dease Jr

My Golf Buddy

Shared by Joe Lewis on May 17, 2016

It is incredibly sad to be writing this today. I met Bill about 3 years ago when I joined the Chester Rotary club. He was instrumental in getting me to join after having visited. I remember the excitement on his face when he found out that I was a golfer. Bill and I played in a few tournaments with Rotary, but the most enjoyable times were with me and Bill at Brandermill Country Club and Birkdale Country Club. Every Wednesday at our Rotary meeting we greeted each other with "you want to golf this weekend." We played a lot of golf in the short 3 years that I knew him. A few times we would end those rounds with a beverage in the club house, Bill with his Cherry Coke and me a beer. I will miss these golf rounds with Bill very much. A great Rotarian and an even better person. I dont make new friends very easily, but Bill was one of them. He will be missed.